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Yoga for Abundance

If you are seeking self-fulfillment and abundance, join me today in this free moving meditation yoga class where we explore ways to achieve our goals while awakening our minds and activating our bodies.


Yoga to Activate the 7 Primary Chakras

Join me today in a yoga class which will activate the 7 primary chakras.

The flow will start with the root chakra at the base of the spine -which represents our connection to the earth - and then flow sequentially up through the other chakras until we reach the crown chakra - our highest energy center, both physically and vibrationally.

The class will include a short mantra associated with each energy center and touch upon the connection of each chakra to the relevant parts of our body and how we can awaken and balance them, leading to better health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This class will activate the 7 primary chakras, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine (which represents our connection to the earth), and we...


Yoga to Tune Into, Trust, and Strengthen Your Intuition

It can be a journey to learn how to tap into that voice inside of ourselves that articulates the truth and allows us to make strong choices - even leaps of faith - for self-improvement and fulfillment. Listening to our intuition can also aid us in avoiding or exiting problematic situations and unhealthy relationships.

By learning to trust ourselves we will come to learn that our purest intuitions will always lead us to make the right choices. With practice, we can all grasp this ability to trust these intuitive judgments.

Join me today on this journey through asana, meditation, and pranayama where we will seek out that intuitive guidance, awaken inner perception, and find inspiration.

By tuning into our truest selves, our inner voice, we can make strong choices and even take leaps of faith, trusting ourselves to know that all will be well,...


Yoga for Gratitude

Did you know that studies have PROVEN that feeling and expressing Gratitude leads to myriad benefits? Benefits include:

Opening the door to new and stronger friendships and relationships.

Improving physical health.

Improving psychological health.

Enhancing empathy and reducing aggression.

Improving sleeping patterns.

Improving self-esteem.

I created this gentle vinyasa flow class to focus on developing, deepening, and embracing gratitude. It's not always easy but, when we find it and we hold onto it, we transform ourselves, our present moments, and our futures.

This gentle vinyasa flow class will focus on developing, deepening, and embracing gratitude. Research shows that feeling and expressing Gratitude leads to my...


This yoga class focuses on moving forward with change: embracing the now and accepting the new.

A time of change can really be an opportunity for growth where we can learn more about and challenge ourselves and remain open to possibilities and potential, knowing that change is the only constant and that, by embracing it, we empower ourselves.

I hope this practice reinforces those feelings for you, and that you can feel grounded and secure no matter the circumstance.


Yoga Vinyasa Flow to Fly Into Crow

If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to fly without actually having to take your hands/feet off the ground, then come join me in my vinyasa flow class to fly into Crow pose - one of the most foundational arm balances in yoga.

Yes, arm balances are challenging, but this half hour practice provides options that are totally safe and sound, like Supine Crow, Seated Crow, and Assisted Crow.

This class also gives some background behind the Crow pose and a little meditation to go along with that. Hope to see you on the mat!

Flow into Crow pose (a foundational arm balance 💪) today! Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, this practice provides many options and modifications, i...


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Flowing through the Yamas and Niyamas - a Vinyasa Yoga Class

Did you know that practicing yoga is more than just an exercise? It is really a way of living and being that floods all aspects of our lives. When we are on the mat, we typically practice 3 out of the 8 limbs of yoga: asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and dharana (concentration).

Today we will incorporate 2 of the other limbs of yoga in our practice so that we can learn more about them, embrace them, and integrate their meanings into muscle memory so we can easily recall them and put them into practice. These 2 limbs are the "Yamas and Niyamas" which are essentially the ethical "do's" and "don'ts" for continuing down the true yogic path.

Flow along with me today while we grasp the terms of the yamas and niyamas, their meaning, and their application.

Did you know that practicing yoga is more than just an exercise? It is really a way of living and being that floods all aspects of our lives. When we are on ...


