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Camp should be FUN! At Camp Koda summer horse camp, riding lessons are just the beginning ... roast

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Photos from Camp Koda's post 07/01/2020

Two hundred and forty-five years ago, citizens of Loudoun County marched off to become members of the 1st Company of the 2nd Virginia Regiment to help win America's War for Independence. Observe and learn about skills the new soldiers would need to know like how to make a fire with flint and steel, or mold musket balls from lead and an iron mold. Participate in the drill soldiers learned so that they could march properly as some of America's first soldiers, and much more!

When: July 8, 2020
Time: 1 PM
Duration: 2-3 hrs.
Click here to Register
or call 703-779-8082

Register online or call 703-779-8082: We ask that children under 18 be accompanied by an adult.


Enroll for Summer Camp Koda 2020!

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Horses in the Wilderness, Campfires and Survival Skills...are your kids signed up for Camp Koda July 29-Aug 2?!
Hurry, only a few spots remaining!


Camp season is in full swing! It's not too late to come join the fun, we still have a handful of openings remaining in the coming weeks! Call us at 703-779-8082 or visit our website for more info,


Camp Koda Leesburg, VA Camp Koda Riding Camp | Register for Summer 2019 | Select your weeks and sign up

Summer break is almost here! If you have completed your online registration and have not yet received your enrollment package, click the following link or email us at [email protected]!

We’re pumped and ready for all our awesome campers to join us! C’mon summer!!!

Camp Koda Leesburg, VA Camp Koda Riding Camp | Register for Summer 2019 | Select your weeks and sign up More than Educating Making an Impact | Monica McCarthy Consulting — Early Chidhood & Special Education Coach | Speaker | Writer Program & Professional Development, Grant Implementation


A heartfelt thank you to all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

In honor of Memorial Day, we’d like to offer 15% off camp enrollment to all military families in recognition of your service and sacrifice.

Valid today only.


Summer camp is just around the corner! Don’t let your children miss out on one second of this farm-life fun! Our counselors, helpers, and animals are working (and playing) hard to make this summer the best one yet.

Camp runs from June 18th-August 25th, 8:30am to 5pm, for ages 4+. Registration and enrollment forms can be found online at, or you’re welcome to give the office a call at (703)-779-8082.


The water bottles have arrived!
Let us know if you want one they are ready for purchase at the office. Camp Koda ready. 🐴 💧


Only 7weeks until Camp! Dolly is ready for lots of cuddles - and a good brush!

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Look good, feel good, be great!
Merchandise is now ready to Pre order in time for camp.
Kids get a T-shirt of the their first day (colors depend on your age.) please inquire if you want more shirts to add to your camp Koda wardrobe !
Water bottles are also on the way so stay tuned, they are perfect and will be big enough to last you all day everyday. ☀️ 💧 😃

Photos from Camp Koda's post 04/03/2018

So much energy at our 1 day camp today! So glad our up and coming riders shared it with us.
We finished the dens -one of our leaders thought she’d check out the winning team and stay the night all it needed was a fire 🔥


Thank you all so much for a fantastic week of camp! We couldn’t have done it without YOU!
Summer Camp is next we hope to see all of your happy faces. First week is western week yeeeehaaaaaa! 🐴

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Yesterday was our last day of camp we had a talk about survival, how to build an overnight den and build a fire with green and purple flames !
Followed by s’mores and a chocolate Easter egg hunt... because sugar is always needed 🔥 🍫


Teamwork, balance, and critical thinking came together for Spring Break campers of all ages today as they navigated the Camp Koda Volcano Fields!

This well known team-building exercise requires a limited number of boards be used to make a “bridge” across the lava. In order to advance, the boards at the end of the line need to be picked up and passed all the way to the front. The process is repeated until everyone is across the lava and safe! Campers had to be willing to help and trust one another all while taking/giving direction in a high pressure environment!


Yesterday’s weather was dreary and cold, but a quick trip out to the chickens never fails to get the whole crew glowing!

Proud of our little chicken whisperers!

Photos from Camp Koda's post 03/26/2018

Having a clucking good time

Photos from Camp Koda's post 03/26/2018

It’s all about babies in spring time 🐓 🐥

Photos from Camp Koda's post 03/26/2018

We had a blast on the first day of Spring Break Camp today! Here’s a peek at what were up to. I wanted more photos.. too busy having fun to capture!

I hope you like the highlights 🙂


Campers will love having the chance to learn about chickens, including how to care for them! Our hens are some of the most spoiled gals ever and we encourage parents of our campers to buy the eggs they’ve helped bring to fruition!


Farm Life @ Camp Koda is fast approaching; book your s**ce now! T-shirts have been ordered and are awaiting your arrival! 26-30th March for Spring Break, and all summer long! Call or
email us at 703-779-8082 or [email protected].


Life is all about making memories......
Join us for camp 26-30th March.


Learning hands on is the best!
Come and join in on the fun this Spring Break at Camp Koda from the 26th to the 30th of March!

This year’s bunch of baby goats can’t wait to meet you!

Photos from Camp Koda's post 03/27/2016

Spring Break Camp Koda was spectacular! Check out these pictures with our super special campers. Come join us this summer for fun with horses and other summer time activities.

Photos from Camp Koda's post 03/25/2016

It is Spring Break Camp week and we are having lots of fun. The weather is just perfect for riding and playing and having a great time. Check us out! Summer camp is going to be something special.

Photos from Camp Koda's post 01/22/2016

We're hiring for summer opportunities!

If you love being around animals and children, why not join us as a camp counselor?

At Camp Koda, we offer an healthy and ultra fun experience to children who want to spend their summer outdoors. They get to sing, participate in plays, care for animals, and the most fun of all, ride horses!

You will be responsible for leading the camp activities as well as provide a positive role model for the youth. The activities are planned out, but we will rely on you to successfully execute them.

Our Ideal Counselor:
* Loves Children and Animals
* Embodies Honesty and Integrity to pass those values to children
* Is a highly energetic leader who knows how to manage youth
* Is punctual and reliable

Apply today by sending an email to [email protected]

Timeline photos 12/18/2015

Timeline photos


Friday December 18
5PM-6:30PM - Games on Horseback
Followed at 7:00PM - Christmas Party
Holiday Sweater Contest, and Potluck!

Call AAES to register for the show
703 779-8082

Call AAES (Peytie) to let us know what you are bringing for the party Potluck!

We look forward to seeing everyone there. There will be good friends, good food, prizes, and of course HORSES!

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