Manurhin MR73

Manurhin MR73


One of the finest SA/DA trigger actions on a Revolver I have ever shot the MR 73. Love mine. LOL 😂
Good evening fellow MR73 enthusiasts! I am looking for a pair of these specific Nill grips (see the link below). MacTec Sales is out of stock. If anyone knows where I could procure a pair of this version, please let me know. They need not be in pristine condition, either. Michael, if this sort of post is not fitting here, please feel free to take it down.
mag priz nang baril nyo
Have a nice MR88 but can not find a used MR73 at a reasonable Price in the US. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated. page.
Manurhin MR Convertible 22, 32 & 38
My experience of a new (2017) chapuis built MR73 is here caveat emptor.
Any recommendations for a gunsmith qualified to go over an MR73? Or a source of spare parts/wood grips?
My new MR22 Match
My Manurhin Walther PP Sport
I bought an MR73 new in August 2017. Since then shot approx 3,000 357 magnum factory and approx 500 38 spl rounds. On27 Jan 2019, the cylinder wouldn't open. I took it to a gunsmith. The cylinder release latch broke in 2. The indexing lever is worn/damaged, and best of all the forcing cone is cracked. The dealer/importer maintains an overloaded round must have been fired. I think I would have noticed. The gunsmith told me he'd come across a number of 32 calibre Manurhins with quality issues, including cylinder out of alignment by 0.010". I had to wait over a year to get the gun (I'm in Australia). I suspect I'll end up scrapping in it. As it cost $3,900 I'm not too pleased. I won't be buying another one.
Bonjour Voici mes 2 Manurhin MR32 Match (1980) MR73 Long Range (1984)
"Please feel free to post any relevant findings, questions, or requests." Michael Z. cit Hi, I feel free after this kind invitation. I just purchased my Manurhin MR73 Sport, in perfect conditions and shape. I studied at my best everything I could, and the main source of informations is your web page . In a French forum I found a lot of infos about serial numbers , often lost in the archives of Mulhouse; Chaps armes doesn't collaborate anymore. My sixgun has a HA### serial number, apparently an early one after the passage from Mulhouse to Saint Bonnet le Chateau, but over the trigger guard another number is rolled on. I cannot identify it, it is a C ###x format I never saw on other MR73. Any idea? Thanks

A tribute to Manurhin MR73 revolvers and other French service and sporting firearms. My name is Michael Zeleny. I have created this page to assist my study and express my appreciation of the Manurhin MR73, the best revolver ever issued to the police and the special forces.

Operating as usual

4" .357 Magnum Manurhin MR73 Police / DĂ©fense serial number C31117

Photos from Manurhin MR73's post

4" .357 Magnum Mulhouse Manurhin MR73 Sport, serial number K35669

4" .357 Magnum Mulhouse Manurhin MR73 Sport, serial number K35669

3" .357 Magnum & 9mm Para Mulhouse Manurhin MR73, s/n B2218

3" .357 Magnum & 9mm Para Mulhouse Manurhin MR73, s/n B2218

Tir Longue Distance ‱ Afficher le sujet - identification annĂ©e manurhin MR

MR73, years of manufacture.

3D model of Manurhin MR 73 Sport 3D model of Manurhin MR 73 Sport based on a Real object, created according to the Original dimensions. Available in various 3D formats. Download.

Wheelgun Wednesday: Manurhin MR73 Review - The Manurhin MR73 is an expensive, albeit very finely made revolver that still exists and is produced in an era where such things are few and far between. Extensively hand fit and hand-polished during manufacture, the result shows the moment one handles one of these beauties.

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Manurhin MR73 Patents by Gilbert Maillard

GB1459665A, FR2229033A1, CH590445A5, DE2422084A1, JPS5048800A, ES426048A1, SE399959B,

GB1459665A, FR2229033A1, CH590445A5, DE2422084A1, JPS5048800A, ES426048A1, SE399959B,

Bon anniversaire le GIGN.

1er mars 1974 : date retenue pour la création officielle du GIGN (Maisons-Alfort).

Au départ, le GIGN (Groupe d'intervention de la gendarmerie nationale) est scindé en deux groupes créés séparément fin 1973 :

le GIGN 1, basé à Maisons-Alfort, descendant de l'ECRI (équipe commando régionale d'intervention) créée au sein de l'escadron 2/2 de gendarmerie mobile ;

le GIGN 4, fondé en 1973 et basé à Mont-de-Marsan, au sein de l'escadron 9/11 parachutiste de gendarmerie mobile.

Le commandement de l'ECRI est confié au lieutenant Christian Prouteau et l'unité devient opérationnelle le 1er mars 1974, qui deviendra la date d'anniversaire du GIGN.

