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Wake up, little fellas. Time to get to work.

Timeline photos 01/10/2020

This was about two years ago. Since then I’ve been limited by injuries to both shoulders my left knee, right calf, right ankle and left foot. Some caused by over extending myself and others just bad luck. So...I’m not quite as lean, today, and not quite as big BUT I finally feel close to 100% physically, my mind is right and my goal is set. I’ll be in BETTER shape than this throwback by the end of March. Hide and watch. Progress pics including current shape, to follow soon and look out for my coming online programs. Hit me up for a deal on personalized online training as I get the software figured out. Guinea pigs get great rates!

Timeline Photos 11/17/2019

The wife and I are trying a more plant forward diet. These are and I didn’t hate them. :) Everything we had last night was pretty good actually. That’s high praise from a meat eating rat from . (There WILL be pepperoni pizza for football today, though)

Timeline Photos 11/12/2019

The wifey and I are trying to do more plant-based meals. So I cheffed up sweet potato and “soyrizo” tacos with broccoli garlic slaw and a sprinkle of cotija cheese.

Timeline Photos 09/11/2019

As part of my post workout I throw a bunch of frozen berries and cherries into the Magic Bullet and blend it into some smooth nutrient rich goodness. approves. 😁

Timeline Photos 07/24/2019

Stop looking for tricks and shortcuts and magic pills!!


Trying my own variation of a “Filly Press” by and .bodybuilding.

My kB hold needs a little work. :/

Timeline Photos 07/07/2019


In this pan: olive oil, fresh garlic and shallots, ground turkey, spinach, habanero-mango salt. Gonna pitnit over a little rice for healthy lunches!


I have some bad news about weight loss:

You’re going to have to be hungry sometimes.

That’s because before your body starts burning stores fuel (fat), it’s going to send you signals to go find some sugar.

Accept it. Deal with it. Get past it.


It never ceases to amaze me the number of people willing to buy the new gimmicky fitness tool, despite the fact that the last twelve gimmicky fitness tools didn’t deliver the magic results they wanted.

Forget the tools; the thing that needs to change is YOU.

Timeline Photos 06/06/2019

throw Thursday to when I had “long” hair.


Back back !!


Landmine work! all in this move.


We all do BETTER when we ALL do better.

Lift others up along your fitness journey. Everyone is in a different place with something to learn and something to offer.


“I saw this weird thing that looked cool on Instagram” is the worst possible programming. That’s me doing this weird push-up that looked cool on Instagram.


I invented these. I’m gonna call them “pulldowns.” Great for the quads.

Timeline Photos 05/20/2019

Plus sprints. Here we go! See story!

Timeline Photos 05/15/2019

Roll it out to start your . Roll it out to finish.


One potential solution to finding healthier foods for cheaper is not buying prepackaged salads in a drive-thru.

Make as much of your own food as you can with clean fresh ingredients you picked out yourself. Prep it and take it with you.


A strong core requires functional rotation.

Timeline Photos 05/12/2019

Post torture device.

Timeline Photos 05/11/2019

Gonna start working on this tomorrow.

Timeline Photos 05/09/2019

Warm up was 4 minutes on the rower then a quarter mile on the treadmill at 7.0. Finished with a series of core work and lots of mobility and stretching.

Timeline Photos 05/07/2019

The proper foot placement on the leg press depends on exactly what move you’re doing to target emphasize which part of the legs/glutes....and how long your legs are. The goal is to make sure that when you are in the down position your knee stays over the heel and mid foot without extending all the way over your toes.

At 6’4” my legs are loooonnnnggg so my foot needs to go higher on the plate; so high that my toes hang off the top. That’s alright though because the prime contact and force should be applied through the middle of the foot and the heel, NOT the toes. (If you’re heel is coming up off the plate, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, *exceptions will be noted in future posts*).

Here, I’m actually doing a single leg press to target my glutes a little more and to work on unilateral stability, so my foot is on the push plate at hip width and toe is straight up. For a normal leg press my feet position would be a little wider and my toes just slightly out. I’ll show that one later. :)

The leg press is great for overall lower body development and moving a ton of weight to puff up your ego but it’s pretty low in priority for my overall leg program. I use it pretty sparingly and focus more on functional form than total weight.

Happy pressing!!

Timeline Photos 05/02/2019

Working in a little . Practicing my thousand yard stare.


Post mobility. My overhead shoulder is limited due to previous injuries and neglect so I’ve been giving it a little extra attention the past few weeks.

Timeline Photos 03/31/2019

Sunday !

Timeline Photos 03/29/2019

is simple! Lol

Timeline Photos 03/28/2019

This. Stop staring at phony pictures on Instagram and comparing them to your real world body and life. Those people don’t actually look like that either and their lives aren’t that great.

Timeline Photos 03/27/2019

. . .


Special Olympics athlete celebrates deadlift

Get excited about your goals.

Get mad at your excuses.


Shoulder mobility and scapular stability work.

Timeline Photos 03/12/2019

Took this beauty, , to with me today for some “sprint and sniff intervals” (mostly sniff).


Did you challenge your body today? And I don’t mean squaring off against an infant sized burrito.

I don’t care how athletic you are, how old you are or how long it’s been since you could see your toes, you CAN improve your health, fitness and ability.

Why wait?!


High to low axe choppers with a plate. Great for both rotation and anti rotation.

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