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Brand New Listing for Horses Wanted in our Safe Landings Platform!

Bridle Paths in Leesburg, VA is
seeking a draft cross or similar for military riding program - click for details:

How do we help horses find their way home to new beginnings and next chapters? Just one way is our unique Safe Landings platform that lists horses wanted for programs across the U.S. Safe Landings is an @equusfoundation service to connect riding programs in need of program horses with rescue and transition centers as well as owners with horses in need of a next chapter.

Know a horse in transition that needs a new and important purpose? Check out:

Looking to adopt a horse from an equine rescue or adoption organization that is on our Guardian network? Please check out:

Help us find ALL horses a way home to be forever safe and loved.

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#DYK -
Wolf Trap Animal Rescue cares for barn cats, in addition to house cats, looking for their forever homes - kitties just like Betty and Wilma, who enjoy the equine-style #LuxLife at Bridle Paths!

These cats would make wonderful workers, scaring off rodents at:

They are generally friendly in the presence of humans, but they would not fare well at all with a strictly indoor lifestyle. Because they're not entirely "feral," they need human supervision and care, so barn- or warehouse-type settings may be ideal homes for them. We vaccinate and spay/neuter them to prepare them for their best barn cat lives. Plus, their adoption costs are all covered through our TNR program!

If you're able to give this type of home to a cat in need, please email us at [email protected]!
No matter the weather, Betty the barn cat is enjoying her version of the #LuxLife at Bridle Paths.
Ya love to see it!

#SavingLives #SaveTheFuzzBalls #TogetherWeCanSaveThemAll
Thank you Bridle Paths for meeting with Embark staff Catina Franklin Sweedy this week to talk about your amazing program and our shared values of care and support. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future! 🐴
Check out this great addition to Betty and Wilma's "home office" at Bridle Paths! We know they will end up absolutely loving the view from this perch!
Remember our "Barn Cat Betty"? You should SEE the little slice of heaven that she now calls home!

At Bridle Paths, she will hold the position of Barn Pest Control Engineer. We know that this is a purr-fect fit for her, and we wish her all the best!
Holding so much admiration and gratitude for our Empowering Women through The Daring HERD™ group this past weekend at Lingering Hill Equestrian Center LLC, in Bainbridge, NY. Special thanks to Jenniffer Longwell for hosting us all.

The horses were incredible, the scenery was spectacular, and the connections were profound.

Until next time....may you all choose courage over comfort, stand in your sacred ground, and live bravely to your values ❤️

Interested in attending a retreat? The next one will be in April in Leesburg, VA at Bridle Paths. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Congratulations to our new Level One Equine Facilitated Learning graduates! Thank you to Katie Fallon and the herd at Bridle Paths for hosting us all.
Our clients love their time with horses. Bridle Paths #recovery #equinetherapy #braininjury #bisbuilds

Bridle Paths offers strength, support, and healing to individuals and families faced with physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional needs, through safe, effective, and high quality equine assisted activities.

Adaptive Riding
Equine Assisted Learning
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Operating as usual


Avant garde kitty bed #barncatsofinstagram #bettythebarncat

Avant garde kitty bed #barncatsofinstagram #bettythebarncat


Movers and shakers #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #HorsesOfInstagram #takeachanceonme


Alignment of mind and body - authentic presence - is critical to sustaining connection with horses and with humans.

"The horse world’s disproportionate focus on 'desensitizing' horses has a direct relationship with how lost from our own bodies we are. We live so completely in our heads, it has become nearly impossible to sink into the intelligence of our bodies when we are with our horses.

But rather than realizing we need to recover this lost sensitivity, we try dull our horses to the world instead. It feels safer, to have them suppress themselves, so we “match”.

But horses want us to meet them with the same unfragmented attention they bring to the world. They want to teach us to integrate back into ourselves.

Only then, when we can collect and ground ourselves moment by moment can any structure or guidance we offer our horses make sense or be of benefit."

~ The Witch's Horse


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photo (c) KAW


Chiropractic care on a wintry Tuesday Wellness Ambulatory Veterinary Services #equinechiropractic #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #princephillipthehorse #welladjustedhorses

Chiropractic care on a wintry Tuesday Wellness Ambulatory Veterinary Services #equinechiropractic #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #princephillipthehorse #welladjustedhorses

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 01/17/2022

Bam Bam and Dino, cozy in the barn on a cold winter afternoon ❄️ 🐈‍⬛ #barncatsofinstagram #wolftrapanimalrescue


Outdoor dining #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #ricosuave


Good morning Dino! 🐈‍⬛ #barncatsofinstagram #wolftrapanimalrescue

Good morning Dino! 🐈‍⬛ #barncatsofinstagram #wolftrapanimalrescue


Connection flows from emotional attunement, or the felt sense of being seen, heard, and understood.


