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Temple Training


NAACP Loudoun Branch is celebrating World Health Day and raising funds to further its work in our community. It's teaming with Temple Training to host two virtual workouts on Wednesday April 7.

First Session
7:30 a.m. Yoga — Yoga mat encouraged
8 a.m. HIIT workout — No equipment needed

Second Session
5:30 p.m. A discussion about the different approaches to eating well. The pros and cons and sustainability of each approach is discussed.

Zoom link for both sessions: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83953937878?pwd=Wm1wL0hiajJQaWRkNUtGWEdTYkc0Zz09

In-kind donations can be made at https://naacploudoun.org/
Women leaders from our Chamber community representing many industries gathered with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine last week to discuss the toll the pandemic has taken on women especially. From left to right, at the beautiful Morven Park, Jana Shafagoj (Morven Park), Alice Frazier (BCT-The Community's Bank), Sally Crosen (Maid Brigade), Chair of the Chamber's Board of Directors, Stacey Metcalfe (Morven Park), Senator Tim Kaine, Tina Johnson (JP Events & Consulting), Angela Mitchell (ARM Consulting LLC), Andrea Johnson (Temple Training), and Kirsten Langhorne (Langhorne Custom Homes). #WomensHistoryMonth #LCCCPolicy

via Loudoun Now: https://loudounnow.com/2021/03/28/women-business-leaders-share-pandemic-challenges-with-kaine/
Happy Women's History Month! 💪 For the month of March our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee will be highlighting women in business in Loudoun County. Today we are spotlighting Andrea Johnson, owner of Temple Training! Read more about her journey: https://www.loudounchamber.org/womens-history-month-andrea-johnson-temple-training/
We had a great discussion this morning for the Business Women of Loudoun webinar "Taking Care of You" ✨ with special guests, local health and wellness experts, Melinda Rhoads of Rho Wellness, Andrea Johnson of Temple Training, Elena Sonnino of Elena Sonnino Life Coaching, and Allison Tepper of Tepper Nutrition. Thank you for sharing with us! Learn more about the Business Women of Loudoun committee: https://www.loudounchamber.org/business-women-of-loudoun/
Today is the BIG day! 🥳 These finalists are competing for top honors in six industry categories, as well as for the title of Loudoun’s Top Entrepreneur of the Year and THE Small Business of the Year. 🏆 👏 Watch LIVE here on Facebook at 6 p.m. There are a few spots at watch parties as well (check our website!). All details: https://www.loudounchamber.org/events/sba/ #LoudounSBA

Finalists for Health and Wellness Business of the Year: National Sports Medicine Institute, Greenheart Juice Shop, Temple Training, and The Fitness Equation.
Check out another batch of local women-owned small businesses in LoCo! #supportwomen

Magnetic Lashes: www.LoveItLashes.com

Money Matters DMM organizer and translator. Money Matters DMM -- to organize your personal or business financial data

Food Loop Compost Food waste pick-up service allows you to get back some of the compost you have helped create! http://foodloopcompost.com/

Ginny Bins Custom Carpentry specializing in pet furniture! http://www.ginnybins.com/

Emily Ledford Fitness & Nutrition, LLC - nutrition and health coach as well as Level II Russian Kettlebell Instructor!

Your local Tupperware lady! Tupperware by Anneliese

7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center -- Weight Loss Clinic Www.7Company.com

Temple Training -- fitness training! http://www.templetraining.net/

Altered Edge Graphic Design Logos, printing, print and digital design http://www.altered-edge.com/

Project Horse Empowerment Center A local non-profit! Www.projecthorse.org -- a non-riding, group wellness program designed to help reduce stress and anxiety related to the prolonged pandemic.

Novel Boutique -- an online boutique who specializes in women’s jewelry and accessories that are handmade. Jewelry is semi fine and comes from all over the world.
Introducing our Leesburg Business Spotlight: Temple Training

Andrea shared “Today, I am grateful for peace. It is something that many don't have right now, and I am learning that it is priceless!”

The Functional Yoga series will be exploring movements of the hips this Sunday. Come join us at 3 pm tomorrow!
Some pics from my talk on aging in your late 30s, 40s & 50s and how to combat hormone changes & weight gain! "Rejuvate your Health" @ Temple Training in Leesburg! Thanks for having me Andrea Johnson! 🥗💪🏻⚖️🥚🥩
Some pics from my talk on aging in your late 30s, 40s & 50s and how to combat hormone changes & weight gain! "Rejuvate your Health" @ Temple Training in Leesburg! Thanks for having me Andrea Johnson! 🥗💪🏻⚖️🥚🥩
Y'all already know! Power to the FEMALE! Happy #internationalwomensday💪🏽🏋🏾‍♂️❤️
New to Town - Looking for Local Gym

Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

These new families are looking for a new EVERYTHING!

Town Hall contacts these new families each week as soon as they move into their new home.

These new families will find new places to eat, work out, wash their car......they need a new Hair Salon, Spa, Auto Repair Shop, Optometrist, Dry Cleaner, Pet Groomer, Day Care Facility, Florist, Nail Salon, Pharmacy......you get the idea. They are actively seeking new local businesses and creating new purchasing patterns. They will become someone's next new local, loyal customer.

