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Ritual Fitness

Community and ability minded holistic fitness http://ritual-fitness.com

Ritual Fitness is an L.A. affiliate of Bodytribe Fitness in Sacramento CA.

We're a community minded business promoting holistic health & well being through conscious, thoughtful exercise along a spectrum of force development. Our goal is to build holistic athletes and individuals.

Operating as usual

Ritual Fitness, Holistic Ability & Strength Training 07/22/2015

Ritual Fitness, Holistic Ability & Strength Training


Ritual Fitness, Holistic Ability & Strength Training Learn how to do Burpees and how to do them BETTER! Burpees are now essentially ubiquitous with modern fitness facilities but for the most part gyms gloss over the details of the movement mechanics tha

Los Angeles / WeHo / Santa Monica Group Fitness Meetup 05/25/2015

Los Angeles / WeHo / Santa Monica Group Fitness Meetup


Los Angeles / WeHo / Santa Monica Group Fitness Meetup The Santa Monica Beach Workout is open to new members! Join the Ritual Fitness West Side Group. Get fit, have fun and greet the day with a workout in beautiful Santa Monica! Develop skills and abiliti

Timeline photos 03/07/2015

Traveling this week to teach kung fu in Mexico. Looking forward to the experience and sharing Grandmaster Shum Leung's Eagle Claw Kung Fu. www.eagleclawLA.com

Timeline photos 03/04/2015

Wednesday Morning Santa Monica Beach Crew getting it done.

Timeline photos 02/25/2015

Wednesday Morning Crew back in effect. Engaging the brain and body. Building a wholly better us. www.ritual-fitness.com

Timeline photos 02/25/2015

Battle rope, straight leg deadlifts, overhead holds & Cossack squats. Building the body whole.

Timeline photos 02/09/2015

Timeline photos 01/14/2015

2 cups 2% milk
1 egg
1 cup flax meal
7tbsp raw peanut butter
1 banana
Handful spinach
2 scoops whey protein
Makes ~ 24oz
EAT SLOWLY OR RISK THROWING UP :) if you're into counting calories, though it is not an appropriate measure of nutrition or health it's over 2223 kcals packed with delicious fat and protein. It is more macro nutrient rich than most people's bodies require in a day but for athletic populations, it's most of what you need daily minus carbs. 130g protein total, 90g fat.


Kung fu training opens up a world of complex new movement patterns that can be a fun addition to western fitness programs. Mixing sweeping combinations into pushups or squats can get the heart pumping and work the body more holistically in a given movement combination.


Box jump pistol squats. Box jumps too easy? Pistol squats no problem? Put them together! www.eagleclawLA.com www.ritual-fitness.com


Shoulder conditioning. Gyms rely on people's fascination with weights to stay open. Thousands of facilities full of people biceps curling, shoulder pressing, bench pressing, leg pressing. Countless machines designed to do what you can do on your own with your own body weight. Explore movement and strength with bodyweight exercises as a road to ability and personal empowerment. Www.ritual-fitness.com

Timeline photos 01/08/2015

Studies in exercise physiology suggest that by drinking or swishing with carbohydrate infused water the body is able to sustain prolonged bouts of exercise without fatigue. Guarding against a placebo effect, subjects were given water with maltodextrin, a tasteless carbohydrate and all performed better above baseline tests on endurance performance. Even when told to just swish and spit subjects performed better, hinting at the body's ability to sense carbohydrate ingestion in the mouth.


Back walk overs are a fun way to develop strong and mobile shoulders and a flexible spine. Walking up a wall or in this case stall bars makes learning them way easier. www.ritual-fitness.com www.eagleclawLA.com


Working on shooting through the Plank and spine mobility.

Timeline photos 12/28/2014

A reminder of the importance of quiet, of open eyes, of being still, of gratitude, of bliss.

Timeline photos 12/28/2014

Part two of handstands on the Pacific. Note to the world, go here. #

Timeline photos 12/27/2014

Handstands on the bay. One of those moments where the world is so beautiful that a filter can't make it better.


Tonight's calisthenics workout. Fun exploring new movement.


Parallette practice, building strength through ability.


Conditioning exercises to develop the twin kick. Strong belly, strong back, strong legs.

Timeline photos 12/11/2014

The mighty Mare @beyondthescope swinging away.

Timeline photos 12/11/2014

My first human flag on the homemade stall bars. www.ritual-fitness.com flag

Timeline photos 09/03/2014

Today we took something we wanted to take control over, something that frustrated us, something we wanted to just whip the sh*t out of and we put it in the ropes. All out intervals at high intensity.

Timeline photos 09/03/2014

Front Squats with the @Alphastrong sandbag. Getting strong # fitness

Timeline photos 09/03/2014

Santa Monica Beach Crew today. Good work gents.

Timeline photos 08/13/2014

Movements have meaning. As Chip Conrad @bodytribe says 'lift with your head'. Make your movements mean something- what is that weight to you? A dumbbell? A sandbag? Today's exercise was in putting emotions in the movement. Pushing, or throwing, can be giving, sharing - it can be refusing, rejecting, asserting. I always say Your workout is the hardest part of your day, if it's not, you aren't doing it right. Conquer your demons, celebrate your success, all through movement.

Timeline photos 08/13/2014

Poinsettia Park Group has room for 2 newbies. Get in shape, make friends, feel great. Right now.

Timeline photos 08/13/2014

Live on the west side? Join our group NOW.

Photos from Ritual Fitness's post 08/08/2014

Floors taped and waxed and ready for class

Better Burpees, from Fun to Funner, the Best Burpee Video Ever 08/02/2014

Better Burpees, from Fun to Funner, the Best Burpee Video Ever


Here's a throwback video from a few years ago on Burpees.



Short video on Windmills and Mills done with a Leverage Club also known as a n Indian Club. This is a home made plate loaded club that weighs around 20lbs and its super top heavy - which makes it a great wrist and grip strength developer. This combo works on its own with lighter weight to warm up the shoulder and torsoe, or mid workout as part of a larger combination with ninja chops or Jori Swings. Consult a trained swinger before practicing these movements.


Bag drags at Santa Monica Beach. Developing the spine and shoulders.


The opening at the ICMAC last month in Pasadena.


Working on my chops. Ying Jow Hoi Sek, the Eagle Claw Opening.

Timeline photos 04/09/2014

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We have group classes available in the West Hollywood area as well as classes in Eagle Rock. We emphasize progressive strength and skill based exercises with a focus on form, function and making you the most able bodied you you can be. Group training rates start at $20, personal training is available as well. Email or call us today for more information.

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Monday 6pm - 7pm
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