Yoga with Marcy

Welcome! Come join me as I explore what it means to live a conscious life, full of passion, love and lots of yoga! Marcy is a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher with a passion for love and light.

She approaches her classes with joy and playfulness, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all levels of practitioners. Her training in both asana (poses) and philosophy has given her a well roundedapproach that incorporates body, mind, heart and soul into every practice. Join her for a class that is sure to make you smile!

Photos from Yoga with Marcy's post 02/27/2021

Happy Birthday to my boo and baby daddy @tonytrombone ❤️ These have been some of the most challenging times of my life during the pandemic + having a baby but I am so grateful to be by your side even on the most sleep deprived and grumpiest of days 🤣 I love you so so so much 🥰


He loves Marley and Marley loves scratches ❤️ #myheart


My son has a possum stuffed animal he absolutely loves. If you know me you know this is a big deal. Parenting win fo sho 😍 #mysonlovesanimals #couldhebeanycuter #cutealert #possumsrule


He’s basically a teenager now because he can sit up on his own 😂🤣 #theygrowupsofast


He’s gonna be a musician like his Daddy. He can already play the piano better than me 😂 #4monthsold #cutiepie😘 #pianoprodigy @tonytrombone


Fin getting ready for @sandiasunrisetherapy grand opening party!! Hat thanks to the lovely @re_beccabee ❤️ #mickeymouse #firsthalloween🎃


I hear it’s #nationalsonday heres my little man. I love him so much ❤️


Happy 3 year anniversary and almost 8 years together to my f&$king awesome husband @tonytrombone 😍 I love this picture of you and our little guy, it’s so real and captures beautifully how wonderful a father you have become. Becoming parents and weathering a pandemic together has only made us stronger. My life is infinitely better because you are in it. I love you so so much ❤️ Cheers to many more years ahead!


The world is crazy so here’s my 2 week old newborn to make your day brighter. Love you all ❤️
📸 @beccabees_photography


He’s 12 days old and my heart has grown x1000000000 ❤️ #mybabyboy💙 #thecutest #willieversleepagain


Our baby boy is here!! Meet Finlo Jared Rinaldi born Saturday, June 27th at 1:59pm. @tonytrombone was my rock and @daraluzbirthcenterabq was amazing. A huge thank you to Lauren our midwife, Jenna our nurse and Michele our doula. They guided us so expertly through such an intense yet beautiful moment. Our worlds will forever be brighter. We love you so much Finlo ❤️ @ Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center


It seems like we all need something positive to cling to right now. So here’s another picture of me and my belly 🤰🏼It seemed like y’all were digging the last one (which makes me feel so good, so thank you!) ❤️😍 Thank you to my amazing friend Rebecca, who took the these for me, you are wonderful and talented on so many levels 💕 📸 by @re_beccabee


I’m back! Now 35 weeks along and feeling good. I miss humans, how are you guys doing?


Yoga Blend

My favorite yoga studio Yoga Blend is offering free live stream classes right now. They are trying to stay afloat in these really challenging times, so check out their amazing offerings and donate via Venmo if you can! 💓

Thank you for tuning in with us. We know this is all getting more intense and surreal and the more we can breathe and safely connect, the better we can respond. Hope you can join us for more LIVE classes right here this weekend, and stay tuned for zoom classes starting next week which will offer more interaction and options for students, in addition to the free practices we have going now on this page. The more yoga, the better!!!! Lots of love!

Yoga Blend Facebook Live Schedule 3/20-3/22
Friday 3/20
Susan R 11:30am Gentle
Darby 3:30pm Flow

Saturday 3/21
Nicole 9:45am stretch

Sunday 3/22
Susan Q 10am Gentle
Darby 11:45am Flow

Donations gratefully accepted:


One of my favorite places on the planet is 15 years old!!! Holy cow! Congratulations!!!!

Happy March!

Today, Wednesday March 4th, Yoga Blend celebrates 15 years since our doors opened!! What a journey it has been.

