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Videos by ASE Martial Arts Supply in Santa Clarita. We are ASE Martial Arts Supply located in Southern California.

Happy Retirement Margie!

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Happy Retirement Margie!

IKF Sacto Tourn 2011 - Girls Kata
Two little karateka doing kata at a tournament hosted by IKF Sacramento in June, 2011.

Ozawa Cup 2011 - Kids' Team Kata
Ozawa Cup 2011 black belt finals kids' team kata. The finals are held in a single ring, onstage. Exhibiting excellent sy...

Ozawa Cup 2011 - Excessive
A little excessive contact? And more panning the room at the Ozawa Cup 2011.

Ozawa Cup 2011 Pan Room
Panning the room at the Ozawa Cup 2011. This was Saturday, the main tournament day.