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Videos by Aquanautics Dive, Inc. in Los Angeles. ADI is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center with the highest quality instruction and top equipment and service

PADI Rescue Diver course the most fun course.

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PADI Rescue Diver course the most fun course.

Store is closed today. No power, no phones because of fire.Here is irony for you. You feel good knowing the fire is off ...

Dive one done

Sinko de Mayo Wreck Diving with Chris Garlington, David Silverman, John Wang, Jonathan Birdt, Don ONeil, Scott Miller, a...

Long way way down to the Yukon today. Nice and chilly too.

What you are witnessing here is a very tall person trying to exchange gear with a relatively short person. Always fun to...

We have Rescue, Dive Master, and Instructor Development Courses with people signed up. Contact us if you are ready to st...

Liz and Justin 1st Wreck dive.

Arriving at the Suejac. Originally the plan was to dive on the Valiant but alas too much boat traffic.

1st Dive on the Suejac
DM Wallis, Jennifer Duvally, John Wang, and WIll Gross first dive on the Suejac. Very nice Thermocline. Brrrrrrr!

Everyone was out on Sunday on the way to Anacapa Island.

Spa day. Evidently a popular cleaning station. Everyone needs some me time?

Don't you hate a show off? But they make it look so easy.

Now for something Eely different. On the San Pedro Wreck, Oahu, HI

Heavy Traffic today with a lot of rubber necking. But not like in LA?

Couldn't see them in picture? How about now?

There is an old saying about when your not the lead dog in the sled team that the view is always the same. The more posi...

Turtles, Corals and Eels, oh my! Take a look at this sneak clip from our trip to Cozumel! We have so much incredible foo...