I remember back in 1997 when I was working in my corporate job and had just done my first yoga teacher training and thought how I'd love to open my own yoga studio one day. It took me 8 years from that first thought to finally get the courage to open Yoga Blend on March 4th, 2005 (03-04-05).

When I opened, I just wanted to share with other people how Yoga had helped to transform my life while providing a great working environment for myself and others; one that really cared for people and honored the work that they did while also making a positive impact on others. Here we are 15 years later and Yoga Blend is more than I ever dreamed of and I am filled with such deep love and gratitude.

The past 15 years have been some of the best and most challenging years of my life. I have Yoga to thank for seeing me through it all. I have YOU to thank for believing in what Yoga Blend is all about, for showing up to do the work and for supporting the studio with your presence.

I am beyond grateful for this amazing community that has held all of us through the past decade and a half. Without you, Yoga Blend would just be an idea. With you, it's our home; a place where we can come together through the good times and the bad to work on ourselves and to find balance when we fall off course.

I had no idea Yoga Blend would become what it is today and am still just as enamored with and humbled by the practice as I am the community that has come from it. Thank you to every single student, teacher, and staff who has ever been a part of Yoga Blend. You have helped make our sweet little studio what it is today and I am forever grateful. I look forward to sharing in this practice and community with you for many years to come.

With infinite love, gratitude and so much joy!
Christy Lynn Hicks & The Yoga Blend family


Happy Birthday to the one and only @tonytrombone! You are the most wonderful partner, doggie daddy and soon to be human daddy! Here are your favorite brats wishing you a happy birthday 🤣🤣 We all love you so so much baby!!! #dogdad #handsome #mybaby #happybirthdaytoyou


Happy Valentines to this baby-daddy-to-be!!! @tonytrombone you are the most awesome of life partners, I love you so much ❤️ Pictured here with his other soulmate (lol) Marley. 💕💕💓❤️❤️ #valentinesday2020 #mybabies #tromboneplayer #tonytrombone


We’re having a baby!!! @tonytrombone and I are so excited to share with all of you that we are welcoming a baby boy in June. We feel so blessed that we get to become parents and I feel truly blessed to welcome parenthood with Tony by my side. I wouldn’t want to live this life or become a parent with anyone else ❤️


The best part of this decade? My amazing husband @tonytrombone and our stinky, silly puppies 😍 feast your eyes Instaworld! I love them more than anything!


I’m super grateful for this weirdo right here, my amazing husband @tonytrombone, delicious food, good friends and my health. Cheers y’all! #thanksgiving #puppylove🐶


For a very long time now I’m been frustrated with the images of “yoga” I see on social media. Mostly of impossible looking poses that require almost athlete level strength and flexibility-full splits, foot behind head, the list goes on. These are beautiful shapes for sure but for most of us (myself included!) were just trying to get to a class or two a week and hope that we can simply take a deeper breath when we’re done. These images can feel defeating and make us feel like yoga must not be for us since we definitely can’t do any of that and probably never will. It’s not true! Yoga is for EVERYONE, absolutely EVERYONE. For awhile now I have made the conscious choice to show images of very simple and accessible poses because I want you to look at that picture and say to yourself “I can do that!” Yoga doesn’t have to be “fancy” or “complicated” to be effective, it can be so gosh darn simple but so powerful. Now that doesn’t mean that some of those more complicated or challenging poses aren’t a worthy goal-they totally are! And even though that’s not my practice right now it might be someday, who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I would love to see a shift in the imagery around yoga, simpler poses so more people feel like yoga is accessible to them instead of thinking it must only be for the ultra athletic. Everyone deserves to feel good in their body and yoga is a highly effective way to do that. So I’m going to keep doing my simple poses as a little rebellion of sorts, keep it simple kept it accessible to all!!!


