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Le Cafe Eblouir (Gretna, LA) - hungry and fit 11/01/2021

Le Cafe Eblouir (Gretna, LA) - hungry and fit

A new(er) spot on the Westbank of New Orleans that really brings it!

Le Cafe Eblouir...

Le Cafe Eblouir (Gretna, LA) - hungry and fit There aren't many good things that have come out of covid, but New Orleans is blessed to have Le Cafe Eblouir, now serving amazing sweets and treats!

Our Weekend in Pics - hungry and fit 07/06/2021

Our Weekend in Pics - hungry and fit

Some pictures of the weekend! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Our Weekend in Pics - hungry and fit It's been a while, but here is the latest and greatest of our weekend in pics!

Food Review: Pure Protein Brick Oven Pizza Puffs 02/28/2021

Food Review: Pure Protein Brick Oven Pizza Puffs

Pizza puffs that are healthy... but does it taste good?!

Food Review: Pure Protein Brick Oven Pizza Puffs Blog: https://www.hungryandfit.comFacebook:'s IG:'s IG:

Manitoba Harvest: H**p Yeah Protein Powder Review - hungry and fit 02/25/2021

Manitoba Harvest: H**p Yeah Protein Powder Review - hungry and fit

Looking for a vegan, organic, gmo free and kosher protein powder that still has a deep rich flavor?

Manitoba Harvest: H**p Yeah Protein Powder Review - hungry and fit In the endless sea of nutrition supplements, there are some smaller but higher quality brands to look out for. Is Manitoba Harvest one of them?

Q&A: Do Trainers Have Memberships to Every Gym? 02/25/2021

Q&A: Do Trainers Have Memberships to Every Gym?

Someone asked about how trainers get into gyms. Here are different ways...

Q&A: Do Trainers Have Memberships to Every Gym? Answering a question from a subscriber about how trainers get into gyms.Blog: https://www.hungryandfit.comFacebook:'...

Born Tough: Fitness Apparel Review - hungry and fit 02/24/2021

Born Tough: Fitness Apparel Review - hungry and fit

Find out more about this new apparel brand...

Born Tough: Fitness Apparel Review - hungry and fit There are countless new brands entering the health and wellness space. Is Born Tough one that you should pass or should you give it a chance? Find out here 12/15/2020

Are These Habits Drying Out Your Mouth? - hungry and fit

I don't know about you, but I wake up with a miserably dry mouth almost every morning during the winter. We use our mouth every single day, but we don't think enough about our oral hygiene. Here are some tips to combat dry mouth. 12/14/2020

Our Week in Pics (Dec 7 - 13) - hungry and fit

Our Week in Pics (Dec 7 – 13) Related posts: Our Week(end) in Pics Our Week in Pictures (Nov 30 – Dec 6) Our Week(end) in Pics! 12/11/2020

Thoughts about ISSA's New Indoor Cycling Course (Vlogs)

Some ramblings about INDOOR CYCLING! Blog: https://www.hungryandfit.comFacebook:'s IG:'s IG: 12/11/2020

Hiking in Idyllwild (How to Escape Los Angeles) - hungry and fit

Hiking in Idyllwild (How to Escape Los Angeles) Located about two hours (without much traffic) east of downtown LA, tucked in the San Jacinto mountains, you'll find the quiet little town of Idyllwild. 12/10/2020

Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen (Food Review) - hungry and fit

A better option for instant ramen at home? Yes and no... Everyone loves ramen, but it is so hard to make a ramen bar experience with the cheap packets at home. Can Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen fix this issue? 12/09/2020

Manitoba Harvest's H**p Yeah! (Protein Bar Review) - hungry and fit

If you like KIND bars, you NEED to try these... There are so many unnatural protein bars on the market. Manitoba Harvest is providing a fresher option with their H**p Yeah bars. 12/08/2020

Behind the Scenes - Our Projects - hungry and fit

Finishing the year stronger than ever! We have published nearly 1500 articles, but not every single one of our projects ends up being published. Here is how we decide what makes it! 12/08/2020

Our Week in Pictures (Nov 30 - Dec 6) - hungry and fit

Bringing it back, baby! Hi all! We thought we’d bring back Week in Pictures like we used to. It’s just a scattering of pictures from the previous week. Hope everyone is well.  Related posts: Our Week(end) in Pictures Our Week(end) in Pictures Our Week/end … 11/23/2020

We're Back! - hungry and fit

What. a. MONTH! After being off social media and the blog for over a month, for the first time in a long time, we are back in business. Get ready 2021! 10/27/2020

Keep Your Skin at Peak Performance with These Athlete-Approved Skincare Tips - hungry and fit

A must read, epic collaboration! Exercise can lead to a lot of positive results for your health, but without proper skincare, you could see some unfortunate side effects. 10/15/2020

Why a Gym Should NOT Have Sales Staff! - hungry and fit

For those of you who want a written version of that last video... Today, we released a lengthy video on YouTube, which you can watch HERE. In this video, we discussed why a gym doesn’t need a team dedicated to sales. We felt the same way before covid made a huge impact on …


Why a Gym Should NOT Have Sales Staff!

Especially in the age of covid...

