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Let Us Slay


"Oh you brand new, huh?"

Actually, yes. Yes the f*ck I am brand new. Now bye!

Level up so hard...

Have you checked out my lifestyle blog Let Us Slay

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I cracked the life code and got the formula
From the streets to the suites!!!

Check out my journey from being a potential statistic in a low-income upbringing to paving my own path to success!!!!
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Slay Life Coaching helps black women from a variety of backgrounds push through life's obstacles, including those that are self-imposed. Welcome to your ONE stop shop for FREE beauty advice, affordable services and retail all natural spa products, customized just for YOU based on your lifestyle and personal professional analysis, provided by yours truly...Jae Elise.

Operating as usual



…I’ve decided to close @slaylifecoaching and will be rebranding in the coming months for new and improved lifestyle coaching with our new brand, The Hustler’s Homegirl.

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported Slay Life since our opening!

Stick with us as we transition to bring you ever more life tools for success!!!

Our page will be changing in the coming weeks, so bare with us and we prepare for this next level in our journey!

Stay tuned…The Hustler’s Homegirl is loading 🌸💚🌺


Me vs Me ✨

I’m the only one I need to outdo 😉

Stop comparing yourself, it’s not a competition to win against others.


You don’t know what you DON’T KNOW and if you don’t know YOU…

…feel me?

So who’s ready for these coaching modules? Raise hand 🤚


The key to remaining youthful is YOU ✨

There’s 2 kinds people in this world:

Those who watch others succeed and those who ARE the successful.

Are you going to keep watching life go by, while you remain lost and/or unhappy? Perhaps even afraid to take control?

Don’t you worry! Your favorite life coach has a new approach to help you out Gang!

Stay tuned for our super affordable coaching modules - available next month!


“How to live your best life like a baddie” - a lesson from ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Y’all listening?!?!

Ok Gang, updates! So I’ve had to take down the CBD store due to cannabis regs (no worries, I have even MORE available at @zynwellness) 😉

But, no worries!!! We can get back to focusing on what’s most important - YOU!!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from some of you so expect an email from me soon!

Newcomers, welcome to Slay Life Coaching - a Black girl SAFE coaching space!

I coach Black women on how to find their purpose and live their best lives, OUR WAY 🤎🙌🏾👑

Y’all been quiet lately! Make some noise let me know you’re still around catching these jewels!!!

Get loud in the comments! Hey gang!!!!

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Not a slave to my designer, I look good in anything…

Remember, YOU are the sauce 💕

Before it was cool to blow money on designer bags, before poppin an LV tag - I had what I had and I rocked it!

A friendly reminder to “make the money, don’t let it make you.”

Happy Sunday Gang 💕


Show some love in the comments if Coach Jae has ever encouraged you to live your best life! 🙌🏾👑

Happy SaturSLAY Gang! 💕

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Me kickin sh*t to the curb with joy 😌

It’s getting easier to remove things, people and situations from my life that no longer serve me.

Even if I try to entertain it, spirit be like AHT AHT!!!

Don’t be afraid to make room for all the things you have been praying for - remove the blocks and allow manifesting to happen!

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 08/04/2021

Imma turn up on a hater EVERY CHANCE THAT I GET 😌

This is your reminder that you don’t need a reason to SHINE on a bitch! ✨Spicy den a MF just cuz I feel like it today 🔥

Boost my OWN esteem 😘

Happy Tuesday ❤️


Meet me in the middle, sis 💕

Have you started your coaching program and didn’t finish it to the end?

No need to hide your face nor beat yourself up, sis! We are all on individual journeys with different processes, so if you have dropped the ball - simply pick it back up and let’s get you going again!

Remember, I can only help you as much as you are willing to help you 💕💕💕

Hope to talk soon! or


Turning my back on all things that no longer serve me…

Leaving behind self doubt!

Leaving behind procrastination!

Leaving behind fake friends!

Leaving behind bad eating habits!

Leaving behind FEAR!

Leaving behind ANXIETY!!!!

Come on somebody!!!!

I refuse to move forward with anything or anybody that does not fit into my purpose!!!

What y’all leaving behind today?



The signs that you’re on the right path are in front of you…

…just open your eyes 🙌🏾

Learn the voice of your intuition. You NEED it to guide you in the right direction.