Relaxing yoga + CBD=shinny happy people 😋 Come hang this Saturday at @hempologyabq and enjoy a relaxing yoga class and CBD tasting for FREE! It’s free but space is limited and you must sign up in advance. Sign up link in bio y’all 🤩 #yogaeverydamnday #cbdyoga #hempologyabq


LA area yogis! Time for some real talk y’all 👉🏽These beautiful souls transformed my life when I did my 200 Yoga Teacher Training almost 9 years ago (omg time flies!) That year @christylynnhicks @nicoleeberyoga @bekahfinchyoga led the training at @yogablend in LA and it was nothing short of LIFE CHANGING. There are not many times in my life I can say confidently that I made a small investment that changed the course of my life, but this did and continues to. It not only taught me skills that I still use in all facets of my life but it also connected me to like minded souls who are still my close friends now. There are so many times in life that we spend money on something that we never use again, or end up not needing-imagine investing in something that will resonate deep in your soul for the rest of your time on earth. That is the 200 hour training at @yogablend, it’s a journey you don’t want to miss and the next one starts February 7th!! Don’t miss it!!! If you have questions DM me 😍


I am so excited to partner with @hempologyabq to bring you yoga + cbd! Join me Saturday, November 2nd from 9-10am, for an hour of relaxing yoga and a cbd tasting 🤗 It’s free but space is limited, you must sign up to reserve your spot, sign up link in bio ❤️ Leave a comment if you have questions 😎 #relaxingyoga #hempologyabq #cbdtasting


Me + yoga + mountains = my happy place. I have some super exciting things happening, my Albuquerque peps a new FREE class is coming your way with yours truly (as Miss Piggy says with moi!) stay tuned for details 😎😍❤️ #yogaanywhere #trianglepose #sandiamountains


My Marley girl loves a good pillow, right @tonytrombone? She’s the cutest 🐶😍❤️ #mybabygirl💕 #thecutest #dogsarethebest


Every Monday could use more puppy in it 🐶 Just sayin’! #morepupperpicsplease #puppiesofinstagram #puppieslove


Tomorrow is the day! Yin & Essential Oils at @yogablend in Burbank, CA. It’s the most magical combination y’all, gentle nourishing poses held for longer periods of time accompanied by Essential Oils to help open deeper and delight the senses. You will leave feeling lighter, more open and deeply restored. Today is the LAST DAY to get $5 off registration 👉🏽 link in bio!! #hooray #letsdothis #relaxing_time #yinyoga #yogaworkshop


These two are my favorites ❤️😍😘🐶 #amanandhisdog #bestfriends #pawrents #snugglepuppy #cuties


It’s coming up! Will I see you there? link in bio! #yinyoga #essentialoils #relaxation #yesplease


Happy Anniversary baby, you are the most amazing husband and partner. I feel so lucky every day to be by your side. Also your snuggling skills are exceptional, which is just a total bonus 😍😘 #yourock #if**kingloveyou #snuggleking


Coming at ya LA yogis! Sign up link in bio 🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷#essentialoils #yinyoga #relaxing_time


My dogs are way cooler than me any old day, here they are hanging with @sambro1366 and being cute AF. Thank you Sammy for being the best dog sitter EVER as I head to Vegas! #mydogsrock #mydogsarecoolerthanme #vegasbaby


I get to see this handsome gent @tonytrombone in 2 DAYS!! He’s been living his dream playing with @iration and killing it on the #livefromparadisetour ❤️ I’m so proud but damn do I miss him!! I’ll be leaving tomorrow to see them play at @mandalaybay and it’s gonna be EPIC 🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏻 Make sure to follow along in my stories as I take you along with me 😎 I LOVE YOU BABY
📸 @chrisfiq
#icantwait #vegasvacation


Downward dog in front of the #sandiamountains my happy place.
If you love nature as much as I do then you’ll love essential oils with your yoga practice, it’s like a little bit of Mother Nature with you on the mat 😊🌍 Simply sprinkle a few drops of your favorite EO on your mat before you practice or diffuse in the space as you move. My LA yogis I’ll be leading a workshop Yin & Essential Oils at @yogablend Saturday 9/14 from 1-3pm, link in profile. Love you all!!

#downwarddog #downdogging #yogaeverydamday ⛰🏔❤️

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