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Swipe through.👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼
The time is now to boldly walk through your fears, My Loves.

What I’ve learned, through my own arduous journey of Self Realization and Mastery, is that allllll the I had to walk through WERE LIARS.

It’s one thing to have valid concerns, like if driving fast and concerned with getting a ticket.

🥺But at what point do we allow the mental circus to take these valid concerns to thinking, and therefore ??🫣

❓Serious question:

Of all the fears we’ve had in our lives, including all the times we said NO to our growth (and opportunities!) due to FEAR, how many of those fears actually came true?


💡FEAR IS A LIAR; an ILLUSION of the ego to keep us small.💡

Let me know if you’d like me to go deeper on this in a video, bc an IG post can’t always cut it ;)

When fears appear like a brick wall in front of us, I encourage you to start chipping at it. ⚒️

You’ll soon find out that WALL was merely a sheet of tissue paper APPEARING as a wall. And, by taking that tiny action to chip at it, you’ll learn you’ve actually already broken through it!

This builds:


I embodied of those things, bc FEAR used to cripple me.
👉🏼The woman you see today, however, is , confident, and worthy af!!

There is a proven formula that I use to break through fears (perceptions as well as tangible fears, like fears of snakes, etc). If you need my help, you can always book a session w me in my bio.

Please swipe through the post slides and put these fears to rest…where they belong!! ⚰️ RIP, Fears! 👋

👑The way to build courage is to be courageous. 👑

I promise you that the personal development you experience, by cultivating true courage and worry (by no longer listening to the lies of FEAR), will catapult your consciousness to heights you never imagined.



So how does one believe in themselves, exactly?
👉🏼How does one eradicate doubt? Fear? Frustration? Stagnation? Blocks?

When we walk the path of , , , , and true …oh, baby, it all opens up. All. Of. It. 🙌🏻

💡How can it not?💡

Let’s dissect!
Fear is the ancestor to doubt, so we need to really ask ourselves:


We cannot manifest the of abundance and bliss, when we are operating from doubt, shame, low self worth, or fear. Nope!

You’ll only get so far, and then? STUCK! 🫠

So, the KEY of belief in Self, and doubtlessness, is true self respect through self awareness. 🔑

💡Once we shine the light on the fears (and the cause of the fears) that trap us in limbo, we are as free as a bird! 🕊

So, my friends…no path opening up, yet?!
No belief in yourself.
What are YOU truly afraid of? Are you believing the fears of OTHERS, even?
Often these fear-programs we need to blow up, aren’t even ours!!

💙✨🕊💎Know that I absolutely love you!💎🕊✨💙
Never hesitate to reach out if you’re trapped and WILLING to do the work! It’s not hard; it’s just intimidating. But I promise I’ll hold your hand to absolute personal power and freedom THE ENTIRE TIME! And you’ll soon learn that fear was just an illusion!

Let’s get YOU on the path! I can’t wait to see what your Dharma holds for you and what gifts you bring this realm!




🥺The unwillingness to forgive is a trait of OURS that majorly holds us back…and holds us at lower frequencies.⚡️

🥳No wonder we can’t achieve our dream life!

☹️Those low-key nasty vibes we hold onto diminish our manifestations and joy on so many levels…and usually unbeknownst to us.

🧨That justified rage, anger, resentment and unwillingness to forgive us OUR mountain to climb.🏔🌋⛰

📆If you need help, please schedule a session with me in my linktree.

🔑Our unwillingness to forgive is our lesson; our unsavory trait to eradicate.

I have several posts on this topic, so please pursue my page to overstand more.

✨💎✨I love you so much!✨💎✨ See you at the TOP!!💙


“Find a niche,” they said.
“Narrow down your offer,” they said.

💁🏼‍♀️Nope, sorry. I can’t.🤷🏼‍♀️

🔑When Self Mastery helps one to attain:

💎Radical Self Awareness
✨Self Worth and no Self Doubt
💎Healed Core Wounds
✨Overstanding the Shadow
💎Forgiveness and Acceptance
✨Miraculous Manifestations
💎Abundance in ALL Ways
✨Spiritual Alignment
💎Harmony with Universal & Natural Law…etc…

I can’t just pick ONE of those examples, bc it makes for a “prettier” biz model, or makes for simplified “marketing.”


I have full ⚡️knowing⚡️ that those who desire to go ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP, will be guided to me, through their frequency of intention and desire.✨

So, I will not limit my teachings and TRUE mentorship into a single micro-niche.

