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This is a page to share with my fellow VT friends throughout my VT journey. Your average person doing the average thing! =)

Operating as usual


Wooden Dummy Training! Thanks Eric Farr's USA Wing Chun Dummy Building for your Jong! It’s working great!


Haven’t posted much due to work and other things but it’s great to get back and start meeting other ppl who are passionate about Ving Tsun! Thanks for organizing Wing Chun Brotherhood

I will look to post more videos when I have time on here and on my website and on instagram! Stay tuned!

You did it. You guys made this happen. I can't believe you all came out to meet a bunch of strangers just cause they know Wing Chun. And you LIKED it.

This was a blast.

Photos from VT Mark Wong's post 12/05/2021

A little late for this post but better late than never. To all my Wing Chun martial arts friends, this is an amazing book of collective interviews from Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s students ranging from his teaching periods in the 60s to the 90s! If you read closely you will find the common training curriculums that never changed over those years. A huge shout out to Eric Lilleor for putting this together! Be sure to get your copies Eric Lilleør

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

Be sure to check out my next article on Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine!!

"Fighting involves both physical and mental aspects. You must believe in yourself, learn how to apply the guidelines of 'chase the centre' and not 'chase the hands', and attack when there’s an opportunity without over-committing. Never think you can knock out your opponent with one punch or that you can land five to ten punches while your opponent merely stands there and lets you. You need to look for signs your opponent gives you, such as unnecessary movement, bad habits such as swaying left and right in a certain pattern so you can break their rhythm and take control."

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Don’t forget to practice your punches!

Timeline photos 06/06/2021

For my Wing Chun friends, here is my first article in the upcoming Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine!!! Be sure to keep an eye out!

"Gwoh Sau training can take multiple forms, such as where one is the attacker, and the other is the defender who redirects the attacks or works the angles. By making it even more difficult for the defence, you could make them unable to back up more than a step, while letting them defend themselves with their waist and angles. To make Gwoh Sau an effective drill, we must discard all things that are done wrong and analyse why we Gwoh Sau. Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time and will not enhance our understanding of Wing Chun."

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Been a little bit busy last few weeks. Here is some new content for VT Movements. Be sure to checkout my page for the Video!



Had a great teaching lesson to my first USA student. It always feels good to be hands on teaching and at the same time it provides me an opportunity to review my own understanding of the skills. (Actually the student in the USA is the brother of my other student in Hong Kong). I am teaching them separately so they can um...."test" it out on each other when they reunite. =P


When this dude is talking back to you.. this is what you gotta do. =P (btw, this was quite a number of years ago!)


Happy Sunday or Monday (wherever you are) A new Instructional Video for the VT Front Kick is up! Be sure to check it out!


What 3-4 wing chun techniques have you found to be effective/work in a real fight situation? — VT Mark Wong 04/10/2021

My new Blog answering one of the questions posed to me. Thank You Andrew for being the first person to raise this question. (Short video inside the blog.)


What 3-4 wing chun techniques have you found to be effective/work in a real fight situation? — VT Mark Wong Recently I asked people who followed my FB page and blog to pose questions and I hope to answer as honest and best as I could. So the question raised was “What 3-4 wing chun techniques have you found to be effective/work in a real fight situation on a skilled/trained person not just an untrained/l...


I am constantly updating and refining my web page, what are some questions you want to ask but are afraid to ask? Please let me know so that I can think of interesting content to add and answer. Remember, there are never any stupid questions, the only stupid questions are those not asked. Feel free to message or email me if you are not comfortable asking them in public. Thanks everyone!

The Importance of the VT Stance — VT Mark Wong 04/09/2021

Following up my Instructional VT stance video, here is a short blog about it for your reading pleasure.

The Importance of the VT Stance — VT Mark Wong It is pretty common knowledge, if you can’t stand, you can’t fight. The VT stance is the foundation of Ving Tsun and one of the most important aspect. For a quick recap of how you are supposed to make the VT stance, check out my video and view the picture here for the general alignment guideline...


Wanted to take a moment to introduce my new Logo.. Created by Sifu Dwight Hennings from System Science Skills Ving Tsun (S3VT)! Thanks Dwight! Much Appreciated! Dwight Hennings


New blog for those who LOVE to read! (Long so make sure you are bored enough). Be sure to leave comments and feedback on my page!


How Wrestling, TKD, Muay Thai, Aikido, Choy Lay Fut, improved my Ving Tsun. — VT Mark Wong In my martial arts journey, I have had to experience to interact and train with various disciples, I would like to share a few styles that I have interacted with and offer my experiences with them. (Personal story time) American Wrestling - My understanding of wrestling was limited to a year of co


Here is new Video that I found and edited from 2015. Note everyone in the video has improved! Just some training from back then. I also posted this in my web page since I noticed from analytics that most people enjoy watching Gor Sau Videos. I don't have any recent ones due to COVID etc.. etc... so Enjoy!


Actually it's me roughing them up a tad. =P (All for good fun of course!)



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Another new blog post up. Feel free to comment on the web page. I do however moderate the comments first. =P

If comments are reasonable and not trolling or rude response, I will usually publish them. (I Just don't want my blog to be filled with stupid CMA politics or non-constructive comments).

Self Defense in Ving Tsun — VT Mark Wong One of the most common question I ask my new student is: “Why do you want to learn Ving Tsun?” 8 out of 10 will respond by saying “I want to learn how to defend myself” or “I want to defend myself against bullies”, which in some ways are a reasonable answer. However, my response to them ...



Newest entry. Quite long, so have a go when you are bored in a train, elevator, waiting for someone.. what nots. Enjoy.

Does Ving Tsun (詠春) work? — VT Mark Wong Now before I provide my own experience on this matter, please note that I am only speaking in terms of the WSL Lineage and not the other Ving Tsun (Wing Chun lineages). Why? because I have never trained in the other types of Ving Tsun so it would be unfair for me to give my opinion based on specula


Okay.. So I have finally set up my webpage. It will be updated (as time permits) with blog content and hopefully more videos. Feel free to take a look. It is still a work in progress!

The site is: www.vtmarkwong.com

VT Mark Wong Teaching, Following, Training, The Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Method Ving Tsun Mark Wong (Wong Shun Leung Lineage)is a site for those who are curious about the Ving Tsun Chinese Martial Arts under the Wong Shun Leung Lineage. Throughout my blogs, I hope to educate and answer questions pertaining to t...


Gonna start a web page that includes videos and photos and some of my own thoughts on VT. Stay tuned!

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Don’t forget to practice your punches!
When this dude is talking back to you.. this is what you gotta do.  =P (btw, this was quite a number of years ago!)
2015 Old Gor Sau Videos with Students
Air Muk Yan Jong
Chum Kiu
Monday Night Old School Training
Train Hard, Train Smart!
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