Schooling sessions Yvonne Lucas, Red Moon Farm LLC #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #takeachanceonme


No comment 😶

No comment 😶


Admiral was here. 🤦‍♀️ #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics #fencesarejustsuggestions

Admiral was here. 🤦‍♀️ #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics #fencesarejustsuggestions


Communication, agency, trust, and choice build strong relationships, with horses and with humans.

I have never wanted to train my horses, just develop a relationship that both of us want to be in!

That sounds silly, they need training or how will they know what to do. Yesterday I was thinking about a few of my herd and how they behave and how much they have changed since arriving.

Two of them were actually quite dangerous to deal with. Yet nowdays you'd have no idea. Two large horses that I haven't put an ounce of energy or time into "training" but I have put many ounces of time into building trust, helping their healing process, listening to them, and talking with them. With a beautiful relationship of trust and love as the outcome.

Little Honey used to be a bit of a nipper, and she could be a right bu**er to feed. Actually for my kids to feed she was quite difficult, so was SamSam. Yesterday I was feeding SamSam and I stopped for a moment and really saw how much he has changed. These two little horses are sweet and kind, we didn't train anything out of them, we just conversed and with gentleness over time things shifted. I often wonder how many people let their horses speak, have a say and give them options. Or do they just to do them and call it loving horses?

I was listening to a podcast yesterday with Caroline Resnick and she shared that as a child she wished upon a 🌟 and that was the beginning of manifesting her life. I realised my childhood dreams and understanding of horses have been steadfast throughout my life. I never let go of my belief that I did not need to follow the so called norm to be with horses.

How I am with horses is a way of being that makes me proud. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to have my herd the way I do and I am so glad I never waivered from my gut instinct and beliefs.

The soft nickers of the herd when I arrive, or thunder of hooves as they gallop to the gate when I call their names, their gentle rubs and checkins when we work together let me know the kid I once was had the right idea and took the right the path.


When. Is. Dinner? 🐈‍⬛ #equineassistedservices #barncatsofinstagram #bettythebarncat

When. Is. Dinner? 🐈‍⬛ #equineassistedservices #barncatsofinstagram #bettythebarncat


It’s a good morning to sleep in. 💤 🐈 #equineassistedservices #barncatsofinstagram

It’s a good morning to sleep in. 💤 🐈 #equineassistedservices #barncatsofinstagram


Things that make you say hmmm… 🧐 #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 01/07/2022

Snow ponies, the sequel #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics #sunupsillies #takeachanceonme #ilovelucythehorse #mykmoments #princephillipthehorse #ricosuave


Puppy love Yvonne Lucas, Red Moon Farm LLC

Puppy love Yvonne Lucas, Red Moon Farm LLC

The Opposite of Toxic Positivity 01/04/2022

The Opposite of Toxic Positivity

Our equine-assisted psychotherapy program for veterans and service members focuses on post-traumatic growth, and the resiliency, connection, and purpose that can emerge from traumatic experiences.

As this article from The Atlantic states: "Importantly, it’s not the traumatic event itself that leads to growth (no one is thankful for COVID-19), but rather how the event is processed, the changes in worldview that result from the event, and the active search for meaning that people undertake during and after it."

The Opposite of Toxic Positivity

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 01/04/2022

Road snacks #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #takeachanceonme

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 01/03/2022

Snow ponies #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #poniesofinstagram #supershetlands #mightyminis


Clear, consistent boundaries are critical to our well-being and to healthy relationships. Partnering with horses helps us to establish and maintain boundaries that preserve safety, connection, and trust.

A very Happy New Year to all!

A new month and a New Year so here is a new article on 'The Power of No'.

As we know, horses are master teachers on the need to respect and set boundaries. They do so all of the time as a fundamental part of their social interactions with each other and then in turn, with us too.

