Jesse Poncelet Holistics - Massages / Yoga

Certified, professional Yoga-Instructor & Massage; Arts of Touch & the Body. Occasionally open to barters :)

Jesse Poncelet Holistics - Massages / Yoga updated their information in their About section. 10/14/2017

Jesse Poncelet Holistics - Massages / Yoga updated their information in their About section.

Jesse Poncelet Holistics - Massages / Yoga updated their information in their About section.

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(please read): SEVA = Sanskrit for Selfless Service. I believe that in order to change the world energy should be spent focusing on/enjoying the new instead of fighting the old paradigm. My intention is to exchange my services/skills for access to all needs, tools and perks (ideally). Intention is now transformed from 'more money' to whatever it is you want.. quality of life becomes the goal and we all attain the opportunity to give :)
On a grander scale, if this idea were adopted by communities or networks of people it could effortlessly extinguish the competitive monetary system (the greed of which handicaps the world) and we could all collectively live at a higher standard of living than ever before (for far less effort)! So I'm using myself as an example thus if you'd like to exchange something other than money for my service I'd be very open to discuss it.

ME- I enjoy yoga, massaging and helping others + can come to you.

-any creation, service or future hookups you may offer
-organic foods, beverages, oils, teas, herbals, soap, candles, incense, clothing, books etc.
-tattoos / art pieces
-alcohols- wine, liquors, certain beers (to celebrate life)
-shelter (if too much ^ ;) willing to pay rent with service)
-recording, producing, session or videographing of my songs.
-car maintenance (cause we still use these and Tesla's ignored!)
-music gear
-website maker service
-wisdom/education: capoeira, energy work, advanced yogas, vocal training or other arts.
-sector 9 (or some form of cruiser skateboard)
-or $ in these early stages of revolution ;)

-artsy/foreign films, documentaries, music, PDFs from my Hdrive (trade?)
-perform music (guitar + sing) see Catalyst EXperiments
-guitar lessons
-general labour/service.. i can lift stuff.. to an extent ha
-have experience waitering, barback, modeling (i can wear ur creations?)

Universalis - World Bartering Network


Interim capitalist prices for Full-Body Massages:

1 hour = 40
75 minutes = 50
90 minutes = 55

4 - 90 minute Massages = 200

I intend to provide a unique & pleasant healing/rejuvenating experience by incorporating bliss in as many of your senses as possible during the entire experience. What you're receiving:

-Full Body Massage (varies by personal needs; have had training in Deep Muscle, Swedish, Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement, Trigger Point, Energy Work, Meridians, Stretching + Reflexology)
-Tibetan Symbals/Bells to begin + end massage (Sound/Energy Healing)
-Relaxing music
-Incense of preference
-Organic Massage Candles (flame melts candle and the warm oil is used as a lubricant/moisturizer and rubbed into the skin) or preferred Organic Massage Oil
-Mellow lighting (Candle-light)
-Lemon Water, Tea, or other Beverage for before or after massage.

Delivery Option (I come to you with Massage Table & the above goodies).





SLO/SB, LA, Sacramento, Portland, Eugene
Los Angeles, CA

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