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I mention my discussion with some of the UCLA cycling team in this post:
Who is ready to pin on some numbers. La Verne Stage Race. Don't be that person saying I should of gone. https://www.bikereg.com/la-verne-stage-race. You can find tech guide on majesticcycling.com. This is also part of Collegiate Championships hosted by UC Cycling. SC Cycling UCLA Cycling UC Davis Cycling SDSU Cycling Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Stanford Cycling Cal Poly Cycling UCSB Cycling Team UC Merced Cycling CSU Sacramento UN-Reno SJSU Cycling Team Alumni Chico State Cycling (members) Saint Mary's College of California For all Collegiate riders you can sign up for all 3 stages or 1 or 2 day. We accept Team Pay on BikeReg
to the Socalcycling.com Team on a great race at the challenging Road Race!

Carlos Mac Pherson placed 3rd, Omar Aguilera was 5th and Tyler Thorp 6th!

SoCalCycling.com Team Sponsors:

@ crono_cycling_shoes
@ ShPlusItalia

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Greetings all! Long time follower, first time poster: I'm moving back to LA for my PhD at campus (English folks where y'all at) and looking forward to buying a new bike and getting involved with the team! Any leads are greatly appreciated

P.s. I'm 6'1 and ride a 57cm carbon roadie (Kuota Kredo Ultra) and have my share of feats and (two centuries, a couple of sportives, getting dropped in CRIT races)
We love our friends at UCLA Cycling! 💙🚲 As a team that strives for inclusivity + the spread of cycling, they are in need of a few bikes to loan to new riders and a storage locker to store team equipment. Show your support by donating today • visit https://spark.ucla.edu/project/26225!
Is the UCLA Road Race happening this year?
FREE Yoga Workshop for Cyclists

I am teaching a free Iyengar Yoga workshop for cyclists (and hikers) through the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles.
Though I am not a professional or competition cyclists, I have riden and commuted all across Los Angeles County and even crossed the Swiss Alps (on a fixed gear bike), and I will be sharing some of what has helped me recover and prepare for rides.

Please join, or share with any and all you think may profit!
VeloNews published my commentary today about the future of bicycles:
Hello everyone!!! Do you love sports? Do you love the entertainment world?

My name is Makena Bement, and I am an Undergraduate TA for a professor here in sunny Central Florida, who assists with classes at UCLA as a Subject Matter Expert.

We are collectively trying to spread the word about an educationally dope and innovative class available to you all for enrollment this summer. I have attached the flyer for more information, but if you are interested in sports, entertainment, and learning about how innovations in education have expanded upon diversity and inclusion of marginalized groups, please consider this class!!!

You must enroll before THIS AFTERNOON at 2:00pm, as the enrollment needs to be a minimum of just 1 more student for the class to proceed. Per the university, if 1 more student does not enroll by 5pm on 5/29, the class will be CANCELLED.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know about a new “virtual” cycling event that was just launched! Where, while during this crazy time we can’t be in large groups, it’s still important to stay active and stay healthy.

So let’s bike 🙌

It's going from now until the end of the quarantine. You can sign up, set your goal, beat it, and join hundreds of others online. Share with others what you've done, and win a really cool medal and certificate! 💯🤩

You can check it out here, www.finishtheride.org/ftr-virtual

In case you’re going through racing withdrawal, here’s what we were doing 30 years ago at USD. VeloNews photo.
Thanks for putting on a great race!! Everything was really organized. See ya next year.

Twitter: @UCLA_Cycling
Instagram: @UCLACycling The UCLA Cycling Team aims to advance competitive cycling at the local and national levels; to develop new and experienced cycling talent by providing superior resources to dedicated scholar athletes; to promote safety, responsibility, and public service through community involvement; and to represent the University, sponsors, and the sport of cycling with the highest degree of professionalism and sportsmanship.

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 10/07/2022

🗻5 Miles- 1k of Climbing🚴🏽Mandeville Canyon is one of LA cyclists’ favorite haunts. This Saturday, we’re hosting a Time Trial to see whose the real King (Or Queen) of the Mountain👑. 8am De Neve Rollout, TT begins at 8:45 at the base. Whether you’re shooting for a PR or an FTP test, this might be a great chance to put yourself to the test. Think you got what it takes?

