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Steps Into Space kundalini yoga studio is cozy and welcoming to all student levels...classes coordinated with the planetary energies. Weekly classes NO MORE.

Astrological consultations are uplifting, clarifying and delicious! because you are. Kundalini yoga, gong & meditation; every Saturday 10:30am - noon
Private one-on-one mediation/yoga instructor by appointment
Astrology consultation by appointment
Kundalini yoga is a process that takes us beyond the mind to where we can follow our hearts. It strengthens the nervous system, stretches and builds muscles, stimulates circulation, and cleanses the tissues.

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Embracing The Energy of The New Moon 12/03/2021

Embracing The Energy of The New Moon

Meditation for New Moon Solar Eclipse tonight 11: 33pm - 11:43 pm PST
with Guru Singh xo

Embracing The Energy of The New Moon A 'Message From The Omniverse' and a short Krya.


Vedic info (sidereal not tropical) from James Kelleher:
On November 20, 2021, Jupiter will enter Aquarius. This is a good thing for Jupiter, and a good thing for the rest of us as well. Since late March of 2020, Jupiter has been flirting with the sign of Capricorn. By virtue of going back and forth between retrograde and direct motion, Jupiter has been in Capricorn three times since March of 2020. Now it will finally pull away from its sign of debilitation and begin to regain its expansive energy.

As many of you know, in 2010, I helped my teacher, Sadguru Sivanandamurthy, to put on an international conference on mundane astrology (the astrology of the world) in India. At that conference, Sivanandamurthy predicted that, in 2020, dharma would be at a low point. In the Vedic tradition, dharma is the inherent nature of reality. It is the cosmic law that is at the basis of right behavior and social order. Jupiter is the planet that signifies dharma. It is weak in Capricorn, and has also been in a conjunction with Saturn, off and on, during the past couple of years. As a result, Sivanandamurthy predicted that there would be a world crisis in 2020.

Certainly, Sivanandamurthy’s prediction has taken place right on schedule. On the other hand, Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius should begin a slow process of increasing Jupiter’s beneficent energy. While it is in Aquarius, between November 20, 2021 and April 13, 2022, we should start to see signs of greater freedom in groups and a greater optimism in the mood of the masses. On April 13, 2022, Jupiter will enter Pisces and remain there for one year. Pisces is Jupiter’s home sign, so during that year, even more progress should be experienced.

Jupiter was briefly in Aquarius between April and September, but it only managed to cover the first eight degrees of Aquarius before going retrograde on June 12th. On November 20, however, Jupiter will begin a transit of Aquarius that be direct from start to finish. Now that’s how I spell astrological relief!

November 4-5 New Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast 11/04/2021

November 4-5 New Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 4-5 New Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast A very important note before I get into your new Moon forecast! This is the final new Moon before we get into eclipse season (November 19 - December 4) and some particularly unusual and potentially challenging astrological weather. Be sure to read my special November Astrology Forecast on my blog fo...


New Moon today 2:14 pm PDT

There will be a new moon in Swati nakshatra on Thursday, November 4th at 2:15pm. Swati is ruled by Vayu the god of the wind. Its shakti is the power to scatter like the wind. Its desire is to roam freely throughout the universe, again, like the wind. Get the picture? This is a good day to disperse or release things, like scattering the ashes of a deceased relative or taking all your old clothes to the Salvation Army. New moons mark the beginning of a new lunar month, so the energy of Swati will color the period up until the next new moon. During that month, activities like travel are supported. Swati's symbol is a young sprout swaying in the wind, so it also suggests new beginnings that are tenuous at first but gain strength over time.

On the other hand, you might not want to get involved in too many projects during the next month, otherwise you might feel scattered. To counteract that tendency, I would suggest yoga, long walks, and more grounding activities. In the meantime, may you roam happily and freely throughout your universe during the next month. May you keep your two feet on the ground and feel confident about whatever you begin. And, may you be blessed by Vayu, the god of the wind! Om Vayave Namah!

Earthrise | Psyche Films 10/29/2021

Earthrise | Psyche Films


Earthrise | Psyche Films From the astronauts to humanity itself, ‘Earthrise’ has left an indelible mark


“Heed these words. You who wish to probe the depths of nature:

If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside.

In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.

Know Thyself, and you will know the Universe and the Gods.” (Oracle of Delphi)

(Art—The Priestess of Delphi, 1891 by John Collier)

Allegory A Tapestry of Guru Nanak's Travels 10/18/2021

Allegory A Tapestry of Guru Nanak's Travels

24 episodes of Guru Nanaks travels ...

Allegory A Tapestry of Guru Nanak's Travels -


the Divine Mother ...

“Seeking the Divine Mother

“The divine mother calls, sometimes softly,
Bringing the feminine voice into awareness.
She nurtures, inspires, listens,
And radiates a sense of unity and connection.

The divine mother models compassion,
And teaches us how to live with passion.
She is a holder of dreams and visions,
And offers a container in which creativity can emerge.

