The Bike Oven

The Bike Oven


Hey, just a friendly reminder that the bike kitchen is doubling your donation until the end of the month. If you already have donated. Thank you and if you haven't, could you please consider donating.
Announcement: Bike Kitchen to match $1K donation to The Bike Oven GoFundMe. We're asking YOU to help match donations to keep our sister co-op healthy and serving the community via the donation link here:
omg there is a bike lane in front of the oven! Well other side of the street. Real ones. ha
Let me know what I (with my limited skill set) can do to help.
Anyone know of groups/orgs that host bike rides/ bike nights that are womxn centered/ led?
Join the Bicycle Kitchen Online Shift, happening via Zoom, where we share bike repair and maintenance guidance, answer bike questions, and generally hang out with fellow bicyclists and bike mechanically minded folks.
Did Bike Oven close down?
Are you guys still operating?

The Bike Oven is a volunteer operated Co-Op in North-East L.A. The Bike Oven is a Bicycle repair and Bicycling education center serving the North-East L.A.

community and more. We provide tools and guide you through the repair for a suggested donation of $10 an hour plus parts for stand time. Come check out the space and learn to fix your bike.

Operating as usual

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Seriously please come take these tiny fixies please please please we don't want em

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We got a bunch of these leftover FIXED GEARS from last night's event. Come thru and pick one up! Could be a fun project. Definitely not for kids!!


Today's group of volunteers at the Hollywood CicLAvia] bike repair both.
Was amazing to say the least thanks to @bicicocina and CicLAvia] for your support in getting us a both and the Bike Oven Volunteers


The oven is CLOSED today (Sunday) but you can catch us at @ciclavia all day today at Hollywood / Western, we'll be hanging out and fixing flats. Come thruuuuuuu!


Mini Slayers


The court is all set up for beginners bike polo right now at Glassel Park in conjunction with the Summer Night Lights program.


Come out and bring the kids to
Summer night lights at glassell Park recreation.

Bike Polo Camp every Friday from 7pm-11

Learn the sport and rules.


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FOR SALE: recently tuned up Retrospec Harper fixed gear bike, ready to ride! Features a rear flip-flop hub that will allow you to ride true fixed gear or free wheel. We've installed and calibrated a fresh front brake on it, too.

Definitely a larger frame size - I'd say either L or XL? I'm 6'2" and it fit fine.

Come thru and take a look!

#90065 #90042


The Bike Oven will be hosting a youth bike polo and bike repair clinic.

Every other Friday starting July 29th
in conjunction With @snlglassellpark

Bring your bike to learn how to fix your bikes with the Bakers from the bike oven.

At the end of the program we will be giving away bicycles to the kids that participated.

From 7-11pm
Glassell Park rec
3650 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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The Bike Ovens Tuesday's shift crew!
Come through.. every Tuesday from


Come on down we are open every Saturday from 12-5.



Feeder ride leaving bright and early!



reer Day

up 800am

out 815am












by Metro

, July 10, 2022

, 10 de julio 2022



We're closed today (7/4), reopening tomorrow for normal hours (5pm-9pm). Ride safe y'all!!!!!



Bike Oven

JULY 2 Meetup: 6:00PM 3706 Figueroa Roll Out: 6:30PM Los Angeles, CA

Photos from The Bike Oven's post 06/25/2022

The new bakers on the block.


New hour's


New hours!

Monday 5pm- 9
Tuesday 5pm-9
Wednesday 5pm-9

Saturday 12pm-5
Sunday 12pm-5

We're baking now!

The Bike Oven updated their business hours. 06/25/2022

The Bike Oven updated their business hours.

The Bike Oven updated their business hours.


Thank you @linusbike for your donations.
Contributions like this help support the space.


It was the summer of 2022. Our monthly meeting had come to an end. What was supposed to be a one-hour meeting turned into a 3-hour get together. How time flies when you're baked!

"Come get Baked at the Oven"

Learn to fix your bicycle, give back to the community become a volunteer.

Meet the new bakers at the Oven.

@ Michael Chavez


Este sábado en vivo!

El ruido del Norte

con Los tucanes de ya párale quiero dormir.

No trabajan y no dejan trabajar.

No Quiero llamarle la policía pero si no se callan los callo!

Solamente este sábado.

Para la chusma!!


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Things are starting to get baked over here at the Bike Oven.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer please check out our website and fill out the volunteer sign up form.

Also our monthly meeting is coming up.
Mark your calendar Monday June 6th at 6:30pm

Come meet the Bakers at the bike oven co-op and get Baked!

The Bike Oven updated their information in their About section. 05/13/2022

The Bike Oven updated their information in their About section.

The Bike Oven updated their information in their About section.


The amazing group of friends and volunteers at the @bicicocina

At @solidarityandsnacks fundraiser.

This is what we strive for here at the bike oven. Creating Cutler through bicycles and making friends along the way.


New sign who dis?
Thanks to @213signs the crisp resolution on that. Hand-painted signage work.

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The Bike oven is about to have its first cargo bike. And introduce our cargo bike program. This bike will be available to check out for free at the oven. The bike oven wants to give you the option of running errands, and taking the scenic route via cargo bike.

Let's build it together!
Get involved at the Oven for an opportunity to learn how to build this cargo bike.

Follow the link in bio to our website and fill out the volunteer form.


Friday night, volunteers night clearing and organizing the shop for this weekend.

