USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


This Friday night 4/8, join the fun! Slumberfest Concert at Tommy's Place. Doors open at 7:30pm! Featuring American Idol Louis Knight along with amazing artists such as Jane Honor, Mari, Ethan Sak! Get your tickets now!

Slumber Fest
Here's a clip showing the technique of the day from a few weeks ago.

2-on-1 guard pull ->
ankle pick takedown ->
M1 kickback pass ->
knee on belly
I must be one of the worst club members ever. I won't be able to join in on the fun tonight either. Got some assignments and work work to do. Wishing everyone safe and fun rolls tonight!
We had an amazing turnout for the club open mat, with guests USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , UCI-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , and UCSD’s BJJ club! This is the first time these schools have held a joint practice together, and it was an absolute blast! Hope to meet up again soon!
We continued exploring SLX and covered a defense to the SLX sweep we went over last known as the "Rocha Run".
In case you missed class last night or simply want to review what we covered, check this link showing an open guard entry -> shin-to-shin guard -> flip up into SLX -> K-control SLX sweep -> straight ankle lock finish.

The official Brazilian jiu-jitsu club of USC. Beginners always welcome! Message or e-mail us for mor USC BJJ FAQ:
What’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu? No! No. Yes!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a submission-based grappling martial art that was originally derived from Judo. Sometimes referred to just as jiu-jitsu or BJJ, the focus is on using superior technique and dominant positions to control and eventually submit an opponent. This is done using chokeholds and joint locks to force an opponent to ‘tap out’ or submit. USC BJJ specifically practices no-gi jiu-jitsu.

Operating as usual

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 05/23/2022

Congratulations on your first competition, Jack!! And thank you Avi for all your coaching and guidance 👊🏼👊🏼

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 02/05/2022

USC BJJ participated in the Neighborhood Park Cleanup with this morning! Thank you to everyone who helped out!


Had an awesome dinner with the squad to celebrate the end of the semester and our progress as a team! See y’all in January 🤙🏽

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 11/12/2021

Great training tonight!

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 09/28/2021

Happy Monday everyone!

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 09/10/2021

bjj is back 🔥🔥

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight! We’ll see you next time!


There will be NO jiu jitsu practice today, September 6th, as it is Labor Day weekend!

Our first practice of the semester will be September 9th, at 8 PM!
Prior reservation is mandatory for any student who would like to attend USC BJJ!
Please subscribe to our newsletter for the practice sign-up link (link in bio)


Interested in joining USC’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club? Come learn more at the Virtual Involvement Fair! We’ll be attending tomorrow, from 6-8 PM. Join using the link in our bio, or through your EngageSC account. We hope to see you there!

USC BJJ Fall 2021: Practice times & more! 08/16/2021

USC BJJ Fall 2021: Practice times & more!

We just announced our fall 2021 practice times and a tentative first practice day. Read the newsletter for full details and be sure to subscribe for future updates!

USC BJJ Fall 2021: Practice times & more!


***Fall 2021 Announcement***
Hello Trojans! USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been dormant since the onset of Covid-19. With the 2021 school year fast approaching, we’re excited at the prospect of resuming club activities. We’ve gotten a lot of interest in the club over the last year and want to keep USC BJJ alive.

But, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Most of our board members have graduated and moved on. The club will need students interested in taking over board member positions to help keep USC BJJ in good standing with the Recreational Club Council (RCC). This would entail attending a handful of RCC meetings, joining club practices as often as possible, and supporting club management. If interested, please email [email protected]. Let us know if you have any previous experience in managing clubs and/or BJJ experience.

We’re waiting to hear from RCC about resuming activities for fall 2021. At this time we do not have a practice schedule or any details beyond what’s in this post.

Thanks and Fight on!
Coach Scott Palmer & Coach Avram Cohn


We will be canceling practice this week due to scheduling conflicts and (conveniently) to also follow-suit with other RCC clubs that are canceling practice this week.

Have a great break! Practice will resume March 24th unless otherwise posted.

