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Martial arts, fitness classes, personal training, & self-defense in Leesburg, VA. Come check us out!!!

We are HYPERFIT - Loudoun County’s ultimate fusion of fitness conditioning & fight training!

It’s no coincidence that my father put my brother & I in martial arts/boxing/kickboxing at a very young age. My father boxed and took up martial arts while in the Air Force, and it’s something he was able to share with us. In this video - it’s one of those rare nights that both of my sons showed up to take the last class from me. Since a young age, I’ve been able to share with them invaluable character-building skills & life skills such as focus, discipline, dedication & drive, self-motivation, goal-setting, respect for self & others, flexibility, strength & conditioning, world-class martial arts skill, personal protection/self-defense skill, boxing/kickboxing/MMA skills, grace under pressure, living a healthy lifestyle, etc.

It’s been a blessing to have been able to build a business while doing this for the thousands of Loudoun County children, teens, & adults that I’ve been able to have a positive impact on since 1986 - and it means everything that I’ve also been able to do this for my own sons. Both have had success in the martial arts and have learned how to apply it to life, having recently graduated from their respective collegiate programs. Both have recently landed full-time jobs/positions of their desire, and are on a fast-track to success. I’m thankful to have been able to share my knowledge & skills with them, and couldn’t be more proud of them. Fitness training & Martial Arts instruction is not just a business for us - it’s our passion and way of life! At HyperFit, we’ve had a long history of “walking the walk.” We help our clients achieve their personal best. Join us today - and LET’S GET IT DONE! Message us for more information on Fitness Bootcamps, Boxing & Kickboxing classes, Self-defense classes, Martial Arts Training, & Spartan Race/Tough Mudder training & prep. Our sessions are offered in a private/personal setting, small private groups, and group training classes.

In honor of the Captain Marvel movie just recently released - we’ve decided to playfully name some of our female kickboxing mom groups - “MARVELous MOMS!”

We are blessed to have so many remarkable young girls, teen girls, female professionals & community leaders, as well as moms who have come through our program over the last three decades. Our ladies train hard & often here, and our mission is to help them become FEARLESS & “Captain Marvel-like,” through dynamic fight & fitness training, as well as gaining the confidence & skills needed to defend themselves. This kind of focus, toughness, & sense of empowerment is obtained by training like a fighter & warrior - a FEMALE warrior, that is!

Below is a clip of some of our MARVELous MOMS here at our training club, working a kickboxing combination on the heavy bags!

So forget the nail spa, or treadmill at the gym! Come on out, and join our other “MARVELous MOMS” and “fearLESS Females” - and find out why we have been the trusted source for women’s fitness training & self-defense in Northern Virginia since 1986!

Message us, or text 571-420-3349 to get started today!


“Training in kickboxing/boxing is too hard & tiring, especially after a long day at work - it’ll wear me out, & I’ll have no energy for my family or kids...Besides, I don’t want to be made to get in a ring to spar, & end up hurt.”


You CAN get fighting-fit, without getting in a ring and taking a hit! Our training is exciting, empowering, & rewarding, but it’ll challenge & push you outside of your comfort zone and go where no other total body workout has gone before. NOTHING gets the heart rate up or burns calories like channeling our “inner fighter” with a sweaty “smash session” on the heavy bag. Getting the heart rate up HIGH ENOUGH is where most people fail in their exercise program or don’t see the changes/desired results. Our Kickboxing classes address this, and gets the blood flowing and releases endorphins - which raises your energy levels. This high quality of cardiovascular, resistance, & flexibility exercise relieves stress, provides mental clarity, strengthens your heart, and INCREASES your energy & stamina.

WE ALL want more energy! Tiredness and fatigue are an epidemic in America. Energy is one of the greatest gifts in life - and life is just too short to feel tired all of the time. Let us help you unlock your true physical and mental potential. Our kickboxing classes will increase your energy, put more “bounce” in your step, and help you reclaim your youth! Our training is especially popular among the 30+ crowd, who have reported a pleasant surge of youthful vitality!

Message us, or text 571-420-3349 to get started today. Schedule your FREE class, & find out for yourself!

COME GET YOUR FIGHT ON at Oakley’s HyperFit Kickbox Club in Leesburg, Virginia! Since 1986, we’re proud to have led the way in Kickboxing, Self-Defense, & Martial Arts instruction, while servicing the needs of Loudoun County residents & families!

This is a sample heavy bag class, combining the best of functional fitness, bodyweight training, strength/conditioning, & boxing/kickboxing skills. Upon striking the bag, the core is engaged, along with every major muscle group between various kicks & punches. Also working on transitions between extremes, they’re improving power & muscle definition by “muscling” their way through the weighted, resisting heavy bags, as their cardiovascular conditioning is also being challenged. This is a recipe for torching body fat, burning off calories, reducing blood pressure/stress levels - and feeling better, stronger, more energetic, & healthier. NICE JOB GANG!!! I’M PROUD OF YOUR EFFORTS! YOU COULD’VE BEEN ANYWHERE ELSE - BUT YOU WERE IN HERE, IMPROVING YOURSELF & YOUR HEALTH!!! That should always come first - simply because no one else is going to do it for you! “In losing our excuses, we find our results.”

Get more out of your WORKOUT - get more out of your BODY - get more out of LIFE!!!
Message us or text 571-420-3349 to schedule a FREE TRIAL KICKBOXING CLASS!

