Take a look at this Golden Era Turkish Oriental bellydance performance, from the lovely and legendary Nejla Ates! Wanna learn more about Turkish-style bellydance? Join me Saturday’s at 12:45-1:45p PST! 💖💖💖
8pm tonight!!! Very nurturing community class. An excellent self care date for a Friday night
Ruth St. Denis was a pioneer of American modern dance, drawing inspiration, ironically enough, from Middle Eastern dance. She taught the silent movie star Theda Bara to perform the 'Dance of the Seven Veils' in 'Salome' (1918). For Bara's most famous movie, 'Cleopatra' (1917) St. Denis taught her to perform St. Denis' famous 'Peacock Dance,' and she may have also taught Bara to perform a belly dance for the seduction of Julius Caesar scene.
Join me this Friday evening for a special Dark Moon Deep Dive ❤ Show up with all your cozy things + crystals + journal. We'll allow the day, the week...even the year to melt away as we become present with ourselves and the quiet, soothing energy of the dark moon...the time just before a new moon. A perfect time to go inward, to float in the bliss of divine consciousness, to allow the soothing sounds and silence to nurture your spirit. We'll breathe & stretch the body gently into a space of letting go. We'll practice the art of relaxation. In fact, you can go mimis right after! ❤
Starting tomorrow, following my Sunday 11:10am Choreography class we will start formal rehearsals for my Fiesta production. Preparing for Dec 20 show we will use pre-recorded video, or a an extremely physically distanced outdoor filming. All info will be coming soon on or PM me for info!
We start learning this fun choreography tonight on Zoom! After 4 weeks virtual, we'll meet in person November 18th to film in the courtyard ~ with masks of course
Join me tonight for something a little more chill. We'll stretch a little then lie back and relax to gentle sounds & meditations on silence. Class cards are welcomed
In today's Dance Ritual session, we'll meditate into a movement therapy based forgiveness & moving forward. There is potential here for deep healing. I'll see you in the ZooM cloud ❤ #danceritual #dancetherapy #danceheals #danceforyourself HEATHER SHOOPMAN ONLINE CLASSES SECOND SATURDAYS 4:30PM PDT 7:30PM EDT DANCE RITUAL WWW.DANCEGARDENLA.COM
Need a little relaxin' after that exciting hafla? Join us at 8pm on your mat for a relaxing & restorative guided relaxation with sounds. Sliding scale or class card
I f anyone taking my workshop would like a certificate of completion, please let me know. I had a request for Certificates. Could not find any I liked, So I made one. You can print it off yourself or I can send it to you on nice paper with the gold seal. If you copy it off I can mail you the gold seal. I just need your name as you would like it to appear on the Certificate I can email it to you, PM me if interested
SENDING MUSIC LIST FOR SEPT 8th DAHLENA Thank you to Lauren Boldt and Kamala Almanzar for sponsoring this amazing Workshop with so many Talented Dancers and all the work and effort to make this happen in our new world of Dance. I appreciate the time and advice for helping me through this new experience. Also a big Thank you to all that attended my workshop and your patience I must apologize for the sound I believe that was my fault - did not see the tiny switch for volume levels on my mic until later. Not sure why in the middle the sync was more noticeable. But thank you for hanging in. Sending the Music list
Tonight and every Thursday! Virtual Organic Improvisation 7:30pm PDT. Final week of exploring American Cabaret style, plus we'll focus again on improvisation to Enta Omri. We're getting ready to make a performance video! You are welcome to join! A little early '80s bellydance on TV! Casablanca Mini Series

DanceGardenLA was established in 2007 by Jenna and Zahra Zuhair with the mission to bring diverse dance forms to dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with an eye to community building, cultural education and personal development...

Dance Studio Specializing in Bellydance for all levels and ages. Also featuring, Tribal & Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Yoga, Samba and more. Named "Best Place to Learn the Art of Bellydance" in LA Weekly's 2012 'Best Of LA'!!

Operating as usual

Laura Leyl Bellydance

Join us this afternoon! Starting today - Laura's 6 week Learn to Bellydance Course! only $40 for the 6 weeks - register at

Mini Tutorial: Downward Eights! Register for my 6-week Beginner Bellydance Course, starting tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 23)! Streaming live online, sign up at Only at DanceGardenLA 💛💛💛 #beginnerbellydance #mayas #learntobellydance #menath #musicandculture #danzaoriental #dancegardenla #lauraleylbellydance #artofbellydance #onlinedanceclasses #bellydancelove #dancetutorial #shakiramoves

It is the final week to save 30% on our class cards! 5 class cards last for 2 months, 10 class cards last for 3. Use code "2021" to save 30% at

Learn to Bellydance with Laura Leyl starts this weekend! Be sure to register at

Only $40 for the 6-week course

#DGLATeacherFeature We love each of our teachers here at DGLA this week we give a special shout out to Devilla Raks and her generous spirit

"I can’t give you just one reason WHY I run my business but I can tell you that if I can help one woman feel stronger, walk taller, dance more freely, put on her make up more confidently and feel more confident in her own skin then I am doing my job. This means everything to me!"