💎✨My niche is MACRO, baby!✨💎

Self Mastery does IT ALL!

In fact, My clients don’t do ONE thing…

My clients report: eradicated fears/anxiety, amplified personal power, becoming miracle magnets, undeniable synchronicities guiding their expansion, blissful partnerships, abundance and prosperity, DIVINE AF, and so much more! DM me for testimonials!

So, yes…to my former biz coaches, I tried.
But I can’t and won’t reduce my offering and life’s purpose for a marketing game plan.

True energy, authenticity, and resonance is the REAL marketing 🧨✨

You can’t out-smart a vibe ✨✨⚡️⚡️


So many people look at me and think, “🙄it must be sooo easy for her to be grateful, happy, manifest miracles, etc.”

Ummm, raise your hand if you’ve:

Been to jail?
Hated yourself?
Were sabotaging your life?
Were poisoning yourself?
Were immoral AF?
Faced 2 years mandatory prison time?
Pushed away your family?
Pushed away your friends?
Knew your days were numbered?

You, see, my loves- I’m not happy bc it’s easy for me to be; I’m happy because I lived in a personal hell for 11 years, to emerge into the woman you see today.
👉🏼Because it was the only option I had.

If I didn’t face everything and rise UP through the path of Self Mastery, I’d be (no exaggeration) in prison, dead, or badly horribly injured.

I had ZERO self respect.
I had ZERO self worth (even though I thought I did!!! I was in such delusion and denial about my !!).
I gave ZERO f*^¢s about you, them, him, her…

And that is part of my story.

✨💎✨Today I shine SO BRIGHT…so authentically empowered and anchored into my life’s purpose, because I survived the darkest nights. Night after night after night.

And I didn’t have the to tell anyone what was really going on inside of my heart. I suffered ALONE.

My path had to be so incredibly and painful, so that I could become the version of me today (that is so far from that former version, hardly anyone can believe it!!).

I don’t judge that old version of me; I HONOR her.

I thank that pain for being my greatest teacher, and the divine catalyst for my spiritual journey.

Know that if I can pull myself from my sorrowful cave of despair and anguish, you, too, can overcome ANYTHING in your way of personal success. This, I promise ✨✨🙏🏼

I love you all so much. Know that I’m always here for you!


What upgraded forms of are you all receiving? 🕊

I’ve been getting hit hard with repetition of profound quotes, scriptures, etc…that I might say or hear in convo, and then very bizarrely, reading later that day. 👉🏼It’s actually not bizarre; it was my intention!

You see, I call on my Divine Team (HP, angels, guides, etc) to intuitively guide me to the answers I seek.

So, if I hear/read a not-so-famous quote, and see it again WHILE I’m researching, I KNOW IN MY WHOLE HEART, that I’m on the right track, and I’ve been divinely guided there!

Any new, fun, interesting signs & synchronicities that you’ve been experiencing?

My hubby and I have noticed that we’ll mention a very unpopular or untimely topic/song, and the next day, it’s the exact topic (or song from the ‘60’s!), in a show we are watching.

⚡️This is happening a LOT⚡️

The probability amplitude of such recurring event, would be 1 in a billion.


I post about this, bc I normally receive my messages in numbers (I’m a Self-described translator), or simply direct messages straight from people’s mouth.

I’ve been noticing this mad shift for the past 6 mos or so!!

Very curious what’s up with your and !!


Photos from Andrea Lowell's post 06/26/2022

A true guide, coach, or mentor will always illuminate the blind spots in your thinking, behaviors, perceptions, & reactions.💡

But rather than harping on all that, we get right into action, by dissecting it swiftly with full conviction and fearlessness!
🙌🏻And then, show you and guide full integration of the solutions.

👉🏼There is no with true guidance.
👉🏼No dwelling on issues that don’t propel you into your Highest.
👉🏼No denial of the specific work you need to do based on your unique , , beliefs, character, & .

This is why I do not use a template for my coaching calls. This makes no sense to a true guide, who leads no two same people up the path to & .

The work I personally needed to do ( , , , etc) are highlighted by looking at certain aspects of MY life; my wounds, my programming, & beliefs.
A client may be dealing with abuse, a , low , etc.
👉🏼So how would a coaching call go, if I were following a script?

As a true teacher of Self Mastery, I am absolutely confident in my ability to listen, hold, accept, & guide anyone from ANY issue.

One of my clients who came to me with level 8 anxiety (daily), now reports AT MOST a level 3, and intermittent at best!

This is what Self Mastery is. Knowing thyself & the Divine, so intimately, that you can walk through anything & everything with your vibration, courage, and dignity intact.

