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Kenzen Shiatsu and Dojo, under the direction of Mel Saroyan, promotes health and well being with Hakkoryu Koho Shiatsu and traditional Japanese jujutsu.

Operating as usual

A quick visit to nature to reset the nervous system. It worked like a charm. Thanks to @hilmaphotography for her adventurous spirit and her amazing RV. @achkhen and Talin, you were missed. ❤️
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日本武芸司護身道八光流柔術 総本部

This is the beloved Hakkoryu mother dojo in Japan. I’m so heartened to see it back in operation. ♥️

Training in Hakkoryu's Honbu
I'm practicing in spite of what happened in Corona, but I'm doing fine.

It’s not a surprise to me to see this.

Every day, I see people who come in with complaints about their body parts hurting because of some sort of repetitive movement. Part of formal exercise is to counteract the repetitive motions of everyday life by strengthening the parts of our bodies that don’t participate in our daily motions. If we don’t do this, then the body simply forgets those unused joints/muscles/movements in order to better serve the ones we do use. Those unused components of our bodies become weak and achy, but since we don’t know how to use them we keep strengthening the parts we do know how to use. Thus, perpetuating the atrophy that is already happening. Basically, if you don’t use it, you lose it.
Take as an example our constant use of smartphones. Continuous texting and scrolling will cause the clenched hand to get tired and over-worked. But what do we do? We take a stress ball and do more crunching and clenching. Instead we should be using resistance bands to EXTEND our fingers, to strengthen those extensors, and give our hand flexors a break.
When you book a session with me, you get world-class bodywork, PLUS personalized maintenance advice such as this. Book online at www.kenzenbody.com.

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In these times of isolation, touch is more important than ever. Call or text 818.254.9209

Rest and recuperation in the Pacific Northwest. We have a beautiful country. We need to value this land and preserve it as well as we can.

P.S. The lack of visibility is not die to fog. It’s the result of the smoke from the fires having traveled all the way up to Washington State.

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COVID-19 Is Transmitted Through Aerosols. We Have Enough Evidence, Now It Is Time to Act.

This article is, by far, the best I have seen in these past months, explaining the transmissibility of COVID-19. Please take time to read and educate yourself, so you don’t chase ghosts, and reduce your anxiety about how the disease is transmitted.

time.com Aerosols are more important when it comes to transmitting COVID-19 than we thought six months ago—and we need to act accordingly.

Is this heat getting to you the way it’s getting to me? 🥵You can come for a treatment early AM or late PM. You just have to arrange it with me.
Text me: 818-254-9209


No big story here. No big advice. I just wanted to share with you uplifting images of two humans on the two ends of the age spectrum. We don’t know what these humans’ health histories are, but I know one thing: Vitality comes across in our most honest facial expressions. I may not know if these two are completely healthy, but I can tell you that their smiles convey a real sense of well-being.
I get this a lot in my line of work. People come to me with labored smiles, just to muster up the energy to say hello, but they leave my table with honest, radiant smiles. And when you smile honestly on the outside, your inside smiles the same way. That’s the crux of a healthy life.
Seek out and pursue things that make you smile like this.
📌Book your next session at www.kenzenbody.com

I’ve had so many clients that have come to me with their MRI stories about bulging discs. Every time I hear someone talk about it, it’s with this hopelessness that this terrible thing that the doctors have found is going to just get worse, it will be irreversible, and it will eventually require surgery. I’m here to tell you that disc disorders and injuries are not death sentences, and in fact, in many cases they are self correcting. About 20% of the population above 40 will at some point experience disc issues, but just like anything else in the body, lowering overall inflammation will help the body to self-correct the problem. To reduce inflammation, we must reduce sugars and starches, eat “cooling” foods, and increase activity.
Manual and physical therapy can do wonders in correcting postural problems that can lead to bulging disc issues. For example, in the above MRI, the person may have a large belly that forces the lumbar curve (lordosis) to angle downward, forcing the sacrum to float up and push against the dorsal edges of the lumbar vertebrae. Retraining core muscles to hold the gut up, while creating more mobility in the spine, can easily create the right conditions for the discs to correct themselves.
Book your next session at 📣www.kenzenbody.com📣

Sometimes life is so convoluted, we forget to ask the most basic questions.

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Go ahead. Take a break. You won’t forget the bookmark where you left off worrying
about a million things.

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The kinds of things that make me want to keep going... ♥️

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I really love this diagram. It really makes it clear how amazing and deep people’s emotions and consciousness are. #bodywork is one of the ways to go below the surface and do some exploring.

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Haptic Perception: The ability to grasp shape, contour, thickness, density, weight, texture, pulse via touch. The touch can be attributed to any part of the body. In completely able human beings, the fingers/ hands and the tongue are the most haptically advanced organs. But other areas can take over and become stronger if we use those parts of the body intelligently. So, blind people have a stronger haptic perception in their fingertips, and people who have no arms and use their feet and toes instead, will develop this ability in their toes.

A good therapist, one who is deemed a “healer” by others, is not a magician. That word takes away from the fact that they have spent countless hours of painstaking work to hone their senses and gain valuable hapatic experience in their fingers. Good therapists can sense and palpate intricate details in the body in the same way a dog can hear high pitches or smell imperceptible scents. They have grown far beyond the normal perception range.