*Ride open to UCLA students, faculty, and alumni*

🫡To one of our own Queen of the Mountains from last year,

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 10/06/2022


Name: William Lee
Year/area of study: 4th year Biochemistry major
How long have you been riding/on the team: I've been riding for around a year and a half, and this will be my 2nd year with the team.
Favorite route/climb: Fernwood-Piuma; after a hellish climb on Fernwood, the views on Piuma make it all worth it.
Why cycling?: I used to swim a lot, but since the pandemic started, my local pool closed down. In order to keep in shape, I decided to take on cycling; I enjoy endurance sports that are not running. Over time, I began to notice the benefits of cycling on my mental and physical health, which is why I continue to enjoy it to this day.


🚴🏼‍♀️🤔Wanna join our team? 🤔🚴🏼‍♀️

We’re having an information session this Wednesday at 5:15pm at the LATC Clubhouse on campus. Come by and meet us! Open to students, faculty, postdocs, and alumni!!!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/22/2022

🚨New officer alert🚨Our own VEEP—- Owen!

Name: Owen Burkhardt
Year/area of study: 3rd year Civil & Environmental Engineering
How long have you been riding+ how long you’ve been on the team: Riding for five years, going into my third year on the team.
Favorite route/climb you’ve done this year (LA or otherwise): Franklin canyon is my favorite go-to, but you can’t beat the views on Piuma.
Why cycling?: You have the ability to make the sport what you want. You can go for a chill ride and chat the whole time, smash it up a big climb, or escape the city on a scenic gravel road. Either way, going out for a ride always clears my mind and puts me in a good mood. Plus, the feeling of a cold shower after a long morning ride is unbeatable.
*Flex questions*: Palmarès + your bike of choice: I didn’t crash out at the C/D UCLA Victorville crit 😤. All bikes are good bikes

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/20/2022

Week 0 means revving engines for the rides🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏽🚴🏼‍♀️

Here’s what we got this week (rollout De Neve) :

Wednesday -
Manhattan Beach (Road)
9:30 am. 30 miles- flat (https://www.strava.com/routes/3006055532435507778)

Sullivan Canyon (Dirt/MTB)
Meet 10am at De Neve Courtyard
Ride to Sullivan Canyon from Campus
Timing is 30-40min to trails, 1.5-2 hr ride total

Thursday - Tentative dinner ride 5 pm (Route TBD)

Friday - Coffee ride 8 am

Saturday -

Cross creek (Road)
8 am. 30-40 miles flat- option for climbing!

Sullivan PT II (Dirt/MTB)
Meet 10am at De Neve Courtyard
Ride to Sullivan Canyon from Campus
Timing is 30-40min to trails, 1.5-2 hr ride total

Sunday - Nichols 7:45 am at Denny’s

Come hang🤙


First Saturday group ride and we had a blast doing Benedict Canyon and the the Hollywood Sign!

35 miles w/ 3,600ft of elevation

Nobody cracked and everything was beautiful. Plus donuts at !

Stay tuned for our Saturday rides and join us next week!



UCLA Cycling will be holding down the fort this upcoming week with our very own booth at the fest! Catch us Monday Sep 19 and Tuesday Sep 20 between 12-4 pm at our booth by Drake stadium and hang out with some of our riders and learn more about what we do and what you have to do to join us!🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏽🚴🏼‍♂️💨

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/14/2022

What have we been up to?🤔

Riding our bikes all summer of course! Check out what some of our teamsters have been up to:

Liz (1-2): first proper bike race and first gravel event, among the beautiful colorado mountains and with the support of ucla cycling and ride for racial justice teams at steamboat gravel 💛

and then a solo century, my first century ever, along beach paths and rolling hills of palos verdes 💙

Dennis (3-4): This summer I biked up mt Tamalpais in the SF Bay Area with 2 on my friends on July 24th. Here are some pictures!

Owen: (4)Century ride around LA County!

Enrique (5-6): Ditto on the LA century! Also had a blast climbing the mountains back home in Puerto Rico. Crossed north to south through the hills- felt really magical climbing the old roads some of my ancestors had to cross. It was even better seeing the shock on everyone I met along the way when I told them I only had my bike, my carbs, and my determination

Max (7-8): Climbing Haleakala in Hawaii!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/13/2022


Many have asked, and finally, we deliver— UCLA Cycling has a MTB/Dirt chapter. Meet our officers!

Slide 1 of 6

We’re super excited to announce a new branch of UCLA Cycling: UCLA Mountain Biking! For Week 0, we have two rides planned. All levels of riders are welcome to join!!

9/20 Tuesday: Meet 10AM Neve Courtyard, Ride from Campus to Sullivan Canyon (30 min to trails, 1.5-2hr ride)

9/24 Saturday: Same ride as Tuesday planned

Also, come meet us at the Rec Fest, Monday, September 19th

DM us with any questions you might have!!

