Yoga with Gretchen

Yoga with Gretchen


Catch me at Wildroot Tuesday at 6pm for some deep Yin.
Wednesday at Arrive Coworking Event Space at 8am for Flow & 5:30 pm at Wild Root for Flow.
Now is the time to start incorporating healthy movement into your wellness and self care. DM me for prices and plans.
Here's to your health in 2022!
This is a wonderful article by the Yin Master, Bernie Clark.

Come explore Yin & Yang Yoga practice with me. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise,

Operating as usual


Pm me for details! There is still room in this class for Sunday! 🧘‍♀️


Self care for yoga teachers 101. Everyone should have someone leading and guiding them through their health journey. Your health journey should be a regularity.
I have my coach who actively guides me through self reflection, physicality and attitude adjustment.



Great yoga class this morning at Healthy Start Family Chiropractic and Wellness, Yoga & Fitness . I just love the way the sun filters through the studio windows in the morning.

It was a little tough to leave this guy! But, I don't think he missed me. 🤣🧘‍♀️

Healthy Start Yoga & Fitness - Pop Up Flow Class on Sunday, January 1 12/31/2022

Healthy Start Yoga & Fitness - Pop Up Flow Class on Sunday, January 1

Join me Sunday for a pop up yoga class at 9am. With a recent opening in my schedule, I thought why not spend it doing what I love.
This class will be a Yin & Yang class finished with a thoughtful guided meditation.
You can't beat the deal going on for unlimited monthly memberships. Click below to register and find out more!

Healthy Start Yoga & Fitness - Pop Up Flow Class on Sunday, January 1 We will do a little Yin and Yang class to bring in the new year. Expect positive energy flow and deep juicy Yin poses finished by a new year intention manifesting guided meditation. Class may go as long as 75 minutes.

Timeline photos 12/16/2022

Now, THIS is a yoga studio!

My first yoga class was at Esalen Institute. I will forever be drawn back to this place. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, the ocean mist on my face and in my hair. But, mostly for the people there.

Stay tuned for big announcements in 2023. We will be planning some really great events inspired by the times I spent at Esalen.

This space, known at Esalen as Huxley, and named after writer and philosopher, Aldous Huxley was designed with attention to the positioning of the moon during solstice.

There are a number of cool architectural features that celestially honor the majesty of Big Sur and lunar events within this exact, unique location on earth. Portions of the old Huxley meeting room were used, including repurposed wood from ancient redwoods. The porthole windows are perfectly aligned with Equinox and Solstice sunsets.

Winter Solstice is a time for reflection, when we can go deeper into our own darkness and touch the quietest place within the soul. It is an opportunity for rebirth.

Our upcoming workshop, “SHINE: A Creative Journey from Darkness Into Light Through Yoga, Sound, and Chakra Activation” with Cristi Christensen and Daphne Tse will take place in Huxley, December 19–23, 2022.

Visit the following link to sign up:


Understanding your anatomy is key to a successful yoga journey.
When you go to a class you should never compare yourself to anyone else. If you cannot do a pose, there may be a legitimate physical limitation.
Listen to your body. Select a variation that you feel comfortable in. Patience and grace with your progress will build a solid foundation and a long beautiful relationship with yoga. 🙌🙏🧘‍♀️☯️


Sitting at a computer all day? Then my next YIN Yoga class is for you. Keeping the range of motion in your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands is critical as we age.
Come and explore movements that release and lengthen the connective tissue in these areas.
Each class begins with a lovely grounding meditation, followed by our core sequence of postures, and ends with a relaxing guided meditation.

Register here:


Excited to be teaching at Healthy Start Family Chiropractic and Wellness, Yoga & Fitness

Catch me 2 days a week teaching the Yin & Yang of yoga practices. Find all of the excellent class offerings at

Offering everything from TRX to Meditation, this studio is the best well rounded health and wellness studio in Lincoln!


This is great deal!

In this new year, maybe yoga is on your list to try out. At Wild Root Yoga, we believe yoga is for every BODY, and would love to show you the basics. With this great deal, you can try different styles and teachers, to see if there’s a right fit for you. Visit our website to sign up today!


Come to Yoga Wednesday morning 8am for Power Flow. We will be starting with a beautiful centering and grounding work and then launching right into a moderately challenging flow. We will then ease back down with a mini guided meditation.
$5 members & $10 non-members


Catch me this week!
Yin Yoga at Wild Root Yoga tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6pm. 75 minute class begins with grounding, a full body Yin sequence and ending with a lovely guided meditation for total relaxation. Catch their October pass specials. It's the best investment you can make for yourself.

Power Yoga Wednesday morning, 8am. 55min class at Arrive Coworking $10 non members. Focus is on core, strength and balance this week. Be ready to hold those Asanas and feel the power!

