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Kravgirl is the spirit of the female fighter, encouraging women to be empowered through self defense I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife. I am a WOMAN.

I am a KRAV GIRL. The word Krav is a Hebrew word that translate to fight or combat. This method comes from the famous Israeli Martial Arts called Krav Maga, which means contact combat. Although I have learned and practice other martial art systems, it is my personal passion and first line of defense in an attack due to its direct and forceful nature of responding. Krav Maga has built my mind, body

Operating as usual




Get your bruises in training and not in the street. Better to get blood on the mat, than blood on the sidewalk.


Underestimating evil is extremely dangerous


Get a plan
And get Prepared.
Hope for the best but prepare for the worst


It’s horrible that people in power abuse it.
Be aware of it, recognize it and defend against it


I am happy to announce that Q4 Fitness will be introducing basic awareness and self-defense tactics at their facilities starting July 9, 2024 for a short 4 week program.
Everyone in the community is welcome. Sign up now and I will see you in class. I have some great TACTICS 💪🏼 to teach you.


Reviewing the shot pattern based on distance with the buckshot on the shotgun for the shot spread. You’re looking at about an inch per meter. After 30 feet we changed it to slug.


Troll (slang)
A troll is a person who posts deliberately offensive or provocative messages online[1] (such as in social media, a newsgroup, a forum, a chat room, an online video game) or who performs similar behaviors in real life. The methods and motivations of trolls can range from benign to sadistic. These messages can be inflammatory, insincere, digressive,[2] extraneous, or off-topic, and may have the intent of provoking others into displaying emotional responses,[3] or manipulating others' perception, thus acting as a bully or a provocateur. The behavior is typically for the troll's amusement, or to achieve a specific result such as disrupting a rival's online activities or purposefully causing confusion or harm to other people.[4] Trolling behaviors involve tactical aggression to incite emotional responses, which can adversely affect the target's well-being.[5]

A Facebook troll is someone who intentionally posts or comments online to upset others. Trolls may try to offend, cause trouble, or directly attack people by posting derogatory comments on Facebook posts, blogs, or other social media. Trolls are often anonymous and may go to great lengths to make their messages hurtful. Some examples of trolling include:
Provoking an argument or emotional reaction
Saying things they don't believe
Discrediting, humiliating, or punishing others
Engaging in clever pranks
Constant harassment
Making violent threats
Mocking the deaths of recently deceased users
Sending bomb threats
Doxxing threats
R**e threats


Thank you, Tony at Q4 Fitness for bringing safety and awareness to your community. We had a very informative and intimate discussion on safety and Self Defense for the community and we were very pleased with the response. Looking forward to sharing these skills and building up a strong community with more public awareness and training. 💪🏼😁
For more information on the training and classes, we offer contact me directly at 818-324-0944. Or go to my website at Kravgirltactics💪🏼.com. 


Make your mark ladies.
Stand up and be counted in the ranks of fearless females.
Look to the other women who did not let fear and intimidation stop them from their mission. Their purpose. Their destiny in history.


Look at that KRAVGIRL GO! And that smile…. It’s just another day at the range for her . 😁💪🏼❤️ 👊


Every woman counts.
So stand up and be counted among the ranks, ladies.
More women taking time to invest in themselves and get some life-saving skills. I call that a great investment 💪🏼


ARIZONA HERE I COME!💪🏼😁 Facing The Blade, An excersize in edged weapon defenses and tactics. Few attacks are as challenging and as deadly as when a bladed weapon is deployed. Facing The Blade requires quick reflexes and strategic responses. We are going to discuss and practice these tactics based on distance and angles of the attack and how to defend, control and respond back without letting the attacker respond back. A big heartfelt thank you to


Gangs, and gang activity are nothing new. As much as law enforcement has tried to maintain disperse eliminate and eradicate these gangs, they continue to grow expand and proliferate in our cities and in our streets. Branching out into many other divisions, extending their reach into the crime network. In Los Angeles alone there are over 450 known gangs and 45,000 known gang members.

