Better Be Barefoot

Better Be Barefoot


Great opportunity to learn Archery on horse back. Great club!
Just leave it up to people that have no clue about animals. SMH
Just wondering who would be interested if I have Sarah Rose McDonald back for a clinic?
Had an awesome time in Lockport NY! I ride pleasure horses but learned so much from Fallon and this clinic. Met some new friends and will definitely go again. Hoping you come back to NY again!!!
Here it are details for June 3, 2017 Open Barrel Race In Lockport, NY !!! Please message or text Amie Schneider-Bell with any questions 315 727 5765 !!!! Feel Free To share with Friends!!!!
Do you have any more details on the barrel race to be held with the Fallon Taylor clinic weekend?

Better Be Barefoot offers natural barefoot farrier services to horses, donkeys, and mules. We also offer rehab and boarding.

Operating as usual

[10/19/20]   We Love Longears! At Better Be Barefoot we offer great donkey and mule boarding! We are experienced at the care and maintenance of long ears and would welcome your long eared buddies!

[10/19/20]   BOARDER'S DELIGHT! So - pasture board is your thing. But on cold, blustery winter nights, you wish you had a stall for your horse? We can help you out with that! At Better Be Barefoot, we can offer a boarding hybrid - you can have it both ways here without paying the big buck for a stall all the time. We have pastures with run ins AND we have stalls that we can offer on an "as needed" basis. All vets and farriers are welcome - we offer small bale hay (no fighting at a round bale or holding horses off) and we can even offer individual pastures with run ins. There is a toasty indoor arena for riding and training. Trailer parking also available. We are conveniently located in south Lockport.

[10/17/20]   The cold nights and shorter days will stimulate your horse to grow their "winter coat". Most horses do not require blanketing. Mother nature provides them with the ability to stay warm and dry using their "furnace' that is fueled by free choice hay and their coat which will stand up and keep heat in and moisture away. If you are looking for a barn with a great indoor, natural care with lots of turnout, and that is open to all vets and farriers, consider our barn!

This evening ride, Jake was only interested in the wild rose hips.
The Benefits of Using Rosehips for Your Horse
Studies have proven that anti-oxidants protect the body against particular illnesses like cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. ... The antioxidants present in rosehips can help to neutralize free radicals and keep your horse healthy.
So while out on trail rides let your horse eat what they want.

[10/13/20]   Horses absolutely LOVE to play in the snow! Make sure your horse gets to enjoy the fall and winter weather with daily turn out. If you are looking for your horse to have great turn out and awesome care, we have boarding spots available! Pasture and full board opportunities are open now. Your vet and farrier are welcome and your horse will live his best life here!

[10/11/20]   just a quick reminder as the cool nights are surely on their way! They grass that has been covered with the pretty frost is super HIGH in sugar! It's not just spring grass that can cause founder - so keep that in mind! Just because the grass appears to have stopped growing does not mean you can turn your sensitive horses out onto it.

Insight into Proprioception by Equine Veterinarian, Dr Tomas Teskey DVM

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Teskey for a very long time. Love his work!! Read on to find out how shoes can help decrease your horse's proprioception when walking on steep or rocky terrain...

[09/24/20]   If you love your horse, you could not ask for a better place than Better Be Barefoot for boarding - now don't be fooled - you don't have to have a barefoot horse - all farriers and vets are welcome here - and all disciplines of riders. Great indoor, trails, pasture or full board - great hay - and people who KNOW horses! Contact us to reserve your spot.

[09/24/20]   👉👉👉Winter Series Barrel Clinics with Kelsey Kraft at Better Be Barefoot Arena ( 8002 Tonawanda Creek Rd, Lockport, NY 14094). Specializing in strengthening your horsemanship skills on and off the barrel pattern. 1st Saturday of every month. Noon -4ish. $40/day ($200 to guarantee your spot for the whole series). Limited to 8 people. November 7th, December 5th, January 2nd, February 6th, March 6th. Please send paypal to [email protected] or contact me for more info!

Ride all winter long!

If you are looking for a place to ride all winter long, we offer winter boarding. Haul-ins are also welcome!!