So grateful to have another Legend of bellydance on our weekly schedule - Fahtiem teaches on Tuesdays (Int/Adv) and Thursday (Beginners) Evenings LIVE Via zoom. Her classes are fun, sweaty and inspired!! We hope you can join us as we dance our hearts out! register at

Our #WomanCrushWednesday this week takes us back in time - it’s Samia Gamal! We know Samia Gamal as one of the hallmarks of the Golden Age of raqs sharqi, but the beginning of her career was actually quite humble. After a tumultuous childhood jumping from home to home following her parents’ deaths, Samia met Moustafa Gamal, who introduced her to Badia Masabni, who hired her to dance at her nightclub. However, on the day Samia was to make her solo debut, she found herself overcome with nerves and froze. The audience’s negative reaction lit a fire under Samia, and she vowed to become a great dancer and devoted her time to training.

Her hard work paid off - she soon became one of the highest-paid dancers at the Cairo nightclubs and broke into the world of Egyptian cinema, acting in over 50 films over the course of her life. We love the dainty flirty energy that Samia Gamal brings to her dancing, and our art form wouldn’t be where it is today without her influence! [References:]

Its Monday and tonight we Dance with the legendary Helena Vlahos! Join us at 6:30 and 7:45 LIVE via ZOOM register at

[01/15/21]   We cannot wait until January 23 when we start our first ONLINE COURSE! Join us for a 6-Week Learn to Bellydance course with the lovely Laura Leyl. Only $40! Register at

Dance Life

Today’s #WomanCrushWednesday is Arielle Juliette (@ariellejuliette), owner of Dance Life (@madisondancelife) in Madison, WI! We are OBSESSED with Arielle’s juicy shimmies and mind-boggling belly rolls. We also love the message of body liberation she and her studio promote - Dance Life’s bio assures us that “All bodies deserve respect and love exactly as they are right now, and all bodies have the right to pursue health behaviors like dance and aerobics if they so desire!” We couldn’t agree more! In addition to raqs sharqi, Arielle also dances burlesque and is the creator of the quarterly Inappropriate Song Night at Dance Life, an event for all woman-identified folks and nonbinary individuals that has gained the reputation as “Part dance, part comedy, and part (optional) audience participation, you'll laugh so hard you'll need to grab a second pair of underwear.” Consider us sold! Sending lots of LA dance love to the Midwest!

Check out what we're learning this week in the Monday and Wednesday 6pm belly dance classes! Come and join us sometime 😃

Sign up for online classes at

The great thing about bellydance is how much we’re encouraged to learn from other dancers! If you could attend a workshop with ANY dancer, living or dead, who would it be? Frankly, we would be over the moon if we could get just two minutes with Soheir Zaki!

Learn to Bellydance with Laura Leyl

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of belly dance? Join Laura Leyl Bellydance in this 6 week course! starting Saturday, January 23 from 2-3pm or join us on deman. The 6 week course is only $40! Register here:

TGIF Everyone!

Please check out schedule for NEW Class TIMES on Saturday! We start the day at 9:30 with Devilla - Technique, Drills & Strength Training AND Combinations and Chore at 10:45. Join Laura at 12:45 for Turkish! sign up at

أحلى وصلة رقص لفيفي عبده - مسرحية حزمني يا

Today’s #WomanCrushWednesday is the one, the only Fifi Abdou (@fifiabdouofficial) of Cairo, Egypt! We love the way Fifi commands an audience and the grounded way she moves across a stage. Fifi Abdou has been dancing since the age of 12, had begun to make a name for herself while working at The Arizona in the 1970s, and took the world of raqs sharqi by storm in the 1980s and 1990s. Her style is characterized as “the typical Bint al-Balad” (“daughter of the country”) and her passionately powerful energy can be felt the minute she steps on stage. Many dancers cite Fifi as a main artistic inspiration, and for good reason! أحلى وصلة رقص لفيفي عبده - مسرحية حزمني ياجزء من مسرحية #حزمني_يالمشاهدة المسرحية كاملة :مسرحية كوميدية تدور أحداثها حول رجل فقير يدع...

