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Fun and Family Friendly Martial Arts School where we Empower our Members Human Potential in our Martial Arts Classes, Camps, and Afterschool Program!

The key in choosing a martial arts school is finding one that can motivate students to actually stick with it—martial arts are not quick or easy. We believe that convenience, professionalism, flexibility of memberships, proven curriculum, and atmosphere are crucial elements in supplying this motivation. The most difficult thing when getting started in martial arts is taking the first step. We’ve worked to make this incredibly easy and very educational. Many schools will offer a free class or two, perhaps a free week and then expect you to sign up for a lengthy membership. We don’t believe that is enough time to get to know a school, the instructors, and staff. We’ve discovered that at least a month of trial time offers the perfect amount of time. Our EasyTrial offers the perfect no-obligation way to try TopKick—we’ll work with you to identify good days and times from our convenient class schedule. On average we tend to offer many more class times than other schools. We focus heavily on our scheduling and work to supply convenient options while still maintaining a productive instructional environment. We’ve also tried to make our membership options equally convenient. While many schools offer only long-term annual memberships TopKick offers both annual (which offer savings) and month-to-month options that allow you to cancel at any time—we believe that much in our programs. Our core offerings of traditional Taekwondo classes for adults, families, and children are goal oriented and motivational. We offer classes Monday through Saturday from early day to late evening that are typically about 50 minutes long. Join us for classes and discover the benefits of study with TopKick. In addition to our traditional Taekwondo programs we have developed specialized, martial art based, youth programs for our younger students. Programs such as our A+ AfterSchool program and SummerCamp program offer members a constructive option for children. It’s our members who often tell us that, among other things, the atmosphere at TopKick distinguishes us from others. We believe in supplying members a professional, inviting, and family oriented atmosphere—a place where students and families feel at home. Although we honor martial art traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and constantly seek new and innovative ways to teach and service our members.

Help me hype up our very special TopKick Instructors in the comments below. It's Teacher Appreciation Week!
I'd like to personally thank each and every Instructor for your endless dedication to the growth of our students. You teach them skills that they will use far beyond the mats inside our walls (physically or virtually). It is an honor to work with such a highly skilled group of teachers. You teach with a purpose that I admire greatly.
Thank you for all you do!


Dear Valued TopKick Members,

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been a very challenging few months for all of us and we at TopKick have been thinking of you, hoping you are healthy and well. We are so grateful for our TopKick community and our Team 🙏

I am reaching out to share what we have learned from the Governor of Virginia, and CDC when it comes to re-opening local businesses. They are allowing businesses to begin Phase 1 reopening week of May 15th and this Phase 1 allows the re-opening of Fitness and Martial Arts studios such as ours with safety protocol in place. We are going to wait until to open our doors until after the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and we all realize there will be some strict guidelines we will all have to adhere to at TopKick for the safety of our members, team members and the overall community.

Even after we open our doors, we realize that our community members will have different preferences as to when they want to re enter on site training. Because we want to support all of our members, we will continue to have online live and on demand training as well for those who still choose to train from home during these transitions.

We are currently evaluating and planning on how we can phase back in the Martial Art classes, TKfit classes, and our Day Camps and the safety protocol and timeline for each of them.

It is important to us that we remain transparent with everything we are doing to prepare a safe reopening. We will provide more details and updates to the schedule as we are excited to be planning our comeback!

So awesome to see many of you training online and working towards your belt during graduation week. Thank you all for the support during this challenging time 🙏

New TopKick Blog Post

Master Kenny leading some of our AMAZING members in their semi-privates 🥋

Check out our Virtual Live Martial Arts Training and get the kids moving

Over 30 Tigers Virtually Tip Testing while Master Kenny was on the beach 🏖 😂😂 #notreally

Master Kenny, Master Kim and Master Lee were so proud of the Tigers (ages 4-6) showing up strong and focused!!!

Train Virtually with TopKick and get those kids moving

TopKick Martial Arts

Self Discipline - this semesters Virtue!

More then ever, Self-Discipline is a super valuable characteristic we can work on and improve.

Make sure we work on these while at home, feel free to share your missions online with us or your Instructors as you work through this semester. I will post images in comments and also will post the file in this group for you to print out. Let your Instructor know if you have any questions or need some support.

