LIFT Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA Video April 15, 2018, 2:58am

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The day has come. @laur3nma3 is the first woman to lift over 300 pounds at LIFT. Congratulations. Hard work pays off.

This is getting fun. @willmarfuggi and @olli_san are battling for the Lift Silverlake Strongest Person title. And talk a...

READ THIS! Olive is the strongest human to ever train here!! We have to repost because we hadn't done the math yet. The ...

Only the 3rd time @thejeffhersh has deadlifted. Already 305 lbs. (And he make it look light.) #liftsilverlake

Hank thinks he's a lap dog. @joannaq @jaredmoskowitz #dogsoflift #liftsilverlake

Textbook Floor Bench. Boo @monsqueeze #dogsoflift #liftsilverlake

Can't stop @laur3nma3 ANOTHER personal best: 245 lbs. #liftsilverlake

It's a good night. @reynaislab hit a new best as well: 235 💪💪 #liftsilverlake

I told @willmarfuggi that he couldn't do it. So he did it. New best: 375 #liftsilverlake

Did you say Friday? @robinmuller #dogsoflift #liftsilverlake

Peter's strength training is going really well. @rreed #dogsoflift #liftsilverlake

Chenell has been making fun of these things for a solid month now...

@anntruongofficial sets new gym record: 25#liftsilverlake

@willmarfuggi Only 355 lbs :#liftsilverlake

Truly insane. This is only 2nd time @laur3nma3 has deadlifted. And she hit 215 lbs. Freakish natural strength.

New record! 205! @reynaislab

Victory and comedy in the same lift. New personal best: 215 lbs. @olli_san just earned her drinks this weekend. #strongg...

Are dog fountains unique or do we just not get around enough?


@anthonypadilla Fail of the day (but try it yourself, it’s no small feat) #anthonypadilla

Young and STRONG. @olli_san hits 175 lbs! And she’s only just started. Strong is fun. #stronggirl

Gym record: 465 lbs

Chenell goes above and beyond:Scary jumper is @shortpoemsaboutdogs If you're ready to adopt, check his page. Or if you j...

Stupid lift. Sh*tty person. Only 295 pounds (not quite 300). Don't follow him @anthonypadilla He has 2.7 million Instagr...

My NY resolution is to convince Dirk to take his shirt off more often!:#losangelestrainer #losangelespersonaltrainer #la...