Asking yourself, “how do I find my intuition?”

Go to my profile, click the link, book a FREE session 😌😉

Happy Sunday Gang 🤎

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 07/30/2021

Stop and smell the flowers 🌺 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺

Or so they say 😉

When you see this, tell me something amazing about your day ✨




Some stuff is just ours 😂

How would y’all define, BLOOP?


Every. Single. Day.

You are the biggest factor in the contribution of love to yourself.

It is up to YOU and no one else ❤️

And guess what, it is possible to be a mom, wife, caretaker snd all of these things and STILL choose YOU!

Choosing you does not mean you can’t be what you need to be for your family, job, etc. It just means you are choosing to only allow the best in your life on YOUR terms.

We don’t tolerate disrespect!
We don’t toloerate belittling!

We only tolerate that to which we set forth ✨💕

Y’all ready for these coaching modules? 👀

Let’s go!


Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?


I had to fight my demons to get to where I am now…

And I WON!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

The lives of Black women have historically been traumatic - hell the whole idea of a STRONG BLACK WOMAN is that we are of some superhuman existence that keeps us from feeling and processing emotions ALL BECAUSE we have to save face for the MF world?!?!


I escaped my traumas to get to a place where I can now help YOU escape yours.

Disclaimer: this work ain’t easy and you have to be consistent to get it done. It’s a journey. Sometimes we need a break, and that is fine too. But know, this is the work of you life. YOU 💕

Are you willing to work for your best life?

Consults are FREE 🙌🏾

Let’s get it!


Read it. Read it again. Let it sink in.

Join me at 1pm PT / 3pm ET on LIVE today as I talk about transforming your words and thoughts in your manifestations.

I’m coming for y’all today!!!

I’m gon help you get out of that rut sis!

All you have to do is tune in and catch some of the energy!

Drop a 🤍 if you’ll be there!!!!

Turn on your post notifications to remind you!


It’s virtual workshop time! 😁

Alright ladies!!! Your is BACK and we are kicking things off with our first workshop of the season - “How to Find Your Smile” 🤍

This workshop will include a special guest speaker, mental health resources, coaching discounts, free session & product giveaways and MORE!

Registration opens up this Saturday and we are holding 15 slots!!!

Subscribers, check your emails later tonight for more details and EXCLUSIVE subscriber only pre-purchase tickets AND discounts!

The time to take control of your happiness is NOW.

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 07/20/2021

First we take they order at the coffee shop 🌸💚🦋🦄🌻🍊🌺

With boundaries of course 😌

Are you able to communicate the boundaries you have set?

What’s the use if you don’t hold yourself and others to the standards you set?!?

For me, I require people to ask me “are your ok to listen to me vent” before unleashing their sh*t on me. It’s a boundary I am so proud of enforcing and I get more confident in doing so each day! 💖

So what boundaries have you set?

What boundaries do you want to set?

Start the work in the comments sis!!!

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 07/19/2021

I only stop for things that impress me 😘

Adding a lil dazzle dazzle to your afternoon ☀️

How y’all feeling today?


My edges on fleek today 🙃

What’s your lookin like?

Don’t be shy, I wanna know!!! Spread the love 💕

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 07/18/2021

When you ARE the light, you simply can’t help but to shine baby 💡🔦🕯🚦🔆⚡️☀️🕶

It’s your job to!

Had to remind myself who the hell I am today!!!

🗣 Imma turn up on a hater every chance that I get 😌

Happy Sunday Gang!

Photos from Let Us Slay's post 07/18/2021

🗣 Alexa play Babymama Coochie by @saweetie n nem 😜

Now I need a grill and a gold cuban set 😌

Black Girl REALNESS all up and down ya feed today!

Funny thing is I only put these Bantu knots in to keep my wave pattern but now I don’t wanna take them out 😝

Happy SaturSLAY Gang!


In my @theestallion voice 🗣 REAL BLACK GIRL SH*T 😌

Count the textures, it’s magic! 👑

Happy Saturday Queens!

Whether braids, natural, loc’d, sewn in, wigged up, bald, or relaxed - SHINE BABY!!!!

- Coach Jae aka Coach Baby HURR DONT CURR 🙃

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