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OTF offers the only heart-rate monitored group personal training concept scientifically planned to s

Operating as usual


Will you be there? 🥳


Don't forget to stop by your home studio for new Orangetheory gear! An Orangetheory workout + gear = the best sweat ever!


What was once your All Out will someday become your Base Pace. Our “why” behind our heart rate monitor is that you get real-time results, right in front of you. And your coach uses ‘em too. They see when to pump you up harder or pull back a little. And together, over time, you use the data to feel out those faster paces, higher inclines, and increased resistance.

So, if you haven’t charged your HRM lately, this is your reminder. And if you don’t have one yet, head to the front desk to rent or purchase one. You deserve the full Orangetheory experience.


All Out Aoki is today and will definitely add to this problem...who is ready to work out?!


Successful crew row: ✔️ How great was your team?!


Achievement unlocked: 200 classes. Another achievement unlocked: INFERNO! Who is joining us for today's specialty workout? 🥵


It's not too late to pick up your transformation challenge long sleeve t-shirts! Check-in with your home studio today 🤩


Early mornings call for birthday cheers 🥳 Did you sign up for a workout on your special day?


Make sure to check out your other LA studios for fun events like this one (Mar Vista). Beyonce and Bubbly was so much fun! 🤩


Who are you matching with this Tuesday? Comment below!


We’re challenging you to team up in groups of 3 to compete in our !!

Sign up before April 9. Teams who complete the challenge will be entered into raffles for prizes 🤑


250 classes down...many more to go! What is your most recent class milestone?


Studio shirts are in! Have you picked yours up SHOAKS?


Well -- start booking your weekend classes everyone because we are going All Out for Steve Aoki starting Saturday, March 26th! Who has their class booked already?

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Happy National Puppy Day! Share photos of your puppy and tag OTF LA on Instagram for a repost 💪


Some Dri-Tri love for you...great work everyone! 🥳


Tomorrow is the day...Dri Tri is almost here! Get well-rested, eat to nourish the body, and bring lots of water. Leaderboards will be posted 💪


How lucky were you today? 🍀


Happy opening day to our Orangetheory Fitness Mar Vista location! Who is planning on checking it out sometime 🔜?


Exactly 12 years old yesterday...thank you to all of our members that have made this milestone possible! 🥰


In case you missed this on our Instagram for some important tips on stretching from Coach Jaclyn! Have you incorporated any of these? 💪




Birthday burns are the best kind of burns. Especially when there is cake after! Who else has celebrated their birthday with an Orangetheory workout? 😈


Happy March festivities...see you under the orange lights soon💪


Here is to the end of February and a thank you to all of our successful 90-minute donation-based classes like this one! 👏


Many things are different from coast to coast but we know 1 thing remains the same: Orangetheory. Have you burned in a different city? How much did you LOVE it?

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: A NEAT Approach to Weight Loss 02/22/2022

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: A NEAT Approach to Weight Loss

We are officially in week 4 of the Transformation Challenge which means we are starting to look into what we can do outside of the studio to supplement our goals! What are some tips you find that have been helping you?

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: A NEAT Approach to Weight Loss Let’s examine how we can successfully use Non-Activity Exercise Thermogenis (NEAT) for weight loss without exercise, and to burn calories and lose fat.


Today: Catch Me If You Can! The workout everyone looks forward to, of course. Here is one of our favorite tips for today's treadmill block. 🤪


Shoutout to our dedicated members...taking 100 OTF classes is not easy! What number are you on?


It's almost the end of the month which means...our deal is almost over! Refer a friend and get up to $50 off your next month! Not to mention your friend might get a new member welcome kit 🤭


Goodmorning OTF fam! Who got a new personal record on that 500M row yesterday? Put your times below 🔥


We are getting closer and is to another transformation week! Have you been keeping track?


We take birthdays very serious here...are you planning to celebrate at OTF? Let us know so we can snap a photo! 💪


Everyone has their own reason...what's yours?


Valentine’s Day might be a few days away but it’s not too early to tell that special someone how you feel... about saving up to $50 when you share your love of fitness with a friend this month!! Tag your special swolemate below!


February is Heart Month which means tomorrow we are going RED! How have your workouts at Orangetheory helped YOU do the things you love with the people you love? 😈

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Sherman Oaks's post 02/01/2022

You’re going to have GREAT days and you’re going to have some not-so-great days. What habits or routines have you established to keep yourself accountable when the initial motivation wears off? Share in the comments!


And so it begins...

Use this workout tracker to keep track of all of your transformation challenge workouts! Let's do this 💪🔥


Classes are starting to fill up and waitlists are more often than not -- in order to avoid being turned away: BOOK IN ADVANCE on our app 🔥


It's almost that time...SIGN UP NOW for the 8 week challenge and lets get it started 💪


Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are the results from our Saturday's 200M row! 🔥


Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”
The Orangetheory community is well known for taking action, so we’re using this day as a day on, not a day off.

Our challenge right now is to Momentum Shift up and put in work to bridge the gap in equity with more action and more opportunities for all!


This is for today's 200M row! How did you do? 💪


8-Week Challenge is HERE and sign up have STARTED! Contact your home studio to ensure you're part of the fun. Plus -- who doesn't love a nice long sleeve t-shirt?


Sign up at your home studio TODAY and start off 2022 with a transformation challenge! 🔥


Happy Monday everyone! Starting the week off with a workout is one of the best feelings. Who else agrees?


There is a first for everything! Who else remembers their first splat point? 🔥


Join us for the 8-Week Transformation Challenge beginning January 31st! For only $35, we’ll give you everything you need to make changes to your muscle mass and body fat percentage. But first, if you want a fast track to life-changing results, there’s only 1 thing left to do… Show up for you in ’22. Register now!

Here’s What Happens to Your Brain Before Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness 01/05/2022

Here’s What Happens to Your Brain Before Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness

Who else felt nervous before their first class? Because honestly, most people feel the same … which is why you should tag a newbie friend so they can read this article and make them not feel so insane!

Here’s What Happens to Your Brain Before Your First Orangetheory Class | Orangetheory Fitness Whether you’re signing up for class one or 100, every Orangetheory member has at some point in time walked into the orange-lit studio and not known how to strap on their OTbeat™, fasten their feet into the rower or set their Base Pace on the treadmill.


Who has a family member or friend that would crush their first Orangetheory workout? Bring them in and start 2022 with the best workout in the nation!

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