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🤘💙💛🤘 MVP???
Please be advised fellow Rams fans,there is a person claiming to be someone else using the below profile please be aware of this
Geo Sette thoughts on the Goff/Stafford Trade:

I consider myself as seasoned an NFL fan you will find, and such is my NFL IQ at a high level,
As for my LA Rams you will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated fan, now spanning 47 years since I was 11
& since Jared Goff was drafted # 1 overall, I have not missed a single snap of every Rams game played with Goff behind center
so yeah, I consider myself an authority on Jared Goff & the Rams

I will start by saying this trade is pathetic for the Rams long term, and quite frankly it was difficult to digest.
Please don't get me wrong, I like Matthew Stafford as a player and will always root on the blue & gold, but even still this trade absolutely stinks for the Rams
It's De-Ja-Vu all over again, I can remember all that Kurt Warner did for the team in 1999, 2000 & 2001, where if coached properly they should have won the Super Bowl every year, but they only had Dick Vermeil for 1 season ( 1999) with Warner & they won it all, and it followed total destruction by Mike Martz who was a solid offensive mind, but an atrocious head coach. Warner was injured & missed several games, only to lose his starting job to Marc Bulger who was as soft as a sponge & lasted only a few years in the NFL, Horrible disrespect for their TWO-TIME league MVP Warner, who rightfully so should be a 3-time Super Bowl champ, Warner went on to take the Cardinals franchise who like the Rams, had lost for a decade before Warner joined the team, I will skip the details, but you know Warner should have won the SB with the cards if not for a last-second miracle TD pass ( by an inch) from Big Ben to Holmes.

Enter 2021, Jared Goff has now completed 4 full seasons for the Rams, ONLY Tom Brady has more wins, Goff has 45 wins in 4 seasons, 42-21 Regular season & 3 big playoff wins, 2 of them on the road, 1 being the NFC Championship game where Goff out-played & out-gunned future Hall of Famer Drew Brees on his home field. Jared Goff lead the Rams to the Super Bowl after a fabulous 2018 season, then you have the fools out there that say Goff only managed 3 points in the Super Bowl, but they fail to intelligently realize it was a defensive battle, they happen in the NFL, the absolute GOAT Brady only had 3 points into the 4th quarter too, and It was Goff who late in the 4th quarter through an absolutely perfect TD pass to Brandin Cooks, hitting him right in the numbers, but the ball was dropped, If the catch is made ( 90%+ made my an NFL WR) the Rams go on to win the game and Jared Goff is the Super Bowl MVP and world champion, of course, the Patriots, who ONLY had 1 RedZone possession the entire game, scored after a big pass from Brady to Gronk, putting the Patriots up 10-3 after being tied 3-3, then they padded the score with a late FG, winning 13-3

Some numbers to consider:
Stafford, 12 years, NO PLAYOFF WINS, he's 70-94 W/L in 10 of his 12 seasons, double-digit INT's, 5 Years below a 90 QB rating, 3 years injury short seasons, 7 years taking 35+ sacks 62% completion percentage lifetime & he's 7 years older....
Goff has a 63.4 career completion % with his highest this 2020 season at 67%, Goff has never been sacked more than 33 times, and just 23 & 22 the last 2 years, the least last year in 2019 even though the rams had a very suspect offensive line, Goff is 6'4" intelligent and a very good communicator at the line ( much like Peyton Manning was) he's very accurate and can make any throw needed, over the past 4 seasons, Goff is in the top 3 in many categories, inclusive with completed passes of 20+ yards, he's also grounded, humble and very coachable, never a bu****it word out of him. His NFL future is limitless at the age of 26

What has happened over the last 2 years is a bi-product of HC Sean McVay's ego, when he was hired by the Rams, I loved his smarts and enthusiasm, it blended well with the team, but he took all the credit for their success and down-played Goff's contribution, then McVay was horribly OUT-COACHED by Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl and has often been out-coached during the last 2 seasons in 2019 and 2020, especially vs their division rival 49ers who have beaten the Rams 4 straight times, Kyle Shanahan has out-smarted him each time, with McVay putting the blame on Jared Goff,
If you look at the past 2 seasons, or even closer at his past 2020 campaign, The Rams had several dominant games which Goff playing brilliantly, the prime time games vs the Bears, Patriots and Bucs to name a few, and the Rams blowouts over the Playoff Skins and the Cards. Goff broke his thumb and missed their week # 17 game, Goff came back the very next week with screws in his finger ( the same injury kept Drew Brees out for 5 weeks, Goff was playing the next week and out-playing Russell Wilson in Seattle, in a game where Wilson was thrown around like a ragdoll most of the game, then Goff played exceptionally well in defeat at Lambeau ( 21 for 28 78%) with a TD and no turnovers, but the Rams were out-played and out-muscled and YES OUT-COACHED by Green Bay.

