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Please check out our event Tri Fit games a team Crossfit triathlon!

3 person team, must include 1 female, can have all girls team

Each athlete completes 1 portion of the triathlon swim, bike or run

After each leg of the triathlon all 3 team members perform a Wod together as a team

Triathlon distances: 500 yard lake swim, 8-10 mile bike on paved road mt bikes only, 5k run

Scaled division: triathlon distances remain the same , workouts are scaled

Movement standards will be released soon, to see past workouts visit our website trifitgames.com

Over 5,000 in cash and prizes for podium winners

Silent auction for the Special Olympics

Date is 8/13/17, Location Holmes Lake Park Lincoln, Ne

DJ, golden tickets and the opportunity to compete in a competition that is like nothing you have ever done!

Please let me know if anybody finds a male wedding band. 402-310-7696
When is your next 6 week challenge? What is the cost?
Even though I'm gone I still do things to remind myself of the misery 😅
Fist bump to Eastside Fitness for having tailored jump ropes! That was the fastest I was able to dial in for double unders ever!! 👊🏽
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know about our wonderful product being sold in a location near you. ZEN is a 100% all natural pain relief balm. Would love for you to try us out.

Here is a link to our page for more info on us, also the whereabouts of the retailer location.


4910 Old Cheney Road
Lincoln NE 68516
If any ladies at the gym are looking, let us know.
Today's workout was killer... AKA amazing!! First time I've ever seen this good of results from my workouts. Looking good and feeling better. Happy Wednesday everyone!
Anybody interested I'm doing the Big Red Challenge race in Lincoln on May 21st?
It was tough getting up early this morning to go to the gym today, but had a great work out, thanks Keenan!
When does kids class start back up?!

If you are looking for the coolest, radest, awesomest place around to get fit ... you came to the right place! All fitness levels welcome!!!

Functional Fitness for ALL fitness levels & all ages!

Operating as usual

Photos from Eastside Fitness's post 07/14/2018

It has been a difficult emotional few weeks, capped off by a great last Eastside Fitness workout today. I can’t express how grateful I am for all of the people that have affected my life over these past 3 years at Eastside. I told the workout crew this morning about a quote from my Dad that is a favorite of mine. “When you meet someone even if it’s only for 5 minutes, you become a different person forever because they bring something to the table that is unique and different from anyone else in the world.” It is for this reason that you glean something a little different from everyone you meet. I am thankful for the way Eastside Fitness has shaped me and changed me, and specifically for the people that have not only been so kind to me but to one another. I operate from a worldview where I believe everything happens for a reason, and even though I will be transitioning out of the world of gym ownership I believe God had these last 3 years planned for a purpose and a special reason. Thank you to all who played a part big and small. I wish Set the Bar Fitness the best moving forward as they continue to provide Fitness opportunities for the local community from here on out. -Keenan


Eastside Fitness Members, I just sent out an email to all members about an upcoming transition that Eastside will be undergoing. Please take a second to read. If you didn't get it, it might be in your spam folder. If you didn't receive it please shoot me a message and I'll send it to you.


Timeline photos 06/22/2018

Come hit this Partner Workout tomorrow morning with at 9:15am!!!

Photos from Eastside Fitness's post 06/20/2018

If anyone is interested in competing there is a Friday night lights Oly lifting competition coming up the night before the railyard riot. Just search in FB for more info. @ The Railyard Lincoln

Timeline photos 06/16/2018

Come workout with tomorrow at the 9:15 am class tomorrow!!!



Timeline photos 06/08/2018

Come hit this super fun Saturday workout tomorrow at 9:15 am with

Partners share:
60 - Squats 105/75
100m Med ball run - 1 partner runs 50m with the med ball. Both partners run 100m total.
60 - hang power clean 105/75
100m med ball run
60 ring rows
100m med ball run
60 knees to elbows
100m med ball run


#415 crew getting swolder than a boulder!

Timeline photos 06/02/2018

Good work today everyone!!!

Timeline photos 06/02/2018

Come join our Sat morning class tomorrow at 9:15am!!! Free for all! Invite a friend!