And guess what comes from a radically amplified frequency?

You guessed it!!

So, yes, a coach will look at your “weaknesses,” but will illuminate you to the reason for them, and THEN, show you the door to exit that paradigm.
🔑And the door need not ever be opened again, because a true mentor teaches you lifetime integration, so that soon, you never need a coach again💙✨💙

I love you all so much. I am grateful every day for my dedicated, beautiful, hardworking, and blissful clients! The more they step into their , the more fully anchored I AM to mine 🫶🏻

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Raise your hand if to people has ever been an issue in your life 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

I used to think I was “nice,” “considerate,” and “generous.”


I was a Grade A .

When I started to take the path of , I realized this was a self-imposed ; a character trait I had developed to fit in, be liked, and redeem low .

👉🏼👉🏼 Of course, I was in about all of this…! 👉🏼👉🏼But it was super clear when I dug deep, and searched to the underlying fear, and the genesis of this particular behavior.

🤷🏼‍♀️So what happened when I mustered the courage to finally stop saying YES to everyone and everything?

👑People started RESPECTING me more👑

Yup, I had to realize that sometimes (not ALL the time!), when I was saying YES to other people, I was truly saying NO to ME!!

NO to:
My Time
My Self Care
My Serenity
My Needs
My Balance

So, my new ?
👉🏼🔑I will never say YES when it pulls me from my of mind-body-spirit balance.

If deprives me of MY basic needs? Oh, that’s a big fat NO!

⚡️⚡️I had to learn this the HARD WAY! ⚡️⚡️
💡🔑👉🏼Please use my experience to shield yourselves from the same downfalls, pity-parties, and depletion I’ve experienced in the name of and 🙏🏼

Your NO is sacred, My Loves. 🔑Use it from personal power, never petty resentment or jealousy. 🔑Use it from honor and self respect, not punishment or toxicity.

Your is a tool to create your dream life, so the underlying INTENTION of your “no,” is what will send out that of return and manifestations.

If you cannot decipher your underlying intentions behind your actions, you can book a session with me in my linktree. This is the work we must do, no matter our end goal in spiritual expansion. There is no greater form of Spirituality than absolute self awareness and self knowledge 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Dis-Ease: NOT AT EASE.
Dis-ease can relate to our wellness, our mental space, inner-dialogue and mindset, our relationships, our reactions, our diet, our boundaries, ad infinitum….!

Dis-ease is ALWAYS detachment from OUR TRUE NATURE.

Aside from our as (authenticity, beings of love, in alignment with purpose), we are also a part of Nature 👉🏼 It’s only our Egos that tell us otherwise.

🫶🏻And it’s not our fault🫶🏻

We live in a whirrled 🌀, intentionally designed to separate us from OUR nature AND Nature.🫥

Screens, offices, chairs, blue lights, EMFs, lockdowns, social separation, violence and terror, dopamine from all the wrong places, fake food, synthetic nutrients…I could go on.

So, allow yourself some grace, as you begin to realize the reason for a lack of EASE in all areas of your life, could be solved by returning to the natural state you were designed to thrive in!


🌲Spend time in Nature: a hike, visit the forest, beach, pond, desert, mountains, ride a horse, etc.
🌲Connect with the earth each day: feel the grass between your toes, stroke a flower, hug a tree, sit on the earth, sunbathe, feel the wind on your face, etc.
🌲Limit screen time
🌲Wear after 6pm
🌲Mitigate EMF/Wi-Fry/F!ve Gee (link to devices in my linktree)
🌲Eat foods from the earth, as the Creator intended. If it’s a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, don’t!

☀️We are simple, yet complex beings. 👇🏼👇🏼

✨✨guess what✨✨

🌲🤗Nature provides ALL of it!!🤗🌲

If you need help, manifest through gratitude, that the solutions come to you swiftly and with effortless ease.
🌻LOOK TO NATURE as your mentor. If that baffles you, then you’re exactly the one who needs to bask and frolic in the forest, park, beach asap 🫶🏻🫶🏻😘😘

EASE IS YOURS! Be the naturally capable and perfect being that you are!