[09/18/20]   supposed to get really cool at night now - so keep a close eye on your water buckets! Might be time to get those heaters in. Water is sooooo important in cold weather as well as hot weather.

[09/16/20]   Lots of people have been posting about encountering ground bees when trail riding. If you are riding in a group, the first horse will often get by the nest without event - but those that follow will face the swarm. If you are one of the "unlucky", drop your heels and ride out of the area - usually a hundred feet or more will be required as those bees swarm and follow you. Horses still to come through the area should retreat and not attempt to join the others (find another way around). Your horse may bolt or buck or stomp - but keep him moving away from the area. When his behavior settles, you are probably in a safe zone. Dismount and make sure to brush any remaining bees off your body and your horse. When things have settled, remount and move on. If the bees are on your property, you may wish to come back after dark and at least mark the area so you can avoid it in the future. Feel free to share your stories - and we can all make out better!

[09/15/20]   Fall is in the air! If you are needing to ride all winter long, now is the time to grab a boarding spot at a barn with a great indoor - some outdoor trails, and pasture or full board available! All vets and farriers welcome! Come have a look at our Lockport barn - close to so much!

Better Be Barefoot

This mornings little ride around.
Still have a couple boarding spots available.

[09/06/20]   Fall is in the air! Get your spot for winter boarding where you can use a beautiful indoor arena all winter long! We have great outdoor boarding with run ins and lots of grazing for $300. If you want full board (hay included), we have limited availability for $400. This is a small family owned and run barn and we welcome all disciplines. All area vets and farriers/blacksmiths welcome to tend to your horse.

Better Be Barefoot

Boarding available!!
24/7 outside $300.
Stalls $400.
Indoor arena (80 x 150), outdoor arena(100 x 200) and some trails.

[08/31/20]   Did you know that if you board here at Better Be Barefoot, you don't have to have a barefoot horse? All farriers and blacksmiths are welcome provided you are here to hold your horse. We also welcome your vet but always encourage you to contact your vet prior to making final arrangements to make sure they will travel here. We have some limited availability for boarding - full and pasture - contact us to discuss!

[08/27/20]   When working with a horse care professional like a vet, farrier, dentist, massage therapist or chiropractor, ask the professional how you can best help them service your horse - i.e. where should you stand? What kind of halter or what kind of rope should you have available? What might they need to provide their service (electricity? water? extra lighting?). Also, always remember to have your horse ready for the service at the appointment time. These simple steps help make the experience more timely and pleasant for everyone.

[08/26/20]   Happy National Dog Day from Indy, Silver, and Red !

[08/22/20]   Caring for your horse's dental needs is an important part of his annual care. Horses will develop points that are sharp - just as part of their natural chewing motion. Those points can cause ulcers and teeth that are not cared for can interfere with your horse eating what he needs. There can be weight loss, choke, poor quality stool, pilling of food, and even colic if he is swallowing poorly chewed food. So make sure you are seeking yearly dental evaluations with your vet or equine dentist.

absolutely awesome place to board and play!

Boarding introductory Special!!
Offered for a limited time only.

Why settle for an “ok” boarding barn?

We are currently offering an introductory special: $250 for the first month of pasture board. Then if everyone is happy, our regular rates will apply and you can leave your “OK barn” and call our barn HOME. Maybe you are not happy with the pastures or turn out at your barn. Maybe your horse is in a big herd and being pushed off of food or water. Maybe you have to get in line for arena time. Or maybe you have nowhere to ride your horse outdoors where you are. Then come have a look at this modest sized, no drama owner-run boarding facility in the south Lockport area. If this sounds interesting, call 716 432-2218.

Boarding introductory Special!!
Offered for a limited time only.

Why settle for an “ok” boarding barn?

We are currently offering an introductory special: $250 for the first month of pasture board. Then if everyone is happy, our regular rates will apply and you can leave your “OK barn” and call our barn HOME. Maybe you are not happy with the pastures or turn out at your barn. Maybe your horse is in a big herd and being pushed off of food or water. Maybe you have to get in line for arena time. Or maybe you have nowhere to ride your horse outdoors where you are. Then come have a look at this modest sized, no drama owner-run boarding facility in the south Lockport area. If this sounds interesting, call 716 432-2218.

