Yogamazé L.A.

Yogamazé L.A.


Noah Mazé from Yogamazé L.A. will be at Yoga Flow SF this September to offer an Advanced Teacher Training (50 CEUs) and a week-long Asana Track Workshop Series! We're thrilled that you'll get to learn from his incredible wealth of knowledge. And we're thrilled that we get to work with him again! Learn more:
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Nichol Joy Chase came down to Yogamazé L.A. to film yesterday and today and threw down 12 advanced online classes 💥💪🏽🤸🏽‍♂️🔥 Stay tuned if you already know and love Nichol, and get psyched to know her if you don’t yet— She is grace under pressure. She is the goddess of clarity and speech in the midst of great complexity and urgency. She is nectar and she is fire. Advanced yogis, get ready cause we’ve got some online content for you soon. #yogamaze #noahmazeyoga Nichol Chase Yoga
Yoga Shala is very excited to welcome Rocky Heron back to PDX this fall for a Yogamazé L.A. 200hr Teacher Training. Full details and registration link below:
Hi! I'm trying to login to take the Yoga Stories classes that I bought a few weeks ago. The password I was given is not working and I haven't heard back after I tried emailing and leaving a voicemail a couple days ago. I'm not sure who to contact or what to do? Please let me know. Thank you! :)
Arm Balance Day w Rocky Heron Yoga at Yogamazé Studio L.A. NEW YEARS INTENSIVE ❤️❤️❤️ more fun happens tomorrow from 10-3pm
When the prop doesn't cooperate for the reverse press roll out. Lol. Stay tuned for the "fix" of this problem. ❤️❤️❤️Simply Harmony Yoga
And who's coming to play with me and Rocky Heron Yoga this weekend at Yogamazé Studio L.A.?
We've been playing with new yoga props this week in Jakarta at Gudang Gudang; these Simply Harmony Yoga chakras are excellent, here I'm demoing a progression of handstand press drills and skills. I'll be bringing home an extra suitcase from this trip for Yogamazé Studio L.A.... #YogaProps
A little afternoon stretch upon arrival at Gudang Gudang. These locally made yoga wheels are great, super high quality and useful. Gonna be some fun times in yoga this week! They come in three sizes, and I used all of them in this practice. Might be coming home with a set for Yogamazé Studio L.A. #Jakarta #Indonesia #yogamazé
That's a wrap on module 2 of my 200hr #yogamaze TT in LA at Yogamazé Studio L.A.!

So proud of all these brave and skilled teachers in training for stepping up to the plate, and honored to share the seat of teacher with the always brilliant Nichol Chase and Paula Gelbert.

200hr TT starts next week in Portland and I do have a spot left. Leave your email in the comments below for more details or visit :)

#justanothernamasday #teachingteachers #raisingthebar #yogamaze200
Fun on Sundays!! Full Form practice 3:30-5:30pm.

Come to our online classes and trainings here and we'll see you again in LA in person soon we hope!

Operating as usual


CALLING ALL YOGIS, yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers: next week we begin our 2022 online 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training! Do something transformational for yourself, increase your capacity to be in service, and set the tone to THRIVE in 2022 and beyond. Together, let's rise up and re-commit our best selves to building a better world for all beings, to living in greater harmony with nature, and to deepening our individual and collective spiritual journey. Come hang with me, Rocky Heron and Nichol Chase Yoga and we will have a ton of fun (and learn stuff too)!
Claudia, a graduate of a recent program, shares her reflections —"When I started this program, I thought I was going to investigate asanas and flows and learn to master the poses I have spent 20 years trying to master. And even though that is true, I found myself investigating the depths of the human soul, the depths of my soul. Every day I have been challenged to ask: "should I try a different approach?" Is what I have learned the only way?" These questions apply to trikonasana and my vocation and my role in history. And all these questions have led to even more questions, leaving me a more whole human."


Join me on this Sunday via Yoga International at 9:30am PST (12:30pm EST) for a 60 minute LIVE lvl2 vinyasa class - “Leap For the Sun” - we’ll weave a bit of story-time inspiration from Hanuman mythologies into our breath and movement practice, with an emphasis on progressive jumping and floating transitions.
This is the first of my 5 class YOGA OF PLAY series: Life is filled with work, with things we “must do” and “should do” to achieve our goals and outcomes. Life also invites us to play; an activity for its own sake, without need of reason, purpose, or goals, other than itself. In this vinyasa series we will explore and practice a playful yoga, experience the sheer joy of movement, deepen awareness, and celebrate the gift of the breath. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of “hard work,” but with a playful approach.


>> If you missed it live, check out my latest class in the archive and get your WARRIOR ON!

Hearts of Courage & Buns of Steel — This Fearless Friday practice invites you to engage your heart, to have courage, in a progressive sequence focused on Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III) shapes and activation skills n' drills. Come ready to practice Abhaya Mudra (Imprint of Fearlessness), sun salutation variations with lots of gluteal strengthening ( “OH MY GLUTES”) back strengthening (erector spinae), shoulder strengthening, leg stretching, and Virabhadrasana-ing. Props: mat, strap or resistance band, 2 blocks, wall.