Town Hall will direct them to you before your competition even knows they are here.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one business per category, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please reply to this email with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience.

For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature.

Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514

We are here to help Loudoun County residence acknowledge and produce the power they have within to live healthy lives! I believe we have all been given a gift and that is the gift of life!

The thing is you only get one and what you do with it is very important! Temple Training is a studio designed to help you use the gift that you have been given to its fullest. Empowered with the knowledge from NASM, DotFit, and Precision Nutrition I am able to guide each client through the steps necessary to get off the weight loss roller coaster and finally achieve their health and fitness goals

Operating as usual

21-Day Habit Challenge 06/16/2022

21-Day Habit Challenge

Have you ever wondered how successful people “got successful”?

It wasn’t because of their willpower.

It was because of their daily habits.

Successful people have created habits that help them achieve, maintain, and grow their success!!

Have you found yourself wanting to develop healthier habits?
Perhaps you have tried, made it through a few days, then quit.

What I’m about to share with you will help you to:

*Become the kind of person who is CONSISTENT with their health
*Enjoy more energy and confidence
*And stop gaining and losing the same 10 pounds over and over again!

It’s called the 21-Day Habit Challenge, starting on Monday, June 20th!

If you’re someone who starts and stops new healthy habits every few days, weeks, or months…

Or you WANT to create new, healthy habits but don’t know where to start or which ones are most important to help you reach your goals…

Or maybe you know you NEED accountability to start getting consistent…

Then you’re going to LOVE this online challenge.

Find out more or join the challenge here:

21-Day Habit Challenge You have a lot more control over shaping your future than you might think. You just have to DECIDE TO TAKE CONTROL.


We are honored to be a sponsor of the TALES and ALES event!!

Will you come out and join us??


Hey 👋🏾– Let’s talk about goal setting and keeping things fresh and fun.📓

Which is awesome … because it helps with motivation.

But there’s one thing to keep in mind. The fastest route between you and your goals is pretty simple.

It’s taking ACTION.


On those days when you are tired or stressed or don’t feel like it, just DO ONE SMALL THING to reinforce your commitment to yourself.

Even if that small thing looks like going for a 5-minute walk, sitting quietly and practicing breathing, or drinking a glass of water instead of a soda or sugary coffee.

Making those small healthy choices day in and day out makes it easier to make bigger choices in the future.

Which will help move you toward whatever results you are looking for!

Plus... it helps you feel good in the moment, too!

What’s one small step you can take RIGHT NOW to help you feel better/fitter? Just a question to ask yourself!

Make it a great day.


So often, our clients think MOTIVATION is the problem, but it's actually MINDSET.

You will not ALWAYS be motivated to work out and eat well! However, if you know WHY you want to get healthy, that will spark a fire in you every day!

So stop trying to FIND the motivation and start understanding and defining your WHY!!

Schedule your FREE Wellness Breakthrough session today to gain clarity on your WHY!


What's for dinner tonight? Try Mezeh Mediterranean Grill - Reston. You will not only get a good meal you will be helping to raise funds for Betteralife!


We are getting ready for a APRIL and NATIONAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH!

Coach Drea talked about what it takes to create a healthy life for the long haul. Did you miss it? 🤔

Hop on over to the Temple Training Community Page to listen to the replay!


We are registered for the by OptimizeMe Nutrition powered by SugarWOD.
A fun twist on eating healthy! Stay tuned for more details.


Pause for one minute!
Todays sunset! Sorry about the background noise😊

Happy March 1! ❤️


I am reading a Jen Sincero book and this quote was a good reminder for me!

What have you given your power to? Maybe it's time to take it back!

Take Care of You - Guest: Andrea Johnson 02/24/2022

Take Care of You - Guest: Andrea Johnson

🎙️🎙️Tune in… NEW EPISODE 🎙️🎙️
I unpack Success SuperPowers #4 “Take Care of You.” Andrea Johnson joins me and shares how important it is to take care of ALL of you, meaning every area of your life.
Andrea is more affectionately known as “Coach Drea” to those who know her best. Not only is she a fitness coach but she is a nutrition coach as well. Her comprehensive approach to wellness caught my attention. She and her husband own & operate Temple Training
Embracing our power is the mindset shift necessary to be focused and poised to GO full throttle after what we want, refusing to be denied. My latest book, “Embrace Your Power & Go” is for everyone who is ready to transform their life. It’s available now at www.DeniseTaylor.live/power
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Check out the full episode!
Apple: : tinyURL.com/LLHonApple
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Take Care of You - Guest: Andrea Johnson Welcome to Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness with Denise Taylor. This week begins the celebration for Denise's latest book "Embrace Your Power & Go". ...


This jumped off the page at me so I must share it with YOU!!

💡Believe in yourself – you’ve got this.


First of all, can I get a DOUBLE TAP if you agree??? 👇🏾 👇🏾

It took me a long time to get here.
But since we are ALL always right on time, that’s okay. The fact that I GOT HERE is what matters.