We can hardly believe 2021 is finally here! What are your dance goals for the new year? Do you want to smooth out your layering skills? Get your improv up to par? Learn a new style? Let us know in the comments!

Happy New Year Everyone! Join us for classes resuming Monday, January 4th with Helena Vlahos!! Check out the schedule and sign up at use promo code "2021" to save 30% on all class passes!

12 Days of Belly Dance

We are down to our final 3 days of 12 Days of Bellydance. Join us at 10am today for Natalie Nazario's Drum Solo workshop, then 10am NYD for Khadijah K.S. Smith's Persian Bandari and Finally, Saturday Jan 2 at 10am for Yasmina Ramzy Arts's Workshop. Register at Join us over the holidays for an exclusive series of Belly Dance Workshops!

[12/31/20]   2020 is wrapping to a close. After such a challenging year, we are grateful to have been able to escape to the zoom room and dance with all of you. Thank you for making that possible. Good Bye 2020 and Hello 2021!!!

Regular classes resume on January 4 and we'll be announcing some new classes to the schedule very soon!! Happy New Year, Everyone!

Sekhmet Dance Company: A Decade of Dance

We are thrilled to be hosting Devilla Raks's Sekhmet Dance Company's 10 year retrospective show on New Years Day at 4pm. Join us and tune in to be entertained and inspired! DeVilla and Sekhmet Dance Company would like to invite you to celebrate their 10 year anniversary with this gorgeous retrospective show.

[12/23/20]   Plans for the Holidays? Join us for 12 Days of Bellydance December 21-January 2 or on demand until January 17! details and registaration: Sabah Saeed @Ebony Qualls Ahava Dance Kaeshi Chai Kamala Almanzar Dahlena Genova Aisha Ali Khadijah K.S. Smith @Yasmina Ramzy Helena Vlahos Roxxanne Shelby Shelaby

Wednesday Night! Dance with Ahava as she guides you through her graceful arms and hands workshops.

register at

This is a great workshop for students who aren’t sure about what to do with their upper body. The arms and hands are an important extension of the body and this workshop teaches students how to express themselves by creatively using their arms and hands. We’ll discuss posture, anatomy, framework, and how to create innovative pathways with beautiful arms and hands.

Tuesday Night! Join us for a Fun Fusion Workshop with the one and only Ebony!

Register at

Explore a fun and unique spin on contemporary belly dance. Learn combinations which fuse modern urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk styles such as locking, and the timeless art of raqs sharqi. Build coordination, work on isolating movements, and expand your dance style with popping and liquid. This workshop will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.

[12/19/20]   No one can resist a good chiftetelli rhythm! Something about it just taps into the deepest parts of our souls. Legendary dancer Helena Vlahos will open the doors to the multitudes of possibilities for creative musical interpretation within this rich, and multi-layered rhythm in her 12 Days of Bellydance Workshop on Monday December 28 at 6pm PST, or catch her on demand until January 17. Register for this workshop and all others at

Get those creative juices flowing with Yasmina Ramzy! She will be teaching “Be The Art - Creative Choreography & Improvisation” on Saturday January 2 at 10am PST, or catch her on demand until January 17. Good choreography and improvisation need each other. Both need your unique soul in order to come alive and impact audiences. This workshop will guide you to tap into your unique expression while creating choreography and improvising. Register for this and all other workshops at

We are going Full Steam Ahead towards the holidays! Join us for our final weekend of classes of the year starting Saturday at 10:05 with Devilla and Laura, and Sundays starting at 9am with Sabah, Kamala, Nasila and Donavon followed by our WINTER FIESTA at 3:30pm!! sign up for the classes at or find us on Mindbody

Dahlena Beladi Taxim Improv Night Club Quality

There's nothing quite like a beledi taxim - the melding of music and dancer into one ooey-gooey package can be downright hypnotic. Just watch this clip of Dahlena and see! Dahlena will be guiding us to get in touch with our improvisation skills and musical interpretation on Sunday December 27 at 10am PST, or catch her on demand until January 17. #Dahlena #taximBeladi #BellyDance

Start 2021 off the right way with Khadijah! She will be teaching "Persian Bandari" on Friday, January 1 at 10am PST or on demand until January 17. In Farsi (vs. Persian) Bandar means “harbor”. This high energy Southern Iranian dance from the Persian Gulf not only reflects on ties from the Arabian Peninsula but from traditional African dances that were introduced to the Persian Gulf by African people brought in to work and build empires outside of their native land. Come learn history, musicality, abdominal movements , traveling movements , fun undulations, graceful arm and hands movements, various shimmies and fun spins and turns! Register for this and all other workshops at

