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Boris Fitness


I think Phil Fornah should workout with you!
Nice to meet you Boris Rock and roll those fitness classes to Kiss xx dawn and steve
Many things in my life are challenging at the moment. But I come to Boris Schaak and he is teaching me how to push past my pain barriers to get results. And as a result I am able to surrender and accept the circumstances of my life. I am really loving this new training modality he works with. We are 15 weeks in. I'm so grateful for the lessons I am learning. It's brutal at times and hard work and it's worth it. My arms are shaking now lol.
Week 12. Definitely making progress. Past few weeks he's pushed me well beyond my comfort zone as you can see by the sweat on my shirt. I'm totally loving the workout methods. He is a sensational trainer. Thank you Boris Schaak.

As a Fitness Coach, my goal is to help people reach their physical fitness and nutritional goals by implementing a routine that is easy, sustainable and fun to maintain daily.

Hello Everyone My Name Is Boris Schaak i am originally from Berlin Germany I have over 36 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry! As a former world-class bodybuilder I Am committed to a well integrated fitness regimen for my clients that incorporates weight lifting, cross training, calisthenics, stretching and nutrition. My philosophy applies to everyone at various levels of fitness . I am just as enthusiastic to work with beginner and intermediate clients as much as a pro athlete. I incorporate a unique and effective approach for motivation, commitment and discipline that optimizes personal fitness and health goals. My extensive knowledge of physical fitness training is evident through personal achievements and lifestyle as well as countless satisfied clients of all levels. Specialties: Certified Personal Training Full Body Conditioning Nutritional Counseling Strength Training Weight Loss Program I primarily train at Gold's Gym in Hollywood and at my clients' personal residence, though other arrangements can be made upon request.

Operating as usual


I Prepare 4 meals for my 12 hour night shifts every 3 days for the next 3 days....

Start with making a grocery list so you know exactly what amount of which foods you need to buy for the entire week
(I go grocery shopping once a week!) 

If you have questions in regards to food prep or fitness send me a IM ...


Breakfast juicing...
- Ginger
- Cucumber
- Potato
- Carrots
-  Apple
- Celery

I know I know you are wearing a mask, but what are you really doing to stay healthy?!!


So now that you ate almost all of the leftovers from Thanksgiving as well,  let’s talk about starting a fitness routine back up for you....

There are not many places you can work out these days!
I have a nice outside patio for one and one workouts....

Send me a IM if you are interested

living a healthy lifestyle that will protect you from whatever life throws at you is important now more than ever....

I offer outdoor fitness Sessions on my rooftop in the Hollywood area

Are you in ?!!!
Contact me for prices and availability....


I am going to be 53 years young next week!

Are you doing everything possible to keep yourself healthy and fit during these difficult times!!!?

I am starting to take on a few selective new clients that are willing to put in the work

Come join me for some outside roof Fitness on my beautiful spacious rooftop

 Open spots at 6, 7 and 8 AM

If you’re interested sent me a IM....


Morning workout with my client Will ....

Time to rebuild....
I have this Amazing outdoor rooftop I train clients on
I am adding 6 and 7 am
Mo trough Sun for now
If you are interested send me
a IM ....


Ready set go....
7 am top fitness session in progress


Getting my food ready for tonight’s 12hr night shift ...


My New Echelon bike

Finally back on track with my cardio workout

I have one 6 AM and a 4 PM spot open to work out on my rooftop home gym set up.....
Who is interested?!


Look, what finally arrived in the mail Echelon Bike

I knew when this whole virus thing started, that this would take forever to get back to normal.....

So I started to get some gym equipment together and put a whole gym set up in my living room LOL 


Who else is ready for a morning workout on my roof top ...💪🏼
IM me if you are interested....
Only 3 spots left!

Are YOU ready to work out again....!!!?

# Homemade Launch #LiveToWin

The most important thing has always been your health!
Now more then ever, invest time to ensure your health....
Cooking your own food, it’s not just healthier but also cheaper!


Put the chips down!!!!

Next time you Netflix and chill
Get yourself some celery and hummus to munch on during your favorite show ...

But workout with no equipment

Boy am I excited...!!
I was able to get my hands on a closed down gym and rent it out just for myself....💥💪🏼

So here I am demonstrating one of the best Abs exercises ever:

Now that I have a facility ( YAIIIII)
I will be posting more workout videos very soon
Stay tuned!

