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Brand New Listing for Horses Wanted in our Safe Landings Platform!

Bridle Paths in Leesburg, VA is
seeking a draft cross or similar for military riding program - click for details:

How do we help horses find their way home to new beginnings and next chapters? Just one way is our unique Safe Landings platform that lists horses wanted for programs across the U.S. Safe Landings is an @equusfoundation service to connect riding programs in need of program horses with rescue and transition centers as well as owners with horses in need of a next chapter.

Know a horse in transition that needs a new and important purpose? Check out:

Looking to adopt a horse from an equine rescue or adoption organization that is on our Guardian network? Please check out:

Help us find ALL horses a way home to be forever safe and loved.

#FortheLoveofHorses #horseprotector #horsewelfare #horseasoption #horserescue #adoptdontshop #equestrian #rideforhorses
#DYK -
Wolf Trap Animal Rescue cares for barn cats, in addition to house cats, looking for their forever homes - kitties just like Betty and Wilma, who enjoy the equine-style #LuxLife at Bridle Paths!

These cats would make wonderful workers, scaring off rodents at:

They are generally friendly in the presence of humans, but they would not fare well at all with a strictly indoor lifestyle. Because they're not entirely "feral," they need human supervision and care, so barn- or warehouse-type settings may be ideal homes for them. We vaccinate and spay/neuter them to prepare them for their best barn cat lives. Plus, their adoption costs are all covered through our TNR program!

If you're able to give this type of home to a cat in need, please email us at [email protected]!
No matter the weather, Betty the barn cat is enjoying her version of the #LuxLife at Bridle Paths.
Ya love to see it!

#SavingLives #SaveTheFuzzBalls #TogetherWeCanSaveThemAll
Thank you Bridle Paths for meeting with Embark staff Catina Franklin Sweedy this week to talk about your amazing program and our shared values of care and support. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future! 🐴
Check out this great addition to Betty and Wilma's "home office" at Bridle Paths! We know they will end up absolutely loving the view from this perch!
Remember our "Barn Cat Betty"? You should SEE the little slice of heaven that she now calls home!

At Bridle Paths, she will hold the position of Barn Pest Control Engineer. We know that this is a purr-fect fit for her, and we wish her all the best!
Holding so much admiration and gratitude for our Empowering Women through The Daring HERD™ group this past weekend at Lingering Hill Equestrian Center LLC, in Bainbridge, NY. Special thanks to Jenniffer Longwell for hosting us all.

The horses were incredible, the scenery was spectacular, and the connections were profound.

Until next time....may you all choose courage over comfort, stand in your sacred ground, and live bravely to your values ❤️

Interested in attending a retreat? The next one will be in April in Leesburg, VA at Bridle Paths. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Our clients love their time with horses. Bridle Paths #recovery #equinetherapy #braininjury #bisbuilds

Bridle Paths offers strength, support, and healing to individuals and families faced with physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional needs, through safe, effective, and high quality equine assisted activities.

Adaptive Riding
Equine Assisted Learning
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Operating as usual


Communication builds cooperation and connection, with horses and with humans.

"They are, of course, prey animals. We constantly underestimate the delicacy of their perceptions and feelings on this matter. They do not feel safe when we trap them and impose control on them, especially when that control involves discomfort to the point of pain. They do learn to avoid discomfort, but their natural basis for moving together voluntarily is the safety that others’ company represents, not the avoidance of discomfort or aggression.

From the horse’s point of view, the safety of a band lies not only its physical shielding but also the communication network it represents. Horses perceive and react to each other’s signals. We tend to ignore or override their attempts to communicate with us. We may not agree that such and such an object is dangerous or that it would be more agreeable to eat grass right now, but to have one’s communications constantly ignored or met with disagreeable treatment does not engender willingness and cooperation in them any more than it does in us."

~ Lucy Rees, Horses in Company


photo (c) KAW


The gentleman kitties of Bridle Paths enjoy a cozy and companionable evening. Bam Bam is in the bed, and Dino is next to him.

