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Liberation Yoga


Greetings Beautiful Yogi’s of Liberation!
Please come join us for our final kirtan in the back garden before we move!
All proceed donated to moving costs.
I'm a new member at Liberation Yoga and have been very impressed with the level of quality and variety of the teachers and classes. And look forward to more. So, thank you for that.

May I, however, air a few grievances?

I was looking forward to checking out the 8 pm Sound Healing Meditation class tonight (Tuesday) and even invited a friend to meet me there and take the class.

I called Liberation this morning to check whether we had to bring mats or dress in a certain way, but it seemed impossible to reach an actual human being on the phone there; there's just an outgoing message ending with an encouragement to check the website for more information.

So, I checked the website to make sure the class was happening. It said nothing about it being cancelled.

When I arrived at Liberation tonight at 7:45, the doors were locked and there was nobody inside. It completely had the appearance of a closed business. Finally someone showed up around 7:55 to let people in. We signed in and were waiting by the back room for the other class to end. At 8:04 pm, the other class was still going on and the man running the front desk informed us that our class had been cancelled.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed that there was no word of its cancellation online earlier in the day, and the person in charge didn't even seem to know it was cancelled until minutes after the class's scheduled start time. The class was even promoted at the top of your sidewalk chalk board--and no indication of cancellation there, either.

Anyway, I'm sure there's an explanation for all this. And I'd love to know what it was. An emergency? Unfortunately, what happened was not very member-friendly, to say the least. Maybe consider some kind of compensation or refund when this happens.

And it would also be nice if you could ask teachers to end their classes at least 10 minutes before the next class begins so that the next class has the opportunity to start on time.

And have a phone line where an actual person could be reached.

Thank you for allowing me to vent!


August 20-24 8:30am-12:30pm
Ages 6-11
Cost: $360 includes supplies
Deposit of $100 due 8/12
Contact [email protected]

Join Shanna, Daisy, Clementine and Christine for this joyful yoga immersion.
8:30am-9am - Drop off and get acquainted set intentions for the day
9-10am - Yoga class with all the bells and whistles - poses, breath, relaxation and games!
10am-10:20am snack and chat
10:20am-11:20am - Mindful crafts - Mala Bead Necklaces, Shakti Boxes, Mural Painting - The Yoga Tree Of Life, Eye Pillows and more
11:20am-12:15pm - Collaborative Performance written, choreographed, musically scored and performed by the little yogis and centered on a yogic theme such as : Compassion, Empathy, Ahimsa (non-harming) Love, Kindness, Contentment, Change, Activism
12:15-12:30pm - Close the day with the circle of light
This will be a beautiful end to summer and a joyful healthy way to head back to school!
My company Floralia Crowns & I are looking forward to being apart of this special night.
Stop by our FLOWER CROWN BAR and create your own crown with a positive affirmation for only $20.00 & 50% of the proceeds go to saving the garden!
For more information on our offerings, check out
Hey Liberation Yoga, this is the second time in three weeks I've left a class of yours before it started because your teacher was over 15 minutes late! In the 3 or so months I've been attending weekly regularly the same teacher has been extremely late 4-5 times. If you'd like more info on which class what what teacher, please DM me.
What a great way to get away without leaving home...a Los Angeles treasure...
The web schedule is down. Will you post here?

Liberation Yoga is about living authentically. It's about finding one's true nature through the practice of yoga and sharing this limitless life force with the world.

At Liberation we celebrate all styles of Hatha Yoga & all levels of practitioners.

Operating as usual 02/19/2020

Teacher Training — Liberation Yoga

Liberation Teacher Training February 21st - April 5th 2020! Only a few spots left 🤩

Our full comprehensive training covers anatomy, philosophy, alignment, sequencing, prenatal, yoga therapy, personal practice, pranayama, meditation, kirtan, yoga business, yoga lifestyle and cultivates deep and lasting friendships and partnerships. ✮✮✮

For more information please visit link below or email [email protected]

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Your first class is free/First Month is $45/Liberation Yoga is for EVERY Body~


