Air gunning

This page is for new air gunners and experience air gunners who can help answer questions

Operating as usual


Wow under $250.00 and really good group at 100 yards


I would like to say a big that you to everyone for following the this page. It's because of all of you sharing your adventures and lessons learned and let's not forget helping others from every where that this page is over 2000 and still growing, please continue to help our fellow Air Gunners to to have safe airguns, fun and hunts


Looking forward to your tests I'm thinking of buying one

New Product from Maple Products: 3D printed Notos mags!!!
Single round fast load, 7, 10 and a whopping 15 😎. Looking forward to testing these in mine!


I would like to say welcome to the new page followers. You can ask any questions here, there's many years of experience air gunners on this page who can answer your questions. Thank you for joining us


Hi can someone help me find a better breakdown drawing showing where all these o rings go thanks

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Nothing like a Sunday morning Target practice with my shooting buddies and then see who can shoot the tights group at 140 yards I didn't do well but being with my shooting buddies is more important anyway


I would like to say thank you to everyone who has liked my page This page is for everyone who likes airguns and wants to learn about them and for the experience airgunners who can help others learn and share their experiences with everyone. Thank you again to everyone one

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Yes my 25 my Carm Custom Magazine is here


I've just reached 300 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


Yup I have been bit by the field target bug

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Today my shooting buddy and I went to the Sacramento valley Field Target Club and meet a bunch of really good guys who took time to talk with us on how field Target works and the rules what a fantastic morning it was We are planning on going next year and shoot there


I've just reached 200 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


Watch out for this scam I have not my card in many years so do not contact them
The EDD uses mail service


Today I shot a Gamo Swarm Gen2 10X in 177
I shot the pellets that I had this is my first time shooting this Gamo since my shooting buddy passed from Covid months ago I take it with me when we get together at the range he is missed The H&N Barracuda hunter extreme and the Gamo hunter did the best I need more practice but I'll get better


Umarex strike point I shot 8 different pellets this evening with the Umarex strike point check out the video on YouTube airgunner03
Thank you for going and checking out the video


A great big Thank You to Gate Way To Airguns for following my little page Please check them out they are the best source of airgun information there is so Check them out on the internet and other media sources


So my client is a coyote hunter and he is getting along in his age so he gave me his old pellet guns A 1923 crossman 22 and 2 Benjamin 1- 177 and 1- 22 1976 and 1977
I am honored that he gave me these treasures


Hello everyone I hope all of you are doing well I would like to take this time and say thank you to everyone that has liked my page and I hope to have a new post about the Idaho airguns and outdoors Slugs soon


My buddies range


Tha new Hajimoto production 22 magazine is in and I'm looking forward to shooting the terminators with it


Yes new slugs from Idaho airguns and outdoors Gen 2 they have a flatter trajectory and better BC I'm looking forward to shooting them

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Idaho Airguns and Outdoors 19 Gr Slugs are very accurate 838FPS 55 yards 4 in one hole 1 pulled
Hand made by Idaho airguns and outdoors


She's as excited as I am Air Venturi Avenger bullpup in 22 we already have [2] 25s that we shot also we have new Slugs from Idaho airguns and outdoors a BIG thank you to him for the Slugs


Ok ok ok so I have Slugs not the bug kind neither the lead kind so where did I get them well I got these from Idaho Airguns and Outdoors I bought a sample pack of 25 caliber and tins of 22 caliber for the new Avenger bullpup which I am still waiting for


I would like to say thank to the new followers who are respected in the airgun community
Welcome and feel free to share your knowledge


So I finally got to shoot Gauntlet Gen2 in 25 today, shooting the JSB 25.39 @956 FPS at 65 yards with a good group of 8 shots in 1 inch group The trigger is easy the grip is feels good it shoots better being held tight to the shoulder than loosely The bolt action is very difficult to use very stiff I don't like it but with more usage I'm sure it will be more easier to use. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5

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Yes I got my hands on a umarex gauntlet 2 in a 25 caliber I will be doing my own testing and hunt with it soon

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