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We publish a monthly welcome Town Hall Guide that is mailed weekly to all new residents as they move into your community.
Our Welcome Guide is going to feature only one exclusive business inside each category, and I am searching for a Chiropractor in your area to fill that spot.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Karla Cain
(540) 664-5514
The good folks at Integrativechiro_va are helping getting the weekend started this Friday at Loudoun Brewing Company ! Thanks guys !
A super important message from our emcee for the July 23 show… Be there or be square.

Tix at

(Thank you to our Gold Sponsor Integrativechiro_va and our Silver Sponsor Urban Mattress)
First 20 people today enjoy $5 off their purchase thanks to Integrativechiro_va! Dr's order's, so hurry in today for our 2 new meads being released!

We offer premium Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation services, Soft Tissue therapies, and Spinal Decompression for the Northern Virginia community.

Integrative Chiropractic & Wellness is a premium wellness center helping patients reach their full potential. We incorporate rehabilitation, stretching, yoga, and functional movement to achieve full mobility and strength. Our holistic approach involves finding the root cause of the problem and creating a custom treatment plan for each individual.

Operating as usual

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💫 Thank you to our friends at the @virginiaspineinstitute for a wonderful event last week.

💫 @virginiaspineinstitute has a wonderful facility and amazing MDs on their team that we love!


It’s not super often that two Dr.’s can agree on the same thing. Especially on a regular basis. Having Dr. Lam a part of the team helps us create better results with all of our patients🙌🏼

It’s not super often that two Dr.’s can agree on the same thing.

Especially on a regular basis.

Having Dr. Lam a part of the team helps us create better results with all of our patients🙌🏼

A second pair of eyes and different perspective can add tremendous value of getting to the root issue of the patient.

If you need more attention to your care, we’ve got you covered!

Give us a call & set up your appointment today!



Friday feels!😎 Happy National Donut Day!!🍩 The docs love their donuts, and the sugar rush it brings 😅

Friday feels!😎

Happy National Donut Day!!🍩

The docs love their donuts, and the sugar rush it brings 😅

Just a reminder that it’s okay to enjoy your sweets every once in a while.

Enjoy your weekend & grab a donut for the perfect start to your weekend!

What’s your favorite kind? Let us know below👇🏼


Anyone else have a hard time drinking water?🙋🏽 We get it, water is…well, boring🤷🏽 But, the benefits completely outweigh the taste of bland water😅

Anyone else have a hard time drinking water?🙋🏽

We get it, water is…well, boring🤷🏽

But, the benefits completely outweigh the taste of bland water😅

👉🏼 Regulate body temperature
👉🏼 Keeps the joints lubricated
👉🏼 Increases energy levels & brain function
👉🏼 Helps with digestion
👉🏼 Can increase satiety & metabolic rate

Hydration is always important, but especially in the hotter temperatures🥵

So how much should you drink?

We recommend taking your body weight, divide it by 2, and that’s the amount of ounces you should consume.

For example, if you weigh 200lbs, we would recommend you drink 100oz minimum🙌🏼

How much water do you drink every day?


Sandra remembers the first interaction with our office🙌🏼

The time spent chatting with her to understand what was really going on & being able to see her that same day.

Her lower back was the main concern & affected her abilities to garden which was her favorite thing to do💐

We wanted to make sure she could get her back to the hobbies she loved the most!

We are so grateful for Sandra & her commitment to care 👏🏼

If you’re looking to get specific care & get back to doing the things you love, give us a call!

We are accepting new patients 🥰


✨Patient Spotlight!✨

Grant just broke his own PR of running a 4:48 mile.

He is the fastest freshman at Tuscarora High School😮‍💨

From starting with a strained hamstring, to now running like lightning ⚡️

We are super proud of the commitment he’s made to us and his health!

We are so excited to see where he goes in his career as a track star🏃🏼‍♂️💨

Keep up the great work!


We know…..we’ve got jobs, family, and so many things going on in our lives, but to make sure we can enjoy all these things we must make our healthy a priority.