On Monday it will be 2 months since we moved from our beloved 124 S. La Brea Home of 15 years to our new and blessed location at 1288 S. La Brea. We could not have imagined moving Liberation and while it broke our hearts - it was preferable to closing altogether which was our only choice given multiple circumstances including an astronomical rent increase.
And now 2 months in, the energy is so bright and expansive, we are in love. With the new space, with the new students and with those who traveled with us. If you have yet to come - do it now!! It's the cusp of a powerful Eclipse (Tuesday) and the summer solstice is shining bright.
Join us in a YOGA CHALLENGE - choose your commitment between July 1st and August 31st - How many classes do you want to commit to? Email [email protected] and I will create a group of support and community to see you take your practice to a new level this summer. We will connect encourage and cheer each other on so that no matter where you start - you will feel empowered and LIT Up by the end of summer!!! We all have things we are shaking off, moving through and emerging into - let's do it together! XOXO


Liberation Yoga's cover photo


Candlelight flow yoga tonight ♥️✨
~ Honor the energy of creation in honor of your Mother, the planet and yourself tonight! 6:30-8p🕯 A juicy hip opening flow that will get your creative juices flowing!
1288 S. La Brea #divinemother #mothersday #candlelityoga #yogaflow #liberationyoga


Tuesday 😻 Mew Location!
8:30a / Morning Magic with Christine
10:05a / Vinyasa Flow Level 2 with Amit Heri
12:05a / Iyengar Vibe Level 1 with Radha
2p / Yoga for people with Parkinson's (Free Class) All Levels with Kathleen Ross-Allee
4:30p / Transformative Flow Level 2 with Kelli Mizufuka
6:30p / Spirit Flow with Christine


Full chakra balancing tonight’s last Candlelight Class with Christine at Liberation 🌹We would love if you could join us tonight 🙏🏼🕯✨
Named The best candlelight yoga class in LA in 2004 by LA Weekly 🤩 -See you there! 🌹
#candlelightyoga #chakraflow #gardenyoga #candlelit #mantra #chakras #yoga #liberationyoga #yogis #flow #healing #yogacommunity #love #chakrahealing


Sunday Schedule and last day of classes at our beloved studio 🙏🏼✨
8:30a / Yoga for a grounded heart with Mindy
10:15a / Family All with Shanna Gilfix
10:30a / Asana Kitchen with Stephanie Morrell
12p / Basics 1 with Mark
2:30p / Gentle Restorative All with Yvonne Papanek
4p / Slow Flow with Sarah Hemphill
6p / Candlelight Chakra Flow Mixed Levels with Christine 🕯
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Hey Yogis! 🙏🏼🌿 We would love it if you could help us take our floors with us! We want to save our beautiful garden floors and repurpose them into prop and shoe shelves and planters! Give to the liberation relocation GoFundMe and help us make that happen! ♥️♻️🙌🏼✨

Please click on link below to donate 🙏🏼

We greatly appreciate it. Thank you ✨
#yoga #yogacommunity #liberationyoga #liberated #gofundme #yogastudio #losangeles


Kirtan fundraiser tonight at 7pm! Renew for spring- balance your heart Center this full moon in liberation time! Say farewell to the garden! Support your yoga home and yourself- all donations go to relocation fund 🙏🏼✨🌿
#kirtan #fundraiser #chanting #liberation #garden #labrea #liberationyoga 04/16/2019

Click here to support Liberation Yoga Relocation Community Effort! organized by Liberation Yoga

THANK YOU for all the love and donations 💚💚💚 Let's keep the energy going - please share, and remember that every single dollar counts and is met with love and gratitude. Go fund me link in profile.
YOU WILL BE THE VIP's of the opening party!! To give back and keep your yoga going we have a sale through April 15th- pick the series of your choice and take 20% off!
So put some classes in the bank for now and if you don't use them up this month - they never expire and you will have them in the new location! Liberation Yoga has to move on from our beautiful La Brea oasis to a new home just under two miles away, and we need your help to raise $23,000 to make it possible. Liberation is a feeling, an energy, a community, and a way of living authentically together in light and love. Though we are being... 04/08/2019

Click here to support Liberation Yoga Relocation Community Effort! organized by Liberation Yoga

Help us get Liberated and we will be there for you! ✨🙌🏼✨
With Change Comes New Possibility!
Keep small business, yoga and your community together! Liberation Yoga has to move on from our beautiful La Brea oasis to a new home just under two miles away, and we need your help to raise $23,000 to make it possible. Liberation is a feeling, an energy, a community, and a way of living authentically together in light and love. Though we are being...


