The Gramercy Refs

The Gramercy Refs is a co-ed team of current and former referees for modern roller derby. The Gramercy Refs are looking forward to their next bout...are you woman or man enough to take us on?

(do******gs need not apply)


Guide to Conducting Official Reviews & Making Rulings 03/30/2020

Guide to Conducting Official Reviews & Making Rulings

Keep your derby brain sharp while you're staying safe at home!

Guide to Conducting Official Reviews & Making Rulings If you’re aspiring to be a Head Referee or you’ve had an Official Review situation that didn’t go exactly as you expected, this guide will help you prepare for your next one. Coaches and Captains, …


We won! The world could not form a team so the scrimmage was scrubbed. Deepest apologies to those that made the trip just for scrimmage, especially OG Gramercy Ref, Marina Del RAGE!


We lost Gramercy Ref, Rob Lobster today. He's been fighting for so long. Rest now, friend. Proud to have shared the track with you and honored to have you in orange and blue.


The Gramercy Refs are not playing a bout at RollerCon this year, but Saturday's coed full length game on the Banked Track will sport a Gramercy Refs theme amongst the officials! Wear your navy and orange and come cheer for derby at 3pm Saturday. REFS!


It's somewhere! Handsome Burns repping so hard.

Gramercy Refs Fan (and referee!) Third Degree Burns! celebrates his birthday with the big man. As Burns said...good thing he dressed up.


Eff'n looking sharp in his new IronDoll uniform!


We'll be gearing up in our Iron Doll, getting the right helmet pads in our S-One Helmets, and ready to keep winning at awesome...215p today, main track.


We look soooooo good in our Iron Doll Clothing.


Tricky Martin is right..."I don't know about you, but I believe the REAL Team Sexy at Rollercon are THE Gramercy Refs!"


S-One Helmets and The Gramercy Refs...a sponsorship made in orange helmet heaven. We love you S-One!


Congratulations to Speed Dealer for making Men's Team USA! Well deserved!


Our sponsor Iron Doll Clothing has exciting new things coming this fall!

BIG NEWS! Iron Doll Clothing now has you covered from training to the track (literally)!
Here's a peek at our Fall Season Line-up!


Drumroll, please...

The Gramercy Refs roster for RollerCon 2013 (in no particular order) is:

Rave N BustHer
Suzy Snakeyes
Thomas Refferson
Tara Armov
Marina del Rage
Eff'n Ref
D'Cup Runith Ov'r
12 Volt
Bootsy Callems
Raven Seaward
Bombs Onya Moms
Thia "Wreck N Shrew' Penta
Al Capwn3d
Tricky Ricardo
Speed Dealer
Gia de los Muertos (Co-C)
Roger Assaultrey (C)

Sirius Smack

We skate our 5th annual matchup against the Cripplers on Thu, 8/1 at 2:15pm on track C1.


Have you listened to the "Ref Crush" episode of Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap? We agree with Megatron, we mutually crush on Shaolin Punk.


Rollercon is coming, and The Gramercy Refs are ready for our FIFTH BOUT against the Co-ed Cripplers!


March RADness - Roller Derby Camp was the most fun! Thanks to "The World" for such a great camp closing bout. Thanks to the refs who had such a long weekend and added another bout onto the end!

Our MVP was STEFCON 1! In addition to planning a massive training camp, crushing it in the camp game and killing it on the track for the Gramercy Refs...NO PENALTIES WERE ISSUED ON HER. Gramma keeps it super classy.

Our roster was:
Roger Assaultrey 1965 C
Gia de los Muertos 85 Co-C
Tricky Martin 4A
Killo Kitty 187
Slammin' Amazon 97
STEFCON 1 w00t
Tara Armov 51
Helen Surly Frown 62
Volt Ron 12
Suzy Snakeyes 30:1
Bootsy Call'ems 1997
Razorslut 52
Oliver Clothesoff R01
Tiana McGuire 000
Rave N' Busther (skating as Thomas Refferson) $2
D Cup Runnith Over 33D
Cameltron 303
Graves 13

Bench coach: Gwen Sweetcammie
Manager: Black Star Heroine
Super Suprise Guest Bench Coach: Gnarly Simon

The World 183 - Gramercy Refs 158
Starpass: Frequently.


The Gramercy Refs will face off against the Co-Ed Cripplers for the 5th year in a row on Thursday, August 1st at 2:15pm. on T1 (subject to change of course). Mark your Reffy calendars!


Challenge bouts submitted for Officially Officials and Co-ed Cripplers. RollerCon, here we come!


Challenge signups are coming up on 3/1. Looking forward to skating with the Co-ed Cripplers again, and hopefully Officially Officials too!


We win forever. "I'm not talking this off all week."


The new Iron Doll men's style!


Iron Doll makes us look good! I love the neckline!


First 250 people to go to the Iron Doll booth at Rollercon and tell them you're a fan of The Gramercy Refs get a free badge holder. Those things are like Rollercon gold for keeping your pass and ID together.


"I feel like Serena Williams.". Ladies and Gentlemen, the L&S Skort by Iron Doll. Beam of Heavenly Junk Light not included.


The Gramercy Refs and Iron Doll Clothing, together again for Rollercon. All is right in the world.


We're getting excited for Rollercon! We're tapped for The Gramercy Refs present The RollerCon Door Decoration Contest again, and of course... Robe Sunday!


We've got a lot of new and exciting team members joining up. It's a good time to be a Ref!


RollerCon is fast approaching. If you know of a co-ed team looking for a challenge, tell them to give us a shout.


The Gramercy Refs's cover photo


Introducing the Rollercon 2011 Roster!


Thanks to everyone who came out to be our "versus The World," to the GR's who came out to practice, and Jaeger & Gwen for reffing. A fun and safe wL is always a win for everyone.


It's Gramercy Refs v. The World at this Thursday's wL @ 7:30pm. Send the word.


Let it be known. The Gramercy Refs can't wait until Robe Sunday. Can we scrimmage in robes?


The Gramercy Refs present the RollerCon Door Decorating Contest. Get over to that page to see the details on how to enter and win fabulous prizes furnished by @Elegant Angel!




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