Perfectly Tranquil Yoga Flow for Front/Outer Hip Mobility and Core Strength Development

I've got a great new vinyasa flow for you on my YouTube channel! This half hour class will get into the hips while simultaneously giving you some nice core exercises so you can strengthen and stretch. It's a medium level flow which will boost your mood and energy. 🥰

Do you ever feel a pulling sensation in the fronts or sides of your hips? Do you want to get into that space, warming it up and stretching it while also gett...


15 Minute Most Effective Stretches for Runners🏃 Essential Go-To Yoga Poses After a Jog/Run

Check out our new YouTube video for the best post-running yoga stretches. Make sure to like and subscribe!

My husband and I love a nice jog in the morning, but running in that forward-facing motion can lead to tight hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and backs, especial...


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Hi all, with the start of summer and resumption of in-person classes (which I will offer very soon), I am moving my online classes to my YouTube channel only. I will no longer be doing live classes regularly on Facebook. I will, however, continue to teach FREE online classes and post them on my YouTube channel regularly so, if you haven't already, please subscribe to be notified of my new classes!! Please also drop a like on a video if you enjoy it!

See you on the mat! ShisAsana is a yoga and fitness-focused lifestyle brand, featuring online yoga classes and creating content that focuses on improving bodies, minds, and soul...


Gentle Yoga For All Levels ♥ Yoga for Everyone ♥ Learn the Basics and Let Go of Stress

This beginner level yoga class will help you to stretch and relax the whole body. We will gently move through the asanas (postures) while connecting to our breath and finding stillness of mind.

Covering a few of the fundamental poses in yoga, we will focus on taking our time to make sure our bodies get the most benefit out of each movement. So whether you are new to yoga or just looking to take it easy and find a gentler class today because you are physically and/or emotionally drained, this class will allow you to release and let go of all that no longer serves you.


Blissful Body Full Body Flow for All Levels - Find Inner Peace and Calm

This yoga practice for beginners and all levels will provide you with the basics in a beautiful full-body vinyasa flow while also allowing you the opportunity to let go of emotional turmoil, mental stress, and physical tension. This is a great sunrise morning yoga routine to get you ready for the day. While it is a perfect morning routine to wake-up your body, it is also great to do this anytime and almost anywhere. No props needed, just be ready to let go!

Remember to let go (not ego), so be where you are, you are exactly where you need to be in your practice at this moment (whether beginner, novice, or advanced). Always back out of a pose if you are feeling abnormal discomfort. Feel free to take a child's pose or savasana if is it right for you.



30 Minute Yoga For All Levels and All Ages.mp4

This all-level half-hour class is intended to help you release tension and stress while you move through a gentle vinyasa flow. Incorporating some of the basic foundational poses in yoga, the class was designed so that it can be practiced by anyone, any age, any place, and any time.

Whether you are new to yoga, want to take it easy today, or want to introduce your friends/family to the beautiful practice of yoga, come warm-up your body as you stretch, breathe, relax, and find a moment of peace in your day.




Blissful Flow to Find and Create Space

This vinyasa flow will help you to find and create space within yourself - both in areas of body and in our emotional and mental states. Allow yourself to be open to possibilities - the possibility to move your body in more fluid ways, the possibility to embrace something new, the possibility to understand something you previously couldn't grasp.


30 Minute Yoga Flow to Release Difficult Emotions.mp4

Release your emotions! You can do that in this class, as stretching into the hips will often cause those emotions to escape. You might wonder why this is? Maybe you have experienced, inexplicably, a welling up of deep emotions while in that wide legged forward fold? The truth is that we store A LOT of emotions in our hip area - the area where our second chakra resides (aka the sacral or svadhisthana chakra). The second chakra is associated with relationships with others and, for most of us, there are historical (and maybe even current) relationships that are fraught with difficulties.