Hi! My name is Matthew Gallati, I’m a second year mechanical engineering student. I’ve been mountain biking for about 3 years now, and this is my second year on the Cycling team. My favorite socal trail so far is probably Five Oaks in Laguna Beach, but I’ve got a lot to ride around LA still. I love riding my bike because it makes me happy. Feel free to reach out to me or Will with any questions about mountain biking/ joining the team!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/12/2022

Remember rides?

🚨Ride alert🚨

Rides are back and we're officially stoked! Here's a couple of rides lined up for this week, open to all UCLA students of varying skills and tastes. All rides leave at 8 am from De Neve Plaza at UCLA. Rides include both a medium and *spicy* version of routes for those who want some extra homework for the legs. Bring a working bike (any bike!), food, water, and a helmet and hang out with the team on a spin!

Thursday: This route takes riders along a scenic cruise of the world famous Santa Monica beach. After making it to Marina Del Rey and crossing Ballona Creek, we will head back through downtown Santa Monica. The pace will be mellow, with regroups when needed.

Strava: https://www.strava.com/routes/3002426037479918200
Spicy version: https://www.strava.com/routes/3002599818701469304

Friday: Friday Coffee ride to our sponsors 10 Speed Coffee in Santa Monica. Recovery chill pace, leaving Westwood through Brentwood and down to SM.

Saturday: Team ride to the Hollywood sign-- 35 miles w/ 3.5 k ft of climbing. Cycling is the perfect way to see Hollywood. This route will take riders up to famed and beautiful Mulholland drive, which features fantastic panoramic views of the city and San Fernando valley. Mulholland will dump riders out at the base of Mt. Lee, better known for the Hollywood sign. Riders will summit Mt. Lee and get a uniquely spectacular view from just behind the Hollywood sign. Following a twisty descent through the Hollywood hills and a brief stop for coffee and donuts, its a matter of cruising through West Hollywood on the way back to campus.

Medium: https://www.strava.com/routes/3002629736225414938
Spicy: https://www.strava.com/routes/3002630296099650168

Sunday: Sunday means only one thing--- the World Famous (TM) Nichols ride hosted by our sponsor Velo Club La Grange. 20 miles with 2k feet. Fast drop group ride starting at 8Am (rollout is at Westwood Blvd/La Grange only a couple of mins. from campus). Don't worry about getting dropped, there's always a group you can hang on to depending on your skill level.


Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/08/2022

🚨New officer just dropped🚨 Meet one of the resident fast guys (TM) and best sponsorship coordinator our team could hope for, Max!

My name is Max Eisenberg and I'm a 3rd year majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing. I have been riding for around 3 years and this is going to be my second year on the team (they somehow also let me become sponsorship coordinator). My favorite climb this year, and probably of all time, is Haleakala on Maui. Why cycling? Frankly speaking, I was born with great calves and needed to capitalize on it somehow. Bike of choice is and always will be the Scott Addict.

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/08/2022

🚨New officer alert🚨

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah and I’ll be the team’s treasurer and co-women’s team captain this year! 😁 I’m a 3rd-year biochemistry major. I’ve been riding for about 4 years and on the team for the past 2 years. My favorite route is the one up to the Hollywood Sign; the views of LA are just stunning up there! I love cycling because it’s allowed me to explore many new places and meets lots of cool people. Oh and of course the tan lines are priceless! 😂 Feel free to reach out with any questions about joining the team!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 09/06/2022

As we’re gearing up for the new school year, we thought it pertinent to introduce you to some of our officers for the 2022-2023 year. Without further ado, our very own UCLA Cycling Prez—- Alec Cabral!
Year/Study: 4th year/ Biochemistry and Classical Civilization
How long have you been riding/ w/ the team: I’ve been riding for about 7-8 years/ this is my 4th year with the team
Favorite Route/Climb: I’ve enjoyed doing the climb up to Griffith Observatory, otherwise, I enjoy seeing the multiple views from Mulholland. Anything with a view really makes climbing worth it.
Why cycling?; For myself, it always seemed like a great way to get excessive (early on), but then I realized how calming and therapeutic it could be. Being able to climb up a hill or mountain for an ungodly period of time just for a view is pretty great, despite how irrational it seems. Cycling helps you explore and see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Plus, it was this or stick with running, and what I say to running is… yuk!