The divine mother holds the space,
where both masculine and feminine can flourish together.
It is the careful dance between them,
That enables us to become whole.

I connect with her in solitude, in prayer,
walking the labyrinth and in natureShe is part of me and I of her.
She is awaiting our call, our openness to her presence.
I celebrate her beauty, her wisdom, and her guidance.”

— 🙏 Kimberly Weichel: from

Kundalini Yoga Kriya: Beaming and Creating the Future 10/09/2021

Kundalini Yoga Kriya: Beaming and Creating the Future

Let's create a future of Love, Light, Blessings & Health for ourselves, others & the planet. See it!! Together we can do this ..

Kundalini Yoga Kriya: Beaming and Creating the Future Kundalini Yoga Kriya: Beaming and Creating the Future Posted September 19, 2021 by Kundalini Research Institute & filed under Meditation. Protect me on all sides, O Lord; protect me in the future, in the past, and at the very last moment. ~ Guru Arjan Dev Ji The following content is excerpted from t...

Timeline photos 10/09/2021

Be the Lighthouse ❤️

Lightworker, there is enhanced light when you start to understand that you are an amazing lighthouse. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Excerpt from Emotional Tools For Our Time⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
September 27, 2020⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#kryon #magneticmaster #lightworker

OCTOBER 9, 2021 Happy Guru Ram Das Birthday 10/09/2021

OCTOBER 9, 2021 Happy Guru Ram Das Birthday


OCTOBER 9, 2021 Happy Guru Ram Das Birthday Today we celebrate the birthday of Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs. He was born in Lahore in 1534. He came to live in the town of the Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of the Sikhs, as a young teenager, leaving his family to serve the Guru. He was known as Jetha at the time. Through his medit...

Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras | American Institute of Vedic Studies 10/07/2021

Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras | American Institute of Vedic Studies

Burn up all ignorance 🙏

Who is Goddess Durga and why we celebrate Navratras | American Institute of Vedic Studies Durga is protective form of Shakti, burning up all ignorance, as her fiery nature energises our highest motivation. The following article is by Yogini Shambhavi Devi The Devi-Mahatmya (Greatness of the Goddess) glorifies the Mother Goddess as the embodiment of the Earth, in which she sustains, n ...


Via Tej

Astrology: Bridging the East and West 09/06/2021

Astrology: Bridging the East and West

An astrologer who combines Chinese astrology & Western, etc...
interesting interview..I had to listen twice

Astrology: Bridging the East and West This week we have the esteemed astrologer, Malvin Artley. His primary focus over the years has been on bridging the sciences, of both the West and East, t...

Timeline photos 09/05/2021

Timeline photos

Your part to play is to have a higher consciousness in these areas at home and at work, and to show those around you what you know through your wisdom. Show them the love of God in your life by treating them as your would yourself - to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Create solace around you, a bubble of peace around you that is so desirable that people will want to be with you. Be non-judge mental. These are the seeds that will change the crystalline grid of the planet, and your children and their children are the ones who will inherit what you do today. This shift is about consciousness change, it’s why you’re here.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Excerpt from The Recalibration of Humanity⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#kryon #magneticmaster #higherconsciousness

Healing Meditation 08/28/2021

Healing Meditation

Healing meditation for Afghanistan 31 minutes - Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung ... done last week on zoom but you can do it now with the video or tomorrow or when you're moved to send healing energies where needed... Blessings and Sat Nam ...
Thank you Ik Jot Foundation/Ek Ong Kaur Kaur

Healing Meditation Healing meditation done as a group on August 21st 2021.

Photos from Juliana Swanson's Astral Harmony: Vedic Astrology and Healing's post 08/20/2021

Full Moon .. Sunday 8/22

Photos from Juliana Swanson's Astral Harmony: Vedic Astrology and Healing's post 08/20/2021

Hold onto your hat!
"around these Uranus stations, we often see big geo-political turmoil or meteorological storms as well as terror events, accidents, or explosions.
Uranus in astrology is emblematic of awakening and breakthroughs. He signifies the divine mind and kundalini shakti, pointing to our desire for freedom on all levels."

Chatr Chakr Vartee – This Shabad Removes Fear, Anxiety, and Depression and Brings Victory 08/13/2021

Chatr Chakr Vartee – This Shabad Removes Fear, Anxiety, and Depression and Brings Victory

Chatr Chakr Vartee – This Shabad Removes Fear, Anxiety, and Depression and Brings Victory Chatr Chakr Vartee – This Shabad Removes Fear, Anxiety, and Depression and Brings Victory Posted July 27, 2021 by Sikh Dharma International & filed under 10-Guru Gobind Singh, Shabad Guru. Sikh Art by Sewa Singh – Written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, this Shabad removes fear, anxiety...