Especially at this particular moment in time, we may be feeling on high alert or like there is a hurricane welling up inside of us. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is let that tension out in a safe space. In the comfort of your own home (or hotel room or wherever you might be), you can follow along with this short, 30-minute practice as you open your hips and perhaps just let it all out!


30 Minute Core Yoga Flow (Intermediate).mp4

☮ This 30 Minute Power Yoga Flow will focus on core strength. Your core is physically and energetically your power center. When you are physically strong and centered, you will find you can cope better with mental and emotional stress and increase your ability to tackle challenges.

☮ Tap into that inner-strength so you can create a powerful mind-body experience and unlock your full potential. Find your inner power and use it for good!

📣 You are capable of so much and you are considerably stronger than you think!

🕉️ You can do this (and by this, I mean SO much more than just this yoga class)! 🕉️


30 Minute Yoga Flow to Open Our Hearts and Consciously Move Toward Healing.mp4

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Gandhi

We are all feeling so much right now: from genuine anger to despair, shock, sorrow, numbness, grief, and disillusionment. What we are feeling matters, but it matters even more that we take clear action now to uplift our brothers and sisters of color and make things right - it is our responsibility to put things right and heal what is broken. Pure and true action can stem from your intentions and clarity of mind; and, clarity of mind can come from taking a moment to find space, open our hearts, breathe, feel love and give love, and contemplate our actions and intentions. So in today’s 30-minute yoga flow we will open our hearts, find space both physically and emotionally, and move forward with the intentions full of love.


30 Minute Yoga - Peaceful Reflection and Movement for Change.mp4

Every moment of every day offers a new chance for us to change the world - the change starts in each and every one of us. It is important that we find the time and space to turn inward and be conscious of our words, our deeds, and our intentions, then ask how we can do better. Dig deep and discover what we can do to be the change, starting with ourselves.

Don't stop there - say something, show up, and use your voice. Stand in solidarity with all black and brown people. Vote for change in policy. Be the change in the narrative. Donate your time and resources. Educate yourself. This will not be a sprint, it will be a marathon. It is OUR responsibility to stay the course, to ask ourselves the tough questions, to listen to those who have been silenced so long, to give them space to speak and to also speak on their behalf, perhaps to an audience they don't have.

[06/02/20]   Yoga Live will be muted/blacked out today (i.e., not on). We are back on tomorrow, Wednesday 4pm PST, but TODAY we stand in unity with our brothers and sisters of color 🖤🖤🖤#theShowMustBePaused #BlackOutTuesday


Half Hour Beginner Yoga Flow.mp4

✦Beginner Level Yoga Vinyasa Flow✦
❖This beginner class will introduce the fundamentals of the poses (the asana) in yoga (which, in its entirety, is so much more than the postures). An explanation of the basic elements of breathwork, alignment, sun salutation, and vinyasa will be incorporated. Because this is a half hour class, it is a gentle and easy intro to yoga which won’t overwhelm a new student.
❖I hope you enjoy this intro to yoga, and further videos for beginner and intermediate yogis can be found on my YouTube channel.
Thank you for joining me on this asana journey.


Half Hour Yin for Hamstrings Hips and Splits.mp4

✦This half-hour Yin class is great for runners looking to stretch deep into the body to address tightness, and it is also great for yogis looking to increase their flexibility (work towards getting into the splits!).

✦You might blame the tightness in your legs on the hamstrings, but it’s likely that the psoas, hips, back, and calves are involved. This is because the body works as a whole - it will recruit other muscles to perform actions when the muscles intended to do the job aren’t up to the task (for any number of reasons). For example, tight hip flexors (due to long periods of sitting) will cause an anterior pelvic tilt, resulting in a tight lower back, which, in turn, causes tight hamstrings.

✦Yin yoga focuses on the dense connective tissue in the body, getting into areas which the more dynamic flows and other types of stretching simply cannot fully address. If high-intensity workouts are your norm, then this is exactly the counterbalance conditioning that you need.


