Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson

Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson


👑 Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

🎾 Our team of female coaches has always consisted of talented, confident strong women. Thank you ladies for all you do in growing our tennis community here in Loudoun.

🏐 Thank you Josi with Loudoun County Volleyball for building such a positive & empowering volleyball club for our girls.

🥍 Dulles Storm LAX has been a great league for our daughter to learn and develop in the sport. The sportsmanship & integrity the coaches instill will go way beyond the lacrosse field.

🙏🏼 We are blessed to live in a County where we have some of the best leagues & coaches offered to our young female athletes.

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I have practiced yoga a few times with Rhonda and have loved every minute. Rhonda is a clear and powerful instructor who is easy to follow. I feel stronger after her classes. Thank you Rhonda!!
Rhonda made my day! Thank you for sharing your love for yoga! Today’s class was tough and sweaty and wonderful! It’s been a while since I felt that relaxed and revived. Thank you Rhonda!!! Can’t wait to take more of your classes
I’d like to thank everyone for all of the good vibes this year and for your continued support of Druminyasa. Love all of you!
📷 @soultosolewellness
Two more opportunities to close out 2018 on New Years Eve outside of DC with these awesome teachers!
Ashburn-Sterling Lifetime w/ Rhonda Wilson (1130a-130p flow+social) - register at activities desk; open to non-members
Arlington The Energy Club w/ Erin Sonn of Eat.Yoga.Drink (3p-430p) - 5 spots remain at eventbrite
Ready to roll into 2019 with you guys in the #DMV (that’s what they call it now even though when I was growing up there we called it the DC Metro area..cause you got your license at the DMV 🤷🏼‍♂️)
Look forward to rocking with you New Year’s Eve Monday 12/31 with these rad teachers. Let’s get rid of the old and give a huge butt kick to 2018 in style🦵🍑 🎉
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Ashburn Lifetime Fitness Ashburn-Sterling w/ Rhonda Wilson(1130a)
Arlington The Energy Club w/ Eat.Yoga.Drink (3p)
More details on www.druminyasa.net
“My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too.” -Mia Hamm ⚽️👑

“I've had to learn to fight all my life - got to learn to keep smiling. If you smile things will work out.” Serena Williams 🎾👸🏾

🙏🏽Thank you for sharing this Rhonda Wilson 🧘🏻‍♀️

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Thank you Inside Loudoun , Silvey Residential & Dianne Buckley with Staged Envy for this fun night of Polo at Morven Park. 🐎

We are looking forward to the 2019 summer polo season!

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🎾Luis Rosado
🎾Jeanise Y. Rosado
🧘🏻‍♀️Rhonda Wilson
Just announced!! Excited to join fellow Wanderlust presenter Rhonda Wilson and others next month (Aug 24-26) for Experience Exhale Yoga Retreat at the renowned Lansdowne Resort & Spa outside of Washington DC. This weekend retreat includes a packed schedule of yoga, yin & nidra, meditation, sound therapy, mindful eating workshop w/ Lansdowne executive chef Marcus Repp plus more and will be capped off with a special Druminyasa class on Sunday morning led by Rhonda that will leave you revitalized and energized. This is the perfect urban oasis retreat close to home! Registration link and details at https://www.destinationhotels.com/lansdowne-resort/offers/exhale-retreat Lansdowne Resort and Spa Human Activation

Classes and courses designed to support healthy, peaceful communities by way of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. Join this community for live - in person events, online classes, trainings, courses and retreats and to reclaim life balance.

Rhonda is a breath and movement artist, teacher and guide. RYT200
Yoga Teacher - Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & SUP Yoga
Yoga Coordinator for LifeTime Athletic
Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator for LifePower Yoga
Wanderlust 2017 SUP Yoga Presenter

Rhonda believes life is yoga, that the same patience, persistence, focus, dedication, submission and light heartedness required are necessary both on an

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New Events Posted!

Timeline photos 04/04/2022

Timeline photos

Safe relationships are containers for healing trauma.

Studies show that what is most traumatizing is not just what happened, but how a survivor holds what happened afterwards.

