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Videos by Row House in Ashburn. Home for the 45-minute coach led, low-impact, high-energy rowing workout. Studio opens in early 2020 at the Ashbrook Marketplace.

YOU KNOW .......

Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever!!!

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YOU KNOW ....... • Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever!!!

For all your dedication and caring .... we applaud all the educators, past and present!! • Special shout out to our very own @gagray75 for her commitment to education and dedication in teaching our students! ❤️ • • #nationalteachersday #pulltogether #ashburnfitness

Ladies Only For Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever!!! Song credit: Janet Jackson and “All for You” #dancefever #ashburnfitness #pulltogether

How can rowing help shape YOUR future?

FAQ's with Row House - Ashburn Do you have a class to help me build STAMINA and STRENGTH? YES! Our FULL ROW class is just what you're looking for! Burn lots of calories and tighten your core.

SATURDAY NIGHT (CABIN) FEVER! • Song credit: Quad City DJ's - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) • • #dancefever #pulltogether #ashburnfitness

What would you try today if you knew you couldn't fail?

FAQ's with Row House - Ashburn How do I get better at my FORM and improve my workouts? STROKE! This class emphasizes technique and form to help make your rowing stronger. For the first timer or someone who wants to keep improving their technqiue to make the most out of EVERY class.

Stretch with Ginger!
#practicemakesprogress Go ahead and practice this amazing stretch with our trainer, Ginger! There are so many benefits to a nice deep stretch both before and after a workout! Stretching decreases muscle stiffness, increases and improves your range of motion, reduces your risk of injury, helps relieve post-exercise aches and pains, Improves posture, reduces stress and muscular tension, enhances muscular relaxation and prepares the body for the stress of exercise and even promotes circulation. So go ahead.... #stretch

Construction Update
Ready and waiting for when the time is right to #rowtogether. We are so proud of what we have built and what we are building here in Ashburn- we cannot wait to open these doors for you to see for yourselves!

Row-ling up to give prizes to our trivia winners

It’s ... SATURDAY NIGHT (CABIN) FEVER!! • • Song credit: Jump Around by House of Pain

How will Rowing SURPRISE you?

FAQ's with Row House - Ashburn At the end of a long day, I want a workout that will make me sweat AND destress. Do you have a class for that? Join our RESTORE class to row, stretch and release ...... destress and sweat, cardio and strength, mobility and core ... yah, we got that!

Coach Angela BRINGS THE INTENSITY with 2 new exercises for you to try this week in our #coronaquarantine training video series! Try the Bird Dog and the Rowhouse Push Pulls and let us know what you think! We cannot wait to see you in the studio to do these TOGETHER! #rowhouseashburn #rowtogether #loudounfitness #ashburnva

You know what time it is: SATURDAY NIGHT (CABIN) FEVER!! • Song credit: (Don’t fear) The Reaper | Blue Oyster Cult. • This one’s for you @pb_n_fluff_stay_puft :) :)

Happy National Pet Day!
Happy National Pet Day! Meet our boathouse mascots! Barry Carpe #dogsofrowhouse

Check out our story for the trivia question!!

Who do YOU Row FOR? #pulltogether #ashburnfitness

FAQ'S with Row House - Ashburn I want a super HIGH intensity class! We have a class just for you! Our POWER class is a hIgh intensity, interval training style class - pieces in power class are shorter so that we can work harder, and burn more calories.

Coach Misty’s tips!
Grab your weights and a small piece of space and let's #pulltogether with coach Misty as she shows us two of her favorite moves from class!

What are you doing on #sequestersunday? We always #pulltogether #makedowithwhatyouhave #pulltogether #ashburnfitness Barry Carpe Ellen Espartero Carpe

Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever! • Song credits: September by Earth, Wind & Fire • • #cabinfeverdanceparty #pulltogether #ashburnfitness

Who's YOUR favorite person to Row WITH?

Do you have a class that will help me get leaner and improve my cardio fitness? Our signature class "HOUSE" could be for you! With body weight movements and rowing intervals, you will start feeling stronger and leaner, while improving your cardio fitness

Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever Dance! Song credit: It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

FAQ's with Row House - Ashburn I want to tone my BODY, do you have a class for that? YES! Join our BODY class and enjoy intervals of rowing and targeted exercises that will tone and define your muscles.

Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever at Row House Ashburn
SATURDAY NIGHT (CABIN) FEVER!! What’s your Saturday Night (Cabin) Fever dance tune?!?? #pulltogether #ashburnfitness #dancefromadistance #newnormal Song cred: KC and The Sunshine Band “Boogie Shoes”

FAQ's with Row House! What kind of classes do you offer? We offer 6 different class types, each uniquely designed to add variety, from POWER generation to RESTORATIVE active recovery, we have a class for every need. The best part, anyone can take them!

The winner of our Row-Mance Sweepstake is...
Woohoo! Congratulations to OUR FOUNDING MEMBER Judi Blackwell for winning our Row-Mance sweepstake! A special thank you to Divine Wine Tours of Virginia for providing this amazing package!

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