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We are casting PAID featured background extras to work out in an episode of Jillian Michaels new fitness show for $100 in the LA area!

We thought this might be something fun for your clients or staff.
Casted extras will work out with the contestant trainers as they put their innovative workouts to the test to impress host and judge, Jillian Michaels, to be the next fitness phenomenon!

The contestant trainers will guide them through different workouts that he/she has created. They do NOT need to be in great shape for this, but MUST be willing to work out.

Email [email protected] to apply!!

By appointment only

Operating as usual



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Female muscle…too much muscle for you?! Tehehehe 😉🫦💋

Let’s put this debate to rest…


It’s a mood…

head down


shut out the world

in my zone


💪🏼 intimated or inspired?




Left 2015….Right 2022

Sometimes we need to be reminded how far we’ve come! 😉🙌🏼

I’ve been working on something special for my 2023 season!…STAY TUNED!!

I don’t quit…EVER!


Ohhh…is it …hair flip kinda day…feeling sassy💋👠🦂

Just over 10 weeks to the stage…


Since I’ve recently been asked…

No…I’m NOT 36-24-36. Although, I was at one point in my life. It was a fun look & deemed ideal for a woman by society. How archaic! Well, you all know how I feel about “fitting in”. I’m NOT into mediocre. No blending for this woman. I’ve worked very hard to be 41-29-41 (measurements taken not flexed) In my category, the “X” shape is imperative. Let’s see how exaggerated I can make this shape in the next 10 weeks.


Tuesday feels…


Hmmmm…what did I train today? Any guesses?





Betcha can’t guess what I’m thinking…😉💄💋❤️‍🔥


I’ve always loved playing with 🔥🫦

A lil


Story time: Heck yeah…I’ve been in the game for a very long time. I began competing in the bodybuilding category in 1998. That girl on the left had a LOT to learn. Competing was very different back then. I competed as a bodybuilder until 2004 & was a national level competitor. I stepped away from it at that point, shrank my body back down & had let go of my desire to become a Pro. I had let go of something that I was clinging to very tightly for years.

Who knew that 11 years later, I would begin competition again…this time in the Figure category. Again, I became a national level competitor. The judges wanted me to switch to Women’s Physique to turn Pro. Well, as many of you know, I am a stubborn little sucker. I kept trying! I FINALLY decided to switch to Women’s Physique and BOOM…your girl became a Pro!

Over the years, I have won more titles than I can count. I’ve also had a lot of losses along the way. You have to know how to take an “L”…or several to get the WIN. We fail upward. We learn…we grow!

It’s crazy how life works some times. When something is meant for you, NOTHING can stop it! I let go of a dream many years ago & now I’m living that dream! I became a Pro in a much more meaning & epic fashion than I could have ever imagined.

Next goal…qualify & compete at the Olympia! Let’s get it!




🤍Being both soft & strong is combination very few have mastered.


Laser focused! When I set a goal, I will crawl through broken glass to achieve it!


A gaze might make you feel all the feels…

there is a piercing element to that mystical gaze in the eyes. Piercing right through your soul with just one glance.


Loyalty is unwavering commitment to the people and ideals we care about. We are steadfast through good times and bad. Even when others disappoint us, we are resilient and forgiving. We invest in our relationships and do what it takes to keep them whole and strong. We stand by our true friends whatever the cost. We don’t allow blind loyalty to lead us into trouble. Above all, we must be true to ourselves and loyal to what we know is right.

👚Loyalty First!

Another reason that I love representing is because the brand is right in line with mine. We speak the same language. Unfortunately, true loyalty in today’s world has become scarce at best.

I surround & associate myself with those that are bankable…those that show up…those that demonstrate unwavering support…those that take action to back up their words. The rest are quickly removed from my life. I simply don’t have time for it.

& demonstrate this way of thinking. My tribe!☠️🤘🏼

How important is loyalty to you?



A woman who masters the energetics of DESIRE can have anything she wants…


She’s a combination of sensual & savage ~ 🫦Scorpio woman👠


Did ya miss me?! The raw version of me. I am always 100% real. It’s been my platform to show you the raw reality of life as an athlete. At times, I step away from social media to stay grounded & focused. I like to work in silence…away from the crowds. This past improvement season was quite different for me. I took a slightly different approach. We’ll see if it was the right play. Many will try to glamorize their path…post nothing but edited pictures…misinformation & the highlight reel of their life. Aiways seeking attention. Attention for what?! What have you actually accomplished? Most often, it’s complete BS. So many of the “so called” influencers have never done anything of note & try to create this fake reality. I see it a ton at a Gold’s (TheMecca) for example, girls that look in shape on their social media page and completely out of shape in actual life. These people are claiming to be knowledgeable fitness professionals & are nothing but posers. When will this madness end?! Good Lord! ☝🏼 Beware of the “posers”!

The Mecca is filled with the BEST from around the world. Guess what…you won’t see these individuals too much. (Too busy making actual things happen in life) They are not LOUD & seeking validation. Often, this type of attention is off putting to those that are truly WINNING in life. The validation is simply not required. Instead, the focus is on elevating to your best version and that ADDS value to other’s lives.

Well…this is me…16 weeks out from the stage. I’m battling being sick & hopefully will be back to 100% by tomorrow!

I will do my best to start posting about the details of my prep this season. Tips, hacks & some raw training coming your way.

I will crawl through broken glass to reach the goals I have in place for 2023!

Walk into the 🔥

Photos from Pilates Studio West's post 06/06/2023

Does my strong muscular physique intimidate you? Sorry…not sorry!

“A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience.” ~ Naomi Wolf

I refuse to feed into such nonsense! Female obedience…bwahaha. Societal norms…please…🤣 Not my style! Ladies…who’s with me? Set a different standard…






“Be confident in the skin you are in, because that is the only body you will ever have, the only place that will ever be solely yours... You can be beautiful in your own way.” ~Deejae Harper


Shows are won from the back…
this was my back in April 2022. We’ll see if my lengthy improvement season was affective in the next 19 weeks. 🙌🏼

Photos from Pilates Studio West's post 05/05/2023


Photos from Pilates Studio West's post 04/16/2023

Just Me 😉


178.4 lbs




I’m constantly analyzing every part of my physique. It’s very necessary in this sport. I tend to take the less traveled long road to many of my endeavors. No need to rush the process. Trust it! Consistent, focused, hard work will always produce the results desired.

No need to worry about everyone that wants to skip some steps along the way. The physique will always tell the story!


May you glow for a lifetime!

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What a great memory! The Post Dispatch in St. Louis. Monday, May 14th, 2001. Won the Novice Heavyweight title at The Caveman Classic. I was 23. I’ve been in the game for a minute😉. I was winning titles while most of my competition was in diapers. This show was in an actual cave & very close to my ♥️.

Now, I’m busting my butt to qualify for the Olympia. Sometimes life takes crazy twists & turns. Enjoy every moment!

P.S. To those that said I would never do well in bodybuilding, thank you! You only fueled my 🔥!!! Don’t WVER let anyone tell you that you can’t do something in this life. Go F’ing get it.🙌🏼


There are no words that can encapsulate a lifetime of experiences…the work…the ups & downs…the defeats…the accomplishments. In most cases, words are unnecessary. The story can unfold through artistic expression…whatever your medium…EXPOSE THE DEPTH OF YOUR SOUL…INTENSE…MAGICAL…

📸 .york.official


Begin the week with a big smile!! 😁☺️


Heading into this week like…




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