In trauma-informed care we know that one of the automatic defenses to trauma is an isolation and immobilization response from the nervous system.

This is why so many survivors don’t come forward, or come forward decades later.

The body goes into a freeze and isolation response and automatically defends itself through remaining withdrawn and immobilized.

This is where trauma really takes its hold on survivors, when it is not shared and held alone for years or decades.

Safety and connection in relationship with others is how we heal.

It takes courage to bring your trauma into the light, on your timeframe, as you choose with whom you choose (a partner, therapist, friend, etc).

You are not alone.

I love you,

Photos from Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson's post 04/03/2022

Hello Spring!

The springtime, sunshine vibes are strong with this this group!

Each time we have met since the spring equinox, the weather was questionable and had us nervous that we would freeze but as God would have it, (and I don’t even know why I question it anymore) the sky opened up, the winds died down and the sunshine flooded and warmed our space so we could be comfortable and cozy despite the crisp air temps.

It’s difficult to articulate but to be there experiencing it, it’s a pure gift!

Thank you God for the miracle of warmth when it was least expected.

We had a beautiful practice space, refreshing practice, fun learning about flowers and building our arrangement and continued the celebration with tacos in the sun at the prettiest table space.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the fun! Feel free to tag yourself in the photos and share!

Stay tuned for the next dates to be revealed for upcoming Petals & Poses Events!

Timeline photos 04/01/2022

Timeline photos

There is no amount of meditation, biohacking, spiritual practice or therapy that can work long-term if you don't have safe and secure relationships.

We are social creatures. We are wired for connection.

When we are in isolation too long, our spark starts to go out.

Our bodies know this, too, because humans have been evolving for millions of years.

On a cellular level, we know that we are better together. Because from the perspective of evolutionary science and biology, isolation, being by yourself makes you vulnerable as "prey" in the wild.

One person all by themselves is far more vulnerable than a group or tribe.

The Catch 22 is that we have to leave one tribe & join another that is meeting us where we are now.

This is a hard leap to make, from a dysfunctional family or tribe to a functional & thriving family or tribe.

But, that is one of the most fundamental leaps we can make.

When we have safe relationships, where we have trust and know that we can count on people and they can count on us to be there... that's when real healing begins.

Holding your emotions in isolation creates a disconnection.

That emotional disconnect IS trauma.

Make sure you aren't just focused on coping skills and biohacks (which are all SUPER important)... make sure you're also & primarily focused on healing your relationship to relationships and that you are connected to people who get you, who love you and who will be there for you.

And, make sure that you do the same for them.

When you know you can count on someone to be there and when they know they can count on you... that shared experience & connection is truly the best thing in the world for your personal development, your mental health, your earning capacity and your levels of stress/anxiety or peace and calm.

So, what's one of the most important tools for "affect regulation"?

A safe connection w/ others that is reciprocal (give and take is balanced), playful & non-judgmental.

I wish this for you in your healing journey.

Together, we got this.



So excited about this weekends Petals & Poses at Firefly Cellars! See you there, Yogis!

Just a quick reminder of Firefly Cellars policies as we head toward warm weekends!

✅The tasting room and the deck are adult only seating areas. The backyard is family friendly, where children are more than welcome!

✅Friendly, leashed dogs are welcome on the deck or in the backyard. No dogs inside the tasting room. Dogs must stay on a leash for the entirety of their visit.

✅Outside food is permitted on the deck or in the backyard. No outside food is permitted inside the tasting room.

✅No outside alcohol is permitted on Firefly Cellars premises.

✅You are free to bring lawn chairs, blankets, pop up tents if you want to camp out for the day in the backyard or picnic area!

✅Reservations for the deck and tasting room are not required, but highly recommended. Backyard is walk-in only.

We look forward to seeing all of you over the coming months! Happy almost weekend!

Photos from Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson's post 03/29/2022

So grateful for our Petals & Poses events here in - Just when the winter seems to keep surprising us with these chilly days, the rest of this week and weekend is looking promising!

