Triple S Workouts

Triple S Workouts

Do you want to look and feel Slender, Sculpted and Strong? Welcome to Triple S workouts and dance. Now offered in 3 So-Cal locations. #Teammuscle

Operating as usual

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You bet she knows how to lift already. So what’s stopping you? 😂😂 she just can’t quite lift that much. 😂😂 that’s my Davina. Almost 1 year old. So full of personality, walking and talking all the time. So cute, so sweet, so strong and tough, the busiest of bees. She brings so much joy and love to our life. Very exhausting second is amazing. Love her beyond words.


@classpass this is the worst customer/client service I’ve ever experienced. Two clients can’t even sign up for class anymore at all, can’t find my studio page at all either. They complained and were told I was closed?!!! Groupon is better than this.


We’d love some reviews 💪💪💪🎉💕


Black Friday Sale! Make your year more active and fun! Get one of 3 options…
1. BOGO on monthly unlimited zoom classes
2. BOGO on drop-in for in person classes
3. Half off a monthly in person class card.

Unlimited monthly in person classes always include free zoom classes.

One per person, sale from 11/23/21-11/30/21


Tonight at 8:30pm come enjoy a belly dance class. Did I mention you can find us on class pass as well?!
All in person classes require mask and vaccination or recent negative covid test. Hope to see you there!


Saturday morning workout crew rocking it!

99 Books about Extraordinary Black Mighty Girls and Women 02/09/2021

99 Books about Extraordinary Black Mighty Girls and Women

99 Books about Extraordinary Black Mighty Girls and Women Our top picks of books about trailblazing African-American girls and women!


❗️You need to STOP becoming a victim of your emotions. ❗️

We all do it. We all let our “emotions get the best of us” at times.

We let temporary feelings rule the way we make decisions and sometimes say or do things we regret.

We can’t control how we feel but, we CAN control the reaction.

How can we use these feelings to our benefit in the moment so that we don’t fall prey to our own emotive explosions? 💥

Great question, glad you asked.
The next time you feel a strong reaction arising put yourself in “SLOW-MO”

1. Breathe
2. Lower your volume
3. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do. Ask yourself if you can make a change. Ask yourself if someone can help you.

Asking these questions puts you back in control of your emotions, instead of the other way around.

We are emotional creatures, and that’s okay. The key is to find balance. 🔑


Normalize asking your partner for what you need 💙

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Playing with some new lights before class starts and I realized where did this giant come from?! Ha ha she really grew over the holidays or maybe I enjoyed the treats a bit😂


Thank you @maryruthorganics for another wonderful product. Almond butter and Jellie smoothie with DHA and MCT. Really tastes great and perfect addition to a being a is the best!


Thank you @maryruthorganics for another wonderful product. Almond butter and Jellie smoothie with DHA and MCT. Really tastes great and perfect addition to a being a is the best!


The Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center

Go to the drive in!

Come see our Nutcracker! In cars at the Canoga Cinema Pop up! The studio worked so hard on this! We are so excited!


And here’s part 3 of the Stocking Stuffer Bundle to me from @sassybaxbras this top is lovely fitted and comfortable. Just like the leggings. The whole combo goes great together and fits super nicely. Check out the link


Hugging my beginnings of a like this amazing combo is hugging my body... this set was to me from @sassybaxbras Decided to wear them for our usual hike. Loving how this bra fits! It’s supportive without squishing my rib cage. It’s soft and it’s not squishing my underarms. The leggings are awesome and fold over if you prefer a lower waist. The fabric is soft and breathably . These are part of the SassyBax Stocking Stuffer Bundle. Check it out here


Calling all friends who are self-employed, small business owners, or want to support creative, small businesses! Post a link to your website below WITHOUT a description - just the link itself. Anyone who follows me can see it and visit your site. Copy this text onto your own page and give others the chance to reach more people through your circle. Let's help each other out. The Holidays are just around the corner and wouldn’t it be nice to get a handmade gift for someone and support a small business? 📷


Small business Saturday Sale

Go to and contact there, Or DM on Instagram and FB @triplesworkouts_dance to take advantage of special holiday rates.


Go to our website and contact us there or DM here or FB to take advantage of our special pricing. 11/26/2020

D.C. Gym Owners Are Confused By Bowser's New COVID-19 Regulations

We are having similar issues here in LA. Dance, yoga, and boutique fitness studios are classified as gyms. It’s a completely different environment. All of my locations have not had a single case so far and we intend to keep it that way. Of course we have more strict regulations here in California, and it’s for very good reasons. With that being said, recognizing the differences in gyms and other fitness spaces and how they operate would be very very helpful to our community at large. "We've taken really great pains to protect our members from COVID," says one gym owner. "And it's really too bad because there's no recognition of that or allowance for that."


Just got these great from @myblissbody they are so ! If you order them, make sure to use my discount code for 15% off!! samanthaketcherside15 @blissbodyambassadors @blissbodyinfluencers I love the waist band, it doesn’t give you that awful muffin top look like some brands do. They fit the curves nicely. They stretch nicely too but if you get them a little too snug they can be ever so slightly see through. So if you care about that I recommend getting a good relaxed fit and they’ll be fine. Otherwise, they are great, love the look, cute little b***y seam scrunch is the best. Can’t wait to show you the pink pair...


Funniest Family Moments

Love this!

My kind of work out buddy 💪

Credit: Jukin Media




Zang Shibo and Han Ying from China perform an extraordinary number where the ballerina balances in attitude en pointe on her partner's arm.


Belly Dance Basics- Pre class lesson

New Youtube channel

First lesson in Belly Dance, Steps you'll want to know before your first full class *I do not own the rights to the music, video for educational purposes*


Basics of Ballet Pre class lesson

Basics of Ballet class, watch this before you take your first full class. *I do not own the rights to the music, video for educational purposes*



Wednesday 7/29 @ 9am pst


Class to begin shortly having a tech issue...



#Freeclass #Freeballetclass

Beginner Ballet
*I do not own the rights to the music, video for educational Purposes*


You Could be taking all of these classes online every week for only $20/month! Or you could even get them for free with a scholarship... DM for details and how to sign up for our monthly online membership today.


Free Level 1 Triple S Workout

Free Level 1 Triple S workout
*I Do not own the rights to the music, Video for educational purposes*


Triple S Workouts

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Small business Saturday Sale
#freebellydanceclasses #freeclass #freedanceclass #dance #dancer #dancersofinstagram #bellydance #bellydancer #raqssharq...
#Freeclass #Freeballetclass
Free Level 1 Triple S Workout
All the class options you get with a monthly online membership, Only $20 a month! 2-3 new classes on live and zoom 6 day...
Freebie Ballroom Lesson 3




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Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 9am
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 8am - 9am
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Thursday 10:30am - 11:30am

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