From Kryon Book Thirteen – The Recalibration of Humanity – Page 85

The Bigger Picture
Oh Now I’m going to say things that are esoterically unbelievable. Your galaxy knows what’s happening here on Earth.
I’m not talking about life forms in your galaxy. I’m talking about the very physics of what you think lies there as the "rules." The Universe is cooperating with your shift — expected it — for this is why you came.
Now it gets difficult to explain. You think physics is simply the rules of the way things work? Let me ask you a question: How do you explain what some astronomers have named "intelligent design?"
Against all odds, the Universe was created for life. Physics is supposed to be random, following rules that are random. Yet it didn’t happen that way. The better the instruments of the astronomer became, the more they realized there had to be intelligence in the design.
How do you explain that? All they know is the math. What you see before you, which you call your galaxy, is equivalent to rolling a six on the dice 10,000 times in a row!
And it makes no sense since it isn’t random, and it doesn’t follow the bell-shaped curve of nature. This is why they are saying what they are saying.



Dear Kryon: When I chant mantras, I know they affect my body. Can they also affect the bodies of my horses, dogs, and cats? I play different mantras 24-hours a day on our horse farm (chants like 'Lumen De Lumine,' 'Om Mane Padme Hung,' and 'Om Nama Shivaya'). I was also wondering whether these chants help raise the vibration of the Planet as well? I sure hope so because this is my humble intent, even though the main reason I use them is because they make me feel good.

All toning and sound vibration has energy. When you combine it with intent from Human consciousness, it is very powerful.

Don’t spend too much time on the details of exactly what notes or what mantras you use, for these details are only there to keep you pleased that you are fulfilling a system.

Humans love systems and respond well to them, but following a system isn’t necessary from the perspective of Spirit.

It’s true that almost everything around you, including your body, has specific tonal attributes. However, all Life around you will respond, even if you don’t say or sing its specific frequency.

This is because the intent of your actions is seen as a "carrier" for all the tones. So, even if – through your lack of knowledge or vocal ability – you miss the note, the intent carries the correct note at an interdimensional level.

This is true with the mantras you mention. They are only powerful due to the intent that you place upon them, and the words that you feel are meaningful to you.

The animals respond to the same energy. They feel the intent, and they like the vocal sounds you make. They wouldn’t care what language or what mantra.

Do you see the power that your own Human consciousness has on nature and everything around you?

— Kryon of Magnetic Service


Your Vedic birth chart shows your karmic potentials in life and their unfoldment over time. Karma brings us into birth and takes on to the next birth. Understanding our karma and being detached from it leads us to the highest Self-realization.


From Kryon Book Twelve – The Twelve Layers of DNA – Page 189

You Alone...

Your spirituality is evolving. Why would you spend hours looking into each other’s eyes or chanting mantras when every bit of energy you create can now be done in the blink of an eye? Your very time frame has changed!

Could it be you are stuck in a system you felt was static and forever—and very comfortable? Do you really believe that peace on Earth at this point in time will be created by those who sit in small groups and spend hours in an alpha state?

Think: This is what the ancients did, and you are wishing to still be in that ancient system. Your profound spiritual DNA is evolving, allowing you to accomplish far more for the earth by becoming quantum in your life. You now possess the power of hundreds of chanting new agers who just want to sit and “be.”

You alone can affect the light-dark balance of the planet as your Merkabah moves from place to place with a very high vibration.


Our Story

Kundalini yoga, gong & meditation; every Saturday 10:30am - noon
Astrology consultation by appointment. Family Constellations. Kundalini yoga is a process that takes us beyond the mind to where we can follow our hearts. It strengthens the nervous system, stretches and builds muscles, stimulates circulation, and cleanses the tissues.

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Ransabhai at Summer Solstice was divine .. and the 3 days of white ta***ic were sweet bliss - so fortunate to be on this...
You do not live by the body, you live by the spirit. And you do not live by your earthly values, you live by the wisdom ...
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2 entrances: 1151 Wilcox Avenue: blue building on the west side with red bamboo gate, s of Lexington, n of Santa Monica Blvd - prayer flags flying 1148 Wilcox Place enter gate in fdriveway Steps Into Space yoga studio is cozy and welcoming to all student levels. Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a practice that balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and emotions so as to still the commotion of our thoughts and feelings. Lyn is a cosmic sleuth, ever curious to consider a chart, eager for comprehension of the miracles of the Infinite Universe and the workings of the day to day astrological counsel offering analytical therapeutic support and understanding of your life's path. Matamandir Kaur aka Lyn Bradford is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Her path of Self discovery has been enriched by decades of astrology (both western & now Vedic) study & consultations coupled with tarot, kaballah, feng shui, Destiny cards, shamanism ,Reiki Master & Harmonyum. Healer, etc.) The profound technology of a daily practice of Kundalini yoga & meditation since the 1990’s enlightens her every day. Her ‘day job’ is as a realtor since 1996 now with John Aaroe Group, offered in service with grace & a smile. (Steps Into Space was born in 1975 as a custom shoe salon and gallery on Melrose Avenue.)

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