BJJ Newsletter #3 - 2020 SoCal Intercollegiate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament 03/02/2020

BJJ Newsletter #3 - 2020 SoCal Intercollegiate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Here's our third newsletter. As always email us if you have any questions! BJJ Newsletter #3 - 2020 SoCal Intercollegiate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament -

BJJ Newsletter #3 - 2020 SoCal Intercollegiate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition between CSUF, CSUN, UCI, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, USC, and USD. The tournament seeks to be the start of establishing a community between SoCal college BJJ clubs and to provide a more cost-available competition for their members.


Lock down to dog fight

Hi everyone-
We'll try and post videos from previous practice on here so you can keep in the loop. The club has spent the last few classes learning all things lock down. Check out this video to see (audio isn't great, use headphones!)
A.) Getting double under-hooks when your opponent has head and arm.
B.) Getting to dog fight if you can't get the "old school" sweep.
C.) For people in the lock down, using the whizzer / pushing the head to limp leg out.

Photos from USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's post 01/22/2020

What a turn out last night! Thanks everyone for coming to our opening practice for 2020! See you on Thursday. 🤙✌️


Spring practices begin tonight! See you @ 8pm in PED 201. New members welcome!

[USC Jiu-Jitsu] 2020 Spring Newsletter 01/21/2020

[USC Jiu-Jitsu] 2020 Spring Newsletter

Spring practices starting soon! [USC Jiu-Jitsu] 2020 Spring Newsletter -

[USC Jiu-Jitsu] 2020 Spring Newsletter Practice this semester will be in PED 201 North Gym (the padded room on the second floor): Location: PED 201 Time: Tuesday & Thursday 8-10PM  *If you haven't been in PED before, it's across from the bookstore. Go in the front, up the stairs on your left. Turn left at the top of the stairs. Follow t...


Open mat today at 8 pm. Come get your rolls in!

T-Shirt Interest Form 11/21/2019

T-Shirt Interest Form

Hey USC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu members~~~
Would you be interested in getting USC BJJ t-shirts, rashguards or similar gear? Let us know by filling out these gdocs!

rashguard and other equipment:

T-Shirt Interest Form INTEREST ONLY, no commitment :) Let us know what interests you/you would buy so we can get a gauge of what to order! Enter your name and size please!


Only a limited number of practices left this season! Don't miss 8-10 pm TONIGHT.

Basic Ashi Garami Concepts 11/06/2019

Basic Ashi Garami Concepts

See everyone tonight @ 8pm! We'll continue working on our leg locks (offense, defense and entry) from the ashi garami position. See you tonight.

Basic Ashi Garami Concepts At The RABJJ Academy people from all walks of life learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from professional martial arts teachers who are smart, funny, extremely well tra...

Timeline photos 10/30/2019

The return of ! Avi is coming back to lay down some leg locks. This is our only practice this week. Do Not Miss!!!

Timeline photos 10/25/2019

Getting those Thursday night reps in. .usc just finished a 2 week half guard/ lock down series.


No practice tonight due to the Fall Recess. Practice is back on Tuesday!


PSA to everyone that hasn't yet made a practice: it's not too late in the semester to come to a practice! Beginners are always welcome. Message us if you have questions.


Coach Scott checking in here. Avi Avram Cohn (aka your new stepdad) will be back again tonight! He’s got some new sneakiness to add to your game. Don’t miss tonight’s class!

Timeline photos 10/01/2019

This week USC BJJ welcomes special guest instructor Avram Cohn (Avi). Avi will be breaking off some of his own technique to share with everyone. Don’t miss his classes!

Timeline photos 09/27/2019

What’s better than 1 special guest? How about 2 special guests! Thanks to for the slick technique. Next week .usc will welcome Avi as he takes over classes.


Technique over size. Technique over strength.

Timeline photos 09/12/2019

40+ people in class on Tuesday. If you haven’t made a practice yet, now’s your chance. Let’s keep this momentum going.


Hope everyone is ready for more live drills. PED 201 @ 8pm sharp. Reeeeeady, break!


See everyone tonight @ 8 pm. PED 201. Let's pack the mats!


Official page of the USC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

We practice in room 201 upstairs of PED!

Practice Times for Fall 2019:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Lock down to dog fight




3560 Watt Way, PED 201
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 8pm - 10pm
Thursday 8pm - 10pm

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