“I suppose being fierce is a very good thing, and a very cool thing. But more than fierce, I think I'm a strong person and a strong individual. And that's what I take with me every day.” ~Johnny Weir

Get FIERCE with warrior poses for Fearless Friday class 10am PST


Tomorrow we backbend over furniture - BYOC (bring your own chair) and you might discover some uses for it that you had not known previously > 10am PST *free*live Wednesday Bendsday


Eka Pada Galavasana (aka Flying Pigeon) is on deck tomorrow for TENSILE STRENGTH TUESDAY, because a good time = core + shoulders + external hip rotation

10am PST


Here's a glimpse of class today, click below for the full class:

(aka Winter Sports Prep) — Join Noah for this STRONG LEGS practice of squatting poses (Utkatasana variations), lunges (Virabhadrasana I variations) and more. Push back against “gluteal amnesia” and “couch legs” - Whether you are a skier/snowboarder or not, this practice will invigorate your leg and hip muscles and wake everything up. Props: mat, wall, strap, block, blanket.

(back story to the title and description is that we are going on a family ski trip over winter break, and so my preparation has begun)


It’s in tomorrow’s FUNdamentals Monday class 10am PST (free & live). Come get your squats (utkatasana) on and get ready for ski season (even Hawaii has a blizzard warning), or any season!?!


*spoiler alert* - Fearless Friday class may involve some handstanding 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽🤸🏽‍♂️ 10am PST @


Join me for a deeply nourishing practice of restorative yoga and supported inversions and give yourself the gift of self care. 10am PST Thankful Thursday YogaLive class online at


10am PST Wednesday we will backbend over furniture (chairs) - bring ropes (strap) and other block and tackle gear 😜 and we will have a great time! Join me for (free) class >>>


YogaLive is back on tomorrow (Tuesday)!!! Let’s practice together at 10am PST (it’s free) >>> TENSILE STRENGTH TUESDAY 💪🏽 🔥


In our Asanatomy (Asana + Anatomy + Kinesiology etc.) Teacher Training Module this week we’ve had discussions on the effects of excessive hyperextension of the knee (as well as valgus & varus forces) on the ligaments of the knee and joint capsule. Severe/excessive hyperextension of the knee is a common mechanism of injury to all the ligaments of the knee:
- MCL (medial collateral ligament)
- LCL (lateral collateral ligament)
- Posterior joint capsule
- ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)
- PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)

Expanding further on the ACL & hyperextension (and other common mechanisms of injury):

- The ACL is the most frequently totally ruptured ligament of the knee. About half of all ACL injuries occur in active persons between 15 and 25 years of age, often during high velocity sport like American football, downhill skiing, lacrosse, basketball, and soccer (activities that put significantly more strain on the ACL than yoga)

- Clinically, the quadriceps muscle is often referred to as an “ACL antagonist.” The ability of the quadriceps to strain the ACL is greatest at full extension

- During hyperextension, the posterior femoral slide relative to the fixed tibia may overstretch and rupture the ACL.

- Often, hyperextension-related ACL injuries are associated with large axial rotation or valgus-producing forces, thereby further increasing the tension on the ACL.

- In addition to injuring the ACL, marked hyperextension frequently causes injury to the posterior capsule and MCL.

- Studies on human cadaver knees has shown that the tension required to rupture the ACL is reduced after the ligament has been subjected to repetitive and rapidly applied strains.

- Female athletes are at least 3 to 5 times more likely to experience an ACL injury compared with males playing at relatively similar levels of the same sport. The risk is greatest in non-contact sports that involve jumping, landing, and vigorous pivoting motions, such as those motions that occur in basketball, soccer, and gymnastics.

Want to learn more? Join us >>>


This is my best attempt at becoming a rocket ship...or maybe an arrowhead... You too can do this, and more - come to my 10am PST Fearless Friday class online


Wait, what?…is happening in this pose? Come to Thankful Thursday class tomorrow and find out ;)
10am PST >>>


Tomorrow is Wednesday BENDSDAY which means YogaLive class will get backwardly bendy with emphatic extension emphasizes (like this Face Up Dog Pose) to counteract all the sitting (and other) forward bendy stuff we do so much of in daily life.
10am PST >>>


Bend, don’t break! Tomorrow is TENSILE STRENGTH TUESDAY class — tenˌsīl streNG(k)TH is the resistance of a material to breaking under tension, particularly on its' longitudinal axis. The POSE is the stress, YOU are that material, your CORE (shoulders etc) is the resistance.
Related words & qualities = toughness, durability, solidity, stability, resistance, grit, imperviousness, temper, rigidity, resilience, impermeability, inelasticity, impenetrability. Comment if you could benefit from some of these qualities (physical, somatic, psychological).
See you at 10am PST on

ps; we might do chaturanga…


YogaLive is ON this week! Join me daily at 10am for a 75min class at
FUNdamentals Monday (tomorrow) is shoulders and legs (aka whole body) in a full spectrum sequence.


THE RAZOR’S EDGE \\\—/// Join me tomorrow, August 15, @ 11am ET (8am PT) via Yoga International for my 6th (of 13) weekly vinyasa class (level 1-2) ~ tomorrow we will flow through Surya Namaskar A & B, pulse between dynamic movement and isometric holds as we weave balancing poses with standing poses and explore side plank variations (Vasisthasana, Visvamitrasana). Come play! Move Together LIVE >>> Register for class at @YogaInternational
(Series Description) In The Flow – This vinyasa flow series with Noah Mazé will invite you into greater self-attunement, empower you to stoke your inner fire, and help you to forge resilient strength and discover fluid mobility. The rhythm is your breath, the playlist is ujayii, prana is your nourishment, bandhas are your stability, and drishti is your equanimity. Begin each class with pranayama to expand your breath and rhythm; build heat and momentum in Surya Namaskara A & B; increase your focus in balancing poses; ride the progressive waves of dynamic breath-based movement and isometric holds to the climax of the storm; cool down and slow-down in closing poses and bask in the sunlight of Shavasana. Please bring hydration, a towel, yoga blocks, an adventurous spirit, and a distraction free practice space.

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