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Baby Boys And Girls Receive Different Nutrients In Breast Milk, Harvard University Study

Online Live Lectures: Experience a Paradigm Shift in how you View Breastfeeding:

Read the article on the Harvard University Study here:
How long has it been since your last chiropractic adjustment?
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Stepping way out my comfort zone and posting some videos for Healthy Start. FYI i said "finely" not "f #&*ng" I had to replay it several times and call a friend to make sure...
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Looking for a HEALTHY START? You're in the right place! That’s why we take great pride in being the best possible chiropractors for your entire family.

At Healthy Start Family Chiropractic, we believe that every member of your family deserves their chance to live a life they love at their best health! Everything we do, from our continuing education to the atmosphere in our office space, makes everyone from your tiny baby to your senior parent feel safe and special…because every BODY deserves exceptional care! Parents can be comforted to know that

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Ah yes, that all too familiar feeling of pain and pressure that comes with nasal congestion. 🤧 We all know it and remember it once allergy and virus season (aka fall and winter) comes knocking. It’s bad enough for adults, but worse yet for infants and toddlers who don’t understand why their head hurts and can’t get relief on their own. 😕

Most medications mask symptoms without addressing the underlying issues which will weaken your child’s immune system over time, making them more susceptible to future infections. 😟

Give us a call today and let us help you get address the root cause of congestion and get your child on a path of healing. ❤️


There are many factors that can trigger nasal congestion, 🤧 and many parents find themselves caught in a cycle of immune-related difficulties, trying everything they can to alleviate their child’s congestion. 😖

Our goal is to provide parents like you with the information and natural remedies needed to overcome this nasal congestion hurdle and offer lasting relief for your child! 😮‍💨

We aim to help parents better understand the causes of nasal congestion and guide them toward the right care options. We will talk more about working to find the root cause of allergies & congestion & how our doctors can help you and your family with a medication-free solution for nasal congestion. 🤗

Suffering with the sniffles? Give us a call today & get on the road to better health today!


Hey guys guess what….its Friday!


We are almost a month into the school year, are you thriving or just surviving? Are you struggling with feeling stuck in the status quo and ready for a change?

Healthy Start is here for your whole family and your whole body. Whether your struggle is constant sickness, chronic pain, weight loss, nutrition, a fitness plateau, a colicky baby, kids who won’t sleep, or a combination of many things.

Give us a call and let us help you move forward. You are worth it. Your family is worth it. Make an investment in your (and their) health today!

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As temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to change, we start seeing all things fall: pumpkin patch visits, bonfires, football, sickness…. wait… we didn’t mean that. But it feels like with a change in the seasons and school in full swing, our kids start to battle sicknesses. They get caught in cycles of one illness after another, and it’s exhausting for them and you.

Making sure your kids are getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking plenty of fluids and getting exercise, along with supporting their immune system with all-natural immune boosters like Vitamin D is one way to help break the cycle.

Neurologically-focused chiropractic adjustments help “reboot” stressed nervous systems that make it difficult for their bodies to rest and heal.

Give us a call today and schedule an evaluation ,! Our Insight scans will help us to create a personalized care plan for your family!


Things are “looking up”! It’s finally Friday!!


We love hearing stories like this! Make us a part of your story today!


Our office and the fitness studio will be closed today in observance of Labor Day. Have a great long weekend for those of you that have Monday off!


“Today we’re going to make the impossible possible.” What a powerful statement. As chiropractors, we are here to help make your impossible possible.

What’s yours?
- Fussy, colicky baby
- Constant headaches
- A child with sensory issues
- Sleep struggles
- Back and neck pain
- Weight loss plateau
- Need help with nutrition advice
- Fitness beginner or in a fitness funk
- Ready to start fresh with health

We are here to make it all possible. Even if you’ve tried everything. Even if you’re desperate and you don’t know what else to do. We are here for you.