Better Be Barefoot

Have seen some good results from this product for fungus and thrush.

Got Iron? - EasyCare Hoof Boot News

Great article on IRON Submitted by Natalie Herman A good example of a horse that should be black, but has the typical ‘bleached’ look to the coat and mane. The coat is very rough looking and shedding in patches instead of smoothly. This to me would be a fairly extreme bleaching, indicating the horse is really deficie...

[07/20/20]   Slow feeder nets are not for everyone! While I am a firm believer in feeding from the ground, I know lots of people like to use nets. They can reduce waste and they can make stall clean up easier. But just a couple of points: slow feeder nets need to be introduced gradually AND they need to be tied low so your horse can feed with his head down. CAUTION: this is not a good plan for any horse that wears shoes ad he can get his shoe stuck in the net. Additionally, your horse should not have his halter on when feeding from a net. Always remember that slow feeder nets are designed to slow your horse down as he eats his hay. So they are nice for those who gobble or for those who are on rations. But for older horses or hard keepers, they are not a great plan. They can be frustrating for those kinds of horses and actually restrict intake when that is not the plan!. If you really want to use a net, use one that has bigger openings for those hard keepers. That's my tip for the day! Have a good one.

AR Enterprise

Great products!! You won't be disappointed!

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[07/05/20]   REMINDER: the next few days are predicted to be very warm - if you need to cool your horse off, spray cool water on their necks. The great vessels are close to the surface along the neck and you can cool their entire body down this way. Also, offer lots of cool, clean drinking water and shade.

[07/02/20]   Happy Thursday! It is going to get warm today - so remember: plenty of cool fresh water for your horses and if they get overheated, you can hose them down with special attention to their necks where the big vessels are closer to the surface of their body. They will love you for a cool neck shower! It can lower their body temperature and make them more comfortable.

[06/29/20]   If you are looking for that boarding facility that will treat your horse like you would, come check out our farm. Small and family owned - we offer a state of the art indoor arena , an outdoor arena, and on site trail riding. With a limited number of boarding spots, you can enjoy lots of arena time and personalized care. Call to arrange a visit.

[06/22/20]   Better Be Barefoot ranch has some limited boarding opportunities available! Pasture board and full board options. If you want your horse to have plenty of turnout, this is the place! For more information, message or call us. And come for a visit to see the indoor and outdoor arena, trails, and stalls.

[06/18/20]   Hay is being made! And it looks like a great crop. One thing I would like to point out is that most balers leave a little "tuft" of twine when cutting - and these can get left on the surface of the bale - my caution is to make sure to pick these out - just as you take great caution to pull the twine when you open a bale, these little tufts can lead to some problems for your horse. If they consume these along with the hay, they can build up in their gut and cause an obstruction or serious irritation. So small as they may be, it is sure an easy way to protect your horse.

Stolen Horse

STOLEN HORSE NAMED SHF KISS THIS ( NEWT ) - DAVIDSVILLE , PA, 15928 | NETPOSSE ID #3380 is a missing stallion and being treated as a criminal theft. (Enlarge the video for better viewing.)
Please share this video to bring more awareness to his theft. He does have a freeze brand on his left hip so keep your eyes peeled for him everywhere! Print a flyer and read more details here:

A special thank you goes to Gustavo for providing the music for this video.

#newt #SHFKISSTHIS #NETPOSSE #StolenHorseInternational

[06/16/20]   Happy Tuesday everyone! Boy those bugs are something this year - I am very fond of No Natz - a spray that helps keep those pesky little black bugs away - and a customer recently told me that Spaldings Bye Bye Insect spray that is made with essential oils is working better than some of the other products she has. Let's hear about your successes!!!

[06/05/20]   Dang deer flies BITE! Don't forget to use deterent on you AND your horse!

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Ride all winter long!
Better Be Barefoot
Better Be Barefoot




8002 Tonawanda Creek Rd
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Monday 08:00 - 18:00
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