Fave bike: Cannondale CAAD 10 but Canyons are nice ^_^

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 08/30/2022

Appreciation post for our very own Collegiate Nats Champion .o . We’re all very proud of his work (and watts⚡️) in the team and look forward to the upcoming race season. Check out the massive drip❄️ of this custom made Stars and Stripes champ kit thanks to our team sponsor . Enjoy the crown king👑

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 06/05/2022

Last Group Ride of the Quarter: Malibu- Piuma- Saddle Peak- Stunt-Pedaler’s Fork- Old Topanga

We had tons of fun this quarter smashing it, drilling it, and sending it and now we’re a bit gassed. Hunkering down and wishing the best to all during finals and great success to our grads!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 05/11/2022

Ever wondered why our riders are able to rip it up climbs, full send descends, and smash the bunch sprint? It’s no 🤫 has the fastest and stiffest wheelsets in the game! Whether showing off at group rides of crushing the crits, FarSports has models for every kind of riding. If you got a need for speed, you might need some FarSports!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 05/09/2022

Let’s give it up for our Bruin .o for bringing home the Gold🏆 in the Mens’ Collegiate National Championships! And let’s not forget for getting Silver on the Omnium Points! Shoutout to our own and .goodzenko for bringing their best from the west. We also got 4th on the Team Omnium cat!

Nothing but watts and 🔥 this weekend, what is left in store for these brave racers after this season? For now, let’s give them a round of applause and some much needed ☕️🍾🍪


Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 05/08/2022

Nothing but 🔥 this weekend at the Collegiate Nationals. Our very own Duncan Clark snagged a 5th place podium finish at the RR and Nicole got a 5th during the TT! More Crit racing today, so let’s wish Duncan, Nicole, Slava, and Yumeto great success!



Hello everyone,

Today is the last day our Castelli store will be open! Additionally, it is the last day you'll be able to get this new design, so check it out!



UCLA Cycling Statement on Mandeville Issue (4/28) 04/29/2022

UCLA Cycling Statement on Mandeville Issue (4/28)

Club Statement Concerning the Recent Mandeville Incident


UCLA Cycling Statement on Mandeville Issue (4/28) 4/28/2022 UCLA Cycling: Club Statement on the Recent Mandeville Incident As some may already be aware, a group of riders, including some from our team, were recently involved in an incident concerning an ambulance on Mandeville Canyon Road. This event was brought to our attention by a Facebook p...

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 04/28/2022

Berkeley RR was 🔥 Big props to our very own for smashing the women’s pro category! Peep ‘s action shots of the race! Podium 📸 by

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 04/27/2022

Only a few days left to order this stunning one-off kit!! 🤩
Store closes May 1st, link in bio!


New kit now available! 🤩
The pictured items, as well as many others, can now be ordered through the link in our bio!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 03/08/2022

Happy International Women’s Day! 🚴‍♀️

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 02/22/2022

The 2022 UCLA race weekend was a blast!

Thank you to everyone who organized, volunteered, and participated in the UCLA RR and Victorville Crit - we could not have done it without you guys!

We also want to congratulate all the UCLA team riders, who did great and gave it their all throughout the weekend (swipe to see podium pics 🤩). We are very proud of you!

And of course, a huge thank you to all our sponsors!


Registration for the UCLA road race closes TOMORROW (Wed. Feb. 16) at 11:59pm!!! Link in bio!

Remember to sign up for the criterium on Sunday as well!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 02/08/2022

IMPORTANT: Online registration for the UCLA road race on Saturday Feb. 19th will close next Wednesday (Feb. 16). Link is in our bio!

AND, will be at the race handing out their delicious meal bars!! 😋

AND don’t forget about the crit on Sunday Feb. 20th, hosted by !

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 01/04/2022


After a hiatus due to the pandemic, we are very excited to announce that the UCLA road race is back!!! We are hosting the weekend’s events with .

Link for registration and information is in our bio.

-UCLA road race is Saturday February 19th in Pearblossom, hosted in collaboration with .
-Crit is Sunday February 20th in Victorville, hosted by .


First look at our new wheels! 😍 🚲
Stay tuned for a closer look coming soon!



Only 2 more days to order this stunning kit!!
Link in bio, site closes 11/28.



ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT! Head over to the link in our bio to order this season’s kit, store closes 11/28. 🐻💙💛


Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 11/16/2021

Back by popular demand… kit order is now live until 11/28. 🤩 Link in our bio!!!

Photos from UCLA Cycling's post 11/15/2021

Huge thanks to our partner for inviting us out to Gravel Bulldogs this weekend! 😁 We're super stoked to be repping these sweet new kits, t-shirts, and bottles on our rides and around campus. Start your Fridays off right and join our weekly Friday coffee rides hosted at 10 Speed Santa Monica at 7:45 am! ☕️

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UCLA Cycling Team Camp 2016-17 Day 1
Death Ride 8-Clap




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