For the final 8 weeks of the season, because Sean McVay screwed up the team for a season plus with poor play-calling & along with the Rams horrible GM Les Snead, they have put the blame on Goff and to protect their Ego disrespected Goff the same way Warner was dis-respected by Mike Martz,
well, Jared Goff if there isn't another trade ( cause you never know) will take the Detriot Lions to their first Super Bowl in team history within his first 3 years, that's right, save this, Goff is a natural winner & he will prove that, and if there's another trade like to the Skins or whomever, Goff would take that team to the Super Bowl too.
The Rams drafted Goff # 1 in 2016 and will not have a # 1 pick until 2024, how is it possible that a team can be so poorly managed not to have any # 1's for 7 years?
If this trade holds, and it most likely it will, how ironic will it be to see Goff and the Lions defeat the Rams in the playoffs? It could happen,
This whole thing was about 2 things, the almightly dollar $$$ and the Ego of Sean McVay, The Rams will get a 2 to 3 year shot with Matt Stafford, and that's it, then because they were so poorly managed, they will be hard-pressed to have a winning team thereafter, with Goff they had a winner, a composed good guy, and pure passer, his NFL sTART after 4 full seasons was better than Peyton Manning, go ahead, look it up, I loved Peyton Manning, did the Colts write him off after habitual seasons of 18+ INT's he actually threw 27 int's one year early on...

With that said, I saved this clip from the end of 2018, click on this below and watch every minute, it's a very smart observation, and yes, Goff has the same DNA as a Tom Brady and they screwed it all up, Over the next 10 years, you'll see Jared Goff in the playoffs constantly and you'll see him in multiple Super Bowls, Save this in your archive, I will be proven correct.
Click below and watch every minute:
https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2925272-philip-rivers-retires-from-nfl-after-17-seasons-with-chargers-colts?fbclid=IwAR2ihKMbCBMlqmyBMkM_A9SlXROxPDsrMfKCILBZcwtnyzOYZbA2k6oRYTY I think this will be the open window to transfer QB Gared Goff and it will be the key for LA RAMS to have enough room in the salary cap to negotiate free players, reinforce offensive line and a new QB. remember transfers # 29 E DICKERSON and # 28 M FAULK
To NFL Fans, A true lesson learned yesterday,
Isn't it wonderful how ALL the 'So-Called" Experts were wrong yesterday, the entire panel on the NFL Network sided rather vehemently on a Seahawks win.

The pre-game shows & reviews kept stroking Russell Wilson & coach Pete Carroll and the seahawks advantages over the Rams,
In the same breath, many of them offered disrespect to Jared Goff, who since the beginning of 2017 has more NFL victories over all QB's, trailing only Tom Brady ( The GOAT) by a couple of games. They never want to acknowledge that Goff in that same period of time has the most 350+ Yard passing games ( 17) in the NFL since the beginning of 2017.

Goff this year in 2020 won 9 of his 15 starts, many were brilliant performances as the Rams routed their opponent ( Washington, Chicago & Patriots) inclusive with 3 primetime gems including Goff & the Rams beating the Brady led Bucs in Tampa Bay & the Rams waxing the Sebags & Cards too, both led by Goff, Oh, but because Goff & the Rams had a few poor efforts ( Vs Miami & 2x vs the 49ers) It's Goff's fault, he's a "Turnover" Machine, Bla Bla Bla, They were blinded to the facts that it's always a team game, and that no QB can execute his game plan without proper protection ...

Yesterday was a beautiful thing, poetic justice; if you will, Those same NFL experts that failed to speak of Russell Wilson being a "Turnover Machine" as well ( 4 game stretch Wilson had 11 Turnovers) oh and let us not forget that Russell Wilson habitually takes too many sacks ( 2nd in the NFL) Twice as many as Goff, not even close, and we all know how important it is for a QB to get rid of the football,

So now it was the rubber match, Game # 3 , Rams vs Seahawks, Goff playing with screws in his thumb, not healed from his surgery just 12 days ago,
Russell Wilson was completely healthy, The Stage was set....
Wilson was ambushed all game long, how did he do? I thought he was such a special playmaker? It's easy to say when it's week # 3 vs the Jaguars or Bengals

Wilson was thrown around all day like a ragdoll, Hit 10X, Sacked 5 Times, and his sacks were "Ugly Sacks" ducking and folding up like a tent, and when he was sacked he was running for his life, additionally he threw an ugly pick-6 interception & if you watched the game, he could have easily been intercepted 3 additional times, but his bad throws were either dropped by Rams defenders, or they fell inches short. a Healthy Wilson on his home field completed only 11 of 27 passes ( 41%) and was only 2 for 14 on 3rd down, he averaged only 4.5 per pass which was aided by his 'Chuck" ( a good play which was off schedule) as he was running for his life, that was the ONLY play Wilson made all day. It was GOFF who delivered several clutch throws during the game and then the perfectly placed DAGGER to Woods for the sealing TD , By the Way, please do not make mention that RW had another score, the game was over, after Goff's dagger, the Rams led 30-13 with 4+ minutes to go,

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was completely out-coached by Sean McVay & yes, the injured Jared Goff, once again out-played Russell Wilson ( kindly go and check all their match-ups since the beginning of 2017)

Of course, Rams RB Cam Akers was the offensive hero, he had a huge game, and even though the Rams offensive line had some rough possessions, they did much better with their run blocking & they too played well when they needed to.

