Hollywood Judo Dojo, Los Angeles, CA Video February 22, 2020, 7:56pm

Videos by Hollywood Judo Dojo in Los Angeles. Judo is a martial art that was created in Japan by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. Hollywood Judo has been around sense 1932.

Ashi Waza

Sensei Philippe demonstrating ashi waza technique

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Hollywood Judo Dojo Friday Technique Night.

Taira's Black Belt Promotion

Russlan's Judo Demonstration

Newaza Turn Over
Hollywood Judo Dojo Sensei Philippe demonstrating his favorite newaza turn over.

Uchi Mata
Hollywood Judo Dojo working on Uchi mata tachiwaza last night on the crash pad.

Hollywood Judo Dojo's Sensei Philippe demonstrating his Harai-goshi.

Ashi Waza
Sensei Philippe demonstrating ashi waza technique

TAIRA IS NATIONAL CHAMPION!(video is from the final)

Hollywood Judo Dojo on the mat Tuesday.

Sensei Gary Freeman and his wife Ann singing this past weekend at the Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute new years pa...

Hollywood Judo Dojo Weekend Walking Uchimata

Hollywood Judo Dojo Weekend Uchimata

Sensei Gary and his wife Anne singing at The Hollywood Japanese Cultural Institute New Year party.