Taking a brief break from our usual chiropractic content to stand in awe of our Husker Volleyball team’s record-breaking, history making night.

Go Big Red. 🏐❤️

📸Dr. Alex


Mom & Dad: Is your child experiencing unexplained symptoms? Constant pain? Headaches? Sleeplessness? Tummy trouble? Are they sick often?

We are here to listen and offer hope, health & healing!


Wait… It’s Friday!? 😯


Did you know that our very own Dr Alex is trained in myofascial therapy? Did you also know that myofascial therapy can improve sports and exercise performance?

Myotherapy increases training recovery by increasing blood flow to the trained muscles, removing lactic acid and toxins accumulated with intense exercise; and removing trigger points which are a product of high training loads in muscles.

Other benefits include:
- improve flexibility and range of motion
- helps improve posture and alignment
- helps reduce stress and tension
- improve flexibility, strength, and endurance

Give us a call today and have Dr Alex evaluate your student athlete and create a personalized treatment plan to help them on and off the field and court!


Let us help your athlete perform at the top of their game with chiropractic care, nutrition, and even one-on-one conditioning with our very own Certified Personal Trainer, Dr. Alex!

Photos from Healthy Start Family Chiropractic and Wellness, Yoga & Fitness's post 08/22/2023

Fall sports are in full swing! Youth sports are incredibly beneficial for teaching discipline, respect, and sportsmanship to student athletes. The physical activity involved also supports a healthy weight, reduces stress, boosts mood, and promotes restful sleep. Unfortunately, young athletes are prone to sports injuries. Chiropractic care is the key to keeping your child “in the game”.

Chiropractic care is ideal for treating athletic injuries because it’s noninvasive and drug-free, with few, if any, side effects to contend with. Professional sports leagues, including the NFL and MLB, and coaches of Olympic athletes have long recognized these benefits. Still, many parents of student athletes are not up to speed with everything chiropractors have to offer.

No matter your child’s chosen sport, it pays to understand the benefits of chiropractic care.
Let us help your student athlete perform their best & live their best life possible!


Peek a boo… weekend, is that you!? Happy Friday!!!


Well… school has started, are the kids sick yet? Hopefully it’s not the case for your family, but sometimes it seems as though we’re just waiting for that first sickness to break out and make its way through the whole classroom. 😖

Transitioning to a new school year can being a whole host of challenges. Let us help you not add sickness to that list! 😌

The biggest key to preparing your kids to beat the odds? Chiropractic care.

A highly adaptable nervous system supports communication between the brain and body. Neurologically-focused adjustments help calm a stressed system that can lead to low immunity. 🧠

Sleep - Lack of sleep affects mood, focus and health. Establish good bedtime routines. If your child is having issues sleeping there could be deeper neurological issues that could be the cause. Let us help! 😴

Exercise and play - physical activity can foster brain development, learning and focus. Bonus: play outside! Playing outside allows your child an escape from indoor germs and bacteria. And helps them get more Vitamin D! 🌞

Nutrition - This is crucial! Eat clean, healthy foods. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet. Drinks lots of water, reduce processed sugar and unhealthy fats. Need help? We’ve got you there too!

As parents, we look to prioritize our children’s health. Help set your kids up for back-to-school success and keep them as healthy as possible all year long! 💪🏻


In case you missed it: Get back on track with our New Patient Special! This qualifies for any patient that is new to our office, even parents of kids we already see, or children of parents we already see! Give us a call, send us a message, or visit us online at to schedule!


Healthy Start Families: As you start school, we hope that this year is the best ever for you!

We would love to see your first day pictures! Share them in the comments!


Ready to “kick up our heels” for the weekend!


What’s your biggest challenge getting ready for going back to school? I know for some, it’s the switch to earlier bedtimes and less sleeping in. For some the school morning routine is rushed and crazy.

But some might have the switch down to a science, or maybe your summer routine doesn’t change much from the school year.

Share your process for getting everyone ready to get “back in the swing if things”. Do you have tried and true methods for helping the switch go smoother? Share them here!