Due between 4/13-4/29!!!

Have your kids train with us online from home 🥋🥋

Learn more at

TopKick Martial Arts

4 things to get out of each class whether you are training online or on the mat 🥋

Even when you may be training at home, there are Four Elements our Instructors incorporate into each and every class at TopKick. Master John Cassidy, TopKicks founder, shares these four elements we call S,S,S,L in this video.

🥋 Smile - we make sure you have fun doing the drills and skills
🥋 Sweat - we make you sweat so you get healthy exercise in your class
🥋 Safety - we teach you in a safe way with continual progression
🥋 Learn - we teach so you learn new things or level up existing skills

TopKick Martial Arts

We have been so thankful for the support out our TopKick members and families adapting with us 🙏

Our masters and instructors not only want our members to be training and progressing, we EXPECT it.

We will all be back on the mats soon and for now we will make the best of it.

Tip testing week - Member’s keep an eye out for an email and push notifications on how you can access these LIVE group classes, Semi-Privates, Tip Testing, and After School classes. Thank you for all the support 🙏

Non-Members - ready to check martial arts out and have an activity that’s great for the kids and even the whole family? We have you covered as well with a 4 week virtual training program

TopKick Martial Arts

Nice work members 🥋🥋

Awesome training online, so many members showing up strong online 🥋🥋

Train with us online and from home

TopKick Martial Arts

🗣TopKick Launches Distance Learning and Virtual Classes to Keep All Community Members Safe During Coronavirus 👏👏👏

🥋TopKick, a group of award-winning Taekwondo-based martial arts schools with locations sprinkled throughout Loudoun County Northern Virginia, this week announced amid the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation campaigns, they are now offering distance learning and live online virtual classes for all of their present and future students, as well as the greater community members. Classes for non students in the greater community are FREE online.

In order to “flatten the curve,” the U.S. government has asked citizens and businesses to minimize congregations at this time. TopKick will be offering their usual Taekwondo learning and training classes digitally, as well as live online classes, so students can continue to practice and exercise their bodies without exposing others to any possible viral infections.

“It’s so important that we maintain some normalcy, as well as work out our bodies, during these trying times,” said John Cassidy, President of TopKick Martial Arts & Fitness. “We want to do our part to keep everyone safe and minimize the congregating of people, which is why we are proud to be offering our distance learning model.”

TopKick offers Taekwondo classes for ages 4 to adult, fitness kickboxing classes for men and women, after-school martial arts care for elementary aged school children, and summer camps for children ages 4 to 12. The group of studios is known for their commitment to each student, as well as helping every participant to explore their passion for martial arts.

“We empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery,” said Cassidy. “We want to make the world a better place, and we’re not going to let shelter-in-place stop us. We are encouraging everyone to continue working with our teams right now. We are here to help!”

👉🏼 For more information, or to tune into the new distance learning models and live online virtual training classes, please visit:

Attention Students!

Just launched new website for easy access to your Virtual LIVE! Trainings 💪🏼

Members be on the lookout for this information from TopKick


To our Dear TopKick Family,

We are very grateful for your support during these unknown and trying times. It’s been difficult, and at times heartbreaking to watch our children, friends, family and community lives being flipped upside down. Every day we are searching for the best way we can help support you while you are sheltering in place.

To support the world in fighting COVID-19, we have decided to close all our programs through 3/28/20. (Martial Arts, TKfit Fitness Kickboxing, and Fun Day Camps to support our After School Students) This is not to say that we are not working during this time, but we will close our doors through 3/28/20.

More than ever we need to invest in our physical and mental health. Fears of the unknown can quickly affect our energy levels, motivation to eat well, and prioritization of physical activity. We are here to help you find your new normal. We will maintain working full time to help you stay active, growing your mind and strengthening your body. We tested our virtual online portal for a week and have proven to be able to provide fun martial arts learning from a distance. Our hearts were filled everyday seeing families train together. We saw smiles, focus, high kicks, sweat, forms, powerful punches through our Live Training. Our members are responding positively with comments and by sharing their pics/vids in our group. Live training allows you to see our Instructors and other members' faces. This experience helps our community maintain some kind of normalcy.