The way you eat, affects your
- mood
- Health
- immune system

 Make healthier eating habits
you want just look better but you also live longer..

I see a lot of people offering online fitness training, and that’s a good thing But at a time like this .... it is way more important in my opinion to pay attention to your nutritional needs to keep you healthy!

we are all sitting at home bored and watching lots of Tv...
But eating A lot of comfort food it’s simply not a good idea! 

Rule # 1
Read your food labels!!!

They Say Microwaves Are Bad For You But THIS Is What They Don’t Tell You

I always knew the microwave was bad news
But this article makes it very clear that it’s actually much worse than I thought before
What do y’all think....!!!? “There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time..."

American Media, LLC Announces Sale of Mr. Olympia and Muscle & Fitness /PRNewswire/ -- In a landmark deal, American Media, LLC today announced it has reached an agreement on the sale of the iconic Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness &...

If I can get Mario to finally hit the Gym, I can get anyone to workout.....

Yes the amount of nutrition you need to get into shape is definitely important, but if you don’t pay attention to quality you will pay a price down the road healthwise...!!

Get your morning workout on!

It is not about showing off and lift a lot of heavy weights every time you go to the gym...!??

To have a healthy long lasting injury free workout career you must learn to meet your body where it is at that particular day!

 before every workout take a moment and reflect on how to meet your body that day
- Did you get enough sleep?
- Did you skip any meals?
- Are you stressed out?
- Are you present?

If just one of these things is off you should not go all out with that work out !!?

In this video performing a one arm cable row...
you can clearly see how the movement has a beginning and an end
There is no momentum moving the weight!

Nothing like a early morning workout!!

 i am now taking new clients in the Culver City, Venice beech area.....
Contact me for more info

I was alway wondering when this day would come
I have been an independent trainer at Golds Gym Hollywood since 1991
Today was my last last day at Golds Hollywood....

This was my home away from home and i LOVED every second at this gym

Golds Gym Hollywood has the most amazing members of any gym I ever trained clients at
I want to thank every last member at golds that that made my time here memorable and FUN

Thank you to all the members of the TEAM BORIS FITNESS ARMY
throughout the years That entrusted me with their fitness goals

A very special THANK YOU to
KAREN, she is the glue that keeps Golds Gym running smoothly
There is not a person in this world that works HARDER than Karen ...!!

This was a very hard decision, but an opportunity came along i just couldn’t pass up

For now it is fare well Gold’s Gym

Onward and Upward

If you are starting to feel a little under the weather, and you think you are going to get sick...
Take one 50mg Zink 2X a day

-Zinc is the
Active ingredient in most good cold remedies that will help you to get better quick 
- Add 2000 to 5000 mg vitamin C a day ( depending on height and weight)
- Instead of taking some nighttime formula for sleep start taking HEMP CBD OIL 500mg to 1000mg


Here’s another one of my favorite Charles Glass moves I love to use for my clients

- this exercise is not for


Mentoring kids at
the 2019 Boys &Girls Club Summit

People always tell me: I should post before and after pictures of my clients!
Ok, well here ya go 😬

One of the most important accessories at the gym that gets never talked about is:

Not only is it important to wear one at night while you sleep but also ... while you workout to protect your teeth!

Halloween training with Renan

When the body says no, you have to lean on your mental capacity… And push through

The body will do, whatever the mind believes it Can do!
Gold's Gym SoCal

This is why I implement a spiritual foundation into my style of fitness training

Contact me for FREE one hour training session
I will show you a whole new way to connect with your body!💪🏼💥

Cardio Time, who’s with me this morning....!!?

My finishing shoulder press movement....

Always work with your body, never against your body!?

Always train for wellness and health, never to nourish your ego ....

@Elements of Wellness
@Dr. Cali Estes
@BodiesApp IG

Personal Trainer rule #1

Not for one second for the entire workout!

- you watch the way they breath
- you watch the way the talk
( no negatives self talk!)
- you take their nutritional
- you teach consistency

Most important:


*First session FREE for NEW

@Elements of Wellness
@BodiesApp IG
@Dr. Cali Estes

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My New Echelon bike
# Homemade Launch #LiveToWin
But workout with no equipment





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