Being fighting-fit is not just about getting in the ring to fight. Adults are fighting a different kind of fight....At Oakley’s HyperFit Kickboxing Club, our classes have been improving health and lives by reducing stress & hypertension, lowering cholesterol, improving blood pressure & circulation, burning calories & torching body fat, improving strength/conditioning/flexibility, toning & building muscle - turning the body into a “fat-burning factory”, and lowering A1C levels. We’re helping our clients win the fight against obesity, lethargy, heart & cardiovascular disease, stress, diabetes, and more. These threats to our health are VERY REAL, and we embrace the challenge and task of helping our clients achieve “their own greatness” by training them to win these battles.

Contact us TODAY to get started - and WIN THE FIGHT for your health & fitness! Do this for your family, do it for yourself; because at the end of the day - your health is the the only thing you truly own, and can control....

Do you need to burn off your “crazy” - while learning some self-defense skills? Our WarriorFit Kickboxing classes are challenging, engaging, and fun - and will keep you coming back, since the workouts are different every time! This program will burn fat, build muscle tone, reduce stress, & leave you feeling confident and empowered with the protection skills you’ll develop. Our featured client is Heidi, she’s been training in our WarriorFit Kickboxing & Self-Defense bootcamps for over two years now and absolutely LOVES the training! Here, she’s practicing an exciting, yet physically challenging self-defense conditioning drill against two would-be attackers/heavy bags. If you are a realtor, nurse, deliverer, night worker, travel a lot, or a stay-at-home mom, then this is the class for you. Your health & personal safety should come first, because no one else is going to make you do it! Start TODAY, join Heidi & the many others - and discover a leaner, stronger, healthier, confident, and happier YOU!

Have you or your kids ever wanted to learn weapons? At HyperFit we offer weapons training as part of our martial arts to those interested. This includes modern martial arts weapons training and/or self-defense against street weapons. It’s a fantastic way to develop coordination, dexterity, balance, not to mention it’s a BLAST! 😝 Send us a message if you want to learn more!

Obstacle race training class! A fun mix of full-body exercises, and the class is different EVERY time. Come check us out to start your 2019 fitness journey.

Also, you can message us for a free session!


Join these awesome guys in launching into HYPERFIT mode in 2019!!


Matt’s looking strong- training for all the 2019 tournaments that he doesn’t know we’ve signed him up for... 🙃

Getting in some boxing work! We like to pyramid our combinations- meaning we’ll add a few moves after every couple sets, with the end result being an advanced punching combo. It’s a great way to practice getting the body, brain, & breathing in sync.

Some of our teens & adults finishing off a “blitz” workout- a fast-paced, interval kickboxing class! Although Isaac looks a bit too happy in the beginning... 😂
Let your friends/family know about us! You can sign up for a 3-lesson trial on our website: hyperfitkc.com

HyperFit Kickboxing Club's cover photo

HyperFit Kickboxing Club

[07/09/17]   Hi all! In case you have not received the announcement, we are currently changing locations within the Leesburg area. Meanwhile, we are running our classes out of Ferraiolo Fitness at Crescent Place (in Leesburg). New members are still welcome. For more information, feel free to e-mail [email protected] with any questions.

Save the date! Our summer camps are always a blast!

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Hybrid Method Gym - Leesburg, VA

For 2017 we have some new & exciting classes!

Urban Kickboxing- blending exercises from sport kickboxing, cutting-edge plyometrics, and interval training.

K-5 Self-Defense- incorporating the best, most effective components for self-defense(Karate, Kali, Kenpo, Krav-Maga, and Kickboxing). Our training has been highly praised for realistic approaches to knife & gun defense! We also incorporate a challenging conditioning element to the class, so participants get the best of both worlds- fitness & self-defense.

For a trial package & more info: www.hybridmethodgym.com

hybridmethodgym.com David Oakley's Hybrid Method Gym located in Leesburg, VA. Loudoun County. Martial arts, fitness classes, self-defense instruction, & personal training.

Wednesday's fighter fitness crew!

Highlights of Colby's fight in the finals show.

Do you want to take your body to the next level? Our "Warrior Fitness" program will improve your physique, coordination, confidence, and of course- TORCH those calories. Take a break from the treadmill and do something awesome! You can sign up for a trial for 14.95 at http://www.hybridmethodgym.com/

HyperFit Kickboxing Club's cover photo

Dawn and Valley looking sharp doing some pad drills.

You know those legs were burning!!

Kickboxing class

Big thanks to XMA founder, actor, & former world champion Mike Chaturantabut for his excellent training yesterday!

Martial arts legend Mike Chat XMA will be at Hybrid Method Gym tomorrow for a seminar. Looking forward to an AWESOME day!!!

Our NexGen competition team at The Martial Arts Experience event in Chantilly, VA.

Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures

[10/18/15]   Excellent performances today at the Battle of Baltimore by our martial arts competition team! Bringing home lots of hardware 🏆

[06/06/15]   Team Oakley/Nex-Gen tore it up today at the Worldgate Challenge!! Awesome work competitors.

[09/27/14]   Great start to the Friday Superfights!! If you missed out, it's not too late, contact Mr. Oakley and we'll get you on a team next week.

[08/20/14]   Awesome first day of practices in our new facility yesterday! Classes will continue every day this week wrapping up with Friday night fights!

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