If your Back to School routine looks more like chaos than calm, what is the biggest struggle for your family?


Now that school is on the horizon, many of our families are looking for ways they can get "Back on Track" with their health. If that's you, WE GOT YOU!

For the month of August, we are celebrating getting "BACK ON TRACK" through these great specials!

$50 New Patient Special! --Includes examination and x-ray or insight scan! 😲

Weight Loss Special! --FREE Health Assessment and New or Returning Client Wellness Credit! 😲

Yoga & Fitness Studio Special! -- $25 for 1st Month Unlimited Classes! 😲

Call today to take advantage of these offers and to TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH!

Let's get you BACK ON TRACK!

💜your Healthy Start team


The start of school is just around the corner! Did you know that chiropractic care can help your student be more successful in school?

A stressed nervous system contributes to issues with concentration. Think if it like trying to drive your car with the parking brake engaged. You wouldn’t get far! 🚗

A calm nervous system is one that is ready to concentrate and learn. 🧠

There’s time this week to bring your students in for an Insight scan to get a picture of how their nervous system is functioning, and to work with our Doctors to create a care plan to help this school year be the best yet! 🏫


Are you ready for Back to School? Don’t forget to schedule an adjustment and get your kids nervous systems calm and ready for learning!

Give us a call, send us a message or request an appointment online at

Don’t wait! The last precious days of summer are coming fast!


Chiropractic is a family affair at Healthy Start! We love it when we get to be a part of your family’s health journey. With neurologically-focused adjustments, health coaching, fitness and more, we want to partner with you to help you and your family live your best life! 💜


Healthy Start is here to support your whole body health! Starting today, join us in a 30 day challenge!

There are 2 ways to participate:

Movement challenge only: Move your body every day for the next 30 days. Even if it’s only a 5 minute walk! Or, join us at one of our fitness classes! Take a picture or a video and tag us, and include the hashtag , and you’ll be entered to win a prize!! 🥳

Want to push yourself a little further? Join the wellness challenge!

Choose 5 healthy habits to implement daily for the next 30 days and see if you notice a change!

1- Movement: Join us at one (or more) of our fitness classes during the week, take a walk, play with your kids, walk your dog. Anything that gets your body moving. If you can only do 5 minutes a day, make that your goal! If you’re already working out daily, great! Maybe try something different to mix it up!

2-Nutrition: Choose healthier options to fuel your body. One small change is all it takes! Incorporate one fruit and one veggie into your daily diet. If you are following a nutritional plan like OptaVia, continue to be consistent!

3- Personal Development: Challenge yourself to learn something new. Read 10 pages of a book you’ve been wanting to read. Listen to a leadership or educational podcast. Read a devotional each day. Work on that DIY you’ve been putting off. Something to exercise your mind!

4- Water: Set a daily water intake goal. Ideally you want to be drinking around eight 8 oz glasses a day. If you’re already doing that, great! Stay consistent!

5- Sleep: Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This may be the hardest goal to meet, especially if you struggle with insomnia or if you have a baby or child who doesn’t sleep well. Try setting a goal to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal.

If you’re participating in the wellness challenge, pick one of your activities, take a picture or video, tag us and include the hashtag . Documenting your journey helps with accountability!

We can’t wait to hear about your challenge, and hear about how you are feeling in September!


But how do I know if my child has an over stressed nervous system?

The biggest indicators we see are things like headaches, poor sleep or night terrors, GI issues like constipation, reflux or colic, kids who can’t seem to stay healthy, and kids who struggle with anxiety. But there could be many more struggles that your child has that could be connected to an over stressed nervous system.

If you aren’t seeing any physical signs that doesn’t mean your child is totally in the clear. The best way to determine how their nervous system is functioning is an INSIGHT scan. This will give us a “Corescore” that tells us if their body is working overtime, and helps us make a care plan of neurologically focused adjustments to reset and re-focus their body from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”.