Heal your relationship with food and body through Intuitive Eating and yoga! 6 weeks series led by Mayuko Okai @mayuko_okai_yoga Registered Dietitian and Yoga Teacher! Limited time 10% off just for Liberation Students until Wednesday 3/20! *
#intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #nutrition #dietitian #holistichealth #disorderedeating #disorderedeatingrecovery #bodypositive #bodypositiveyoga #yoga #liberationyoga


I am so excited! My SMHD (Spiritual Mental Health Diet- IT'S A LIVE IT NOT A DIET!) Online Program for A Lighter Brighter You begins in 9 Days! It is one of my favorite things in the world to spend time in virtual person weekly with an intimate group and share a deeper home practice with you!
This time we use the chakras (energy centers in the body that contain essential information) week by week to light up, get clear, support each other, connect to miracles and create consistency for self care. There are a small Childs handful of spots left! Won't you join and start spring with a leap? [email protected] for more info


Join Christine For her Women's Retreat In Idylwild - Refresh, Connect, Create, Transform
3 Spots Left!!!


Liberation Teacher Trainees at Chez Burke-McCleery due to rain. Finding our light so we can share.💫🙌💖

[03/04/19]   It's a beautiful day to be alive. The sun is shining and so are you. If you can't find the light for yourself today, find enough to hand someone else a smile and let their smile come back to you and light your heart in exchange. "If you have a problem and there's an action you can take- you don't have a problem." Take action today and start with some self care. What's the kindest thing you could do for yourself right now?


Join The Magic Of Jeanne This Weekend For Spring Boost Restorative!


Are you thinking about Spring? Are you in need of a refresh? A reboot? I AM! And I couldn't be more excited about my next Spiritual Mental Health Diet - BEGINS MARCH 20th! This program is online and "in person" via ZOOM in our pj's if you want! We create magic through healthy, creative insightful daly practices designed to move you forward AND getting you comfortable with where you are in mind/body/spirit. This session is geared toward BURSTING OUT IN COLOR - we use the 7 major chakras (energy centers) as our foundation for VITALITY and light to pour through you and into everything you do and all that you ARE. It's great for teachers to stay inspired, for parents to tend to yourself! For coaches, educators, artists and HUMANS of all kinds - it is my passion project (along with Liberation Yoga) and I'm passionate about sharing it with you. Spaces are limited so please be in touch if you have any curiosities...All love~ Christine


Move into the New Year From Your Heart ♥️ 14th Annual New Year Celebration with Christine Burke 🎊🥰🍾✨
Join Christine, Gary and Clementine in a celebration of community, the year past and the bright future ahead! We will welcome 2019, the Year Of The Earth Pig , with yoga, mudra, meditation, mindful appreciation and surprises!
This annual sacred festive gathering has been a staple of Liberation since it began in 2004. You will wake up into the new year with a light heart, open hips and an easy clear mind.
Come join the fun and sweat (glow), relax and toast with a happy heart and no hangover – or a teensy one - Refreshments, late night appetizers and sweet surprises included.
This event always sells out and space is limited. Sign up by today 1/28 to secure your spot!
Monday December 31st 9:30pm-Midnight
[Cost: $50] Sign up on outlet website (Link on Bio) or give us a call at (323) 964-5222
#newyear #yoga #workshop #peace #love #yearofthepig #newyearyoga #yogis #liberationyoga #liberated #labrea #losangeles


Tonight, Candlelight Chakra Flow at 6pm with Christine❕🚀
♥️ Sacral Chakra ▫️Svadhisthana▫️🍊Orange and creativity in relationships-problem solving and finding pleasure in the small moments of life.
Artwork by #alexmouron #candlelightyoga #sacralchakra #chakraflow #gardenyoga #candlelit #mantra #chakras #yoga #liberationyoga #yogis #flow #healing #yogacommunity #love #chakrahealing


Michael Hathaway Kirtan

Liberation birthday party this Saturday!
(I'll be playing a 30 minute set around 8pm),
dj's, food, refreshments, astrologer, tarot card reader, henna tattoo, kids craft table, and a raffle with loads of excellent prizes!