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 03/09/2022

A morning of chiropractic and acupuncture care for our healing herd with Wellness Ambulatory Veterinary Services


The panther and the tiger in a moment of repose.

Check out Bridle Paths Therapeutic Riding Center. 03/06/2022

Check out Bridle Paths Therapeutic Riding Center.

Vote daily for Bridle Paths as Best Equestrian Facility in Loudoun, now through March 11! 🗳 🐴

Check out Bridle Paths Therapeutic Riding Center. Bridle Paths is a nonprofit organization providing meaningful paths to connection, in partnership with horses. Our mission is to offer strength, support, and healing to individuals and families through safe, effective, and high-quality equine-assisted services, including adaptive horseback riding in...


We’re rolling into the weekend like…


Admiral encounters the man in the mirror.


Horses offer us the invaluable opportunity to come as we are, and be who we are - to be authentically ourselves. Photo credit:

“The overarching approach to many [therapeutic and coaching] systems are to help you achieve, be better, focus more, get on top of yourself. But there is a paradox in this idea. If you are trying to be different (better), it is a movement away from authenticity.
Being authentic is being yourself.”
~ The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies


Dino the barn cat is the most recent addition to our team of pest control engineers. He also comes from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue, where he was known as a "cat's cat" with a penchant for playing with shoe strings. Dino is enjoying the good life at Bridle Paths, where he surveys the proceedings from his perch on the hay and pals around with his buddy Bam Bam. Photo credit:

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 02/28/2022

With a generous grant from the LEEPS Foundation, we purchased this Lite Mirror for our indoor arena. Huge thanks to Bob and Pat Meurer for the expert installation assistance!


Did you know that Bam Bam the barn cat is a boomerang kitty? He was born here at Bridle Paths in the summer of 2021, and the wonderful folks at Wolf Trap Animal Rescue evaluated him for placement as an indoor cat. He made clear his preference for farm life, so now he’s back with us, perching on the hay and attempting to avoid the kitty paparazzi.


Each of our barn cats has a story. Wilma's started in a feral cat colony in Front Royal, Virginia. She had a litter of kittens before coming to Bridle Paths through Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. With her best friend Betty the barn cat, Wilma patrols the property and performs quality control on the kitty beds. Photo Credit:


"We heal when we can be with what we feel."

~ Hillary L. McBride Phd, 'The Wisdom of Your Body'.

Image by Undise, Shutterstock.

Facebook: Vote for Us 02/25/2022

Facebook: Vote for Us

Check out Bridle Paths in the Best of Loudoun voting for 2022. Help us reach the Top 5 in our category by voting daily for your favorites in Best of Loudoun, now through Friday, March 11. Vote for Bridle Paths by clicking this link:

Then, come back in April to vote for the winners and finalists.

Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors to show some love for local businesses when they need it most!

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Bridle Paths is a community linked by authentic connections, where each member of the community can come as they are and be who they are. That applies not only to our horses and humans, but to our barn cats as well! Betty the barn cat came to us in the summer of 2020 from @wolftrapanimalrescue, when she made it clear that she preferred the great outdoors over the indoor cat lifestyle. Betty is our senior pest control engineer, and she is quick to remind her human staff when we are tardy with her food and treats ;). Photo credit:


“…we now know that trauma does not happen to our thoughts but to our bodies and it remains in our bodies until we know we are safe.”

Hillary L Mcbride, 'The Wisdom Of Your Body'.

Image by Sasha Maslova, Pexels.

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 02/20/2022

The new ramp is Admiral tested and Sunup approved. 😄


Thank you so much to the generous supporter who purchased these cat beds from our Amazon Smile Wish List. Wilma the barn cat approves!

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 02/17/2022

Thanks to the generosity of the Mercogliano family and the design and build skills of This n' That Amish Outlet, we now have a beautiful new mounting platform in the indoor arena! What a lovely tribute to the memory of dear Kay Mercogliano to afford others access to the horses she loved so deeply. 🥰 🔨 🐴

Timeline photos 02/15/2022

Join us in stepping out to support Admiral, starting on February 15!