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If we get stuck thinking that our current situation is our forever situation, we will lose sight of the most important lesson from this life.
Everything changes.
The body signals pain to bring our attention to what needs to change. Bodywork, exercise and learning are the top three ways to encourage healthy change in your body.
Let me help: kenzenbody.com
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I'm so happy to tell you that I'll be back in operation starting tomorrow 6/23. I re-open my studio with optimism but also with extreme caution and attention to detail. My main priority is health for you and me, and I've taken several measures to ensure a sanitary environment for us all. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you're ready to join me.
Mel Saroyan
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I took a livestream dissection class with the good folks at @anatomytrainsofficial and I had no idea what awaited me at the end of the process. It was an experience I cannot really put in words. I was pinned down in front of my computer for 4 days/16 hours, and in those four days my mind expanded, my heart felt new levels of compassion, and my body felt the true meaning of mortality. It was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. I know in my heart that my work will be forever informed by the wealth of information I gained in this course. I’m so happy I made myself do this in the middle of this lockdown. I can’t wait to connect the dots with my hands and my intuition.

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COVID-19-Related Coagulopathy

Very interesting article about COVID-19 being more of a blood disease than a pulmonary one. It explains a lot.

abmp.com Picture this: A person infected with SARS-CoV-2 is making blood clots. Gazillions of them. All over their body. Some are tiny, blocking the capillary supply to the skin and organs. Others are big enough to cause heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolism.

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In this video, i talk about what you need to do as a good martial arts training partner to protect yourself in the dojo. Too often, we allow our training partners in jujutsu to take our joints to their limits. This is not only an unrealistic situation in the real world (no one would let you hurt them that badly without fighting back), but it is also detrimental to the longevity and health of your joints.
I offer private lessons in my studio in Los Angeles. Reach out to find out more.
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This is one of the best conversations I've heard in these past two months regarding COVID-19. The virus is part of the big picture of living on this earth. It is not new, it is not separate, it is not trying consciously to kill us all. Take the time to listen and learn. And then start living...

youtube.com DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’...

Shuto Jime #hakkoryu #jujustsu. The form is easy to teach and learn, but to apply it with skill takes years of exploration and practice. Knowing your own body is key to deep understanding.

I offer private lessons in my studio in Los Angeles. Reach out if you feel like learning a new skill and improving your body.

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Expect nothing, expect everything. This is true in martial arts, as well as life as a whole. The more you resist, the harder life gets.

Enjoy this short lesson on #tekagami, one of the first techniques taught when #shodan (first degree) students begin their practice in #hakkoryu #jujustsu. The form is easy to teach and learn, but to apply it with skill takes years of exploration and practice. Knowing your own body is key to deep understanding.
I offer private lessons in my studio in Los Angeles. Reach out if you feel like learning a new skill and improving your body.
Thanks to Nelly for playing along. ♥️
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IJF - International Judo Federation

What a beautiful performance! When the skills are that closely matched, the difference shown in focus and attention span.

Let's relive this epic battle between these two Japanese warriors! Maruyama vs Hifumi 🇯🇵🏯

Who did you support at the 2019 World Championships in Tokyo?

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In #shiatsu, precise and sustained finger pressure on the surface of the scalp and face brings balance to the entire body by encouraging energy flow in our meridian lines, most of which run through the structures of the head and face.
However, deeper structures of the head, especially the encasement lining the brain and the spinal cord, do not respond well to hard pressure. #CraniosacralTherapy, which requires a touch as light as 5 grams or less (think the weight of a nickel), allows access through the connective tissues in the sutures of the skull to what lies beneath. With light touch it is possible to release tension that is trapped deep within the head. This is why Craniosacral therapy seems to work “miracles” with headaches and various other head injuries.
The irony that I’m trying to point out here is that 🄳🄴🄴🄿 🅃🄾🅄🄲🄷 addresses the superficial structures of the head, while 🅂🅄🄿🄴🅁🄵🄸🄲🄸🄰🄻 🅃🄾🅄🄲🄷 addresses deep structures. Neither is superior to the other, but educated and informed touch in both methods can bring lasting relief and change.
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These are some strange times we live in. But this is probably the only chance we will have in our lifetime to simply stay home (guilt free) and take care of our needs.
Take this unique opportunity to recharge your mind, and daydream about what you’d want to do if life presented you with new possibilities at the end of this quarantine period. Most of us will likely go right back to what we were doing before, but if we are smart enough to take advantage of this break, we can come out of this a little more familiar with ourselves, and a little more confident about how we want to lead the rest of our lives.
I miss my bodywork clients very much. I miss working and communicating with people through my touch, and I can’t wait to see you again in my treatment room.
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Do you know what’s the best way to fight Covid-19? Having a good immune system. Do you know one of the major ways you can put your immune system at risk? By being under constant STRESS.
Listening to or reading non-stop news, stewing in anger, writing loud responses on social media, and arguing with people to prove them wrong are not good ways to stay ahead of this thing.
Meditating, staying centered in yourself, exercising, eating right and taking measures to stay on top of your hygiene are the things that will carry you through these difficult times.
Bodywork is a PROVEN method of bringing down your stress to manageable levels, which will greatly increase your natural ability to fight disease.
🌐 Book your next self-healing at: www.kenzenbody.com

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I had a great time learning a new approach to soft tissue therapy. Thanks to @functionalrangerelease for a great seminar! The content was challenging, and our instructor @drmchivers had an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body. The best part, for me, is that I can start implementing the skills today, as everything I learned falls right into place with my existing work. I’m excited and inspired! 🙌🏼



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