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TORQ VB was founded by Isaac Kneubuhl, a former Collegiate All-American, USA men's National Team member, and European Professional. Our goal is to challenge outdated teaching methodologies and traditional beliefs with pictures, videos, peer reviewed studies, biomechanics, and perspectives from those who have played or coached at the highest levels.


.lutton +


Seeing the intricacies of the swing is vital if you want to help someone feel the effortlessness that the body is capable of.

went from being shoulder driven, in which the majority of her power was coming from the contraction of the muscles around her shoulder joint, to torso driven, in which the torso produces the energy that then transfers to the arm via the stretch reflex. This feeling of the whip is often associated with ease, effortlessness, stretch, and fluidity. It’s addictive once you find it.


Very cool recent study on the benefits of rapid knee flexion/extension. .pm7 demonstrating it to perfection.

With knee flexion, unlike no knee flexion, the head and trunk (HT) demonstrated “hang”, characterized by a longer time of near-zero vertical velocity of the head and trunk near mid-flight (p < 0.001). Analysis of the influence of the timing and extent of knee flexion on the HT center of mass trajectory revealed significant effects (p < 0.001). Women demonstrated longer “hang” during flight than men. Athletes in this study hit the ball later in flight in the “hang” condition (p < 0.001).


skying for the quick attack


maximizing velocity.

Separating or disassociating the hips from the shoulders (think two separate segments) allows elastic energy to be built in the muscles and tendons. This potential energy is then released to support greater rotational velocity of the torso and consequently the hitting arm.


Aggressiveness, power, vision


Efficient and effective




constantly improving her swing.

She does a great job closing her pelvis while opening her torso. This stretches the core musculature and provides a more forceful rotation for increased velocity.


The overhead throwing motion has a few key features that cross multiple sports.

1. A proximal to distal sequence of energy transfer

2. An active torso (hip shoulder separation in baseball and the javelin throw).

3. An abduction angle near 90 degrees, which correspond to scapular retraction and a stabilized GH joint.

While there will always be anomalies and those that fall outside of these features, most of us can take advantage of these principles to perform better and lessen our chance of injury.



Rafa: “it just flows”


continuing to work on increasing the ROM of his armswing with

It’s often thought that middles don’t have the time to go through a large range but in actuality, a number of elite middles in the world employ it.


The spike sequence with


+ .lane


Dimes by .clark


The unreal athleticism and arm of , one of our current national team opposites.

(Credit: Mel Nacsimento via YouTube.)

As mentioned before, the circular swing provides increased ROM for acceleration, a consistent flow of energy (no stoppage of motion) and a safer path for the rotator cuff.


A young George Grozer, now one of the most dynamic opposites in the world demonstrating the circular swing.

Via: Thomas S on YouTube


Textbook mechanics

Wife dynamic backswing during the double arm lift.

Efficient transfer of energy from bottom to top.

Position and motion of his arm cocking phase allows him to open his torso while allowing his arm to travel through a greater range of motion of acceleration.

Great hip and shoulder separation for elastic energy build up and a relaxed hitting shoulder allowing for an efficient transition from torso to hand.


Cross body


One of the most dedicated athletes I’ve had the pleasure of training has made huge strides over the last few years.


One of the biggest arms to ever play the game, Olympic gold medalist with the circular extended swing.


.sighhh thundering cross court.


Back to India with .balodi.__


Circular arm swing implementation with and


elevating to ridiculous heights. Not much you can do with this type of athleticism.


process of change. What’s great about even trying to implement the circular swing is that even if you don’t perform it perfectly, you still get small wins like increased range of motion (2 top videos). We spent a long time trying to get more out of swing pre circular, and the moment we began to implement it, everything go easier.



My normal pattern is a high bow and arrow, which I’ve found does not promote a greater counter rotation of my torso. Also, interestingly my knees don’t tend to flex on the stationary holder when I’m doing my old pattern.

More experimenting and patterning to go but it’s becoming smoother. Stay tuned.

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