Instagram Photos 02/14/2022

If horses created candy hearts...


Happy Valentine’s Day, from our herd to yours. 💜 Artwork credit to the incredibly talented Beth Nary


Good morning from the snow ponies.


Huge thanks to our friend and colleague Catherine Wycoff of Kinetic Balance for teaching this weekend while Katie recovers from knee surgery. 💜


Authenticity happens in those moments when our physical and our emotional selves align, and we experience connection to our true selves and to others. Horses respond to our authenticity with softness and acceptance.

Authenticity happens in moments

We tend to view authenticity as some big, complex and permanent state, something to be attained eventually, at some point.

Yet, in my experience authenticity is experienced in moments.

Enormous moments nonetheless, particularly if you’ve spent your life hiding and running from your feelings and body sensations, stuffing your emotions away, denying them and appeasing others.

These old, old habits die very hard indeed, yet, they CAN start to die-off.

To actually experience a moment of authenticity can feel nothing short of a personal revolution and must be honoured as such, as you see how far you’ve come and how gradually your patterns of defence, pretence and denial have begun to unravel and transmute into something quite beautiful.

Such moments happen when what you are feeling, both emotionally and physically is allowed simply to arise. There’s no masking through your behaviour and words, nor is there tensing in your body, in fact the opposite occurs: your body softens, your tears flow unencumbered, your manage to say what you do/don’t need in that moment and you give yourself permission and space to let this marvellous experience unfold in its own way and time.

To achieve this can be a huge milestone for many people. Therefore, it should be celebrated with pride and joy. Finally, your emotions didn’t desert you, and you didn’t abandon them and yourself in the process. Your body didn’t retreat into its old way of rigid defence. And equally vitally, your conscious awareness and neo-cortex stayed ‘online’, active and present, enabling you to stay conscious throughout and speak your truth. Your mind didn’t desert you, leaving you helpless and feeling powerless to speak or act. All of which helps you stay connected to your own personal power and to stand in this, regardless of who the other is.

These moments are when mind and body come together in complete unity. And after a lifetime of dissociating and splitting-off, this can feel like a tremendous achievement and turning point.

Those of us who work with horses to support people to become more their true-selves, see these kind of moments frequently. And, they are additionally affirmed by the incredibly loving and beautiful responses from the horses, who eagerly lean-into this now soft and “together” person. Coming closer, often touching the person, the horses usually lick, chew and yawn and their whole being softens in response. For in such moments, not only is a deep connection to self made, but simultaneously, connection to others fall into place much more easily too…

Angela Dunning
The Horse’s Truth

Image by Casey Horner, Unsplash

Photos from Wadi Farm Equine Learning Centre's post 02/11/2022

Horses show us that self care includes acknowledging what is true for our bodies and our minds in the present moment.


I don’t always wear my hay, but when I do, I ensure that it’s draped artfully around my ear.


I sometimes get the criticism that “all I do is walk.”

I do far more than walk, but a new student may spend quite a bit of time at the walk learning to relax scrunchy legs that grind or hands that micromanage.

A new horse might spend quite a bit of time at the walk learning to loosen, regulate their gait and relax their back.

It might be that the horse is ready for far more, but the student needs to stay at the walk to cement good habits.

It might be that the rider is ready for far more, but the horse needs time to settle and learn.

I’m often hard pressed to find a quality walk in even upper level horses, because of the desire for folks to get right into the fun stuff, and train for the test, not for longevity and quality of life.

It isn’t that I only walk, it’s just that it’s where I see the greatest need in both horses and people.
Once the foundational pieces of movement are in place, there is an entire world open to the loose horse and rider.


It takes a village. 🐴


The force is strong with this one.


Hay dunking: expert level

Meaningful Paths to Connection, in Partnership with Horses

Therapeutic Riding

Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

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