Let’s bring the sunshine in and continue to celebrate Spring together at @fireflycellars with @blooms2u with another Petals & Poses event!

These photos are from our last event at @canavineyards and it was perfection.

I may love Florida but I love the rolling hills of Virginia’s wine country equally and as much!

Let’s flow, sip, create and stay to play!

Tickets & Info: (link in bio)

Timeline photos 03/24/2022

Timeline photos

You are perfectly made.
One day, they will call it PTSR officially. We need a trauma-informed DSM.
For now, keep treating the symptoms and start to focus on your physical & emotional trauma work. (the root cause)
Create and live in a nurturing environment.
Create healthy relationships that are safe and supportive.
Don’t let a healthcare system that’s in the dark ages and broken make you feel broken.
You are not broken.
You can heal.
You are doing such a good job.
You are not alone.
You are loved.
In that love, include me.

I love you,


The art of connection

Connection can be experienced within micro moments and observed from within as we observe the sensations in our body and our breath.

Can you be here now?

Observing, feeling, noticing and welcoming whatever comes up.

Noticing your heartbeat…

The pace of your breath…

The subtle movements you make, maybe even sounds, as you experience the mind creating waves of distraction from the connection in this moment.

Connecting in silence while gazing into someone’s eyes is one of the most powerful tools we have. It offers us a moment to see ourselves clearly.

“I am here”

What do you see?

What do you feel?

Sitting in such a space feels almost unnatural due to the social conditioning of the electronic tools we use. But really, it is the most authentic, most natural space.

Just as a parent might gaze into their child’s eyes for the first time after they are born - this is the purest form of love and connection.

How can you provide a more welcoming space for yourself?

How can you experience love and connection more deeply within yourself so you might share that space with others?

This is where our practices on the mat become practical.

Sat Nam, Sweet Yogis

Timeline photos 03/20/2022

Timeline photos

When it comes to working with clients to heal emotional trauma, the number one rule for any facilitator is to create a safe container and connection.

People are stronger than many give them credit for and it’s amazing how healing a simple empathetic witness can be to someone’s story.

Cultivate a safe environment, safe presence and safe connection... a safe connection is the most powerful modality in the world for healing emotional trauma.

The clinical term is “co-regulation” emphasized by Dr. Stephen Porges (the author of The Polyvagal Theory) and when a facilitator co-regulates by sending signals of safety, play and calm in a face-to-face interaction with a client... it goes a long way.

Modalities like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Tapping, NLP, CBT, DBT, etc are wonderful... but will be ineffective if the facilitator isn’t co-regulating with safety and connection.

A truly trauma-informed approach focuses first on creating safety... and then brings in the “tools” as needed. Without safety transformation is impossible.

If you want to change the world, be a safe container for that change to occur in.

You got this,

Ready to heal your past, align with your purpose and unlock your full potential? Click here to join my FREE Life Purpose Challenge starting 3/28: https://mastinkipp.com/lpc2022

Photos from Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson's post 03/19/2022

Loved spending another beautiful morning with @blooms2u and co-hosting Petals & Poses at @canavineyards

Yoga and the arts go hand in hand naturally and this is one of the manifestations of it.

I can’t wait to share the next event with you!

Upcoming Events:
03/20 🎨 Pallets & Poses at Firefly Cellars

04/02 🌹 Petals & Poses at Firefly Cellars
04/23 🌻 Petals & Poses at Vanish Brewery

05/14 🍻 Bend & Brew at Lost Rhino
05/28 🥂 Illumination Yoga at Firefly Cellars

06/01 🌻 Petals & Poses at Bear Chase

All ticket links and event info can be found at: https://linktr.ee/exhaleyogi


The “Petals” portion of the Petals & Poses event at Cana Vineyards and Winery of Middleburg has just sold out!

In order to have enough supplies for the events both Angela and Jill need an accurate headcount a day before the event.

Full event tickets are still available for “Pallets & Poses” on Sunday at Firefly Cellars.

If you for any reason decide at the last minute on either day that you’d like to still come out and yoga - please message me then come!

