DanceSpot at Studio A Dance

Silver Lake's monthly intimate choreographer's performance space. Many DanceSpots in 2011 are themed. Take a look, and sign-up with your choreography.

(Something for everyone)

March 26: Jazz and Hip-Hop
April 29: Duets
May 28: All genres of dance
June 25: DanceSpot Burlesque & Circus
September 10: All Genres of Dance
October 8: DanceSpot Gets to the Pointe! (en pointe: jazz, ballet, dramatic, etc)
November 5: BachSpot: Yep, dances choreographed to the music of master Johann Sebastian Bach

DanceSpot: performers information (DanceSpot season: September through June)

Studio A Dance in Silver Lake presents a series of monthly dance concerts in our intimate performance venue, DanceSpot. Our goal is to provide a performance space where local companies can show their work and audiences can see dancers up close. Often choreographers may not have a place to show their work, be it because of limited repertoire, or lack of funds to rent a venue. We at DanceSpot understand the dilemma and want to help to share art. Concerts January through June are generally held on the last Saturday of each month, and September through December on the first Saturday of the month. Here is how it works:
* Companies or soloists audition by submitting a bio and a video (DVD or youTube) of proposed piece (If your piece is a work in progress, please show us any sample of your past works with a detailed description of the proposed piece). Dances are limited to 8 minutes. Companies are limited to 2 performances within a 12-month period. Submission deadline: Three weeks prior to performance date.

* If you are chosen to perform, there are no fees, instead we ask that choreographers/performers meet the audience quota as follows:

a. Soloists must bring 3 audience members. b. Duets: six
c. Trios: seven
d. Quartets and above: eight
e. Friends & family of choreographers & performers must reserve by close of Wednesday of performance week. (FYI: proceeds from Box office cover mounting expenses. And the remainder to theater improvements)

* Approximately one week prior to performance, each company techs for I/2 hour at DanceSpot to get a feel of the space and to collaborate on lighting cues which we will program for you.
* One large shared dressing room is available for all dancers
* Audience seating capacity is 55, and tickets will be $15 each ($20 at the door). No comps. Only one exception: If the choreographer is not dancing in his or her piece, we will comp that person as an audience member. Comps are non-transferable. Reservations made through Studio A Dance. click: DanceSpot Reservations.

* Note: because of the nature of our theatre, floorwork is unable to be seen by much of the audience if performed downstage, so we suggest keeping the floorwork to mid-stage and upstage. Secondly, rosin is not allowed on our floor.

2011 Calendar
September 10 All genres
October 8 DanceSpot en pointe
November 5 BachSpot (pieces inspired by the music of Bach)

January 28 KidSpot (dancers up to age 18)
February 25 Broadway Inspired
March 31 All genres
April 28 Joy and Pain
May 26 All genres
June 30 Burlesque

Operating as usual


short version of DanceSpot

intimate dance theatre in Silver Lake, Los Angeles


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance/Hyp Arts October 19th at 8 pm. $20. Text to reserve: 818-383-2650


I hear that a heat wave is heading to Studio A Dance/Hyperion Arts in the form of Lexicon: dances that divulge!


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance 05/06/2019

lexicon — Studio A Dance dances that divulge, perfromance in Silver Lake 05/06/2019

lexicon — Studio A Dance dances that divulge, perfromance in Silver Lake 05/06/2019

lexicon — Studio A Dance

Performers! deadline for submissions June 1, 2019, link below dances that divulge, perfromance in Silver Lake


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Saturday night for Circus, Bellydance, modern, these lovelies and more!

Four of Bill’s Jazz Dancers perform this Saturday evening in French! (Excerpts) at DanceSpot 8:30pm at Hyperion Arts: Studio A Dance. Come! Reserve by text at 818-383-2650


DanceSpot, Saturday April 6, 2019

DanceSpot dance performance this Saturday, April 6, 2019. jazz, modern, circus, whimsey! tickets $20. reserve at [email protected]


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

Here's a past DanceSpot clip to enjoy. Next DanceSpot upcoming on April 6, 2019 at 8:30PM

In the dance entitled "Cenote" choreographed by Bill Brown, dancers Hannah Haidar and Jessica Slocombe portray creatures in the deep recesses of an ocean cave who are destined to unite due to the forces of the undercurrent.


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance


the many moods of DanceSpot thanks photographer Brandy Menefee

Pure passion oozing from Melanie Lane during a rehearsal for RaqsSpot: A Middle Eastern Dance Showcase
. . .
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colorful DanceSpot

Nathalie Amira USA in her element at RaqsSpot: A Middle Eastern Dance Showcase
. . .
#dance #dancer #lifeofadancer #bellydance #bellydancer #bellydancersofinstagram #raqsspot #raqssharqi #performancephotography #dancephotography #performancephotographer #dancephotographer
@ Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)


DanceSpot returns full throttle for 2019!

Radiant Adrianne in RaqsSpot: A Middle Eastern Dance Showcase
. . .
#dance #dancer #lifeofadancer #bellydance #bellydancer #bellydancersofinstagram #raqsspot #raqssharqi #performancephotography #dancephotography #performancephotographer #dancephotographer @ Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)


3 slots left for chorographers for April 6, 2019 DanceSpot

Hello Choreographers! enjoy this one-minute collage of past DanceSpots, and if you have a piece to present next month (first Saturday in April) , please let us know!


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

RaqsSpot, Next DanceSpot in April 6, 2019

At the end of an amazing bellydance show (Raqs-Spot) at Hyperion Arts (Studio A Dance) the participants celebrate with the audience


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

A bit of new activity on the floorboards at Hyperion Arts -- the home of Studio A Dance --something for everyone, actually!

[02/07/19]   Rent our theatre at Hyperion Arts Complex for your company performance! Reasonable. More information at


Coming February 16th. Reserve tickets by text at 818-383-2650


This DanceSpot an artist will be sketching the actual performance. Art times two! Admission $20 reserve at [email protected]


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance's cover photo


Please join us for an amazing DanceSpot where an artist will sketch the dancers during the perfromance! 2 arts in one! admission: $20. reserve at [email protected]


Belly Dancing show coming up!! Host: Jamie Engber Reserve tickets ($20) at [email protected]. Or text reservation to 818-383-2650


Because we're ever changing...


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance

DanceSpot Burlesque June 23, 2018


DanceSpot Burlesque June 23, 2018


Saturday June 23rd @studioadancela 8pm! R.S.V.P. by email:[email protected] or text:818-383-2650. Show will be held at Hyperion Arts Complex 2306 Hyperion Avenue Silverlake (90027). See you there!


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance's cover photo


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance's cover photo


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance


DanceSpot at Studio A Dance


Studio A Dance (Los Angeles)

the Nitty Gritty keeps spreading! Connie Nelson caught the bug. Who will be next? Big thanks to Shirley Ellis for this amazing piece of music that we share with the world!

Videos (show all)

short version of DanceSpot
3 slots left for chorographers for April 6, 2019 DanceSpot
I have a Dream, Feeling Good
I Have a Dream, Feeling Good




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