Call or send us a message today to schedule scans for your whole family! Or book online here:


This is an old picture but the story is one we get to tell so often. Parents coming to us looking for help with fussy, gassy, reflux-y ( yeah we know that’s not a word) babies.

Some seek out chiropractic care first, and others have tried everything and come to us desperate, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Whatever the situation, caring for your child is our greatest calling. 💜


We’re flipping for Friday and chiro kids! 😃


Why do we adjust babies? There are many reasons to adjust the tiniest of us. The biggest reason: We want to give them their best possible start in life.

Birth itself is a traumatic experience on the spine & body of your baby. It’s especially more traumatic if there were complications, such as a long labor, interventions like forceps or vacuum suction.

Give us a call today and let us check your baby and make sure they have their best possible start in life! 💜

Are you a person that likes to do their own research? Check out the ICPA website at and you can read several studies about pediatric chiropractic!

Are you a person who loves to research and read


This question was posed to us once when someone found out our focus is pediatric chiropractic. The simple answer is… chiropractic is so much more than pain management. Our neurologically focused adjustments help give kids their best start. We start adjusting as early as right after birth. The next few weeks we will dive further into our “why” and share some stories of families seeing heath, hope and healing with chiropractic.


That Friday afternoon feeling, featuring a throwback photo of this adorable little well adjusted baby! ❤️


We love Doulas of Lincoln! ❤️

Exercise during pregnancy and postpartum can help with wellness both physically and mentally!
Check out the amazing classes offered at today's Sponsor Healthy Start Chiropractic and Wellness!

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Wait… you’re telling me my spine can affect my whole body?! 🤯

The short, simple answer: YES!!

Misalignments in your spine (sometimes referred to as subluxations) put pressure on your nerves, causing dysautonomia. This is a big, fancy word that says your nervous system isn’t working the way it should.

Think of your body like the appliances in your house. They need electricity to run. If a circuit breaker overloads and turns off, those appliances won’t work.

Dysautonomia can cause many physical symptoms which can appear in combinations that can make them very hard to identify, leading to frequent misdiagnosis.

Come see us today and get on a path of health, hope and healing!


When your parents are chiropractors, you get an adjustment for everything.

Sports injury....adjustment.
And when you have a pr***en with attitude...yep! Adjust that too!

When our kids aren't feeling their best, a chiropractic adjustment brings balance to the delicate nervous system. In turn we give our kids their best chance at fighting those sicknesses, headaches, stressors, injuries, and creates a calm internal environment for growth and love.



NEW Yoga Class for our Summer Series!
Join us on Thursdays at 6pm for a gentle yoga flow, incorporating a little bit of breath work, a gentle yoga flow, and closing the class with restful, restorative postures.
Beginning THIS Thursday!!
Register @

See you there!

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Our Story

At Healthy Start Family Chiropractic, we believe that even the tiniest of us deserves the best possible chance at life. That’s why we take great pride in being the best possible chiropractors from preconception and beyond. Everything we do, from our continuing education to the atmosphere in our office space, makes even your tiniest family member feel safe and special…because every child deserves exceptional!
Parents can be comforted to know that Drs Alex and Tiffany are board certified in pediatric and infant chiropractic care and their children will be receiving the safest, most gentle chiropractic care. In addition, our Webster certification in pregnancy and prenatal care can ensure moms to be that we understand the unique needs of their developing baby. Dr Tiffany also specializes in pre-conception work for those families looking to expand theirs. In combination, preconception work, prenatal care, and a pediatric newborn check will give you the confidence, without any doubt, that your child has best possible chance at life. Who wouldn’t want that?
Call today or browse through our website to learn how chiropractic can help you and your loved ones get a healthy start to their life!
Many Blessings and More Healing,
Dr Tiffany and Dr Alex

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Let us help your athlete perform at the "top of their game" with chiropractic care, nutrition and even one-on-one traini...
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