Friday 😍
8:30a / Level 2 with Steven
10a / Iyengar All with Pagan
11:30a / Hatha 1 with Lynn
1:00p / Baby and me with Cassie
4:30p / Gentle Yoga with Michelle
6p / Slow Flow 1/2 with Mark
8p / Teacher Training with Christine 🎉
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Wednesday 🙏🏼
8:30 / Flow 2 with Steven Freedman
10a / Iyengar ALL with Pagan
11:30a / Flow/Meditation Mixed with Lynn Taylor
1p / Pre and Post Natal with Cassie
6:30p / Flow level 2/3 with Noelle
6:30p / Basics One with Mark
8p / Restorative with Ivonne Papanek
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8:30am Steven Level 1-2 ⭐️
10am Pagan Iyengar Style Mixed 🌟
10am Noelle Strong Flow Level 2-3 ⚡️
11:30 Lynn Level 1 ✨
#keithharing #4thofjulyyoga #yogastudio #flow #yoga #gratitude #love #yogapractice #yogi #yogagram #yogalove #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #restorative #yogalosangeles #hollywood #vinyasa #meditation #iyengar #morningflow #gardenstudio


Crown Chakra Candlelight Flow tonight with Christine 6:00pm - Start July with passionate Surrender 🙏🏼
Feel your power by letting nature lead ✨ See you there!
Wear white or violet for an energy boost 💜
#candlelightyoga #crownchakra #sahasrara #om #chakraflow #gardenyoga #candlelit #mantra #chakras #yoga #liberationyoga #yogis #flow #healing #yogacommunity #love #chakrahealing


Tuesday 👀 ✨
8:45a / Morning Magic with Christine
10a / Strong Mindful Flow Level 2 with Adam
11:30a / Iyengar Vibe Level 1 with Radha
1:30p / Yoga for people with Parkinson's (Free Class) All Levels with Kathleen Ross-Allee
5:15p / Transformative Flow Level 2 with Feri
6:30p / Discover Yoga Level 1 with Laura
6:30p / Level 2 with Stephen Freedman
8p / Strong Flow Level 2 with Stephanie
Image via @subliming.jpg #liberationyoga #yogaschedule #gardenstudio #yogastudio #yoganidra #meditation #flow #yoga #yogi #gratitude #love #yogapractice #yogagram #yogalove #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #restorative #yogalosangeles #labrea #vinyasa #meditation #iyengar #yoganidra #morningflow


Tuesday 👀 ✨
8:45a / Morning Magic with Christine
10a / Strong Mindful Flow Level 2 with Adam
11:30a / Iyengar Vibe Level 1 with Radha
1:30p / Yoga for people with Parkinson's (Free Class) All Levels with Kathleen Ross-Allee
5:15p / Transformative Flow Level 2 with Feri
6:30p / Discover Yoga Level 1 with Laura
6:30p / Level 2 with Stephen Freedman
8p / Strong Flow Level 2 with Stephanie
Image via @subliming.jpg #liberationyoga #yogaschedule #gardenstudio #yogastudio #yoganidra #meditation #flow #yoga #yogi #gratitude #love #yogapractice #yogagram #yogalove #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #restorative #yogalosangeles #labrea #vinyasa #meditation #iyengar #yoganidra #morningflow


Chakra class TT 2017✨✨✨


Liberation Yoga's cover photo

[06/25/18]   As we stand on the cusp of 14 years as family run independent studio in Los Angeles, the view is very different in our city and the world than it was on 2004. Despite the darkness and often frightening direction that is unfolding, I feel a grand sense of HOPTIMISM (current favorite of my parade of made up words) when I see the faces in our classes, and the incredible lightowrkers all over this planet in action. We might be divided in many ways but I see more unity than in a long time as well.
Our mission at Liberation becomes clearer with each day and the phrase that Gary (husband and co-founder of Lib) coined 14 years ago on our cards and t-shirts is more relevant now than ever:
"GETTING YOU IN SHAPE FOR THE REVOLUTION!" Whatever your revolution is, wherever your passion for light and love lands, we are here for you - a safe harbor and a place to launch your visions with mind, body and spirit tuned and turned on.
We hope to see you on the mat soon - I'll be there tonight at 6:30pm and please keep the faith and your light burning brightly - YOU ARE ESENTIAL. Every little act of kindness is seed in the garden of LOVE LOVE LOVE~


$100 off tuition until June 13th!
Liberation Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your practice, expand your life, feed your passion and live in light!
Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training is a special and transformational experience.
We will meet you where you are and together we will journey, transform, shift, learn and grow!
Please email [email protected] for more info or visit our website

Schedule: Thurs & Fri 8-11pm, Sat & Sun 12:30-6:30pm

Still deciding? Hear from our recent YTT graduates!!