Wednesday Night Full Moon Yin Yoga, 7pm @ Stransky Park (17th & Perkins) Yes. this is outdoors so dress accordingly. We will be doing a grounding and intention setting, followed by a full moon Yin sequence, and ending with a lovely guided meditation. This is a 75 minute class. $10 venmo


Join me this week!
Wildroot Monday at 6:30am for Power Flow, Tuesday night again at Wildroot for 75 minute YIN yoga. Wednesday morning catch me at Arrive Coworking for Beginner Flow. Arrive Coworking Drop in for Arrive is only $10!
Stay tuned for some fun news regarding a Spring Equinox wellness trip that I will be leading in 2022 along with the event date for next year's Awake Wholistic Festival.
So many positive things happening! Spreading love and high vibes to you all on this fine fall evening.


So, if you got used to editing yourself a while ago and editing your consciousness out of the conversation, because you thought it wasn't welcome, I highly recommend you ask yourself, "Is that true right now? And is that true with this person I'm with?" Because things have changed and more people will want you to show up more as who you are than ever before. Because the thing about us showing up as who we are, it doesn't really matter what our beliefs might be, if they're different to someone else. What people respond to is authenticity and honesty. And people - we feel that. No matter how programmed our minds are, we really go on feeling with each other and we go on how the energy feels. And we go on what we sense.


Flow with me this Sunday at 2pm! Wild Root is running a new student special. 3 classes for $20.

Balance (noun): a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.
Practice balance with us this weekend - balance of body, mind, and spirit.


oin me for yoga this week! I have a full schedule and would love for you to feel the strength and grounding that yoga provides.
Tuesday Yin Yoga: Tuesday night Wild Root Yoga at 6pm: Intermediate class will focus on lower body This class is offered via ZOOm and In person. Spots in studio are limited. email Brianna for details [email protected]
Wednesday Power Flow Yoga: Wednesday night at Wild Root Yoga at 6pm: Intermediate class based on the Baptiste style of power. Great energizing class with a fun group of yogis. This class is offered via ZOOm and In person. Spots in studio are limited. email Brianna for details [email protected]
Saturday Yin Yoga: Morning Rise & Shine with YIN Mór - Wholistic Center 9:30 am 75 minute for all levels will focus on awakening the body through stretch and strength. This class is offered via ZOOm and In person. Spots in studio are limited. Message D. Williams for details on reserving your space or the Oran Mor page for link to registration and to check out all of their AMAZING classes.
Saturday (March 20th) 1:30-3:30pm CST: Spring Equinox: 108 Sun Salutations. WOO HOO! Plan for a warm up, 108 salutations, and a nice cool down with meditation. 6 spots remain in the studio - please email me if you plan to attend in person. Zoom option also available. Regular class rates apply contact Brianna to join as a drop in or to start your journey with Wild Root and all the wonderful yoga classes they offer.
Love and Light to you all on this wet but wonderful day! 🙌💫☯


Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Join me tonight at Wild Root Yoga for Yin Yoga at 6pm! We will be doing a Triple Burner tonight. Check out their page for their great 3 class special going on right now!

Then join me again tomorrow for Power Yoga at 6pm at Wild Root. This practice will focus on core strengthening, balance and ending with extended stretches. Super fun full body practice.

Saturday, I will be teaching a FREE Yin Yoga Class via Zoom with Òran Mór - Wholistic Center located at St. Paul Methodist Church and their "Festival of Free" No in-person with this one. But it's a 45 minute basic full body Yin sequence.

Check out all of their offerings during Festival of Free Here:

Saint Paul United Methodist Church


The last 4 months as a certified yoga teacher have been more satisfying and rewarding than I ever could have envisioned. Working with my students through both my private classes and classes through Wild Root Yoga have been amazing. Getting to know them, and giving them the best yoga practice possible with each class has meant so much to me.
Yes, I have a professional day job, and yoga is a side project for me. But, when I look at how much positive energy this practice brings to my entire world, I know that I can never let it go. It is now truly a lifetime commitment.
I have decided to add one more Yin yoga class each week to my schedule. I will post details to the page soon. This will be Zoom only class beginning in March through Oran Mor Wholistic Center.
I encourage anyone interested in bringing peace and balance to their life, to hop on a zoom class with me, or better yet, come to Wild Root in person if you are local to Lincoln and find your Yoga family.
Sending you all high vibes for a fantastic Friday!


Amy Williams: Festival of Free

So excited to be teaching a Yin class to celebrate Oran Mor's 1 year anniversary. Check out the other classes that they are offering during their "Festival of Free"! Join me and other talented instructors Register at

FREE- Intro to Yin Yoga- 45 Min event - Saint Paul United Methodist Church 02/02/2021

FREE- Intro to Yin Yoga- 45 Min event - Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Catch me for a FREE 45 minute Yin Yoga Class Òran Mór - Wholistic Center 's "Festival of Free" on Saturday February 20 at 9:30am. Registration through the below link!

