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And in-person in Los Angeles. Using Premium Private training facilities designed for seasoned trainers. "Ultra body Fitness". Online training programs provided through ABCTrainerize. If you need help improving the way your body looks contact me now! Don't "weight" contact today.

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Dusty Talents: In you was a talented energy that you profoundly dug yourself into. But then separated yourself from it for something else. But when you go home this season. If you are blessed enough to go back to where your dusty talent lay, for most of us in our parents dwelling or something similar involving family or that which became our family. When you see it in it's still form as if left in a tablet of time just the way you remembered it in the exact same place it is now. Consider yourself blessed. Redeemed. Exemplified. Magnified. Because you did not fail. For now you have something to give to someone else for no apparent reason at all. A gift. And a wealth of knowledge about something that you know that has grown inside of you so that it could be peacefully transformed into something greater in someone else. A peaceful transfer of power. Magnificent is your name. Glorified! You will be in the hearts of those you speak into for their peace and direction and not yours when you tell them what you know about that dusty talent. Happy holy day.

By: Charlie Dannelly personal trainer

Charlie Dannelly Personal Training Remote/Virtual Personal Training w/ Zoom


CHARACTER The thing which shortens our breath. Applies to the aggregate of moral qualities by which a person is judged apart from intelligence, competence, or special talents. Reading those words brought the following out of me. Personality constantly in a moving form like a wave submits qualities of a human that distinguishes individuality. Individuality creates space for choice. And in the view of my God in the Christian world that power within. The thing we call faith. Separates us and creates unity. And our unity in the world our humanity in the world creates! Joy. Blessing to you and your family these changing seasons. Holy days are upon us. Love! Let it be abundant. Peace. Let it live in you. Friendship is more than essential. It is the gateway to prosperity. Pray. Breathe deeply. Relax and enjoy your life. Even in the deepest hours of your challenge for everything in Your life. Breathe. Because in the end of anything the last thing you shall surely do is breathe. The most precious undeniable force between life and death. Breathe. My personal gift to everyone is that I have learned that true fabric. And I gift this knowledge to you. In My own pathetic imagination. And that gift is for you to take a deep breath numerous times five in a row maybe for your sake and find relaxation in each breath you breathe out. Take time, to breathe. Deeply within. Fill your lungs up with a, good air. Precious and pure. We have a lot of it here right now. It will tell you everything you need to know about where you are in life. And when you exhale it will give you the summation of where you are biologically. If you take time to pay attention to it and humble yourself to what you have received. It will allow you to be guided in the right direction for health. That is something artificial intelligence will never be able to do. Imagine. To breathe. This is a gift. Happy holy day.

Charlie Dannelly Personal Trainer 11/04/2023

Time is something we push through. But when we pay attention to ourselves in a certain way we reduce its energy against us. Time.

Charlie Dannelly Personal Trainer


How to become better at gaming. It's not what you think. Get the book today.


Exertious Self-Fitness journal: Your workouts can get ugly but your journal doesn't have to be.

How to get good at being yourself. 02/24/2023

It's never too late to be yourself.

How to get good at being yourself. Believe that you can unbelieve all the negative things that stop you from being who you truly are. Having a healthy mindset can assist you in relieving pain ...

My fitness life in Hollywood 02/14/2023

I've met a few people in my life. I want to thank the Lord. My friends and family. And some of the famous people that have helped propel me forward. Here's to 2023 and beyond.

My fitness life in Hollywood Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charlie Dannelly. I've been a personal trainer in Hollywood for over 30 years and I want to share my knowledge of fi...


Increase your by doing this.


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. Fitness in is just as important as fitness in sports. Learn why. Get the book PotFM gamer's addition.

Photos from Charlie Dannelly Personal Training's post 11/05/2022

It's official! My new fitness app is up and on the App stores. Sign up with a fitness program and download your fitness app today! Go to: the Self-Fitness app from me, Charlie Dannelly Personal Training

A Halloween costume for the ages 10/31/2022

Some fitness tips for Halloween costumes and makeup. PS that's me doing Borg stunts with Q!😁

A Halloween costume for the ages Halloween costumes are fun. Every one that you create desires a photograph that will surly last a lifetime. But please be careful this Halloween. If you have had Covid-19 or are experiencing respiratory complications thi...


One of the most important things about health is to MOVE. Exert energy. Create and maintain physical strength and flexibility. The CDC reduced life expectancy to 76 years old after the pandemic. And if you exercise it dramatically improves your life span. Think about it if you're cruising in life feeling good and your 70 you've got six years of expected longevity. Unless you workout. No matter how you look at it you've got to put in the work to live longer than predicted. Which is why I've signed up to be a trainer with Trainerize. A way to workout for yourself by yourself with the help of a live trainer in the background of your fitness app to help you along the way. Fully customizable to fit your life style. If I don't have the answer I have the resources to. We can make it as simple as possible or max you out. But if you want help without the invasiveness of a trainer yelling in your ear, but you want live accountability to keep you going this is it. Let's start off with a 14-Day challenge Sign up now!


Happy birthday to me.


The Pandemic is over it's time to get your s*** together. Talking to myself-πŸ‘πŸΏisms⚑ Let's go!


FB fam I need your help. I need perspectives on what people are thinking about fitness after the pandemic?

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Helping people lose weight and look great since 1988. Providing Professional Personal training for North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly hills areas. Using Premium Private training facilities designed for personal training only. "At One Fitness", "Ultra body Fitness", & Muscle Mechanics". If you need help improving the way your body looks contact me now! Don't weight contact today.

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Emotional strength.
If life is short. What's the point in being Fit
There's a way to increase your overall strength but you have to lift these things.
Increase your #attractiveness by doing this. #gaming
#EmotionalstrengthtrainingπŸ’ͺ🏿 to get more verses like this follow me @CDtrainer on Instagram
#Mentaltoughness. Fitness in #gaming is just as important as fitness in sports. Learn why. Get the book PotFM gamer's ad...
The secret to success in fitness is this.
Before you begin each workout do this!
How to become positively magnetic
How to lose the weight of fear.
Fitness is more than a workout.
Get the "My Fitness Journal" by Charlie Dannelly: Track your fitness, nutrition and more. Instruct your fitness and be r...






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