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Freedom Fitness, LLC offering all your fitness needs! We are a fully equipped gym! Main mission Membership Prices:

Monthly Full Access Membership, Classes included

Daily Gym Pass

Drop in class pass

Meal prepping services-contact for details!

Contact us directly for Personal Training options!

Operating as usual


Happy Tuesday everyone, just a basic list of reminders to start off your day. 👏🏻


There will be no pm class this evening! Take advantage of the holiday folks and enjoy your loved ones! Will see you all tomorrow ❤️


This weeks class lineup!

Freedom Fitness | Lincoln, ME 08/29/2022

Freedom Fitness | Lincoln, ME

Find prices, forms and class schedule at ( classes updated every Sunday evening! )

Freedom Fitness | Lincoln, ME Lincoln Maine's best gym and state of the art fitness center. We are proud of the wide range of equipment and services available. Also check out our page for more photos! This is a family friendly environment. Bring the kids with you if necessary, all are welcome at Freedom Fitness!


Please be aware that a portion of your he parking lot is blocked off today as the awesome Pk is putting in new window and finishing. There is parking out behind that can be utilized! Thank you for your understanding and patience!


Just a friendly reminder folks, day passes are $10. If you are a member and bring someone with it is still a $10 charge for them! Thank you

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Uhm excuse me while I give these ladies a shout out!

On freaking point. Way to work it tonight! 💋🐼


time for evening class with Suzanne will be 5:15pm tomorrow!


Votes in! Class will be at 5:15 tonight! See you all at step!


Does everyone want an earlier class again tonight…5:15 again? Let me know asap!


There’s a black Buick license plate 8779ZA that has been parked in front of doors, if member please let me know what’s happening, if not Could you please contact me ASAP. Thank you


Change in class schedule! Tonight’s class will have a 5:15 start time! Thanks!


Just a heads up folks…treadmills are out of commission tonight. So please plan your workout accordingly as they are not going to work tonight! Thanks


Please pay attention to the weekday listed AND the date when checking our schedule. You’ll notice it’s for two weeks - subject to change if things come up. We will update our page with any changes.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


Good morning 💪🏻 Just a group of kick ass ladies this morning sweating to some smash songs!

Smash is hard man, especially when you haven’t done it for months, at least not with any consistency! 😅

Have a FANTASTIC day freedom freaks! ❤️


Happy one year being part of our instructor team Bobbie Lynn Whittier! We are lucky to have you! 💪🏻


Class lineup for the week

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Last call for shoes and shirts!! They’re out the door tomorrow whether in your hands or mine!


Anyone wanna play and do a 5pm step
Class tonight with Kim?!


Alright folks…clean up time! There are an over abundant amount of sweatshirts piled up here and sneakers! Please pick them up before Friday! Thank you


This weeks schedule!


Good evening everyone!

There will be no PM classes
July 4th - July 7th

Remember with this brief vacation from classes the gym is still fully equipped for your fitness needs. All the machines are available for use 24/7 so you can still get in a great workout.

Throughout the summer we will be pulling back one class from our lineup during the week. Starting immediately, we will resume through the summer with PM classes Monday through Wednesday only.

Thank you for being patient and supportive through this small change, we will revisit adding the additional class back in the Fall.

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Hey there folks! Just a quick gym etiquette reminder…RACK YOUR WEIGHTS WHEN YOURE DONE! Every day this week I’ve stripped plates off everything and racked…you can put them on yourself, you can also strip them and rack them yourself! Be courteous of others! Thank you, hope you all have a great weekend!


Way to show up tonight for step folks! Full house, laughs, sweat…ALL THE SWEAT, new faces, new songs…THAT right there is what it’s all about!! Thank you all for coming out to play, putting in the work, and making my job awesome!! 🇺🇸❤️


This weeks class line up, Friday am is with Bobbie, we will be doing a walk so dress accordingly and bring shoes that can go outside!



We have a new payment process IN our location if you’d like to come in and make a payment for your membership, clothing, a gift card, etc. If you’re on autopay or use Venmo, it will be business as usual.

The banking will show: Freedom Fitness LLC

As far as invoicing goes, we will no longer use the program we had to notify you of your membership being due. Please bare with us as we transition into a new system and figure out what works best for us as well as our members.

For those of you needing an invoice for reimbursement purpose for your employer, I am able to send invoices for proof of membership upon request. I’ll need email and the request each month you ask for this information.

Thank you,

Freedom Team!


Folks please be sure to check emails. We have a number of expired cards on file preventing auto from going through and lots of declined payments. Thank you for your attention!


There will be no class Thursday (the 16th) at 6pm!


This weeks class line-up!


Tomorrow morning's class will still be upper body but it will be taught by Britny - and no I won't trick you with my burpee emom!

See you in the AM


There will be NO pm class this evening! Thank you all but we will see you tomorrow am and pm! Have a great night!


Show of hands who’s attending class tonight?!


We are using this weekend to create a better space for all of you. Moving equipment and in the process it’s becoming more of a mess than anticipated!

Please use caution and make sure the equipment is in a safe spot to utilize.

Thank you for your patience - it’ll be back to normal in no time and well worth the wait 😀


We’ve heard some chatter, please take some time to reply to this pole!

We want to know what works best for our members/ future members and if we can make it work with the instructors we will change it up!


Photos from Freedom Fitness, LLC's post 05/25/2022

Guys way to burn biceps triceps and back tonight! Quicktone was all beast mode! You all killed it! Super proud!


Our Muddy Mainer link to sign up is up and active on their webpage folks! Let’s have some more fun!


Hey everyone!

We will try a popup again in the future, it doesn’t look like we planned ahead enough to get the 5 count minimum. It may be better to plan these ahead and give a few days for people to respond and plan.

We know it’s not the “norm” for us to charge for pop up classes but please understand these are EXTRA classes. Not to mention the time the instructors are giving on the weekend in addition to weekly classes. This is also a way to generate revenue for the business itself without increasing other overall costs, at least for now.

This is really no different than you paying for a Zumba class at region, or us paying for an instructor to come from Bangor to have a kickboxing class and paying a fee for that class.

We appreciate you all supporting this small business and hope you understand the reason behind the pop up class small $10 fee.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday May 21st !

The charge will be $10/person

5+ person commitment for the class to POPUP

If you’re in, comment below and we will confirm the class and collect payment prior to the class session.


Currently taking on new personal training clients. I have am and pm availability. Contact me and let’s get you scheduled to start hitting goals!


There will be no class tonight! Please share


Update for Th PM
CARDIO w/ Jess!
Will try to update the site soon!


To all of our mothers and all of our incredible instructors! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️


Wanted to tell you asap, tonight’s class has changed. It will be CARDIO BLAST with Kim!


This weeks lineup!

It’s ok to fall off track, that’s life. Aim for consistency not perfection! 💪🏻


Saturday morning 1 hour step class and abs finisher after…who’s in?!


The rest of the week Bobbie will be teaching AM classes, the only thing that will change is the workout layout. She will be sticking with upper body Wednesday and ABs on Friday.

Have an awesome week!


HELP…Calling all of you to help come up with a Freedom Fitness slogan? Post your ideas please!


The positivity being exchanged between instructors and members, instructors and instructors, members and members that I am seeing has my heart full and a smile on my face! Freedom Fitness…that’s a frigging VIBE!!! you all rock


Join me for a sweaty Saturday!-Jess

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