Les deux unitĂ©s seront regroupĂ©es en 1976 Ă  Maisons-Alfort, au sein d'un seul GIGN, dĂ©placĂ© en 1983 Ă  Versailles au camp de Satory, oĂč est toujours installĂ© l’état-major et la plus grande partie du groupe.

13 antennes régionales du GIGN ont récemment été créée, dont 8 outre-mer.

What is the best manufactured hand gun available in the USA? Michael Zeleny's answer: SIG P210, natch. The original Swiss-made precision military sidearm that faultlessly served a nation of dedicated bullseye shooters at the peak of the Cold War, it is the ultimate refinement of John Moses Browning’s venerable M1911 design, perfected by the patents of Char....


Massad Ayoob extols revolvers. REUNION REVELATIONS PART II: REVOLVER Posted on December 19, 2019 by MasDecember 21, 2019 At the Massad Ayoob Group Reunion last week, one of the featured speakers was Marty Hayes, who came about three thousand miles from his home turf at the Firearms Academy of Seattle in Washington to teach a doub...

GIGN’s MR73 Sniper Revolver in .357 Magnum Courtesy of the French Ministry of the Interior, we have a chance to take a look at an authentic GIGN sniper model MR73 revolver today. GIGN is the elite intervention element of the French Gendarme

[12/06/19]   9mm Para MR73 shooters take note: “Long throats plus short cartridges mean some revolvers achieve parity with semiauto velocities through a ‘freebore effect’.”

French GIGN operator armed with a Manurhin MR 73 Revolver mounted on a bipod [1100x1000] Posted in r/policeporn by u/Beneficial-Cucumber1 ‱ 139 points and 5 comments

This Day in History: Swing-Out Revolver Cylinder Patented On November 21, 1865, US patent 51,117 was issued to William Mason for the swing-out revolver cylinder.

Best Horror Movies

L’Intervention, Fred Grivois, 2019. Le film raconte la naissance du GIGN.

Sniper Scenes - Best Fight Scenes

Tir Longue Distance ‱ Afficher le sujet - MR 73 fissure plaque et hausse

Keep your screws tightened or risk cracking the sideplate.

Manurhin MR73's cover photo

State-of-the-Art French Police SWAT-like Units Prefer MR73 Revolvers The GIGN today is among the world’s most elite counter-terrorist police and has a special affinity for its traditional French revolver.

Gun Review: Manurhin MR73 Sport .357 Revolver - The Truth About Guns The men racing toward the hijacked Air France flight 8969 belonged to the French counterterrorist unit, Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (a.k.a. GIGN), and they carried a variety of weapons and specialized equipment. Captain Thierry Prungnaud took point in the assault that ended w...

France's MAC50 Pistol - Firearms News

Guns Magazine » The .357 Magnum Part 2

John Taffin on the .357 Magnum, part 2.

Guns Magazine » The .357 Magnum: Part 1

John Taffin on the .357 Magnum, part 1.

French LE weapon choices Following the coverage of the Paris events, I have seen a number of photographs of French LE members, toting a pretty eclectic group of weapons. Mini 14, small full auto pistols, and Sig 2022 pistols. Is it just me, or does it mostly look like a pile of crap?

Commandant du GIGN / PLP178151 on Twitter

“Amateur d'images...on y retourne ! #GIGN”

France's Elite GIGN Counter Terror Unit Still Has A Cult-Like Affinity For The Revolver Although antiquated for some tasks, revolvers still have some tactical advantages, but GIGN also uses them in risky 'trust shot' rites of passage.

Mulhouse Manurhin MR73 9x19mm conversion cylinder, as delivered by the factory

Revolver Manurhin MR 73 5 14 Calibre 357 Magnum

Retrouvez nos armes, munitions et accessoires en vente en boutique et sur notre site ou !

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Manurhin MR73: The Best Revolver Ever Made

Buy my book in Amazon "The Modern Survival Manual" "Bugging Out and Relocating" Visit My Website: http://www.t...

Repairing & adjusting the trigger on a Manurhin MR73

Buy my book in Amazon "The Modern Survival Manual" "Bugging Out and Relocating" Visit My Website: http://www.t...

MAB PA15 M1 s/n 547020

Sold on 21 August 2018 for $8,950.00.

Sold on 21 August 2018 for $8,950.00.

The Manurhin MR73 Revolver - Fighting Wheel Gun Par Excellence

Leroy Thompson tells it like it is.

Allan's Armory - Modern Firearms

A 6" .357 Magnum Manurhin MR73 revolver, s/n HA02933 at Allans Armory, said to be in factory new condition, complete with a manual, case, factory certificate, cleaning kit, and a turn ring. Offered for $3,200.00 for an FFL dealer transfer. No relation to the seller.

6" .357 Magnum Manurhin MR73 revolver by Chapuis, s/n HA02933

6" .357 Magnum Manurhin MR73 revolver by Chapuis, s/n HA02933

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