Modern Samurai Project, LLC

Modern Samurai Project, LLC


Practiced some of Modern Samurai Project, LLC black belt standards yesterday using a crappy iPhone app shot timer and most shots didn’t pick up. I got the 5 shots at three yards consistently. Timer wouldn’t work on the 7 yard 1 sec A zone. Cool to see zone hits in the snow
👏So proud of the progress our students made at Home Defense 101 yesterday!

This is the final drill of the day, we also made them do from a cold start at the beginning of the lesson.

A cold start is a more realistic assessment of how they would perform under stress and panic, with no preparation and timed pressure of everyone watching them.

Then, we worked through the issues we saw: not indexing mags, poor grip, forgetting to disengage safeties, and for many, it was the 1st time shooting fast, since rapid fire isn't allowed at most public ranges.

For students who started with us from Pistol 101, this was either their 2nd or 3rd lesson, after Pistol 102 to buy their 1st gun.

For folks who came to us with fear of recoil, I was so proud to see them by the end of Home Defense 101, confidently putting shots fast on 8.5x11 paper at 5yds!

The biggest illuminating thing they learned was the difference between marksmanship vs defensive accuracy, and that in a life and death situation, they can absolutely shoot faster, without looking at their sights, with the proper grip to mitigate recoil and keep shots within that paper (ie. center mass).

Most students shaved off half their time or more, with less misses than when they started.

Thanks to instructor Roberta Tarnove for leading a great class and instructor Gio Cardenas for helping us run the class smoothly.

Wishing Robbie great training as she heads to Oregon to train with Modern Samurai Project, LLC and I'll be training with Tap Rack Bang Training March 17 at their monthly advanced CCW.

These skills are perishable, folks, so keep training! We'll see ya at our LAPS Spring Community Range Day Sat March 26 and our next monthly MARCH Pistol 101 Weekend is Sun March 27. We offer Home Defense 101 only 3 times a year or more if enough ppl join the wait list...hit the linktree for info:

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Excellent RDS Instructor training last week with @modern_samurai_project Scott covered all bases in and out / up and down. We highly recommend training with him if you want to up your game and become more efficient in the way you train, teach and perform whether your LE, Mil or civilian. Will definitely be training with him again 👍🏽👊🏽. If you don’t find the time to train with @modern_samurai_project then you are missing out. If you want to be one of the best you have to train the best. There is always something to learn, there is always something to adjust, there is always a different way of doing some things. Never stop learning and always be a student… DONE!!

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I’ve taken the Modern Samurai Project, LLC class twice now and I just registered for his August class.

I personally believe that all law enforcement and defensive shooters should be making the transition to target-focused shooting instead of front-sight focused shooting for a number of reasons but predominantly for target identification as well as foreground and background awareness. If you are making the transition to the red dot 🔴 Scott is the guy to help you with it. Check them out! You won’t regret it.
THANK YOU so much for sponsoring The Mingle again this year! It means so much and it is deeply appreciated!
Hands down one of the best classes I’ve attended. Excellent teach and tons of knowledge. Highly recommend taking a class with him. A+
Always a student with the Ops-Core AMP. #Repost from IG: @savior_gst Getting my Learn on Modern Samurai Project, LLC
Even though drawing a gun is drawing a gun, there are small parts of a technique that can be fine-tuned to specific modes of carry, such as appendix carry.

#fi****ms #guns #concealedcarry #ccw #alwayscarry #selfdefense #appendixcarry #aiwb Modern Samurai Project, LLC Keepers Concealment Citizens Defense Research
To get better. You've got to put the work in .. great weekend with alot of great people.
Modern Samurai Project, LLC
Had a great weekend and hopefully can pass on some of this knowledge to others!