Hey, Friends (old and new!)!
I am so grateful we are connecting, and I’m so excited to guide you through the incredible journey to true Self Mastery. 💛

I’ve been through a LOT in my life. It actually feels like I’ve lived several lifetimes within my 39 years. It’s been filled with incredible lessons, in which pain and misery became my greatest teachers.
I know it may not seem like it looking at my pictures, but when you read my posts, it’ll become apparent that my wisdom, authority, and true solutions have come from personal tribulations, hopelessness, anguish, despair, and spiritual emptiness. 💔

I had to go ALL the way to the bottom, so I could triumphantly and fearlessly go ALL the way to the top!🙌🏻
So, no…I wasn’t born like this. In fact I was resistant to alllll of this.

My delusional belief that I knew better than everyone, and could figure out everything intellectually, was in fact my greatest downfall.
You see, if my ideas and beliefs are what created my absolute inner-turmoil and fears, then how the hell would those same notions relieve me of them? It’s all crystal clear now! ;)
🔑So, all I had to do was change ONE THING: Everything.
And by courageously stepping into the unknown of radical and accountability, true spiritual connection, purpose, service to others, forgiveness, acceptance, detachment, etc., my entire life opened up in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I took my decades of quantum physics studies and infused that into my NEW way of thinking, reacting, and behaving…and I started manifesting things that seemed impossible.
💡I had attained .
Knowing thyself so intimately and accepting all others without judgment, that I became a miracle magnet.
This is now what I teach, with 10 years of rock solid experience and success. I’ll be sharing more of my story during upcoming weekly IGTV shows and regular posts on this page. I used to think I’d never live to be 40. And, baby, I’m just getting started!
So allow me to continue to reintroduce myself. Welcome to my page, my life, and your journey to YOUR HIGHEST!
Self Mastery is simple, and I’ll hold your hand and be your champion the entire way!💛
- Andrea 👑✨💎


No matter what you are going through, I encourage you to remember that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

Either EVERYTHING is Divine, or NOTHING is Divine.

The only factor that determines ANY outcome is our REACTION to our situation.
⚡️Our personal frequency⚡️

We are given the option/opportunity to get more aligned with our Higher Power Source, deepen our connection to the Divine, and get intentional on our faithful manifestations.


We forget aaaalllll of that, and we slip into fear, worry, lack, doubt; faithlessness.

The choice is yours.

Know THE TRUTH when making this vibrational decision:

-Fear and Faith cannot coexist simultaneously.

-They are diametric frequencies on the quantum scale, therefore they CANNOT coexist.

-Having VALID CONCERN is not the same as FEAR.

-Give your concerns to Source.

-Through Source all things are possible, all Source needs is our faith and trust in the perfect outcome.

-We are always manifesting through our vibrations.

-By giving over our low frequencies to The Most High, and restoring oneself to KNOWING and FAITH, you can work with The Unified Field to co-create the best outcome.

This is fact.
This is Universal Truth.
This is Quantum Mechanics.
This is Natural Law.
This is Karmic Law.
This is the Law of Least Effort. This is the Law of Attraction.


Photos from Andrea Lowell's post 06/01/2022

This! ✂️
I’m allllll about setting like a MF.

But, how can I instill and enforce my boundaries, if I’m operating through the same limited mindset, low , or people pleasing (a few examples) that enabled someone to harm me in the first place?

✂️If I don’t solve the problem (ME), then how do I stop creating more of the treatment I don’t like?

Wait for the abuser to stop!?? Ummm, no. That’s a recipe for heartache and DISASTER!

🙏🏼This message is not for those who suffered any form of childhood abuse; children have NO PART WHATSOEVER in malicious maltreatment. This message is for grown beings (and possibly grown beings, who might still be allowing childhood abusers into their lives for no good reason!).

✂️In order to cut ties with the version of you who allows:


We must innerstand & overstand WHY.

Do we feel we don’t deserve better?
Are we afraid of losing someone this toxic?
Are we allowing this?
Do we not have the courage to change?
Are we afraid to look at the hidden beliefs and fears that create this allowance of maltreatment by others?
Am I feeling so unworthy of good intentions and treatment?

There is ALWAYS a root cause, and underneath that root cause is a .

Trust me; I take people through this exact work daily. And through rigorous examination, and the willingness to look behind the façade, we find an underlying .

So…to identify that fear, WE MUST BE !!!

Are you ready to fearlessly step into the version of you who demands the highest-give reciprocity, ever!? 👑🙌🏻🙌🏻

You are a TREASURE!
Never allow any old, dormant fear to allow you ti be treated otherwise.

You got this, Sis!

By looking at the hidden reasons for your allowances of other’s behaviors (and own behaviors), you will start to cultivate to take the next steps necessary for your HIGHEST!

Remember: are for you! Not the return of toxicity and punishment towards others. Leave the low-vibe, 3d BS for those committed to staying in lower realms. and !