Understand the gang members are part of a basically underground, black market and legal crime syndicate that they consider family that they will die for. And they have no fear and no conscience outside of their group. It is really, whatever serves their purposes, their needs and their objectives, that is how they live and that is how they die.
You MUST understand the underground world that is around you. Whether you see it every day or not, it is there, and it is affecting your reality in one way or another directly or indirectly 

Here is a short list of some, but there are certainly more.

N**i low riders
Supreme white power
18th St
East Coast Crips
Watts Gr**e St.
Tortilla Flats
Walnut St
Southern Region Hispanic
Florence 13
Hoover Crips
Westside Verdugo
West Side Longos
East Dide Longos
Southside Pasadena
Northside Pasadena
Eastside Pasadena
Pasadena Denver Lanes
Varrio Pasadena
Varrio Keystone
Tragniew Park Crips
White Fence Sureno
Brim Bloods
Venice Shoreline Crips
42nd St Crips
Dog Town
Dog Patch
West Side Hustlas
Pico Viejo
Geraghty Lomas
Rollin 60’s Crips
Canoga Park Alabama St.
Stomp On Haters
Southern Region Hispanic
Barrio Van Nuys
Bell Gardens Locos
West Side Criminals
Clanton St.
12th St Sharkies
Lynwood Paragons
El Monte Flores
135th St. Piru Bloods
Watts Crips
Neighborhood Piru Bloods
San Fernando
Fambam Gang
Cypress Park
52nd St Hoover Crips
Rollin 50s Crips
Asian Boys
Rollin 20’s
Rollin 30’s Crip
Barrio Mojados
Skin Heads
South Side Whittier
Granite Park Crips
North Hollywood Boyz
East Lake Boys
Hawaiin Mob
112th St Hoovers
Eastside Clover
Compton Crip
Compton Varrio Largo
Insane Crips
Pueblo Bishops
Big Hazard
Bounty Hunter Bloods
Tiny Locos
Marajuana Locos
Florencia 13
ElMonte Flores
Vineland Boys
La Verne Calle Primera
89th St Coast Crips
San Gabriel Lomas
40th St
A***n Brotherhood
Vario Neuva Estrada
74th St Hoover Crips
Southgate Tokers
Pen Skins
Eastside Dukes
El Hoyo Maravilla
Pomona Michoacanos
Gardena 13
White Fence
Brown Nation
Pomona 12th St
Mexican Mafia
Temple City
Park Villiage Crips
Central Myrtle St
Alwood St. Lodies
Primera Flats Eastside
Hawthorne Little Watts


CIA Spy: "Manipulators & Con Men Always TARGET This Type Of Woman!" | Andrew Bustamante 05/14/2024

Talk about food for thought. This is a four course meal. Definitely worth your time to listen to this if you are interested in any more in-depth understanding of the psyche and tactics and strategies used in relationships and interpersonal connections between people where the balance of power can shift dramatically And possibly not for your own good. Another eye-opening insight into what makes us tick and how we fall prayed to relationships that goes so subtly under the radar until it is too late and we realize we are in trap. This covers so many levels and mental. Illustrations for safety that I definitely recommend you listen

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Reviewing the shot pattern based on distance with the buckshot on the shotgun for the shot spread. You’re looking at abo...
Taking a quick break to refuel with a scrumptious Earth Salad at Urth Caffé in sunny Santa Monica, California! 🌿🥗 Rememb...
The ladies love the kitty kat key guards I gave them. I knew they would. 😻Especially after doing some tactical training ...
At the Eretz Cultural Center for out FIRsT KRAV MAGA class 😁💪🏼
The perks of being in a firearm friendly state that allows its citizens the freedom of choice in self protection options...
That’s danger!
You must learn how to protect yourself from this ever happening to you. Call to begin training today!




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