Timeline photos 05/27/2018

Don’t forget, our only class tomorrow will be at 9:30am! We’ll be doing the Murph challenge! Don’t let this workout scare you away, we will have scaled versions for all fitness levels! See you there!

Timeline photos 05/26/2018

Good job this morning everyone!!!

Timeline photos 05/26/2018

Partner Workout 9:15am tomorrow! Bring a friend! will be running the show! 🏋️‍♀️💪

Timeline photos 05/19/2018

Great job today Sat morning crew!

Timeline photos 05/19/2018

Each Partner completes each exercise rest while Partner works.

3 rounds
22 min time cap

1 down & back farmers carry heavy
10 bench press
8 single arm KB lunges
6 Dumbbell ground to overhead
4 Muscle ups or pull-ups
2 Dumbbell man makers
50 med ball sit-up passes between partners

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Just your average Monday afternoon at Eastside Fitness. Come start your 3 Free workouts today!

Photos from Eastside Fitness's post 05/13/2018

Between the Marathon, Graduation, & Major life events. Our members have accomplished so much over these past few weeks! Just have to take a second and recognize some of the amazing people that make up our community. I am probably missing some major accomplishments on this list but this is just a few that I know of. Thanks so much for making Eastside your fitness home and truly being amazing!! (PS sorry if you did something amazing and I left you off this list!)

Jeff B - ½ Marathon
Michelle B - Graduation
Zach B - Graduation
Shay B - ½ Marathon
Dan & Stephanie - Married! 🎊🎉🎊& Dan Graduated
Kelly H - Marathon PR & ½ Marathon
Noemi M - ½ Marathon
Andrea S - Graduation
Aaron S - Masters Degree
Sharla Y- 1st Full Marathon!

@ Lincoln, Nebraska

Photos from Eastside Fitness's post 05/12/2018

You still have an hour to stop by the .lettering pop up market and pick up an awesome creation by coach 🤚Stop by!!!

Timeline photos 05/12/2018

Come hit this fun partner Tabata workout tomorrow morning at 9:15am. Invite a friend!!

Tabata 1
KB Swings
Med ball Situps

Tabata 2
Box Jump Overs
Hand Release Pushups

Tabata 3
Plate Overhead Lunges
Ring Rows

Tabata 4
Dumbell Curls



Timeline photos 05/06/2018

Great workout today everyone!

Timeline photos 05/05/2018

Bring a friend or a superhero to this partner workout tomorrow morning at 9:15am. Coach will be running the show!

23 min amrap

200m run while partner holds plank & switch

Then 5 rounds
Partners alternate exercises
3 power cleans (155/105)
5 Dumbbell renegade rows (push-up, row left, row right)
7 Dumbbell ground to overhead

Then partner rows 200m while other partner jumps rope & switch

Then 5 more rounds
Partners alternate exercises (same as above)


7 rounds for time: 5 , 10 , 15


5:15 class getting swolder than a boulder!!

Timeline photos 04/28/2018

Great work out Saturday morning crew! get in the shot!! 😂

Timeline photos 04/28/2018

Partner Workout tomorrow 9:15am! Bring a friend!! 👍👍💪💪


5am crew getting this fitness Friday in


6am crew rocking to the 90s workout jams this morning!

Timeline photos 04/21/2018

Come get your workout on before you get your spring game on! 9:15am. Bring a friend!


Photos from Eastside Fitness's post 04/14/2018

Eastside Fitness Rockstars crushing it in Hastings today! @ Crossfit Ground Up


Great job everyone! Happy Saturday!


Come workout tomorrow morning! 9:15am bring a friend!
Partners split all reps

100 double unders
90 air squats
80 sit-ups
70 push-ups
60 Dumbbell deadlifts 35/20
50 Dumbbell clean & jerks 35/20
40 Toes to bar
30 pull-ups
20 Dumbbell front squats
10 hand stand push-ups

Every 3 mins. Stop where you’re at and 1 farmers carry down & back w/plates (both partners)

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General Manager

Keenan McCurdy



914 N. 70th
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