FREE- Intro to Yin Yoga- 45 Min event - Saint Paul United Methodist Church Have you wondered about Yogaai Chi but have never tried it? Would you love a "free sample?" Now is your chance with the "Festival of Free" series of taster events. Try a bit of Yoga with our online instructor. Participants will hear a brief introductions to Yin Yoga and then start with some gentle w...


Catch me at Wild Root Yoga this week Tuesday & Wednesday at 6pm CST!

Tuesday= 75 minute Yin flow for the Spine using Bernie Clark's "6 Degrees of Freedom" flexion, extension, lateral flexion and twists. Suitable for all levels. You will need a blanket, 1-2 yoga blocks, and a couch cushion.

Wednesday= 60minute Power Flow. We warm up and go through a powerful sequence focusing on core, legs and shoulders, then lengthen with Yin and turn inward with guided meditation. This class is an intermediate class! You may need blocks, a yoga strap, blanket and bolster/couch cushions.
These classes will be both live or zoom. So, join me from anywhere in the country!
Get your passes at


Don't let this be you! Free Yin Yang livestream tomorrow @ 7pm CST!


Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork.....Join me this week either online or at Wild Root Yoga.


Join me at Wild Root Yoga next week on Tuesday for deep dive YIN at 6pm and on Wednesday for Power Flow to get your blood pumping. Both are either in person or via ZOOM.
Check out some of the other great classes. For only $20 you can check out 3 classes. Give yourself this small gift of self care! Yoga is perfect to balance yourself during the chaos of the holidays!
Check out their page to purchase!


Just started Bernie Clark's "Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" this morning. Nothing better than starting off my day learning and being energized for my practice. 🙏🧘‍♀️☯️🙌


🙏 Reminding myself.....


60 Minute Full Body Yin

This challenging sequence will will take you to a meditative state while lengthening and stretching connective tissue and fascia in various areas of your body.
As with all new physical activity, please check with your doctor before starting any yoga program.


A little yoga....a little camping.... a good book...and some amazing incense. Life is a beautiful ride.




Surya Namaskar B w/ Yin stomach & spleen short sequence

Shaking out all the bad vibes from the last few days through a quick yin and yang practice. Channeling love, light and high vibes back into the world for global peace.


New Recorded Restorative Series Coming This Week!

A new 3 part series is coming your way. We will be exploring the world of Restorative Yoga for 3 key areas of the body: Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, and Hips.
This series is dedicated to my friend Teal.
This introductory video covers the equipment that you will need for all three classes. Please consult your physician before starting ANY new physical activity. This series does not claim to cure any ailment, malady, or injury. :)


Sunday Vibes on 11-1


60 Minute Plus Yin Yang Glutes Shoulder

As runners and endurance athletes, your glutes are a critical part of your performance. This sequence is designed to strengthen your glutes, your shoulders and some core work. We will finish with some deep Yin stretches and a guided meditation.


There is no tomorrow. There is no more yesterday. When we constantly keep our thoughts in the future or on past experiences we miss the beauty of the present moment.
The sights. The sounds. The feel of the air on our skin. The smell. The life all around us serenading us in a perfect symphony of life.
Stop. Breathe. Listen. Can you hear it? Enjoy the now..... 🧘‍♀️☯️🍁🍂


As the seasons change, it's still so important to get outside! Put on that extra layer and get your body moving.
Surya Namaskara B extends the flow of first sun salutation A. Here we continue the Ashtanga Yoga practice with five repetitions, each consisting of 19 movements. The sequence can be used in preparation for other postures heating up and stretching the body, bringing the connection between movement and breath.

Why All Runners Should Consider Adding Yoga to Their Routines 10/20/2020

Why All Runners Should Consider Adding Yoga to Their Routines

This Sunday night's free class will focus on Glutes!
No Butts about it.... Runners need to strengthen their glutes to increase performance.

Why All Runners Should Consider Adding Yoga to Their Routines From mobility to mindfulness, here's how a regular practice can help.


60 Minute Hip Opener

60 Minute Runners Series- Hip Openers and some deep stretches and holds to rejuvenate tired legs.


Sorry guys! Tonight's 60 Minute sequence for endurance athletes and runners will be posted tomorrow. I had some sound issues and didn't catch it until 20 minutes into our video. :( Ahhhh..... Check back tomorrow and I will make sure it is in our video library on both Facebook and Insta!

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60 Minute Full Body Heart, Lungs and Intestines
60 Minute Full Body Yin
Surya Namaskar B w/ Yin stomach & spleen short sequence
New Recorded Restorative Series Coming This Week!
60 Minute Plus Yin Yang Glutes Shoulder
60 Minute Hip Opener
45 Minute Stomach & Spleen Yin Sequence
75 Minute Yin Yoga




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