Our health is the one thing we can work on each and every day. Make a commitment to yourself this week to do one thing each day so that your future self will thank you.

Raise your hand 🙋 if you agree


Who's ready to feel the BURN?? 🔥

Burn Boot Camp in Leesburg is giving Integrativechiro_va a free bootcamp class Saturday 5/21 at 11am!! 🤯

Comment "BURN" below if you'd like to join, there a limited number of spots are available so do not delay, and sign up ✍️today!

*BONUS* Dr Keith will be offering a free mobility workshop directly after the bootcamp class! So who's ready to sweat 😅 with us at Burn Boot Camp!?


Resolve your pain for good!🙌🏼

Ever feel like your problems just won’t go away?

👉🏼 Massages don’t last
👉🏼 Acupuncture is temporary
👉🏼 Massage guns only feel good for so long

Before the issue comes right back.

We do our best to solve the issue for good! No more temporary fixes🎉

Thank you Sarah for trusting us with your care!


Thank you so much Julie for the awesome feedback!

We love that we made rehab so much easier for you🙌🏼

We’re so thankful for patients like you and being apart of this amazing community!💕


Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸💐🌻


Have you gone through a work day experiencing pain for 8-12 hours?

That’s how Leta felt😔

She would work hard every day at her job, but always thought pain would be a norm.

UNTIL, she came to see us.

Right away she felt relief. Surprised with how quick it happened and understood how important it was to actually move the body💃🏼

Now, she feels hopeful and is starting to make a healthy lifestyle change!

If you’re anything like Leta and feel like pain is a normal thing to experience throughout the day, we’re here to tell you it can change!

Give us a call to schedule your appointment to finally start feeling better🙌🏼


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💫 Shoutout to our friend Allison at @gidgetsbeautybox 🧖🏾‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️🧖‍♀️

🥂 Cheers to an amazing event raising money to help women entrepreneurs and providing amazing skincare services to our community!

⭐️ You’re a STAR 🤩

💫Thank you for inviting us to be a part of such a special day!


Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite rehab specialist Mckenna Lubinski! ❤️

Mckenna is the truly heart and soul of our office keeping all our patients healthy, happy, and motivated ! Come by today between 7am-12pm and celebrate with us!

Come grab a snack from Crumbl Cookies 🍪and take a swing at our piñata 🪅


Get rid of that golfers elbow!🏌🏼‍♂️

One of the treatments we do here is a muscle release technique.

It helps release tension in the muscle & break up any adhesions that may be present.

Dr. Lam can address any area where you may be experiencing this. It’s not just for our golfers😉

Where do you need some muscle relief at? Let us know in the comments!👇🏼

We are also taking on new patients. If you want to get on our schedule, give us a call:



✨Patient Spotlight!✨

Tim is an avid golfer who originally came to us with shoulder pain and unable to swing his clubs.

But with the consistency of adjustments and corrective exercises, he was able to get out of pain & back on that course!🏌🏼‍♂️

He’s done a great job of implementing in the exercises he learned here into his warm ups, which helps him hit that ball further 👏🏼

If you’re like Tim and want to get back on the course with no pain, or to just improve your golf swing, we have a FREE guide for you!

Multiple exercises to help loosen you up & strengthen weak areas.

DM us “golf” and it’s all yours!⛳️


💫 Join the Integrative team!!!

💫We are hiring for 2 positions!

⭐️ Patient Concierge
⭐️ ⭐️ Rehab Specialist

💫 If you are interested in the positions or have questions about the roles send us a DM!


When your patients feel so good after a treatment that they forget their cane😂

A lot of our patients come to us with difficulty doing daily tasks:
📍Getting out of bed
📍Playing sports or working out
📍Playing with their kids

When they come to see us to get the experience of chiropractic care, soft tissue therapies, and rehab, they start to create small wins like:

✨No pain in the morning
✨Walking more frequently
✨Getting back to exercise slowly
✨Spending a little extra time with their kids

And sometimes those small wins overtime make us forget where we started.

