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What you learn from others and what you think is right must be put into practice to see the changes for yourself and do it over and over again until it's a habit. Some people may be at disbelieve how a certain person looks but yet don't put in the work that they do. There is a lot to learn about fitness, nutrition and the emotions that comes with it, but once you are able to master your mind and have enough knowledge of what your body needs instead of pointing fingers and wasting time on others, you'll find that your body and mind will grow a lot faster and make bigger changes when you focus on putting in work for yourself. 👊🏽😊

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Try these for some front delt and upper chest action @maxthebodyclub #maxthebody #shredded #plans


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When you start talking with weights through your veins from your heart with your mind, you will see the difference in your approach .TRY IT 💪 #dreamchaser #veins #muscles #nevergiveup #liftheavy #biceps #punjabi #jattlife


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The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens
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@korrinarico Im wayyy up, I feel blessings thankful for today, the breath, the body, the energy, the visions.. Working on myself #soulfuldays #soulsearching #runyoncanyon #view #Thankful


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@maxthebody Full day of active recovery with the bros @pierre_abena @slumdarkdog ended up @runyoncanyontraining hope you ended your weekend off with icing on the cake. Have a great week!

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Don't wait for summer.


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@j.omlid The view at the top is always amazing . Pic cred: @real_wrecklife


@maxthebody I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but I do celebrate life. @stinedahlr triumphs on top of the hills @runyoncanyontraining @gymshark @gymsharkwomen
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Try these for some front delt and upper chest action @maxthebodyclub #maxthebody #shredded #plans
@maxphilisaire no gym? No problem.  Try burpees with body weight squats.  Burpees are a great cardio and strength traini...
@maxphilisaire all my soldiers stand up!  Level the playing field and challenge the challenger (yourself).Starting with ...
Increase workout intensity with supersets to break pass your plateau, burn fat and build lean muscle.  Full @maxphilisai...
I incorporate the one-arm dumbbell rows in my back routine to emphasize the whole lat, the upper back, and the trap musc...
This not how you achieve a ridiculous six pack but once you've dropped your body fat to reveal your abdominal muscles, y...
The flat barbell bench press is the most common exercises used in the gym. It is the staple exercise for building muscle...
Rope Hammer Curls@venicemusclebeachOne of @maxphilisaire favorite bicep exercises.  Two-handed rope hammer curls are a g...
@maxphilisaire Inflates his triceps at @VeniceMuscleBeach with rope variation tricep pushdown.  The rope variation of th...
Fox TV Show "New Girl" @ Biomechanix Fitness Center



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