Reclaiming our ‘No’ as part of learning how to set boundaries also involves a very important yet somewhat less focused on aspect:

When we say No, we regain a part of our lost power and sense of agency. This is particularly important for people with a history of early childhood attachment, developmental gaps and trauma. It is akin to a piece of soul-retrieval each time we say our No and stick to it. It may seem like a small thing, yet for us, it can be nothing short of monumental and a huge vital step forward in our healing and recovery. Each time we say No we build our inner sense of self and strength; repairing and recovering some vital Ego strength and authenticity along the way.

Boundary setting is also a supreme act of self-care as well as being an essential component for all relationships.

You can read the full article here at pages 60-61:

Angela Dunning
The Horse's Truth

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Here’s to starting off 2022 on the right foot! #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #sunupsillies

Here’s to starting off 2022 on the right foot! #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #sunupsillies

Timeline Photos 12/31/2021

Join us in building authentic connection with horse sense!

Join us in building authentic connection with horse sense!


Indoor recess #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #takeachanceonme

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 12/29/2021

💜 #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics


Relationships with horses are based upon authenticity, awareness of self and others, emotional attunement, and secure attachment.

Primary relational tensions.


Schooling on a Sunday #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #sunupsillies


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the barn, not a creature was stirring…except this guy. 🤷‍♀️ 🐴 #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #admiralantics


Christmas Eve zen #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofInstagram #mykmoments #marelove


A wonderful explanation of the interrelated ways in which horses adapt to physical discomfort

“The horse just has a little arthritis in his left hock, it doesn’t seem to bother him too much.”

Horses are great compensators, and they will create alternative locomotive patterns to continue movement.

So, say this little bit of osteoarthritis causes a reduced range of motion of the tarsal joint. In an attempt to maintain stride length and hide this dysfunction to potential predators (because you never know when a lion could be waiting around the corner... or a flapping plastic bag!) the tarsal joint is rotated medially (inwards) during the swing phase of the stride. This results in asymmetrical & medial weight bearing through the digit. This places additional stress through medial hamstring muscles, resulting in muscle tension and trigger points. And this is all something that is potentially going on in just the affected hindlimb.

A hip hike/drop can occur at corresponding phases of the stride, placing the sacroiliac joint under stress, resulting in paraspinal and asymmetrical gluteal tone/pain.

Decreased impulsion from the left hindlimb leads to increased weight bearing through the right forelimb diagonal. This can create tension and hypertrophy to the right pectoral muscles and related fascial planes.

The spiral of compensation could continue on further, affecting cervical muscles that become hypertonic as a result of weight shifting, digit shape and size, TMJ pain, head tiling, hyoid dysfunction, asymmetric tail holding...

Often it can be the case where I see a horse that is a chronic stage of compensation and it can be difficult to find the true cause especially when the horse may appear just overall “stiff”.

I liken the rehabilitation of chronic cases to peeling the layers off an onion; one layer at a time and piece by piece to unravel and rewind the compensation spiral. 🐴

** Note after recieving a lot of messages, if you feel you require help with anything I have mentioned in this post, please drop me a message and I will try to get back to you but it may take me a while as I receive multiple a day! I am based in Surrey and cover most of the South East, so if you’d like a treatment & plan for your horse I would be more than happy. ♥️


Salad bar sans sneeze guard #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #mykmoments

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 12/21/2021

Today we bade a final farewell to an exceptional horse. In his seven years at Bridle Paths, Ty has worked his quiet magic for many, many people. He has helped young children with attention challenges and sensory seeking behavior to build focus and empathy. His gentle movement has helped riders with cerebral palsy to move in purposeful and comfortable ways. He has taught many riders the finer points of steering, posting, and lateral work, sometimes even in the middle of a thunderstorm! He has shown wounded veterans how to build a life of purpose in the face of obstacles and limitations. He has held space with trauma survivors who are working to regain confidence, clarity, and sense of self in a world that can be violent, demeaning, and overwhelming. We will miss his kindness, his gentle spirit, and his unerring ability to evoke a laugh when it was most needed. Run fast and far, sweet boy. Your legacy lives on in the participants, volunteers, and families whose lives you touched, and in your herd mates here at Bridle Paths. We send gratitude and love to Ty's devoted owner, Alison Umberger of Umberger Show Horses LLC. #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #horsesofinstagram #MarkedForGreatness

Heza Genuine Titan ("Ty), March 22, 1995 - December 20, 2021

Photos from Bridle Paths's post 12/20/2021

Photos from Bridle Paths's post


We’re jumping for joy that the holidays are here! #equineassistedservices #therapyhorse #poniesofinstagram #supershetlands #mightyminis

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