Reminds you to please put your tools away!

It's hard to find that chingadera when you need it!


little fu***ng thing over there, esp. inanimate object. spanish slang.

Hand me that chingalera over there.

Photos from The Bike Oven's post 04/15/2022

Cargo bike coming soon to the bike oven.

This is going to be the first of many cargo bikes that we will have available to check out and borrow. Go do your laundry shopping. Have a picnic and carry your dog, cats, children, even another bicycle.



It's the return of the Spoke(n) Art ride!! We slow roll to multiple local galleries, see a Mariachi band, visit food trucks and more!

Bring a working bike with charged lights and your own flat repair.

Meet at Greayer's Oak Park (across the street) at 5PM
Roll at 6PM


A bike polo picnic.

Date: March 19th

1501 E 41st St, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Format of play: pick up, no contact, keep 6 ft apart

A going away gathering for our dearest volunteer Olson Aviles and Bike Oven founder.

Please come out to hang out and check out the game.

You're looking to encourage new players and introduce a bike polo club to Northeast LA in the coming year.

The Bike Oven updated their website address. 03/09/2022

The Bike Oven updated their website address.

The Bike Oven updated their website address.


Hey all, thanks to Harris Rashid, we now have a couple URLs working: and


We want to thank the bicycle kitchen for extending this offer and matching up to a $1000 for the bike oven. We we're happy with the paint now this!? You guys are the best!


Another bike ride for the masses.
It's all about the cheese, The Ride!

Join us February 26th, 12pm at the Bike Oven at we set course to Pasadena stoping at all cute and beautiful parks.
Sound Bath and food at the end of the ride.

Bring your favorite block of cheese and friend.

Come one come all!
You must identify as a block of cheese to participate.


We get technology. Follow our Twitter account.


Mano de obra, Today we provide 6 bicycles to the local day labor workforce.

Bike Oven 2.0
"Se Habla Bicicleta"

Thanks again to all the volunteers that help make this happen.


This Saturday January 29th. The bike oven presents

The Putts Ride.

Get your bikes ready for a bike ride through North East LA as we kick off the new year with a chill evening with friends and family.

Come one come all!

Flyer done by our talented volunteer

Thanks Davis


It's official guys, just sent out our first membership for stand time.
$100 for the year!

If you would like to purchase a membership for stand time at the oven.

Please reach out to
Steve Campos current Director ejecutivo at
[email protected]

Photos from The Bike Oven's post 12/24/2021

It was truly amazing seeing old faces and meeting some new ones at last night's Art Show at The Bike Oven.

Thank you to Artist Phil Gardio for displaying his pieces for sale and for providing recreations of his originals for sale as well.

Thank you to Western Ridazz for bringing Wutang Wednesdays ride to The Oven.

Thank you to Andy Au for bringing Wine, Veronica for bringing Cups and Pan Dulces.

Of course, it was great to see Chicken Leather come by, documenting the show and people on his camera and thank you for bringing Pizza.

Thank you, everyone, who came in support of The Bike Oven and to those who also brought wine and purchased art, originals and recreations.

Hope to see you all again at our next event.

Until then, keep riding!

Photos from The Bike Oven's post 12/05/2021

Thank you to all who showed up to today's Board & Volunteer meeting, the 1st of more to come.
It was great seeing both old and new faces.

Also, mark your calendars!

The Bike Oven 2.0 will be hosting an Art Show Wednesday December 22nd, 2021. It will be a fundraiser for benefit of The Bike Oven 2.0. Tell your friends and their friends. More details to come as the date approaches!

Photos from The Bike Oven's post 12/02/2021

Big shout out to Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina for selling us a truckload of assembled, ready to ride bicycles.

We appreciate the love and help while we rebuild and restructure. Your extended family at The Bike Oven thanks you!


In case you missed it or haven't heard, we have a Board & Volunteer meeting taking place Saturday, December 4th 2021 at 1pm.
The Bike Oven is located at 3706 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90065.

If you would like to be a part of a community based bike shop beloved by NELA, come thru.

Shout out to Betsy Medvedovsky for this great digital flyer

See ya Saturday!


Attention all, this is a call to action!
If you are interested in volunteering at El Bici Horno 2.0 (The Bike Oven 2.0), we are having a meeting on Saturday, December 4th 2021 at 1pm.
If you have wrenching skills, marketing skills, people skills or no skills and want to learn some skills, saddle up and make your way to 3706 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90065.
All are welcome who are interested in contributing positive vibes to a community based Bicycle shop for the people.

Again, meeting will be held on December 4th at 1pm at The Bike Oven located at 3706 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90065
See ya there!


This is just one story as to why keeping The Bike Oven around is so important. It provides, not only an inexpensive place to self-repair your Bicycle but, a safe place for individuals to gather and aids in providing a freedom which is only known atop 2 wheels (or 3, if you enjoy tricycles).
Seeing as how we are entering the giving season, why not give to the revitalization of a well known, community based Bicycle shop that does this and more.
If you have moment, and funds to spare, please donate to the go fund me below to keep The Bike Oven around for many years to come.
The Bike Oven thanks you in advance.

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Thank you @linusbike  for your donations.Contributions like this help support the space.
Mano de obra, Today we provide 6 bicycles to the local day labor workforce.Bike Oven 2.0 "Se Habla Bicicleta"Thanks agai...





3706 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 12pm - 5pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

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