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We are leading outfit for sports performance training and performance therapy in Nebraska, serving athletes from youth to professionals.

Speedway Village Sports Performance & Performance Therapy is the in-house program for advanced athletic development, injury rehabilitation and performance therapy.


All sports performance training will be canceled for this evening 1/22/18.



Training programs should be based on sound scientific principles and empirical evidence from the thought leaders of generations before us and the scientific evidence that emerges daily. Training programs should be systematic, well thought out and executed by professionals with enough understanding of physiology, biology, neurology, psychology... all the physical sciences so that a program can be adapted at a moments notice for the benefit of the athlete. Square pegs don’t fit so well in round holes. The athlete is the priority... not the system or program you’ve created or that someone created for you. It takes next to no knowledge whatsoever for a “performance coach” to fatigue someone, make them tired or make them puke in a “workout”. Athletes, especially younger athletes or athletes with a lower training age may just get better in spite of that kind of training. Where a deep understanding of those physical sciences comes in to play is when you need to continually adapt your program over years to continue to positively benefit an athlete. That becomes even more difficult the more elite of an athlete you work with.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Great article on some research from the University of Nebraska. This is something that we (our profession) has understood for a long time now but good to see more research confirming. One caveat - consistently training at higher loads without any solid programming for periodization, can lead to fatigue of the central nervous system and it's associated neurotransmitters, something you can see if measuring things like Heart Rate Variability and other physiological variables. This is why we like to use conjugate or wave-like periodization and deload weeks especially with our higher level athletes to avoid any accumulating fatigue.

A new Nebraska study suggests that high-load training better conditions the nervous system to transmit electrical signals from the brain to muscles, increasing the force those muscles can produce to a greater extent than does low-load training.


Speedway Village


Sports Performance Classes will be canceled this evening.

Club training will be canceled this evening.

Adult league games will be played at the scheduled time.

www.speedwayvillage.com 12/10/2015

Sports Performance - SPEEDWAY VILLAGE


Originating in mathematics, this is a framework that we work within for our athletes and clients to improve movement.

The body organizes movement through various systems (nervous system, muscular/skeletal system, respiratory system) by way of the brain making extremely complex calculations on a second by second basis to execute a movement.

"Better" movers will have many more pathways in which to execute a movement (movement variability). "Worse" movers will have limited pathways in which to execute a movement and are "stuck" within a narrow framework and limited pathways in which to move athletically making their body perform at a sub-optimal level and making an athlete more susceptible to injury (overuse and non-contact injury).

Knowing this, through various methods we provide our athletes and clients with the needed movement variability to allow them a more expansive ability for their body to execute athletic movement and therefore perform at a higher level and be less susceptible to injury.

For more information find us at www.SpeedwayVillage.com/SportsPerformance

-Dr. Lane

Jake Gieselman, CSCS

www.speedwayvillage.com www.speedwayvillage.com/sports-performance, Speedway Village, Sports Performance

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“You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.”

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The Functional Movement Systems [Infographic] - On Target Publications

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