Thanks again Aj and Scott, can't wait for round #3 in May!
Modern Samurai Project, LLC
Last minute shoppers…

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On Target Guns and Gunsmithing
Centurion Modern Law Enforcement Subject Control
Lightning Kicks Martial Arts Academy
The Academy of Martial Arts
Modern Samurai Project, LLC

Southwest Michigan’s home for the martial arts since 2001 || #lightningKICKS || • #BJJ #bjjlifestyle #bjjlife #kalamazoo #kalamazoobjj #portage #portagebjj #jiujitsu #kalamazoojiujitsu #mma #mmafighter #mmatraining #martialarts #womensselfdefense #mmalifestyle #kalamazooMMA #taekwondo #selfdefense • #Centurion #Police #DefensiveTactics #LawEnforcement #subjectcontrol #thinblueline #policetraining #policetrainer #policetrainingschool

Nationally-recognized instructor and martial artist offering a variety of courses in self-defense training. Scott Jedlinski is a lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ).

He has received hundreds of hours of training from people considered to be the best in the industry ranging from tactical/self-defense to competition. Scott is a Master class shooter in USPSA and is the 16th recipient of the F.A.S.T Drill (#15) coin along with being a three stripe Purple Belt under Tony Passos.

​Scott's classes and thoughts have been shared in Media and publications like Primary

Operating as usual


MSP welcomes the 2-Day RDS Instructor Course (LEO Only) Graduates from Gulfport, MS! 🔴

Team Jedi is much obliged to:

* Your wonderful host, Jay Merritt, who invited Jedi to Gulfport for the first time last year, and brought him back for TWO courses this year.

* Everyone at the Pass Christian Police Department Range for the use of their fine facility and their hospitality.

* MSP Endorsed Instructor, trainer extraordinaire and expert gunsmith A.J. Zito of Practical Performance as your outstanding Staff Instructor.

* All of you dedicated officers who perform an incredibly difficult job, day in and day out, and still make time to train to continue advancing your skills.

Jedi will be returning to Gulfport in October, again with host Jay Merritt, for an Open Enrollment 2-Day RDS Performance Course!


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Junior burned it down in El Paso!!

@willjchoi “Dude, I might be your dad.” -Scott Jedlinski 2022

3 Day Performance Class with @modern_samurai_project & @practical_performance_org was unbelievable. These two have ventured deep into their craft and still work to sharpen dudes like us. And they do it fo real. Thank you guys, till next time🤙🏼


One more from the Lone Star State as MSP welcomes the 1-Day AIWB + 2-Day RDS Course Graduates from El Paso, TX! 🔴

Team Jedi extends our appreciation to:

* Host John Ramos for inviting Jedi to El Paso for the very first time, making this MSP’s fourth consecutive course in the Great State of Texas.

* Everyone at Fort Bliss Rod & Gun Club for the use of their excellent facility, convenient dining services, and warm hospitality.

* MSP Endorsed Instructor, trainer extraordinaire and expert gunsmith A.J. Zito of Practical Performance as your outstanding Staff Instructor.

* Each and every one of you dedicated students who put in hard work over three action-packed days (including snow on TD1) for demonstrated results!

A Perfect 5 03/13/2022

A Perfect 5

Tier 1 Concealed is home to Jedi’s MSP Pro Series Holster! 🔴

A Perfect 5 See for yourself.


"Hands down the best firearms class and instruction I've had. Learning from Jedi was priceless. AJ and Brandon were both awesome and gave valuable individual attention. Will definitely want to repeat again to see how far I've come." —John Dolino / AIWB & 2-Day RDS / Waxahachie, TX


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FTA - Firearms Trainers Insurance: MSP10 for 10% off! Firearms Instructor Liability Insurance

MSP Targets: 125 targets for $52.50 w/ free shipping!