The Rams defense was absolutely relentless, they were bigger, stronger, and faster than anything the Seahawks can throw at them.
To the so-called experts, never forget that it's a team game,
As for the pathetic Russell Wilson performance, I'm looking forward to those that typically stroke him, will they keep it real & admit how the Rams defense humbled him, It's almost impossible to Sugar Coat the facts.

The Saints should take care of the Bears & then we all get the Goff vs Rodgers match-up at Lambeau field, amid the frigid conditions,
Bring it on!!!!
Jared Goff is one game away from his 2nd NFC Championship game appearance in 3 years, to all the moronic haters out there, suck it up baby, and stay tuned.....

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How about them Rams? 🤣


I hope Covid19 ends the rest of the season because the Rams are a disgrace! I don't want to see them go 8-8 this season. The uniforms suck as it is.


Our QB, Def and uniforms suck!


Jared Goff is the worst QB ever!!!


Anyone want to buy this page? I'm thinking of selling it


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The Rams first game of the season is tonight! Sunday night football returns with the Rams vs Cowboys


Now I would have been OK with this design!!! Keeping the horns on the jersey would have been the best thing. The jersey looks too plain without the horns. Seems like amateur designers are way better at designing than the pros in the NFL.


I will say that the helmet would have looked better if the blue was a darker shade of blue. The royal color is awful


The Royal blue color scheme is great. What we don't like here at Rams Nation is the gradient coloring on the numbers and stripes. That is so 2010! Also the Bone X Bone scheme is dingy looking like someone that has worn their white Hanes t-shirt too many times.


Here is what they are calling the Bone color scheme. What do you think about this one? I don't like the line next to the shoulder number. Looks like a 4 yr old went astray with a highlighter


The LA Rams have revealed their new uniforms! Tell us what you think about the new design.


We do not like this stupid logo! It's the worst in the whole history of the Rams and the NFL! The ram looks like a lioness with horns and the LA logo looks like a channel 7 news logo. Fix our logo!!!


The LA Rams have revealed the new logo for the team. Ladies and Gents I present to you the new logo! Inspiration taken from the Karen's of the world.


By now everyone knows that RB Todd Gurley has been released by the Rams. They felt that his performance had dwindled since 2018. What are your thoughts? Are you still gonna rock the 30 jersey?


Lets wish the newest LA Rams player a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday Jalen!


Who here collects Funko Pops? Will you be picking up Aaron Donald Pop?


The Rams have now aquired CB Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars. What are your thoughts on this?


The Rams trade CB Marcus Peters to the Ravens for LB Kenny Young + an undisclosed 2020 draft pick.


So whats your thoughts on the Rams showing today? And where were all the fans? All i see is a sea of red in the stands!

media1.tenor.co 09/30/2019


What happened



Its gameday!!! Rams vs Bucs. Lets gooooo Rams!!! Comment your predictions!


The best DT in the league and the best ever! Aaron Donald!


Aaron Donald is a beast and is unstoppable unless he is double teamed


Happy Birthday to Brandin Cooks! We hope you had a great day


Can you guess who Cooper Kupps celebrity crush is?


Our boys are 3-0! My all time favorite Rams were the 99 Rams with Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Proehl, Az Zahir Akim, Orlando Pace and Aenias Williams. This current team will be my 2nd favorite Rams of all time


Aaron is killing it tonight! Send us your pics sporting Rams gear and we may post it. Inbox us the pics


Its almost time to beat those mutts! Lets go Rams!!!


The last time the Rams played the Browns TG went off. What are your predictions for TG?


1 day until our prime time game! Too bad its against the measly Browns. This will be an easy one boys!!!! Guess the score


That interception by Jared Goff really hurt. Still worth the extension? 🤔


What are your thoughts on the game so far? Can we finish the game with a win?


Goff has agreed to a 4 year extension! I wonder what his pay will be now?


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Can you guess who Cooper Kupps celebrity crush is?
The last time the Rams played the Browns TG went off. What are your predictions for TG?
President Trump with a special announcement
Listen to what Yoda says about the Rams vs Cowboys
Rams are the best team!!! Share if you care 😁
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DRAWING WILL BE SAT NOV 6Here is the info on how to win yourself 1 of the 2 caps up for grabs. Follow the instructions o...
DRAWING WILL BE SAT NOV 6Here is the info on how to win yourself 1 of the 2 caps up for grabs. Follow the instructions o...
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