And now that I’m here looking back on the many years that I felt SO bad for doing (or not doing) these things, here’s the truth:

👎🏾 You can not pour from an empty cup. Taking the time to rest and resort will help you show up with excellence (not perfection) daily.
🍕 Your health and wellness are on you! No one is coming to feed you or move your body for you!
➡️ No one owns your time but you, and “NO” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to be all things to all people.
😅 You CAN change your mind. As often as you want, in fact! You’re the boss! It is totally okay to protect your peace!

You👏🏾 do 👏🏾 not 👏🏾 need 👏🏾 to 👏🏾 apologize!


Because apologizing for the time, space, and the things you need to build and sustain your best life is important.

So let that apology go and stand in your power as the beautiful, strong woman you are. What’s something else you’re not apologizing for?

Photos from Temple Training's post 02/11/2022

@loudoun_naacp with @make_repost
Don't miss our 1st Annual Health & Wellness Fair - TOMORROW, SAT., 2/12, 9AM - 2PM, AT CLAUDE MOORE PARK IN STERLING!

This is sure to be the biggest fitness and wellness event of the season, featuring interactive demos, keynote speakers, local vendors, and more!

The NAACP - Loudoun Branch Health & Wellness Fair is free to the public, and we're excited to see you there!


Christ Star Church of God


Don’t fall victim to the scam...


Beach Vaca

You are invited to take a daydream break!🌴🌞

What is your TOP pick for a beach vacation?


Have you heard the saying "It’s easier to clean a clean house.” 🤔

I can be a life changes concept, let's talk about it...


Drop a ❤️❤️ below if you agree! 🙏🏻 Just a friendly reminder to stay the course; you will get to see the results you are looking for if you remain consistent.

I get this question often, why is it so challenging? When will this be easy?

Have you ever asked that question?

What I do realize now is that may not be the goal. The goal is to get fitter, stronger, and move better. This may require days that will be challenging.

Some days you have to choose your hard. It’s hard to try to level up, and it can be hard to remain the same.

The truth is you are one unique person, and you are here on this earth for something great.

Don’t let the obstacle disturb you, disturb the obstacle!!


You don’t have to be perfect to lose weight or get healthy. Just a reminder.

What’s the thing you don’t do perfectly that you will give yourself permission to not do perfectly in 2022? 👇🏻


Just out of curiosity: How does this make you feel? 

A) Motivated! … I’m doing something right, 2022 is my year! 

B) Frustrated … oh, now wonder, I’m going to start doing this TOMORROW!

Drop a letter 👇🏾👇🏾


Drop a YES if this surprises you 👇🏾👇🏾


One year ago, I promised I would change my life.

I had come off of a year where I was blessed to survive— but was exhausted.

To be honest, I know it was not sustainable the way I was doing business.

I just didn't feel worthy of what my heart dreamed of, and I put all this effort into making more money but at what cost?

So while 2021 was a year I expected to take things to the next level, instead, it became about taking things to the next level in a different way…

So now, for the first time, I'm choosing to focus on the things that bring me joy, and I release all of the stuff that keeps me feeling stuck on an emotional level.

The moral of the story?
Question your goals: Sometimes, they are what is keeping you stuck.

Create the Vision Workshop 01/07/2022

Create the Vision Workshop

“A vision without a task is but a dream. A task without a vision is drudgery. A vision and a task are the hope of the world.”

The choice is yours; how do you want to show up in 2022! Don’t” let another year go by without your manifesting your dreams and visions!

Reserve your spot today for this FREE event. Learn how to create the tasks and the vision! Create your success path for 2022.

Create the Vision Workshop workbook to help you break down each goal into actionable steps so that you can look back on 2022 as one of the BEST years of your life.!


Let’s start this year visualizing what success looks like. This can be super motivating – it helps build self-efficacy, which is your own personal belief in yourself to meet the challenges ahead of you.


Happy first [real] day of 2022!

What if I said…
Time to believe in every dream.
Time to take action to reach your goals.
Time to stop accepting your excuses.
Time to get excited about your future.
Time to break through plateaus.
Time to face the “Goliaths” in your life.
Time to quit the stinkin’ thinkin’.
Time to create the life you DO deserve.
Time to celebrate every WIN.
Time to learn from your mistakes.
Time to stop being afraid to fail.
Time to stop hiding!
Break through is here!
Happy 2022! … (officially 😆 )


Imani, the Seventh Principle of Kwanzaa, means ‘Faith’
Imani, faith, is the profound belief in and commitment to all that is of value to us as a family, community, people and culture.


Imani, the Seventh Principle of Kwanzaa, means ‘Faith’
Imani, faith, is the profound belief in and commitment to all that is of value to us as a family, community, people and culture.


We are wishing you a very 🥳Happy New Year🥳! Our prayer is that you experience a year of health and prosperity, peace and joy!


Let’s walk into this New Year ready to tackle weaknesses, conquer our minds, and put in the work: spirit, mind, body.

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Christ Star Church of God
Beach Vaca
Have you heard the saying "It’s easier to clean a clean house.” 🤔




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