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With so many courses sold out, here are JUST THE 🔴 CLASSES WITH SPOTS AVAILABLE! ⬇️

May 24-25 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO Only (Open to All LEOs) / The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Firing Range / Plain Dealing, LA

May 26-27 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO/MIL Only / Durham Police Department Firing Range / Bahama, NC / *This course will be taught by MSP Endorsed Instructor John Sherbert*

June 6-10 / OTOA Conference (Ohio Tactical Officers Association) / Kalahari Resorts / Sandusky, OH

June 21-22 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / TTPOA / Rockwall, TX (Dallas Area) / Register via TTPOA Website

July 9-10 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / Rochester, NY Area / *This course will be taught by MSP Staff Instructor Russ Lyons*

JUST 3 SPOTS LEFT! / July 23-24 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / Gunnison, CO (Note: Venue has moved to Elizabeth, CO)

JUST 4 SPOTS LEFT! / July 26-27 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO/MIL Only (Open to All LEOs/MIL Active & Retired) / Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility / Oklahoma City, OK

August 2-3 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / Midwest Shooting Center / Cridersville, OH

JUST 1 SPOT LEFT! / August 6-7 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / Apache Solutions / Yadkinville, NC

JUST 5 SPOTS LEFT! / August 20-21 / 2-Day RDS Pistol (Open Enrollment) / Lebanon City Police Range / Lebanon, IN

August 23-24 / 2-Day RDS Instructor (Open Enrollment) / Xenia Police Department Range / Xenia, OH

September 10-11 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / Fortitude Consulting / Franklinville, NC

September 13-14 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO Only (Open to All LEOs) / Tuscaloosa Police Department / Tuscaloosa, AL

JUST 5 SPOTS LEFT! / September 17-18 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / FireRidge Defense / Mount Gilead, OH

October 4-5 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / TTPOA / Rockwall, TX (Dallas Area) / Register via TTPOA Website

October 7-9 / 1-Day AIWB + 2-Day RDS Pistol / AGC / Little Rock, AR

October 11-12 / 2-Day RDS / Gulfport, MS

October 15-16 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / IMPACT Shooting Center / Cleves, OH

October 25-26 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / Midwest Shooting Center / Fort Wayne, IN

October 29-30 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / Gryphon Group / Maxton, NC

November 2-3 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / LEO Only / Western Training Division / Banning, CA

JUST 5 SPOTS LEFT! / November 5-6 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / Raven Wing Limited / Lake View Terrace, CA

November 12-13 / SPECIAL JOINT CLASS! MSP 1-Day Red Dot Pistol + Presscheck 1-Day No-Fail Pistol / Fortitude Consulting / Franklinville, NC

November 15-16 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO Only / Brentwood Police Department / Brentwood, TN

November 30-December 1 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO Only / Keasbey, NJ

December 3-4 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / Reality Defense, Inc. / Pleasanton, TX

December 10-11 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / Royal Range USA / Nashville, TN

December 14-15 / 2-Day RDS Instructor / LEO Only (Sworn Officers Only) / Southlake Police Department / Southlake, TX

December 17-18 / 2-Day RDS Pistol / BTO (Big Tex Ordnance) Range & Training Center / Conroe, TX

Photo Credit: Jimmy Rodriguez @jimsgoonlife

Register for all classes via Shopify:

For any questions about training with Jedi, please contact: [email protected]


I’ll trust you with my life before I trust you with my POI. I trust @practical_performance_org with both.
Photo Credit: @jimsgoonlife


Viral for me anyway. Lol.


MSP welcomes the 2-Day RDS Instructor Course Graduates from Pleasanton, TX! 🔴

Team Jedi extends a HUGE Texas-style thank you to:

* Hosts Jesse Noriega and Spenc Jones at Reality Defense, Inc., who have invited Jedi to teach several times annually for many years now.

* Everyone at Reality Defense, Inc. for the use of their awesome range and always taking great care of MSP.

* MSP Endorsed Instructor, trainer extraordinaire and expert gunsmith A.J. Zito of Practical Performance as your outstanding Staff Instructor.

* MSP Endorsed Instructors, Green Ops Instructors, and Veterans Hunter Freeland and Matt McGuire, also as Staff Instructors.

* All of you wonderful students (many of you being returning students) for working incredibly hard out there and helping one another get better!

Our Story

Welcome to my self-defense training page!

I will share my views on all things self-defense here. It will include info on martial arts, fi****ms, less than lethal weapons, product reviews, and training after action reports.

Although we may never be as accomplished as a Samurai, we will grow stronger as projects on the journey.

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