👯‍♀️💃🏼We are better together!🧚‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

If I don’t inherently “trust” women, that’s my wound to heal; my programming to reprogram.

If I’m allowing into my life via unloving friends, takers, opportunists, fakes, and those trapped in comparison & jealousy, that’s my karmic cycle to break. That’s MY self worth that needs to be emboldened.

Ask yourself:
How do you view women in general?
The women in your life?
Your relationship with your Mom?
The reciprocity of your female friendships?
The support you give and receive from other women?

💡💡👭Look deep!👭💡💡

If there are trust issues, we must shine the light on the underlying fear (and/or events that resulted in creating that fear) that creates a behavior (or belief) of distrust!

This is just an example. Be fearless at looking at your relationships to other women.

Does being around certain women bring out your best? Your worst? Why?

Be selective with whom you ✨indiscriminately✨ give your energy to. There are several women in my life who get ALL of me. And you know who you are, and I love you and honor you for loving me…without conditions!

Note: Loving trusted wombyn unconditionally, isn’t synonymous with having no . Far from it!!

I encourage you to examine your views, beliefs, and reactions towards the women in your life. See where there is more work in your own healing that should be attended to!

These are the familia of souls here to HEAL.

Are you ready to heal the way you interact and treat wombyn, including yourself?

If you have any questions pertaining to how you perceive (or maybe get triggered by) certain women, please ask in the comments below. You are so very loved ❤️



Long post, please continue reading in comments!

♦️If I had been rescued, bailed out, or enabled by those closest to me, I'd never have had the chance to EPICALLY, desperately, and Divinely FAIL.

My personal failures and excruciatingly painful downward journey, is exactly how I emerged into the woman you see today.

Often when WE wake up, spiritually evolve, and commence enlightenment, all we want is for others to find that beauty and bliss that comes with it!!!

So, out of love, we do everything in our power to stop them from:
doing the drugs, sabotaging their life through blame and anger, playing the victim, denying spirituality, being a victim of the matrix construct of our reality, being addicted to drama, poisoning themselves with toxic food ands and products, having no boundaries, perpetuating low self worth, etc. (I could go on for days with examples! Feel free to add in the comments, if you feel called!).

❓But, what happens when I try to push MY new outlook/alignment with Source/diet/universal knowledge/spiritual solutions/ceremonies on those who are NOT PERSONALLY READY for this type of truth or spiritual experience?
👇🏼I’ll tell you what 👇🏻

I DELAY or DENY them of the exact situation (or rock bottom, even) that will spark their own INTERNAL DESIRE to wake up.

Just as you and I ALL had a serious, and deeply personal journey of awakening, we must allow others that same dignity of having their OWN unique and perfect experience.

💕✨Of course, we are a support system, a beacon of light, and a safe place!!
But to force my exact path of awakening onto another, robs them of their Divine Path that was perfectly planned, orchestrated, and curated by Universal Intelligence, for their own perfect awakening. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Continued below in comments:


Only YOU can do the work.

Only YOU can choose to align with your Higher Power Source.

Only YOU can be fearlessly honest with yourself.

Only YOU can make the choice each day to operate from the intention of growth and bliss.

Only YOU can say yes to this path.

Once YOU make that choice, and you start taking the smallest actions to materialize a better reality, the hard part is over!
The choice is simple, but not always easy:

Do I choose to remain in the discomfort of chaos, pain, stagnation, guilt, shame, blame, etc that I know so well…?


Do I choose to walk through 🔹temporary🔹 discomfort of relentless honesty and searching, to find absolute abundance on the other side?

YOU, beautiful angel, are ALL YOU NEED.

YOU…are the “something” you’ve been waiting for!!

Obviously, I’m always here to guide you through this exact work, but I can’t do the work for you! Only YOU can actualize your amazing self!!

My clients build confidence, acceptance, self esteem, self worth, spiritual upleveling, bliss, serenity, etc. because they DO THE WORK.
✨And that’s the doing the work achieved.✨

We EXPECT radical upgrades! What results are you expecting fro what you are currently doing?🙏🏼🙏🏼✨

PS- took this picture in Hawaii! How gorgeous is this !?! Great shot, babe!!


Say it with me now!! 😂🙌🏻
This has been THE LESSON of the last 12-24 months for me.

Anyone else identify?

Anyone else want to stop doing the metaphorical heavy lifting, just because WE CAN?



For me, people had mentioned that I was “an quite often growing up, baffled by wisdom, maturity, inquisitive lines of questions about the afterlife, earth, and outer space.