Blog: Facebook: Fit's IG: Hungry's IG: https://www... 10/11/2020

The Workout Videos You Shouldn't Watch on Social Media - hungry and fit

Until today, all of our content this month has been sponsored, which we usually don't share on Facebook. Here is something original! Social media has completely changed the world, and it has certainly changed the fitness industry. Be careful what you watch and don't follow all you see! 09/29/2020

Blueberry Overnight Oats - hungry and fit

Blueberry Overnight Oats This recipe is pretty simple, very delicious. And you can start with overnight oats recipes and then start experimenting on your own. 09/27/2020

Korean Pickled Onion - hungry and fit

Korean Pickled Onion Enjoy this easy recipe for a tasty banchan (Korean side dish) for Korean pickled onion. It's a simple, healthy, and flavorful dish. 08/04/2020

Staying Fit: 3 Great Workouts to Do at Home - hungry and fit Many of us have lost access to our gyms and even local parks, which makes it much harder to stay in shape. Follow these tips to get a workout at home. 08/04/2020

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist During COVID-19? - hungry and fit Everyone is trying to make it through this pandemic as healthy as possible. Sometimes, we need to go to the dentist, but is it safe?


If at first you don't succeed...make more ice cream?

Props to Roule for not giving up! Blog: Facebook: Fit... 08/01/2020

August Challenge - Use Your Body! - hungry and fit

Back to basics! Join us in the challenge. There most certainly will be a prize package for the winner. Who wins? Whoever moves the most! For many, gyms are closed and we find ourselves falling even further from our fitness goals. Become athletic again by using your body this August. 07/27/2020

How to Deal With Neck Pain After a Workout - hungry and fit Neck pain can be extremely common, especially after starting a new workout routine. Here are some important tips to prevent this pain from growing worse. 07/14/2020

A Guide for Healthier Eating - hungry and fit It isn't easy for everyone to eat clean, but there are many tips to help you improve your diet and nutrition. Find some here. 07/09/2020

Why You Shouldn't Use Postmates - hungry and fit

New YouTube video and blog article about Uber buying Postmates! We might not like meal delivery apps, but Postmates is low for even our standards. Maybe their recent acquisition by Uber will improve that. 07/08/2020

YouTube Alert: Two Massive Fitness Industry Changes - hungry and fit

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel! There have been major changes in the last week that could impact the fitness industry moving forward. Check our YouTube for more information!


HUGE FITNESS NEWS! IDEA was Purchased by...

There was a HUGE acquisition in the fitness space!

Blog: Facebook: Fit's IG: Hungry's IG: https://www... 07/07/2020

Why Is Holistic Dentistry Trending? - hungry and fit

Keep that smile bright. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial to both short and long term success. Here are some top tips for holistic dentistry. 07/06/2020

An Easy Eating Guide to the Westbank of New Orleans - hungry and fit

Part 1 of our Guide to Eating in New Orleans... the Westbank! We decided to move to the Westbank of New Orleans and as a result, we've devoured nearly place where you can eat. Here is a list of those spots. 07/05/2020

Introducing our Guide to Eating NOLA - hungry and fit

Tomorrow, something long overdue on the blog! Over the past year, we've dined at nearly 150 spots in the New Orleans area. Now, we're introducing our guide to Eating NOLA. 07/04/2020

Our Blog's Guest Post Guidelines - hungry and fit

Have you ever wanted to publish an article on the blog? A guest post is an opportunity for bloggers to collaborate with other bloggers, agencies and companies to discover new products and services. 07/03/2020

Our Annual Domino's Pizza Tradition - hungry and fit

We're starting this month with a certain theme... Domino's Pizza is one of the biggest food chains in the country, but we choose to eat it only once a year. Find out more about this tradition.

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Fit is getting back into action after nearly a month of inactivity/sickness! 100 push-ups back to #fitness!




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Hey Ronnie Fitness Coach Hey Ronnie Fitness Coach
Los Angeles, 91405

I help busy working women source time for Fun, Play, their Friends, Family, themselves and FITNESS with no stress, overwhelm or overload. I get them past all the barriers to working out so they can be and be fit, healthy, and happy!

The Peoples Fitness The Peoples Fitness
13027 S Broadway
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These classes are designed to target your full body. You will get out of it what yiu put into it. Don't quit and live your life like a champion!

716 North La Brea
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Lifestyle fitness and athletic performance training. Get fit, be active, and stay in motion! Help your body be strong and sexy!

Los Angeles

Where Boxing & Barbells was created. Check out @boxingnbarbells if you would like to bring the format to your gym or open your own B&B gym. Go to to learn more about the founder.

Rokah Karate Rokah Karate
9218 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, 90035-1319

Hawaiian Total Fitness MMA Hawaiian Total Fitness MMA
Los Angeles, 72227

Individualized Personal Training sessions, Adult Mixed Martial Arts sessions, Kids Submission/Self-Defense sessions.

Chain Fitness Chain Fitness
4127 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, 91602

The mission of Chain Fitness is to provide an elite level of training that addresses each client's unique needs and desires in a safe environment, while always staying on the forefront of progress and education.

Metabolic Project Metabolic Project
2333 Pontius Ave
Los Angeles, 90064

Boutique Personal Training Facility

Do it Now! Fitness Club Do it Now! Fitness Club
12625 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, 90066

I believe that physical fitness is for people of all ages; experienced or novice. My goal as a trainer is to help each person achieve his or her goals.

I am Trained I am Trained
Los Angeles, 90046

Fitness is for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations. And, no matter who you are. I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goa

Jacob Sexton Fitness Jacob Sexton Fitness
Los Angeles

I strive to help my family, friends, and community become healthier individuals. With love and support from many, I am thankful for the ability and encouragement to reach thousands more.

Rock Body Pilates Rock Body Pilates
Los Angeles, 91401