❤️ Cathy posted, “ . . . I cannot express strongly enough how much it means to have a live class to “attend”. I know everyone is most excited to see the kids, but it helps us adults immeasurably too. Truly, thank you! “

❤️ Gabe posted, “Thank you so much for the class today, Masters! Hare Chase’s Level 3 and my Level 100 push-ups!”

❤️ McKay Family posted, “Thank you TopKick family for today's lesson! All 4 McKays had fun and seeing everyone and working out together definitely lifted our spirits. Stay well, everyone- sending lots of hugs and kicks!”

Here are all of the ways we are supporting YOU and your FAMILY!

🥋1. Weekly Live & On Demand Martial Arts Trainings - Join our Private Members Only Facebook Group to access our Trainings. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THIS FACEBOOK GROUP (see attached picture for LIVE Training Schedule)


💥access to past trainings on demand
💥instructor challenges
💥tips and hacks to improve your skills
💥stay engaged with your TopKick community

🥋2. Semi Private Personal Training Sessions - to check in with the Master Instructors and Instructors to make personal progress and work on some skills of the week.

🥋3. At Home Tracker - Track your practice and progress. We expect you to continue training. Also we will have opportunities to earn your tips if closure extends into tip testing weeks but you need to be training now. We are prepared to carry you through to your next higher ranking belt using this tracking system. We will issue you your tracker in a follow up email early this week. Stay tuned.

🥋4. Special Complimentary Workshops - when we get back on the mat, our team will have complementary special workshops to take you to the next level with belt progress skills but also specialty themes like (forms workshop, board breaking seminar, weapons seminar, dynamic kicking seminar, just to name a few)

🥋5. TopKick App - Don’t forget! We still have our App up and running with all the on demand videos at your fingertips. Check out the “How To” video section for all your current semester videos. (Studio code 7034743707)

Your Master instructors and Instructors not only want but we EXPECT you to train at home through our resources. With extra time we actually know you can make this your best semester yet! We are prepared to train you virtually so that you progress to your next higher ranking belt.

It is with the most grateful heart that we say THANK YOU!


ATTENTION PARENTS! Our TKfit Fitness Kickboxing & Strength Coaches have created a private Facebook Group where they are hosting LIVE and On Demand workout classes. We can help you stay active at home. Join here. 💪🏼🥊

TKfit Fitness - Train From Home Private Group

Masters meeting with our Leadership Academy members

Hello TopKick Community!

Join our “TopKick Members Trainjng Private Group” to access Free Live Streaming Classes Today! Links to access class inside this specific page.

Tigers 🐯 1:30 pm

All Belt Colors 6 and up - 2:15 pm



Members be on the lookout for this information from TopKick

Hello TopKick Community!

Join our “TopKick Members Training Private Group” to access Live Streaming Classes Today! Links to access Live classes exist only inside this specific page. (see link below)

Tigers 🐯 1:30 pm
All Belt Colors 6 and up - 2:15 pm



TopKick Martial Arts South Riding

Hello ToKick Families.

We are closed through the weekend. We miss all of you! Social distancing to flatten the curve for the health of our wonderful community!

3/19 MORE LIVE CLASSES - 1:30pm for Tigers and 2:15pm for ALL Belts! We will continue to reach out with updates as soon as we can! Grateful for your support. Wishing you all good health! Join this FREE Private group to access all LIVE Classe.

Download our Free TopKick App for all the latest announcements as well as our new Distance Learning Portal inside our "How To Videos" section. Use our "Follow Me" videos in the APP to learn/study all of your current semester forms from home! Studio code is 5712581010.

Download our Free App today!
Our studio code is 7033278030

Hello TopKick Community!

Join our “TopKick Members Trainjng Private Group” to access Free Live Streaming Classes Today! Links to access class inside this specific page.

Tigers 🐯 1:30 pm
All Belt Colors 6 and up - 2:15 pm



Our Team being relentless during this challenge that is presented to all of us. Connecting and sharing on how we can support our members even if its online for a little bit.