My mom even said as a baby, I was the most calming force in her life; holding me brought her peace.

I was told around age 12, that I possessed incredible discernment. I was able to read peoples energy, and immediately knew when I was being deceived, for example. I had a that other people didn’t seem to have. Although an absolute extrovert, I’d often just observe others and say nothing, learning everything about people, places, and situations with my empathic gifts.

Also, the truths that I came to discover early on about the whirrled 🌀, which would have really disturbed most, did not have a distressing emotional impact; it was almost like I already knew, although sometimes the information was shocking.

How did YOU know that you were an old soul??

Image with my .a.n.d.flourish 💕💕

Photos from Andrea Lowell's post 05/18/2022

Beloveds- How amazing would it feel, if this was now the time, that you finally blossomed into the most TRUE, aligned, and most AUTHENTIC version of YOU?
You know...the Highest version of Your Self, that you came to Earth to be? 💋💋

If you're a woman who wants to shed the masks, , and self doubt, and finally make that ALL that delicious upleveling happen, then the single most important step you can take right now, is to have a simple, realistic, and ALIGNED plan of action that you can flow with....and simply innerstand at your core!

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with. 🙌🏼💎

Want me to show you how to BE-YOU-'TIL-FULL? (Shout out to for inspiring the name of this workshop!!!)
🔸On Sunday, May 22nd at 12PM PST/3PM EST, I’m hosting a free training called Be You 'til Full! 3 Simple Steps to Your Most Authentic Self! That’s this Sunday!

🔗Ladies- Just click the top link in my Linktree to automatically register and save your spot on the online workshop & training!!

💕👇🏼🌹Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn:

* The 3 most destructive myths about and 🦋

* SIMPLE DIY Eradication & Self Worth Up-leveling 👑

* How to BE living in sync with your 🦋

* My secrets to eradicating underlying reasons for people pleasing, 24/7🔑

* My proven (and SIMPLE!) Spiritual Integration tactics to keep you at YOUR HIGHEST, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!✨

Click the link in my Linktree to save your spot now: 💔🔑

See you there, Beautiful!!

P.S. Space is limited on this training, so be sure to save your spot now before they fill up.

P.P.S. After the success of last month's Pain into Purpose webinar, I created a FEEE helpful guide, to get you flowing blissfully into and with your Purpose!! Click the Linktree to grab your copy! (you can download it from the link!)



💡🔥Trust that instinct!!🔥💡

Listen to your:

❤️‍🔥Inner Voice
🥵Body’s Response
🚨Gut Feeling
💡Intuitive Knowing
👍🏼The Feeling of Leaning IN
👎🏻The Feeling of Learning OUT

Every time I have ignored to message to “lean AWAY from a situation/person,” I have ALWAYS gotten burned.🔥🔥

For me, it’s because I’ve thought, “I’m smart; I can make this work.” Or
“This doesn’t feel great, but I could benefit from this relationship.”

Oh, sweet Jesus, how that intellect and ego will talk your Soul right outta the TRUTH with the QUICKNESS !!! 😳😳😳

Don’t listen to it!

Not ALWAYS, but 98% of the time, MY FIRST REACTION IS THE TRUTH.
My second reaction is my ego trying to sabotage me through:

-Low Self Worth
-Superiority Complex
-Lack Consciousness

💭It goes something like:

“Ugh, this person is a fu***ng CREEP!” - first reaction in my gut, my bones, my heart.
“Meh, I could see how we could benefit from this, and I’m smart. I’ll intelligently navigate this narcissistic prick.” - second thought; WRONG THOUGHT!!

Luckily, it’s been YEARS since I’ve dismissed my first reaction.
But I had to get BURNED to learn the lesson.

I share this, bc we don’t need to get burned to avoid these circumstances!
❤️We can learn from our own mistakes, and not dismiss the lessons, so we’ll keep getting them (louder and harder) so that we finally integrate it.
Or, learn from the mistakes of others!!!!💕💕💕

I love you all so much!
💎Our intuition is just like a muscle: use it, flex it, increase it’s strength, mobility, and agility!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Lmk if you’ve mastered this, need help, or don’t know exactly what I mean, so I can further help you!
Comment below or send me a dm if it’s too personal 😘

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What upgraded forms of #DivineMessages are you all receiving? 🕊I’ve been getting hit hard with repetition of profound qu...
What upgraded forms of #DivineMessages are you all receiving? 🕊I’ve been getting hit hard with repetition of profound qu...
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