So whatever journey you’re on, just remember to celebrate those small wins🏆

What’s a small win you want to celebrate today? Let us know in the comments👇🏼


✅Solution vs. Quick Fix

Have you ever tried something that only gives you relief for a few hours, maybe just a day or two?😣

But, it seems like it doesn’t matter how much you try, you can’t seem to find a permanent solution.

If you’re anything like Emily and want more of a fix to your problems vs. masking the pain, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our doctors do their best to get to the root of your issue with a combination of therapies & adjustments👏🏼

If you’re looking for that permanent solution, give us a call to schedule an appointment!



There’s a new sheriff in town 🤠 so get your boots on and saddle up partner 🧑‍🌾

This week Dr. Peter has spots available for new patients on Wednesday (4/6) and Thursday (4/7).

So if you’ve got a hitch in your giddy-up 🤕 and want to ride off into the sunset, pain free.

All you have to do is comment below 👇🏼



⭐️We are so happy to support @lef4lcps and their new scholarship to help diversify the Loudoun education teacher workforce.

⭐️ If you donate today your name goes into a raffle and we will donate a $100 to a charity of your choice!

Click the link below to donate today!

A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Keith and Jasmine for this amazing gift! @integrativechiro_va @jasgirl

A Step Toward Diversifying Loudoun's Teacher Workforce - Loudoun Education Foundation 03/29/2022

A Step Toward Diversifying Loudoun's Teacher Workforce - Loudoun Education Foundation


A Step Toward Diversifying Loudoun's Teacher Workforce - Loudoun Education Foundation This month, the Loudoun Education Foundation announces its newest scholarship, the Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Scholarship.

Photos from Integrativechiro_va's post 03/24/2022

Another fun bowling night in the books! We always have so much fun🥰

Thanks for everyone that came out!


🚨Patient Spotlight!🚨

Marina came to us a while back with ankle pain, which also lead to other issues.

Being a dancer her whole life, she always had something that she had to work on & fix back to health.

Thankfully she found us & was able to experience chiropractic care in conjunction with an exercise program that met her specific needs👏🏼

We are so thankful to see Marina convert into a wellness patient and just keep on top of her health!

Are you a dancer, or athlete? And experience frequent injuries or pain?

We see these types of patients regularly!

If you’re wanting to feel better & injury free, give us a call!☎️



🚨Set your alarms for tomorrow at 10:30am!🚨

Dr Keith has a $100 OPEN TAB at Lettuce Be Loco in downtown Leesburg🤑

Check out the newest hot spot in Leesburg @lettucebeloco they offer so many great healthy food options🥬& wellness events!

So if you are looking for a healthy meal the first 20 people get $5 off their order! Don’t delay and get there right when they open at 10:30am!


Have you tried any soft tissue therapies for your problem areas?

Scott came to us with neck, trap & shoulder tightness.

But with the help of dry needling, stim, graston, & cupping on top of the adjustment, he got great results!

We appreciate Scott’s enthusiasm and willingness to always try something new👏🏼

If you’re looking to get long lasting results, try out some of our therapies here at the office!

Give us a call to schedule your appointment today


Everyone give a warm welcome to Dr. Peter Lam👨‍⚕️!! Dr. Peter is our new associate chiropractor joining our team here at Integrative Chiropractic! He has over 5 years of experience treating patients here in NOVA. Dr. Lam has a passion treating sports injuries and utilizes several different techniques to get his patients back to health.

Dr. Lam is certified in Fascial Movement Taping, Graston Technique, and Dry Needling. He is also currently working on obtaining his certification on becoming a Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).

Some of you may have met him already but make sure to say hello next time you’re in the office!

Give us a call today to get on his schedule!
☎️ 703-771-3204

Comment below with any questions for our new doc?

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It’s not super often that two Dr.’s can agree on the same thing.  Especially on a regular basis.  Having Dr. Lam a part ...
Friday feels!😎  Happy National Donut Day!!🍩  The docs love their donuts, and the sugar rush it brings 😅
Anyone else have a hard time drinking water?🙋🏽  We get it, water is…well, boring🤷🏽  But, the benefits completely outweig...




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Monday 7am - 7pm
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