TopKick Martial Arts

Nice skills from Master Kenny and all the TopKick Instructors - Join our Online Learning Community

You're the Best!!! Who remembers the Karate Kid classic song 🎶 ? Our Team of Masters and Instructors think YOU our members are the best. We are grateful to serve you and we appreciate your loyalty during these challenging times. Our training at the physical locations has paused, yet we are working overtime to serve our members and support your training and progress online. Let's come out of this STRONGER - Join our page just for you to continue to train, learn, and progress together

Join our private Facebook Group for online training and learning opportunities 🥋🙏

Some of our Masters and Instructors worked together this weekend to create some online training resources you can access from home or anywhere. We know these are challenging times for everyone and whether it is in our dojang or from afar, TopKick and our Team will always be on purpose to impact our members, team, and community. Thank you for your support 🙏

Parker Now

This is awesome, training outside

When it's finally Friday (and the temperature is going to be in the high 60's in Colorado)...🤪🙏🏼🥋

TopKick Martial Arts

Masters and Instructors from all the locations working together to provide some extra training our members can learn from home 🥋

Join the fun at

TopKick Martial Arts Leesburg
TopKick Martial Arts Potomac Falls
TopKick Martial Arts Ashburn - Broadlands
TopKick Martial Arts South Riding

[03/13/20]   Dear TopKick Students and Families,

As the situation of the COVID-19 evolves, our decisions have evolved as well.

TopKick will be closed for all Martial Arts activities 3/13. If your child is in our Fun Camp today, we will maintain a 6:15pm closure. Of course, you are free to pick up any time.

Stay tuned as we will continually provide you updates.

To our dear TopKick / TKfit family members and friends,

At TopKick we are a business that recognizes there are many concerns regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), a respiratory illness first identified in December in Wuhan, China. We are monitoring the situation closely and remain prepared to address any effects it has on you, our members and staff.

We are maintaining daily operations, implementing measures to reinforce and enhance our value of being a clean and safe destination for all members which include team members and community alike. As a business owner, father, husband and active member in our community with members and team members alike, all concerns brought to our attention are a priority.

TopKick Martial Arts will remain a safe haven for all our friends and families to train and stay healthy both in mind and body. All classes such as Martial Arts and TKfit Kickboxing will be open for normal schedule as of now. Our After School Pick up Program standard rule and policy is when LCPS closes, we close. That being said to support our After School Parents and families we are assessing Team Availability, Daily updates from CDC and Parents feedback to evaluate day camp offerings. Management and TopKick Franchisees have this on the forefront and are working on navigating this situation in the best way for our members and the community and we will advise of updates on openings or closures as days move forward.

Please be assured the safety of our members is our greatest concern and priority. We will consistently monitor the right information from the CDC and local authorities to do what is best for our community as it is presented to us with new changes being brought to our attention. We will take the side of preventive caution by leveling up on our janitorial services, and additionally our lead team members will have dedicated time throughout each day to be cleaning ALL the surfaces and wiping down entrances and door knobs. Our team will ask that everyone who comes in and out of our facility sanitize (at our dispensers) or wash their hands. Again, providing a clean and safe environment is not new to us, yet it will be taken to an extreme level and we proudly own that responsibility.

I have asked all Instructors and Coaches to use their art and limit contact drills at this time. That includes high-fives, fist bumps, partner drills, IPad/Kiosk checking in, etc.… That being said our Instructors are super excited to continue teaching fun classes with high energy, where you will learn something new each and every class and of course get the benefit of great exercise.

Per CDC recommendations, I ask anyone who is even remotely sick to please stay home and not come to class, thus, any classes missed due to sickness are acknowledged and get to make up.

As an extra precaution and per CDC recommendations, we would encourage our elderly to be extra careful and not attend our facility for the time being for their own well-being. The safety of our extended family; our guests and team have always been the highest importance to us. Our team will continue to closely monitor this situation through both local and national health organizations as our hearts go out to everyone currently affected by coronavirus.

TopKick strives each and every day to live with Purpose, and that Purpose is to always “empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery, as we make the world a better place every day.”

My team and I are beyond grateful for the supportive community we have here at TopKick. Your support is what drives our passion for you.

With gratitude always,

John Cassidy
[email protected]
TopKick Martial Arts

Contact us with any questions or concerns at:
Leesburg 57258-1010 or email at [email protected]

CDC info for those who may be sick -
CDC info for those at high risk -

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