30 Minute Dynamic Movement Flow_1.mp4

♕ Today’s flow will incorporate dynamic repetition of movement, generating heat so we can break a sweat quickly. Higher numbers of repetitions will increase muscle endurance, helping us get fitter faster. Physically challenge your body with dynamic movements and calm your mind through the breathing patterns that we move along with.

♕ By switching up the style of yoga you practice (a slower-paced vinyasa practice that focuses on flexibility one day, a strength flow another day, some yin, some restorative, and some spicer cardio-like versions) you can ensure that have more balance in your body, as too much of any particular thing can lead to instability (whether that balance is more or less strength, flexibility, balance, etc.), rather than an equilibrium between all facets and modes of physicality).

♕ Make sure to grab your water - see you on the mat!

✌ Namaste


30 Minute Symmetry Flow.mp4

✦In yoga, symmetrical poses occur when our body is performing the same actions on both sides of the body (like in mountain pose, chair, and plank, etc.); conversely, asymmetrical poses occur when one half of the body is doing one thing and the other half is doing a different action (like in the warrior positions, crescent, triangle, etc.).

✦Just for today, we are going to focus on symmetrical poses, which will allow us to focus on the body as a whole, as we find the equivalent actions on both sides of our body. By focusing on the symmetry, we can actually see and feel where our bodies are uneven or out of balance - one hip might feel tighter in that wide-legged squat (goddess pose), or you might feel one hamstring tighter in your forward fold (uttanasana).

✦When we recognize these bodily asymmetries, we can begin practicing in a way to rectify them. This bodily awareness will bring balance and harmony throughout our entire being.

#yoga #liveyogaclass


30 Minute Vinyasa Feel Good Flow for Stability and Equanimity.mp4

Join me today in this 30-minute vinyasa flow class which will restore balance and equanimity to both body and spirit. Encompassing a little bit of balance, a little bit of strength, and lots of all elements that are good all around, this is a class anyone can take and enjoy at any time.


ShisAsana (Shi’s Asana)

Hi - I’m Shiloh (Shi for short), a certified yoga teacher based in Los Angeles.

Yoga has profoundly impacted my life in positive ways. I hope it will positively impact you, too. The practice of yoga is not just about the movements (asanas) on the mat - it is about the way you move through life. The on-the-mat part, the postures (asanas) and the breathwork (pranayama), can greatly assist us to move gracefully through life and within our bodies. This practice will keep your body healthy, clear your mind, and allow you to find stillness within. I like to think of it as a moving meditation.

I first discovered yoga in my early 20s. Having had a life-long passion for movement and physical fitness (whether through dancing, gymnastics, cheer-leading, or just plain working out), I had an interest in learning this form of physical movement. Little did I know what a profound effect yoga would have on me, and it went way beyond the physical.

Finding Yoga gave me not only a physical outlet, but an outlet for my soul. Throughout my adult life, yoga has always been there - 3 pregnancies, a health scare with my 2nd child, and all of the tremors and quakes of my life as I struggled to find balance and calm with a growing family, more responsibilities, and the gains and losses I experienced in life.

Videos (show all)

Gentle Yoga For All Levels ♥ Yoga for Everyone ♥ Learn the Basics and Let Go of Stress
Blissful Body Full Body Flow for All Levels - Find Inner Peace and Calm
30 Minute Yoga For All Levels and All Ages.mp4
Blissful Flow to Find and Create Space
30  Minute Yoga Flow to Release Difficult Emotions.mp4
30 Minute Core Yoga Flow (Intermediate).mp4
30 Minute Yoga Flow to Open Our Hearts and Consciously Move Toward Healing.mp4
30 Minute Yoga - Peaceful Reflection and Movement for Change.mp4
Half Hour Beginner Yoga Flow.mp4
Half Hour Yin for Hamstrings Hips and Splits.mp4
30 Minute Dynamic Movement Flow_1.mp4




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