Teacher training at Liberation Yoga was the most life-changing experience. Every night after training I would go home and think how grateful I am to have found such a perfectly balanced studio to deepen my practice at. Every one of the teachers is so passionate, caring and giving about their craft. It was an unforgettable experience, with a beautiful group of women, who will forever be my yogini soul-mates. I can't say enough positive things about my experience there. I've never felt so whole, balanced, and loved. Even though it was rigorous, every bit of information has been thoroughly useful and it really pushed me to listen to my body, mind and spirit. I felt connected to myself at a deeper level after the training. A wonderful opportunity to delve deep into this ancient, spiritually cleansing practice, and find one's true inner needs. I cannot thank Christine and the team enough!
I decided to sign up for teacher training when I realized there was so much depth to yoga and I wanted to understand it. It was a personal pursuit. I wasn't sure if I wanted to teach. I chose Liberation Yoga because it just felt right and I had been practicing there for years. It turns out it was one of the best investments of my life -- I turned my life around and I'm teaching! I'm more than grateful for the experience, the teachers, the friends I've made and of course, Christine. I'm one to just pop into a studio, take a class and slip out with few interactions. But now Liberation is my second home in LA and love the community here.
"Liberation yoga teacher training was one of the most magical experiences I have ever been lucky enough to take part in. As soon as I walked into Liberation yoga, I felt such an overwhelming sense of home and community, having recently moved to LA from London, I felt instantly connected and welcomed. Christine is one of the most special people I’ve ever met, leading the teacher training and owning the studio with her husband Gary, she made the training exceptionally warm and loving. The training is so transformative, coming from a heart-centered place of spiritual grounding, with a lot of incredible in-depth study on the philosophy and history of yoga, it really is a special training that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else in the world. With all the teachers being incredibly inspiring, having spent years learning their practices, and being very open and willing to share their knowledge with the students. You get a very in-depth introduction to many areas of yoga including anatomy, history, philosophy, pranayama, sequencing and so much more. Following on from the training you have the chance to undertake mentorships with wonderful teachers at Liberation, this really allows you the chance to practice and develop the skills you learn in a real studio environment and is an amazing part of the training to continue your learning."
I am grateful for Liberation Studio. There are certainly MANY yoga studios in Los Angeles. I find Liberation to be fundamentally different than all other studios I have experienced. The teachers demonstrate compassion for everyone in their class, from a place of holding patiently the space for others to believe in themselves and in this life. I sought out a center of yoga to participate in a 200-hour teacher training, as I too wanted to learn productive ways to help myself feel better in the day-to-day and, down the line, help others. I visited many yoga studios in L.A., including most of the well-known chain establishments. During none of these visits did I have a sense that the studio owners cared about much more than providing a place for body fitness and making a profit.

Christine, co-owner of Liberation, warmly invited me to meet before her Sunday evening class. I walked in and saw this warmth in flickering candles and, to my eye, eclectic East Asian pieces that felt sacred. Christine sat with me, and asked about who I was and what I hoped to gain from a teacher training. She invited me to attend her class in a grounded garden of ivy and wooden pillars and colorful, prayerful tokens. I kept thinking, "wow--if I ever teach a yoga class, this is just how I would want to teach it". Christine opened with a tidbit of philosophy she had been stewing over that week, then led us in a breathing exercise that was new to me. We moved over our yoga mats as she seemingly effortlessly guided and shaped and encouraged us. I felt her confidence in what she was doing, and felt instant trust. As the class winded down and the night air chilled also, we laid back in the final pose of savasana. Christine and her teaching apprentice handed out sleeping bags to those who wanted them: I felt so warm in the flannel bag and I knew that this place housed depth of thought and heart.

Liberation's 7-week teacher training was rich in opportunities for "life knowledge" and "yoga practitioner knowledge". The daily morning practice I learned has empowered me. I will continue to be present at this studio, and I sincerely hope that the studio can be present for 1000s more people in the years to come.

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1288 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 11:00 - 21:30
Wednesday 11:00 - 21:30
Thursday 08:30 - 21:30
Friday 08:30 - 20:00
Saturday 08:30 - 18:00
Sunday 09:30 - 20:30
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