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What’s up this is Matt, I’ve known Alexander since he was first getting serious in the gym. I’m proud of you man.
Be a supportive friend :D

Alexander Athletics is an online coaching program to help you get in the best shape of your life. Tailored nutrition and workout programs.

Operating as usual


27 never looked so good 😜


YouTube is a crazy place. One day I’m fighting against the world champion of Jiu Jitsu and the next I’m bodyguard. Check out my guys @hishamksh new video dropping tomorrow.


Two sick savages just started at Equinox ⁣


Gohan and Goten ✌🏼 new video drops tomorrow at 7pm

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No cap
tion. New video drops Monday at 7pm and we getting a little risqué ⁣


As you can tell from my massive smile, I’m officially blonde ✌🏼 time to have more fun! ⁣


This shot was taken as a scare tactic for the fight that occurred in the parking lot behind the gym. Videos dropping Monday at 7pm PST

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Working out with @ethanfairbanks_ he survived from an insane cancer incident and then they sowed his foot on backwards to act as his knee joint 🤯 talk about creativity. Video goes live at 7pm PST 💪🏼 ⁣


I faced biggest challenge yet…YouTube dropping on Monday at 7pm ⁣


Creativity follows commitment - join the lifting club so you can build confidence, transform your body, and take your life to the next level ✌🏼DM for inquiries. ⁣


Mah best friend graduated 👨‍🎓 congrats on finishing elementary school little bro! ⁣
#2020 🎓 🎓


14 years apart and best friends ✌🏼
Thanks to @drinkarizona ⁣⁣for the strawberry lemonade

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New YOUTUBE video is dropping tonight at 7pm! Go check it out 💪🏼 big thanks to my new friend @sky.hart she killed it! ⁣

Alexander Athletics updated their website address. 02/11/2021

Alexander Athletics updated their website address.

Alexander Athletics updated their website address.


Check out The Clubhouse APP each week at 5pm Pacific to get a chance to chat with me and our team about your biggest challenges with fitness and nutrition!

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I told her Cinnamon French Toast was a staple in my diet 😜⁣

Thanks for posing with me @jessiedebry she is a great model!⁣

PC: @rms.photographs

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Your vibe attracts your tribe 😎⁣

A little taste of the rebrand! Make sure you go follow @bottcreative and @jessica_redmond_ and give them some love!! @ Little Cottonwood Canyon

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We threw it back a little ➡️➡️⁣

PC: @bottcreative
Best Friend: @januarymornings⁣

@ Salt Lake City, Utah

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Is it time to finally QUIT fitness?! 😬⁣

With the “corona recession” people are dropping health & fitness first. They are staying home. Gyms are closed. It’s getting rough...⁣

I have to say that my best decision has been hiring a coach to help me understand how to survive and thrive as a fitness coach even during a recession!⁣

So what’s the secret?! How can you stay afloat?

In 2008 my parents got a divorce. We lost our home. Things took a turn for the worse for a while. And what I saw was that my safe and happy lifestyle was shattered. Most people would think this 12 year old kid would sit and wait...hope for a better life. Cry a little (I did). Rely on mom or dad. ⁣

Do you EVEN know me?! I didn’t wait! I sprung into action. This 12 year old kid got up and went to work!

You gotta be willing to go above and beyond. Upgrading who you are on your branding, messaging, and on a deep personal level.⁣

Are you gonna WIN or LOSE?⁣

Here are some tips:⁣

1) Take your fitness coaching business online. If you don’t know how, sign up for one of my programs. I’m offering major scholarships for the first 5 people who sign up! You’ll get the step by step on how to be a highly sought after online fitness & nutrition coach along with the know how on the building programs for clients 💪🏼⁣

2) Be creative! Everyone is posting “at home workouts” already. When that happened, I was already thinking...daaang what can I do to help these people out that’s different and unique? Started doing live at home trainings. How many people are doing that? (I’m almost sure I was the first to do it)⁣

3) Take ACTION and be CONSISTENT. When you start something new you’re going to suck at it almost 100% guarantee. It’s just like the gym, you gotta keep at it and sooner or later you go from lifting them 5lb weights to repping over 300lbs! Get started NOW!!

Be the light ☀️ in the darkness. DM me or check out my application link in BIO ☝🏼⁣ PC: @bottcreative

@ 9th and 9th

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🌟 3 EFFECTIVE workouts to building your abs⁣

You want to see those 6-pack abs and they aren’t showing up...⁣

I struggled with that for YEARS! People told me “the guy on the LEFT” that I would never have abs because of my genetics... it was the worst. I felt like total 💩 ⁣

Wanna know how I got the abs to pop?⁣

1. Lower your body fat percentage. Most guys can see their abs at 10-12% body fat. I tend to see mine a little lower since I hold more fat in my stomach. Time to get in a caloric deficit 💪🏼⁣

2. Workout your lower abs. Decline leg raises, captains chair leg raises, hanging leg raises, reverse crunch. You’ll notice a difference!⁣

3. Don’t workout your obliques. This will make your waist look wider and you’ll lose that nice V-Taper. ⁣

Easier said than done, no worries, if you need help join my physique transformation program and I’ll show you the exact steps it takes for you to get there. Link in BIO for applications 💪🏼⁣

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Are you in need of a SOLID gym partner?!⁣

First off go join my group Alexander Athletics on FB and connect with amazing people on there! Great way to find yourself a gym buddy.⁣

The next step is to understand gym buddy etiquette. Follow these rules:⁣

1) If you’re just getting started it’d be best to go with someone who is at a similar level or just slightly ahead of you. Make sure you guys are getting knowledge from a similar source (i.e if I’m coaching one of you)⁣

2) Be respectful to those who are trainers, bodybuilders, and athletes. Going to the gym is part of their job/career so taking them on a gym buddy can actually hold them back. ⁣

3) Find someone with similar goals as you. Inevitably a gym partner won’t last forever but if you want someone to get you started with building out a big booty don’t be working out with someone who just does cheat day 😂 just won’t work.⁣

Update on my show prep, we’re doing great!! Each level of prep challenges my mind and honestly it gets rough. My mind isn’t always a fortress of strength, but when you remember to be the HERO of your circumstances you will take your body above and beyond.⁣

We’re 6.5 weeks out. This is going to be the last time I say this for this prep because I should be able to maintain this promise. I’m going to be perfect on my diet, workouts, and cardio. I’m going to be so freaking relentless that when the @jaycutlerdesertclassic comes up I’ll give a jaw dropping performance this year. Time to take some MASSIVE action 💪🏼⁣

Rise up and move forward 🙌🏼⁣

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Have you found your “home” gym?!⁣

Utah doesn’t really have too many bodybuilding gyms. So when I connected with @butlerprogym I felt like a kid all over again. The vibe down to smell was amazing! ⁣

Honestly can’t wait for their expansion. The gains. It’s freaking awesome 💪🏼 Go check them out! The owner is a beast too 🙌🏼⁣

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Keep your goals high and your elbows even higher when working them rear delts 😜
You know exercise you just can’t wait to do? Yeah, cable pull downs are the best! You get a nice stretch in the back 💪🏼 ...
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Entry options/details coming soon!! We’ve got competitors, sick judges, prizes!! Ooph it’s gonna be SICK!! Let me know i...



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