Join us for our Winter Fiesta at Register for 12 days! -

1980s Bellydance Arabesque Dance Company

Do your dance dreams have a slight cassette tape haze around the edges? Do you ache for that retro flavor? Does this video of Kamala and Latifa Arabesque Dance Company speak to your soul? Live your 1980s fantasy with Kamala Almanzar! She'll be teaching The Golden Age of Mejance during the 12 Days of Bellydance on Saturday December 26 at 10am PST, or catch her on demand until January 17. Sign up for this workshop and all others at! Kamala Almanzar in center/w Shadia and Yayoi. Choreography by Sahra Saeeda Latifa's Arabesque Dance Company

Natalie Nazario is going to get our New Year's Eve sparkle on early for 12 Days of Bellydance! Natalie will be teaching "Drum Solo" on Thursday, December 31 at 10am PST, or catch her on demand until January 17. The drum solo is an exciting part of a belly dancer’s traditional repertoire. This workshop will start with the technique of each movement and explanation of the different variations. Hip works, accents, layerings and different types of shimmies will be explained. One of the sections will be dedicated to explore your creativity and how to show your personality with your movements. Furthermore, we will be working with the basic Arabic rhythms. Each rhythm has their own character and movements that belong to them. Natalie will share some of her favorites drills to improve your shimmies technique and coordination. Guaranteed to be a great workout! Register for this and all other workshops at

We are so excited to welcome back CA Legend Aisha Ali for our 12 Days of Bellydance Workshop Series! Aisha will be teaching "Tunisian Shaabi" on Wednesday, December 30 at 6pm or catch her on demand until January 17. Shaabi means "of the people" or "folk", and this is one of the most dynamic dance styles in North Africa, the dance is distinguished by swift thrusting hip movements and forward back twists accompanied by traditional syncopated drum rhythms and the drone of the gaita, a goatskin bagpipe. It is performed by Arabs and Berbers alike although it is sometimes romantically referred to as a "Bedouin" dance. You can register for this and all other workshops at

[12/16/20]   Today’s #WomanCrushWednesday is Meiver De La Cruz, known on IG as @bellyresearch! We love Meiver’s expressive dance style as well as the scholarly lens she brings to raqs sharqi. Meiver is not only a talented artist, she is a professor of dance at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and teaches Movement as Culture: Dance in the Middle East, North Africa and the Diaspora, Feminist Ethnography and Performance, and Raqs al Sharqi Level I. Her Instagram page is also a wealth of cultural research, anecdotes gleaned from her work in United States and Arab dance, and social justice activism. Check her out and learn a thing or two!

Ahava NYC 14'

Do you ever have a "Talladega Nights" moment while you're dancing - "I don't know what to do with my hands!" Have no fear, Ahava Dance has the workshop for you on Wednesday December 23rd at 6pm PST! Take a peek at this video of Ahava performing in NYC, go gaga over how her hands expertly convey the tone of the song, and then sign up for her workshop at ! Ahava performs in New York for the first time during Nourhan Sharif's Egyptian weeklong 2014. Song: Ana KedaArtist: Samira Said

We are so stoked to premiere our Winter Fiesta this week and share all of our dancers' great performances! We all have our pre-show rituals that we like to do to loosen the jitters - some of us meditate, some of us go over our song one last time, some of us rap Cardi B in the bathroom mirror. What do you like to do to get yourself “in the zone” before you perform?

We cannot wait for Roxxanne Shelby Shelaby's Beledi workshop! Having grown up surrounded by Middle Eastern Music and dance, Roxxanne is an expert on musicality, context, aesthetic and sensibility.

Explore Beladi style within the context of the culture. Focus on fundamental movements while gaining a deeper understanding of the Beladi feeling and musicality. No experience necessary.

Join us December 29th at 6pm:

Get to know Ebony Qualls! She was on Dance Chat with Blair Logan last weekend and will be teaching choreography at 12 Days of Bellydance on Tuesday, Dec 22 at 6pm!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Los Angeles?

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Learn to Bellydance with Laura Leyl
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Tahitian Basics with Shannon D’Souza
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Vanessa’s History-Teaching Seniors Line Dances 1991; Nubian Bootscooters 1993; Professional Disc Jockey 1998; Served 32 years as a Public School Educator

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Another Level of Line Dancing

Pieter Performance Space Pieter Performance Space
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Pieter Performance Space is an open platform for the LA dance community to exchange resources and information with each other and the broader dance world.

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