As I’ve always offered, there is an open door policy on all the yoga classes I teach.

Come as you are and let’s do some yoga 🥰


This weekend!

Tickets still available for both events!

Click here for tickets and details on both 🥰


Hope you can join us!!

Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson updated their website address. 03/06/2022

Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson updated their website address.

Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson updated their website address.

Photos from Exhale Yoga with Rhonda Wilson's post 03/06/2022

Today’s Bend & Brew at @lostrhinobrew was a blast! I’m already looking forward to the next set of events this month!

Click the LinkTree in my bio or here for details: https://linktr.ee/exhaleyogi

🌺 3/19 Petals & Poses with @blooms2u at @canavineyards

🎨 3/20 Pallets & Poses with @jillperlaart at @fireflycellars

Lots of classes and events already on schedule for the next couple of months! To follow along, select “Follow” or ❤️ thru the Eventbrite ticket links. Reminders are sent out before each event!



Thank you to everyone who tuned in for tonight’s live on the Tracy Hamlin Show!

A HUGE thank you to @tracyhamlinmusic for inviting Angela Rabena of @blooms2u and me for an interview on her new show!

We are thrilled to be sharing all the yoga and flower love with Loudoun County!


When that lunar energy has you feeling oh so very heavy.

Namaste in bed for days…

February is for rest, recovery and slow, gentle mobility.

Peep the new video on Instagram for a morning practice.



Looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend with your BFFs, Family or Partner?

Join us for this inclusive event celebrating community, love, yoga, the art of floral arranging topped off with a great of local craft beer or beverages all in one sweet package!

One raffle ticket is included per ticket to redeem for your beverage of choice.

This event will begin with a beginner accessible yoga practice focusing on breath and body awareness.

Awaken your mind and body with gentle movements designed to release tension and stress, build strength and stability, and allows your mind to experience a deep state of rest.

Please remember to bring a yoga mat, blanket and water bottle.

Class will start at 1030 am so please arrive by 1015 am to get situated on your mat.

Please layer your clothes for comfort. You may also want to bring warm socks, a blanket and a water bottle.

After your yoga practice, learn tips and tricks of pro floral arranging using fresh, seasonal flowers and a reuseable Mason jar.

Create a beautiful floral display to enjoy during your day at Beltway Brewing Co. and home.
All floral supplies will be provided.

Lastly, enjoy this fun Loudoun brewery by relaxing and connnecting with your friends over a cold Beltways Brewing Co. beverage of choice. Your first glass is included in the ticket cost.

Ticket price: $55.00

Ticket sales will end on 2/10 at 4 pm.

For Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/petals-and-poses-at-beltway-brewing-co-tickets-253358511127?ref=eios

About Me:

The story of a breath and movement artist, teacher, student of life and spiritual guide.

My relationship with yoga and spiritual journey first began in 2005. After taking only one class, I noticed a significant reduction in the debilitating back pain and chronic stress from which I had been suffering. To continue with my self-care, I began a regular practice and fell in love with the calming affects, personal awareness and overall benefits yoga brought to my life.

After ten years of exploring this relationship, I dedicated my life fully to exploring the art of yoga and strive daily to gain a greater understanding of its effects on the human composition. Today, I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and hold certificates as E-RYT® 200 and YACEP® with additional training and certificates in Stand Up Paddleboard yoga (SUP) and Trauma Informed Yoga.

I teach a prana based yoga, utilizing breath as a guide for all movement. Prana is our greatest life force, it is THE energy of all life. The physical practice of yoga supports mindfulness and meditation by practicing focusing on your breath on purpose even as you move from space to space/ posture by posture. By reawakening this connection between your body and mind, you will find the space between stimulus and response. My classes are challenging, yet accessible, uplifting yet grounding. Your experience will take you beyond the physical aspects of yoga where you’ll find a sacred space deep within yourself.

My mission as a teacher is to grow and support healthy, mindful, peaceful communities by providing yoga, meditation and healing arts to space seekers, high-school students and their communities.

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Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils


Leesburg, VA

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